Mole Remedies

ACV, Garlic and Iodine
Posted by R.b. (Ct) on 05/13/2011

After reading the posts I decided to give the remedy a try on a mole ive had on my nose since I was born. The mole was raise and very darkly pigmented, about the size of a pea.

I used a safety pin to make laserations on te surface of the mole and at the base. Fair warning, there was bleeding and stinging. Using a cotton swab I applied petroleum jelly around the perimeter of the mole. Throughout the day, I dabbed the mole with vinegar, every couple of hours or so.

At night, I cut a thin slice of garlic about the size of the mole. Using the point of the knife I poked at it to get it juicy. I placed the little garlic piece over the mole and secured it into place with a bandaid. I left it on over night.

I repeated this method for five days. On the second day the mole began to scab over. After five days the mole looked pretty shriveled and was completely scabbed.

I let the scab fall off and heal. The mole was not completely removed, but I would say it is about 65% gone and the voulume of it was reduced significantly. I will be repeating the procedure to further remove the mole.