Mole Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar, Essential Oils
Posted by Cl503 (Oregon, United States) on 11/30/2015
5 out of 5 stars


I am writing to report a successful attempt at removing an unsightly flesh colored mole I had on my scalp. I had had the mole checked out and was told it was non cancerous, and left it be for many years but as I have become more knowledgeable about natural methods, I wanted to try removing it myself. It took almost 3 weeks from start to finish, cost me literally under $5, and left no scar or sign that anything was ever abnormal.

I began the process by first using a nail file to rough it up a little, then after showering I would take an ACV soaked cotton ball and place it on my head. My arm would get tired of holding it in place so I used a bandage wrap to wrap around my head and secure the cotton in place... I looked funny. I would leave it on for ~30 min at a time, and in the mornings when my hair was dry, I would apply a essential oil mix of- clove, tea tree and cinnamon.

After a little over a week the mole became very dry and hard, and by week 2 it was almost black in color. I could feel the edges start to separate from my scalp.

The best thing was that it did not irritate any part of my scalp.. there was no affect to anything except the mole.

I would say the mole was a little smaller than a pencil eraser and had no nerve endings in it.

ACV for the win..again!