Mole Remedies

ACV, Garlic and Iodine
Posted by Kit (Colorado, US) on 03/17/2015
1 out of 5 stars


A CAUTION about scratching or poking holes in moles. Cells absorb. Not worth the risk of turning something benign into something your body never intended.

I always first try castor oil, multiple daily treatments -- no burn, pain, nor scar. It only shrinks moles till they fall off, no harm to normal skin.

However, I don't know why (on me) it works on some moles and not others. For the others, I'm sorry I have to use vinegar. Its acid burn hurts and also damages normal skin. (Spray a weed with vinegar water -- dehydrates in seconds, instantly shriveled! )

Scarring and redness and swelling (fluid sent to counteract the dehydration of a burn) are to be expected. I found the pain sufferable, but I didn't care for it at all.

For scars from burns, I've had great success with what other commenters have said -- fresh aloe plant juice (if not allergic), needle-poked vitamin E caps for a teensy bit of oil, or aloe after-sun gel (those low-cost large plastic bottles).

Haven't yet tried Tea Tree oil for mole removal, but will, as it has been wonderful for other cures. And I'm also going to try dandruff shampoo -- how simple can you get! :-)