Mole Remedies

Posted by Sarah (Nc) on 03/21/2014


DO NOT USE DMSO!!!! There are laws in place that DMSO is not to be used for humans, and this is for a SEVERE HEALTH REASON!!! DMSO is designed to absorb into the skin extremely quickly, and ANYTHING on your skin surface will also be absorbed with it. Toxic substances, topical grade treatments, synthetic polymers that disrupt the function of your body, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING will be absorbed into your blood if you come in contact with DMSO. That flea and tick medicine you put on your dog? It will go into your system. That pesticide you sprayed the other day? Now in your system. That cleaner you used 30 minutes ago to disinfect the kitchen? INSIDE your body and causing harm!! Also, the isopropyl alcohol you just used to clean the mole area is toxic when entered in the blood stream, but DMSO will deliver it there! Also, any lotions/vaseline/waxes/silicone based products you used on the surrounding skin will ALSO be pulled into your blood stream and cause adverse effects. If the waxes from a lotion form a ball in your blood, it will cause clots, leading to DVT, heart attack, stroke, or kidney blockage. DVT is dreadfully painful, if untreated you can lose a limb. Kidney blockage will lead to a buildup of your own waste inside your body, leading to toxicity. Heart attack or stroke can be fatal, and the drugs used to break up blood clots will not work if your clot is a wax clot and not a blood clot!! DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH THIS DMSO!!!