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Prunella Vulgaris

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Posted by Dave (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/16/2007

after reading most the articles placed here, I did some research on the value of Prunella vulgaris, I had a herbalist make up some in a cream at 10% and have used it to great effect , although I think it turns my sperm brown , I have had NO outbreaks since I started using the cream , I have not taken a tincture orally but I intend to cheers and thanks

Prunella Vulgaris
Posted by Sarah (Mocksville, NC) on 04/27/2007

There is a great deal of recent research which testifies that a cure for herpes lies in a plant 'Prunella Vulgaris'. Prunella Vulgaris is also known as all-heal, heal all, woundwort, self heal. Althought this sounds far-fetched, I wouldn't be surprised if this works and has been hidden from the public. I have not tried this yet but I intend too at some time in the future, followed by a blood test.

Since taking Lysine supplements and eating more veg I have not had any problems with outbreaks unless my immune system is weak. If I am sick for some reason and my immune system is occupied, then I get outbreaks almost every time.

Questions to Ask About the Herpes Virus

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Posted by Steven (NY) on 09/29/2006

A cure lies in understanding the behavior of the virus....questions like why even a strong immune system cannot prevent the virus from multiplying it deceptive or clear in medical terms..? the million dollar answer to this lies in a drug that could act on your nervous system(nerves) than drugs that rather simply help in stimulating and strengthening ur immune systems. There are a million factors that could trigger an outbreak and i believe a single drug or condition can prevent the outbreak for a long time.

Red Marine Algae

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Posted by Heather (Mt) on 06/13/2018

My boyfriend suffers from recurring herpes sores and lesions both in his mouth and outside of his mouth. This went on for a couple years while I research a bunch of things and we tried various diets, etc.

What I found absolutely works is Red Marine Algae with Gigartina & Dumontiaceae algae. It works as a preventative, taken in the recommended dosage daily. BUT if you forget to take it or just can't afford to take it on regular basis (it's expensive) you can take it at the FIRST "tingle" on your lip, and it will not even form into a lesion. You need both kinds of algae for it to be effective.

I hope this helps others like it has helped my boyfriend! He has not had a sore in about a year. He has occasional "tingles" when he drinks wine or eats wheat (terrible for herpes sufferers) but takes the Red Marine Algae immediately and nothing forms.

Red Marine Algae
Posted by Gabe X (New York, Ny) on 06/12/2014

This seems to rid of genital herpes outbreaks. I have tried Red Marine Algae and have found great success! I take 2 - 300mg pills per day, along with 2000mg of Lysine.

I've had outbreaks at least twice a month. So far it has been 2 months with no sign of outbreak or any of the tingling or sensation of reoccurrence. I promised myself that I would share any findings once I completely tested this on myself with success. I'm starting to believe that the virus has been eradicated. I'll update more findings as time passes.

Red Marine Algae
Posted by Thereishope (Granby, Ma) on 08/24/2009

I was diagnosed with Herpes over 3 years ago and like most newly diagnosed people, I thought my life was over. I believed the doctors when they told me there was no cure, I took their drugs and didn't ask questions. That is until I became fed up with having an outbreak every month. I started researching, getting the facts and the truth about this virus. Through my research I came across Red Marine Algae. All I can tell you is that I stopped taking Valtrex, (which actually made me feel more sick and sluggish) and started taking RMA. At the first sign of an outbreak, I took 4 pills daily on an empty stomach with plenty of water and continued this for 60 days, even after the outbreak was gone. The first time I tried RMA I was happy with how quickly I healed and the outbreak was less severe than the outbreaks I had on Valtrex. I only had one more outbreak and did the same thing...took the pills (which you're supposed to take for at least two months after your intial sign of an outbreak to help wipe it out). Since then I haven't had an outbreak. I have been outbreak free for two years and two months! Along with that I also changed my eating habits, eliminating soda, fast food, processed sugars and flours, trans-fats, high-fructose corn syrup and beef. Exercise also helps, even if it is just walking 20 minutes a day. All I have to say is that RMA has worked for me and I have tried a lot of things. For the first year I took Valtrex and suffered every month, the past two and a half years I tried RMA twice and have seen incredible results. My advice is to do your own research, use common sense and keep your body happy and healthy!! There is hope, don't give up!

Replied by Casey3035
(Atlanta, Georgia, United States)

What exact brand is being used please? Thank you!

Replied by Tammy
(East London, Great Britain)

Thereishope are you still ob free? Did you take red marine algae only?

Rubbing Alcohol

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Posted by J. (Costa Mesa, CA) on 05/25/2009

Genital Herpes - Rubbing Alcohol - Yeah!

I've had outbreaks for 10 years now of GH. I swear by Rubbing Alcohol topically. At the first sign of a funny feeling I grab a cotton ball soak it in Rubbing Alcohol 91% and swipe both labia.

GH likes warm and moist. It doesn't like cool and dry - the rubbing alcohol creates an inhospitable environment. I also use it during an outbreak to dry up the lesions quicker. It hurts when there is a sore but I've found lightly spanking my leg helps me distract until the burning is gone and the treatment helps speed recovery by quite a bit.

Use as many times a day as needed - also very discrete as rubbing alcohol can be used for lots of household things.

Replied by Frustrated504
(New Orleans, La)

hi, I am a 20 year old female living with Genital Herpes. I am currently having an outbreak and I have rubbing alcohol but I'm terrified to use it but I desperately need this outbreak to subside.... I feel like shit... I stopped taking Valtrex because it just made me really sick so Im searching for the best remedy for me and I pray that the alcohol doesn't burn me to pieces.

Replied by Hopeful
(New Orleans, La/united States)

Hey I feel your pain. Rubbing alcholol does help to dry it out and relieve the itching but it does burn when you put it on. I would say hold it on there for about 10 seconds if you can stand it. Valtrex is poison. I would try natural remedies first. I am going to try the oxgen drops yet, as soon as I find somewhere to buy them and there is this website called dherbs. Com, there is an antiviral formula that has helped lessen my outbreaks. It's $24.95 and there's an antiviral cleans that's like $164. I can't afford that right now and you have to eat raw foods when you are doing the cleanse.

Try to keep the area clean and dry. Take a bath im epsom salt to relieve the pain and tea tre oil (they sell it at walgreens) helps with itching.

You are not alone. Much love, peace, and healing to you.

Replied by Shawnee
(Santa Barbara, Ca)

I purchased that cleans from Be very careful with that cause you can't get your $ back. They don't give refunds, which is bogus. I tried the cleanse twice and it made me very sick and I couldn't stop throwing up. They fail to tell you to start off with 1 pill a day. I read the instructions and was only able to take the 1st dose of 5 pills from the 1st bottle in the morning they tell you to take. I ended up having to call them on my way to the emergency room cause I've never felt that awful in my life from taking there nasty herbs. Just be careful!! I don't recommend them at all.

Rubbing Alcohol
Posted by Marilyn (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) on 12/29/2008

I have heard of different remedies to supress the herpes virus and I have tried them all. Recently on one of the sites I read about how a guy tried rubbing alcohol and put it on his genitals and it stung quite a bit for a short period of time but supressed his herpes. Well I was desperate and so I decided to try the same thing. I am female so I knew it would have to hurt a bit but the discomfort I was feeling every day could not be any worse then a bit of stinging from rubbing alcohol. I put some in my hand and then rubbed it on my genitals. It burned for about 30 seconds and then instant relief!!! I continued to use it twice a day for two weeks and each time the burning sensation was less and less. My herpes was supressed almost immediately and now i use the rubbing alcohol once a day in the am. I have no signs of herpes and feel great. I continue to use it even though i have no symptoms and recommend it to everyone. When i use it now it does not bother me one bit. It is only in the beginning that you get a bit of stinging but was well worth it because now i have no signs of the herpes virus. Also before I had to be careful of what I ate. I could not eat chocolate or i would have an outbreak. Now i can eat chocolate and peas and anything else and I don't have an outbreak!!! I feel this is a real cure or great supression for the virus. I hope others will try this therapy as it works.

Replied by Danny

Marilyn from Calgary ...Please do not use rubbing alcohol although it may help. According to Dr Hulda Reghr Clark rubbing alcohol , which is propyl alcohol, together with an intestinal fluke called fasciolopsis buskii, are two factors invariably implicated in cancer cases. Stabilized Oxygen and an extract of garlic called allicin (available for both internal and external use), among other natural remedies, would be be preferable. 'First of all do no harm'!

Replied by Anonymous
(La Costa, CA)

I am on my second day of trying this and I feel quite hopeful. I will report back in a while with my results.

Replied by Anonymous
(La Costa, CA)


1. Do you think using rubbing alcohol to fight herpes is a good idea or do you feel that it is a harmful chemical for the body?

2. I have continuous breakouts...FOR YEARS. I mean I pretty much NEVER go without some sign of a break out (Genital herpes...and it breaks out only on my lower back and buttocks region). This is driving me crazy. Do you feel that I cannot use honey or black strap molasses for remedies. Also, when a new breakout occurs, it screws up my digestive system and causes me to have constipation.

3. Also, recently, I have been having a burning feeling in my right breast and under my rib case. Do I need a liver gall bladder cleanse? I eat quite well--lots of salads, fruits, veggies, no processed foods (however, up until a couple of years ago, I ate lots of ice cream and some other sweets--even though it made me break out.) I can't eat nuts--that really aggravates a break out--especially if combined with chocolate. I haven't been eating any sweets now--except for a little honey (up to 1 TBSP) and a little Black Strap Molasses (1-2 TBSP). It seems like if I eat the black strap molasses, I break out--which makes me mad because I like the energy from BSM and honey. I am so sick of this! I was diagnosed with this in 1998, but had a lot of nerve pain on since 1980 (primarily on one side of my body). One thing I will say is that I have less pain and flu symptoms, especially since taking the ACV.

So again, my questions are: 1. Rubbing Alcohol--good or bad? 2. Honey and BSM? 3. The burning in my right breast plate/rib area.

Thank you in advance.

Replied by Anonymous
(Bklyn, Ny, Usa)

I just had an OB down there and sat in lot of FGHP in water(not tap water) and next day it was dried up. Somone blogged it will not reappear. Time will tell. I am now taking lecithin 4 daily since someone said it cured them. I am also taking liquid oxygen, plus FGHP once daily. Will keep u guys posted. I have also changed my diet and did a cleanse prior as suggested in Kevin trudea's book.

Salt Detox Bath

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Posted by Journey To Wellness (Atlanta) on 02/19/2018

I've had hsv1 and hsv2 for years. I've only had success with reducing outbreaks and symptoms with salt baths. 1 cup of epsom, 1 cup of pink or dead sea salt and 1 cup of 35 pct hydrogen peroxide in very warm water in tub. Soak for 45 to water get cold. Preferably night before bed because you will fill tired after the soak. Make sure you can lay your back and legs summerge in full water in tub. You can also use apple cider vinegar in place of peroxide. This process will help kill some of the virus. You can soak 2 to 3 times a week. Also, use oreganol oil and coconut oil mixed to apply after bath on lower back and base of neck shoulder. Oregano pills and extract to use internal. Include lysine and vitamin c with you multi vitamin. Always drink a organic juice fruit and vegetable mix. If you can add wheatgrass it will help to boost immune. Good luck!

Saw Palmetto and Natural Oils

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Posted by KEN (RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA) on 01/20/2008

At 40 I starting using Saw Palmetto for BPH, benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlargement of the prostate) to control the life altering affects of not being able to urinate and feeling like you have to pee all the time. I have had genital herpes since 1983 or so. I had stress related outbreaks 1-2 times a month for 2o years. healing time about a week. I noticed, how could I not notice that I have had only 1 very small fast heeling (1day) painfree outbreak in 18 months. I take 450 mg once a day in the morning. I also have oral herpes, oh that is embarrassing to say the least. About six months ago I started using an online product from healing natural oils. www. amoils. com I would also get stress related outbreaks on my lips about once a month, with 1-2 weeks to heal. I rub the oil under my feet twice a day. I would always get an out break after being outside all day. Now I have a high stress outbreak about every 6 months, it does not turn into a blister and heals in 24 hours. No unsightly sores to embarrass me in public. I never get an outbreak after being outdoors or camping. I used saw palmetto a year before using the oil, so I know that the saw palmetto worked for me. Hope someone finds this helpful.

Sodium Chlorite

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Posted by Gjp (Grove City, Ohio) on 12/20/2015

I was diagnosed with HSV-2 on January 2014. I'm Chemist and since then I was investigating report of possible cures. To make the story short, I found Sodium Chlorite 28% and Dr. Hulda Clark theory how they virus survived to medication. Put the two together and found the cure to my problem. I used Sodium Chlorite 28% Drops in a gel cap fill to the half with sugar and then added the 9 drops of sodium chlorite 28% and drank this with four ounces of Gatorade orange or Seven UP. Then on Full moon start taking Albendazole 400 mg every 12 hours per 8 days to kill all the parasite in my system. Repeat for three full moon circle. I did that on May 2014 since then I did not suffer any more OB. Has been 19 month and I been free. I tested for HSV-1 and HSV-2 using the PCR RNA method and came negative for both virus. If you need proof of this you can email me. The way how to use Sodium Chlorite is in a pdf that I can send to you.

Here is my Facebook group page:

Instructions on how to use sodium chlorite here

How to Use?

Begin preparing your body for two weeks by ingesting a quarter of your total weight drops by following the table below. For example for a weight of 190 the total drops is 36 drops and the initial drops for two weeks is 9, I.e. 36 divided by 4. In addition to this take one tablespoon of Honey mix with one teaspoon of Cinnamon every morning with empty stomach, and 30 minute before each meal.

Based on the example above, every night before bed take 9 drops of Sodium Chlorite in a gelatin capsule and a glass of water and sugar (34gr of sugar in 590ml of water). As an alternative you can use two ounces of Gatorade Orange Flavor and 9 drops of Sodium Chlorite in the gel cap with no sugar. If you don't have gel caps you can put the drops directly in the two ounces of Gatorade and drink immediately. Seven Up is another option to Gatorade but Gatorade is preferred for its stronger effectiveness.

If at any time during those two weeks you suffer from diarrhea or vomiting, stop the process and wait for 24 hours. Taking a break will remove the effects of the pathogens. Continue for another two weeks until you get this process smoothly. YOU CAN NOT CONTINUE UNTIL YOUR BODY IS CLEAN.

Four Times a Day Method (after 2 weeks)

Time Dosage: Morning, Afternoon, Night time

Take one dose four times a day. Take the dose two hours after meals for the duration of 21 days or until your condition is removed. The last two doses at night, you will take in one hour difference before going bed. Example, take 9 drops at 9 PM then another 9 drops at 10 pm.

If you have no improvements during the first week assess other factors that can affect the process to not work such as modifying your diet or the dosage.

The following should not be taken when doing this procedure.

Avoid at all costs, the consumption of antioxidant products consumed two hours before and two hours after MMS finished ingestion. Among the most Antioxidants: Vitamin C , Natural Juices Bottled juices with Vitamin C added, COFFEE, TEA or any natural stimulant beverage.

Suggestion: (Important)

Add Activated Charcoal and Sea Water when run this method. Once you enter to the second phase add probiotics to keep your intestinal flora healthy.

Replied by Hope4cure

I just want to say thank you 1st because you've given me hope. I need to know if I should be taking sodium chlorite while taking albendazole or do I stop for the 8 days?


Replied by Hector
(Spanaway, Wa)

What brand and is there stores to buy this product? I'm using tea tree oil, which cuts the duration down.

Stabilized Oxygen

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Posted by Anonymous (USA) on 06/09/2008

I found out about Stabilized Liquid Oxygen and DMSO and used both whenever I felt an outbreak coming on. I used to have between 2 and 4 outbreaks a year. I have not had a single outbreak in 2 years. They stopped after using the S.L.O. and DMSO, only when I felt an outbreak coming on, for approximately a year. I really couldn't believe it. I kept waiting for another outbreak thinking I just hadn't been stressed enough to trigger one, but 2 years later, nothing, and I've definitely had some serious, nervous breakdown, kind of stress during that period. I also told a friend of mine, who has had HSV1 since she was a kid, about it, and she used it with great success also. I tried to go back and get a blood test to see if I was "cured", but the doctor said it would be a waste of money because the virus is so illusive. She said even if you've been diagnosed it is not always present in the bloodstream. I guess this is because of the virus being either active or inactive. I also have a feeling she thought it was pointless because according to them, once you've got it, you've got it for life. I don't know if I am cured, but I will tell you, since I was diagnosed in 2000, I had never gone more than 6 months without an outbreak, and here I am 2 years, outbreak free. I am not on any medication or anything. I only used it when I first found out, and had no success with it. It seemed to actually make me break out more frequently so I stopped. If you can afford to pay for that prescription every month, giving this a shot is nothing. I don't know how it will work for others, but I wish everyone great success with it. No one deserves to live with the discomfort or emotional pain of this disease. Best of luck!

Replied by Renee

Which SLO and DMSO do you buy, where can I get it. Please and thank you :)

Replied by AnnSan
(Atl Ga)

Do you think the reader from 2008 ingested this? How was it used?

Stabilized Oxygen
Posted by Sue (Montreal, Canada) on 04/22/2008

This site is a blessing is all I can say. I tried almost every remedy on the site for genital herpes and they didn't work for me personally. My herpes is somewhat asymptomatic i don't have any pain just an itchy bump. Last year I had one that broke open and my doctor said it was herpes. Anyway I got another this past monday so I bought stabalized oxygen last night. I added 8 drops to a 8 oz glass of water before i went to bed. This morning the bump is almost gone and no more itch!!! I used and oxygen that also has amino acid & trace minerals. The studies and testimonials i've read about oxygenation made sense to me. I think you need to kill the virus from the inside out ... i will get tested again I pray for a negative test . Best of luck to all of you. I've also prayed alot I feel God led me to a cure.

Replied by Auug
(San Antonio, Texas)

Anonymous,your post is dated June 2008. Are you still doing well with stabilized oxygen?Can you be more specific in your treatment routine? Ex. specific type, amounts and times per day?Want to try but so much stuff on web to sort through and I prefer to try something someone has had success with.

Replied by Anonymous
(Bklyn, Ny, Usa)

I just started on SLO and hopes it works. It acts as a cleanse as well. I am on day 2. Will keep u posted and will definitely get retested. I am using lecithin 4 daily since someone says it works and they r cured. The doctors are liars and want $ so a cure in their book is not possible. I have changed my diet and now feels hopeful.

Replied by Anonymous
(Bklyn, Ny)

Great site! Hi Tish, thanks for your input, but have you gotten retested? Curious to know where you are right now. Just started on this SLO.

Replied by Sj

Hello Can you please provide me with the brand and website where you purchase your stabalized liquid oxygen. Also how many drops per day do you take? Thank you

Replied by Angela
(Atlanta Ga)

What was your test results after you went back to the doctor to get tested?

Stabilized Oxygen
Posted by GD (Highlands, Scotland) on 12/28/2007

Try Stabilised Oxygen drops! order them online, ive been using for 2 weeks and im seeing the benefits. No more tingling, no more occasional outbreak. Just want to post that i have found this site so useful, im sure different things will work for people, i tried coconut oil for a while, seemed clean me inside and out, then i took Lysine tablets i think this kick started me gettin more energy and no flu over winter? Im still taking Aciclivor but will come off in next 4 months. These Oxygen drops have had a huge increase in making me symtom free,which is the first step everyone wants to get to. The virus hates oxygen!! its tasteless and makes u drink more water which is healthy anyway. Avoid ASPARTAME and sweetners in diet and fizzy drinks. Change ur drinking and diet habits Im happy again! OXYGEN DROPS WORK FOR ME email me if you want the brand or place to get them..

Replied by Tisha
(Atlanta, Ga)

He is right! I can testify I used stabilized oxgyen starting in 05 changed my diet, with healthy eating and exercise, no problems. And it is true the (FDA) will not recognize this because it will put every Dr,Pharmacutical company you can think of out of business. There is no second guessing give it at least 6 months and I promise you. You will see results permanetely. I used to take medicine for my outbreaks every now and then not any more Oxygen works for pretty much every virus, and ailement that people suffer from because we lack the proper amounts in are bodies. Don't let any one give you doubts you have to take control. it works!!

Replied by Im Free
(Charlotte, Nc)

I believe oxygen is the way to go however this is my method. I use Baking Soda water, Its very alkaline and it raises your ph balance in your body killing viruses. I test my urine with ph strips and see that my body stays at around 7.2 ph. However from my understanding Baking soda water can strip other vitamins away. SO I take Vitimans made from bee products to replenish what the soda can take away. I usually have 2 or three outbreaks every one two two weeks, but since Ive been doing this ive been outbreak free over a year. Im sure your other products work but bakind soda is 2 bucks and its last a while. The be vitams run me 20 bucks a month but you may find vitamins cheaper or better but the combination of the two has worked wonders


A teaspoon in a 16 onz bottle is enough two much and the taste is not pleasent what also helps is letting the bottle sit for a while letting the baking soda disolve a lil.

Replied by Anonymous
(Bklyn, Ny)

Did you get retested? Thanks alot!

Replied by Nate
(Greensboro, Nc)

What type of oxygen are you using.. Meaning brand wise.

Replied by Eunice
(Missouri City,tx)

Hi, where can I find stabilized oxygen drops online and in store?

Replied by Sw

I was diagnosed with HSV2 in July 2013 and I've been reading the testimonies and doing my own internet research about eradicating this virus. I work in the health field we are well aware that virus cannot survive on its own, exposed to oxygen in our environment because of it being exposed to the oxygen. Its worth a try. Where can I buy this stabilized oxygen?

Replied by Karen
(Raleigh, Nc)

What website or brand sells the best stabilized oxygen?

Replied by Em
(Saudi Arabia)

What's the brand name for SOL and where can I get it? plz reply

Replied by Lainie

What is the best kind and where do I get it?

Replied by Mike

What is the brand and is it still working because I've heard it was a scam.

(Illinois, UA)
482 posts

"Stabilized oxygen" is the "magical" half of MMS - the sodium chlorite solution part.

It seems like a scam because it's super simple but when the sodium chlorite meets the acid in the stomach or the acid in a virus or some diabolical microbe, it turns into MMS, on the spot, and kamikaze's the acidic bad guys. It kills them and, itself, dies in the process.

It's the water-purifying part of 2-part water purifiers.

(Illinois, USA)
482 posts

I neglected to mention that the process via which it kills bad guys is oxidation and the byproduct of that oxidizing death of the bad guys is elemental oxygen. Hence, "stabilized oxygen". As stabilized oxygen, it is bound to the sodium from which it is released, upon the oxidation of the bad guy.

Replied by ray
(bk, ny)

Hi what is the site for the drops please, thank you

Stabilized Oxygen
Posted by NYANGEL (NY, NY) on 03/17/2007

Stabilized oxygen does cure herpes!!! If you research, it is a PROVEN FACT that oxygen destroys all viruses! Viruses are anerobic meaning that once they come in contact with oxygen they are immediately destroyed!! Oxygen therapy is used in Europe to treat/cure Cancer, Aids, chronic diseases etc. It is illegal here bec the FDA knows the billions that would be lost by pharmaceutical companies!! Forget all these BS remedies! The cure lies within exercise, good diet, and flooding your body with oxygen!! Research "STABILIZED OXYGEN" drops sold on the internet. Its dirt cheap and it works! Apply 20 drops to a glass of water 3x's a day on an empty stomach. Exercise, have a good diet, and plenty of vitamns will send you well on your way to being cured like me!! Dont let it ruin your life, it doesnt have to!!! It takes about 5 months until the virus is completly eradicated from your body! Don't ever give up, you can win your life back!!!

Replied by Thomas
(Brooklyn, NY)

hi, Great Site! This is in regards to a posting in your herpes section from NYANGEL. I would love to ask her what brand of stabilized oxygen did she use? Also has she taken a blood test?

Replied by Amelia
(nm, NJ, USA)


Replied by T.A.J.


Replied by Anonymous

what's the brand you guys are using?

Replied by Tori
(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Can you please tell me the best kind of Stabilized Oxygen Drops to buy? Should I use this in combination with anything else or just add to water?

Replied by Aa
(Phila., Pa)

Great site--I have been reading for days. I got GH 30 yrs. Ago. Always a hassle--always unpredictable. About eight yrs. ago I started taking everclr. It has been a blessing. No cure like it says but outbreaks are far between and very mild. Costs about $12 month. Basically an immune booster. Ingredients listed on the site. Still looking for that cure though. This oxygen thing has peeked my interest. Those who have had success please follow up for us. Brand name, dosage etc.

Replied by Lebanon
(Aurora, Co.)

Can you share the details on what type of stabilized oxygen to purchase online. Thank you

Replied by AnnSan
(Atlanta Ga)

I wonder if they have any updates?