Mole Remedies

Posted by Bonjit (India, Assam) on 11/07/2015

I used a garlic for a week to remove my flat face mole but it left a black burning mark. What should I used to remove it?

Posted by Alex (Leicester, Uk) on 06/29/2013

Well I wish I googled "garlic burned my face" first before trying this remedy. Actually it's not some kind of garlic miracle that removes moles, just dilute sulfuric (battery) acid from garlic. It can cause up to 3rd degree burns. So after leaving crushed garlic right on the mole overnight, I woke up shocked to notice the 2nd degree burn as a large circle around mole on my face. There was blood and yellowish liquid coming off. Pigmented layer was burnt of the mole but it still appeared rised. Since I had coconut oil, vitamin E at home, I tried these for 2 days without improvement. Luckily then I found that cream Bepanthen from pharmacy will help heal these type of burns within week. With cream, the burned skin AND the MOLE were healed in 4 days.

Posted by Timothy (Karachi, Sindh) on 08/03/2012

I applied garlic for 3 to 4 days and peeled it off in the end... The skin under the mole is puffed and red... Wht should I do?

Posted by Donte (Hong Kong) on 07/02/2010

About 4 days ago I tried the garlic remedie, then every day I would apply garlic juice about 3 times a day. Then at night I would cut a piece of garlic and put it on the mole and cover it with a bandage then go to sleep. When I wake up I would peel it and repeat. And just a few hours ago I peeled a little skin off, and it was bleeding a lot. but surprisingly it doesn't hurt one bit. and when I press the spot of my mole it hurts a little. Please advise!! Thanks