Hidradenitis Suppurativa
Natural Remedies

Top Remedies for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Antibacterial Soap, Iodine
Posted by Diana (Milwaukee, Usa) on 04/14/2010

This works for me too, I'm just coming off of one of the worst breakout's in years. I'm sick of dermatologists saying part of it is being over weight, i recently gained about 30 pounds due to my thyroid and menopause. I asked this last dermatologist, why have i had this for years, when i was rail thin ??? and i just lost 10 pounds !!!!

All the stuff i've been on over the years and it came down to the strongest anti bacterial soap i could find, good exfoliation, Iodone and making my grandmothers oatmeal pack, i just did this and the next day the "bumps" were flat and the inflammation was gone. get a large container of plain oatmeal, baking soda and sea salt. and generous amounts, boil like you would to eat it,put the salt and baking soda in so it boils, add oatmeal, cook until you can't see the water anymore then mash with a potato masher.apply when temperature is comfortable to you, leave on for 20 - 30 minutes. use an old sheet to lie on, remove with an old bath towel then rinse off. this works even better if you take a baking soda bath first or wash area with hot water and baking soda. you can save the remaning oat meal and just reheat it. then apply your iodine.

Antibacterial Soap, Iodine
Posted by Karen (Nashville, TN) on 07/25/2009

Here's what I have done to completely stop my Hidradenitis now for nearly a month and just for the record, I have had boils in different stages at all times. Some newly forming all the way to healing purple ones and in between. I have NONE now and my scars are actually getting a chance to heal. Morning and evening, I take a body brush and brush under my arms in a circular pattern all over, then reverse the pattern and do it again, both sides. Then I wash with antibacterial bar soap, dry them then swab my armpits all over with Iodine. I use a q-tip to do that. I use the old brown stuff and so far it hasn't stained my clothes. After I put it on, I get in front of a fan and let it dry, which doesn't take long for Iodine, then put my natural deodorant on. I'm thinking I can go back to regular deodorant now cause my natural one isn't so good on me. I get BO regardless by the end of the day. I was desperate and thinking it was my deodorant, but now I don't think that was causing it because I was still breaking out after I switched. You have to be diligient and don't forget. I have forgotten the morning or afternoon swabbing and was ok but I forgot to do it a whole day and started breaking out again. I read somewhere that researchers think it's caused by sweat glands becoming blocked and the dry brushing loosens it all up. I use a natural fiber brush. I would think any stiff brush would do.

I figured after that the iodine would kill any bacteria waiting to get in. That's what surgeons swab you with before they make their incision. Lot of people are allergic to it though and I'm not sure what the alternative would be if you are allergic. If it stops working, I will come back and let everyone know, but so far it's worked for about a month now. I hope it brings relief to others like it has for me. If you're allergic to iodine, google search to see what the alternative to iodine is. I'm sure you'll find it somewhere on the internet.