Mole Remedies

Posted by Pinkdamsel (West Orange, Nj) on 07/27/2017

Thought I would share my research and experience removing moles. I have fair skin and lots of moles all over. The ones that stick out really bother me.

I first learned about Bloodroot from Dr. Andrew Weil; in one of his books he described removing a growth on his dog and later medical students using it to remove moles. This sent me on a hunt for Bloodroot. I ended up purchasing an herbal product I THOUGHT was bloodroot at the time, but turned out not to have that specific ingredient. However, it did work, and apparently by the same mechanism as bloodroot.

It seems like most home remedies for mole removal are one of two types. The acid/caustic products burn the mole as well as any healthy skin they touch. That is why many recommend applying Vaseline or some other protectant to the skin around the mole before using the product. I believe garlic, and possibly ACV and iodine are examples of acid/caustic action. I have not tried any of these, but I would think scarring, etc. might depend on how precisely you apply the acid. Also, some products are stronger than others.

The other type, which includes bloodroot and the herbal product I used (maybe bananas also?), activates an immune response but does not damage healthy skin other than an initial irritation. In a few days the area becomes inflamed, a white ring usually forms around the mole. At that point you stop using the product and a scab forms. Eventually the scab falls off, leaving a crater that over several weeks/months fills in and heals. One theory I have read about how this works is that there is a microbe (virus) in the mole and the product removes the protein covering the microbe hides behind. The immune system then sees the microbe, shrieks “not self” and pushes it out of the body. It isn't the product that removes the mole, it's the immune system that does it and without affecting healthy tissue.

My experience: I purchased Bio-T and tried it on a small protruding mole in my armpit. Nothing happened after several days, I concluded it did not work and forgot about it. Several years later we were packing up to move and I came across the little pot of Bio-T and decided to try again. This time I used an emery board to rough up the mole – the very same mole I had tried before – then put on the Bio-T and a bandaid. Incidentally, they tell you not to use metal (something about changing the pH) or latex bandaids. Anyway, with the initial roughing, it worked as described, except it's never clear to me exactly when the mole “falls out” – it's just a messy little wound until it heals. I have since used it to remove another 6 moles, including 3 on my face (after deciding I would prefer a scar to the mole). Can barely see any scars, and only because I know they are there.

The mole looks worse, sometimes bigger, and very scary during this process unless you know what to expect. At the time I did my research there were a lot of photos on the web of moles in progress, so I did not panic.

I have not yet tried to remove my largest moles – most are on my back in hard-to-reach spots. The largest of all is on my breast, almost dime-size in circumference, and I've been wondering if I should try do a small area at a time. I'm also considering EVOCO; based on testimonials here about moles “rolling off in pieces” this seems like yet a third mechanism, perhaps the gentlest – and slowest! – one.

I'm still dithering ....