9 Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones

Apple Cider Vinegar, Corn Silk Tea
Posted by ACVlover (Canada) on 12/06/2022
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I had to create an account to talk about this! 2 months ago I suffered my first kidney stone attack. On ultrasound they said it was 6mm...after a little over a week later I had another ultrasound and they said it was now 8mm!! (stuck at the top of my ureter) I wanted to try and take care of this myself... I'm breastfeeding and wanted to avoid any invasive surgeries. I started drinking apple cider vinegar daily, maybe a few tablespoons every day mixed with large glasses of water. The ACV took care of the pain I had! I went crazy with the lemon water as well...I just had to use a straw for both to protect my teeth.

My mother in law sent me some corn silk tea and the night I took it I noticed blood in urine and a bit of cramping (must have been moving! ). I had an x-ray after a few weeks and "nothing notable! " I was so excited but they wanted me to have another ultrasound because I didn't pass anything yet. I'm guessing the stones were too small for them to see with x-ray! I was due to have my ultrasound tomorrow and after drinking a big glass of ACV in my water I passed 3 stones!! ZERO pain coming out too! The 2 pieces that came out first were about the size of a quarter of my pinky nail...so they're pretty big! The 3rd was a little smaller.

I'm still amazed they came out pain free! They still want me to have my ultrasound tomorrow, but I had to mention what I tried! I had 3 or 4 doctors tell me it would be "near impossible" to pass anything that's 8 mm! :) Faith in God really helps. God bless anyone going through this!