Apple Cider Vinegar for Mole Removal

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Posted by Emily (Saylorsburg, PA) on 03/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

(Apple Cider Vinegar & Garlic, Alternating)' I'm new to this whole home remedy thing and was overjoyed when I immediately got results. I'm 13 years old with fair skin and am suffering from a small mole on my face. My family doesnt have all the money in the world and when the dermetologist said I would have to have plastic surgery to get it removed (and the price was a good $500-$600 bucks) I thought my mole would be with me forver. I've been on the Apple Cider Vinegar/Garlic (I alternate) for only a day but immediately I've noticed a difference. For one, the color (light brown) of the mole has nearly disappeared and the vinegar seems to be eating away at it. I was so exciting, if that happens in only a day what'll happen in a week? <3 I feel like theres finally hope to get this awful thing off my face. But if you're going to try this remedy be sure not to get it on any skin surrounding it or it will be red and swell. Other than that this has worked great! Thanks so much and for all you reading this. goodluck!

Replied by Thelma
Baltimore, MD

Hi Emily, I'm glad to hear that the remedy is working for you, but can you go into detail as to the steps involved? I just started mine today. I ate the fresh garlic and used the acv on my veggies as a dressing. Thanks.

Replied by Thelma
Baltimore, MD

Hi Emily, I'm glad to hear that the remedy is working for you, but can you go into detail as to the steps involved? I just started mine today. I ate the fresh garlic and used the acv on my veggies as a dressing. Thanks.

Posted by Sally (Sydney, Australia) on 03/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

hi, I just bought some 'double strength 8 % acidity' ACV ( organic, with the mother) Is the double strength ok to drink? Do you only use half the amount you usually would? Do you add double the baking soda or double the water? Also, would all unpasturized organic acv have the mother, or should you look for the ones that say 'contains the mother'? would it be ok to use non organic acv as general toner on face and body? as I can't afford to do this with the organic stuff. Also : feedback- mole cure I used 'normal strength' acv for about 4 days on a mole, the mole turned into a scab and I forcably (gently) peeled it off The mole is gone, but (a small) scab formed where it was-I only did it less than a week ago, It is healing well, but looks like it may scar alittle, would letting the mole fall of by itself mabey stop it from scarring, or if you didnt peel it off would it re-attatch itself?

p.s. I got a bit of a rash from the band aid- switched to medical tape ( on a role) which is much better for my sensitive skin-I also stuck it to the back of my hand first-to absorb some of the glue. This is my favorite site online thanx -sorry for rambling on & on

Posted by Amy (Richmond, VA) on 02/01/2007
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I have very fair skin and have been plagued with moles most of my life. I have them all over my face and the rest of my body. The cost for getting them surgically removed is ridiculous and I decided to search the internet for 'home cures. I tried ACV on a mole on my side and after about 4 days, it scabbed over and fell off. The only bad thing is that the ACV dripped off of the cotton ball and onto healthy skin, causing a reaction. I've started using the small, round band-aids and they are easier for spot treatment. All that is left of the mole on my side is a pink circle that will probably go away soon. I'm treating 5 more now. The 2 on my chest fell off after 3 days and I'm now trying one on my face (yikes!). I can't wait for them all to heal! Thanks!

Replied by Amy
Richmond, VA

I just wanted to update on treating my moles with ACV. I've gotten rid of at least 7 moles now with this method (2 of which were on my face). None have grown back and it's been a year and a half! All that's left are some light pink, slightly raised scars that are hardly noticeable (much better than a big brown mole anyway). I've gotten a few emails regarding the method I used to get rid of my moles and I thought I should post it.

First of all, I can't stress enough that I would use the small, round band-aids. They help to keep the acv contained without letting it drip and "burn" healthy skin.

I get those round (or square) cotton pads from the q-tip aisle and I tear off a small piece of that. The size should be able to fit on the small white square in the middle of the circle band-aid.

Let the cotton piece soak up acv and fold if necessary to fit it within the square on the band-aid (make sure the cotton piece is saturated but not actually dripping). The purpose of the extra cotton is to get more acv to the mole, making the process much quicker than just putting acv directly on the band-aid.

Put the band-aid on the mole. Some acv is sure to escape on your skin so it'll feel wet but I wouldn't worry about it. Lay a regular size band-aid over top if you are having difficulty getting the round one to stay in place. I usually it in place overnight and let it air dry during the day (especially if it is in a noticeable place like on your face. I did this method on one I had right between my eyes if you can imagine).

If the mole is somewhere that it's not going to be visible (or if you don't care) you can change the band-aid and wear the new one all day. This just speeds up the process. It usually takes about 3 days to a week for it to disappear.

I only used Vaseline if it was necessary. For most of the moles, it wasn't. However, if the surrounding area starts looking really red or dry, I'd smother it pretty good with Vaseline (or the whatever you use: Neosporin, aloe, certain essential oils) just to keep it moisturized. That is the reason I stress using the round band-aids though. They really keep the surrounding skin from getting bad. I didn't really have any problems after I switched to them.

Just so you know though, when the moles start to die they do get a reddish ring around them sometimes. That seems to be normal. Also, if the moles start to swell within the first or second application, that means it's working. The moles should flatten and harden soon after (they might turn dark brown or white like dead skin). I wouldn't pick at them since that'll probably irritate the healthy skin growing underneath the dead mole. You can probably stop applying the acv once the mole hardens and turns into a scab although you should use your own judgment. Every body is different!

Any problems or questions, don't hesitate to email me.
[email protected]

Replied by Leona
Douglasflat, Calif.

Do the moles have to turn black before they come off? I am trying the Apple Cider Vinegar test.

Posted by David (Albemarle, NC) on 12/30/2006
5 out of 5 stars

My mom told me about it, I tried it on warts and skin tags, put it on a piece of cotton ball and soak it with ACV and put a band aid on it over night, refresh it in the morning and it will turn it dark. Give it a couple of days and it will disapear. Believe it or not.

Posted by Gabe (Vancouver) on 04/13/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I tried this remedy and it really worked. I soaked some cotton in it and placed it on my mole fixed with a band-aid. I changed the cotton twice a day and in three days the mole simply peeled off like a scab. I was very surprised that it work, because I've tried several other remedies and non have worked for me but this one. I am very pleased with the results and am confident that it will work for you to. Give it a shot.

Posted by Bernie (Middleville Michigan) on 03/08/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I had a good size mole in the middle of my back, I would soak a piece of gauze in the ACV and put it directly on the mole, would cover it up with duct tape. Took about 2 weeks and the wart is gone, turned green and I peeled it off.