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Posted by Kegan (Melbourne, Victoria) on 03/08/2013
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Hi, I have been having Obs for nearly a year and have the occasional outbreak 4 times a year, its normally a small lump that appears somewhere different on my labia, it stings and itches. It normally appears after my period and when I am stressed and run down. I have had cold sores in the past so don't know if I had infected myself or if it came from my ex partner.

The treatment I first used when I first saw it and it works a treat. C------ cold sore patches, u can buy it from Priceline or your chemist. They are for your cold sores that appear on your lips and they are invisible. Its harder to peel of the sticky patch so u need patience and use a mirror, u will end up throwing away a few that get squashed.

Its all worth it cover the ob with the clear patch during day night after washing your Vagina and keeping it dry and clean. My doctor said it was a great idea because it keeps it dry and stops it from contaminating another part of your Labia and its invisible, although will come off with lots of moisture so night time is best when you are sleeping.

I also was prescribed Valtrex and together with the patch it took 7 days to completely clear up, with one tablet a day and a healthy diet and try rest as much as possible.

If you cannot buy the patches, straight away because you are busy with working fulltime kids ect, then use either diluted tea tree oil, or Aloe Vera plant or Banana skin to sooth the pain, garlic also sterilizes it but it stings.

I am yet to try Acetone, but the cold sore patches are great because they work and stops the ob from spreading.

Ozone Therapy

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Posted by Austinozone (Austin, Texas) on 12/09/2014
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We have been treating many clients who have HSV-2 with Ozone Therapy and we have seen amazing results. There are multiple ways to use ozone and I recommend you see a practitioner that is experience or you should get training before performing ozone therapy on yourself. I am not going to say we have cured the disease but we have seen multiple clients with no OB's for 12 months since starting treatment. Ozone therapy is not legal in every state so I would do your research. There are ozonated topical creams which can also work wonders as well as ozonated olive oil suppositories.

If you are a female I highly recommend vaginal insufflation. Women have an advantage, in that vaginal insufflation requires no preparation, and can be administered for very long periods of time, hours in fact. The gas will usually find its way into the uterus, out the Fallopian tubes, and then into the abdominal cavity. Liver problems and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) can be addressed in this way. This is also a good way of getting ozone into the lymph system. Obviously, this method is not recommended during pregnancy. We have more information in our medical library here,

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn.)

HI U AUSTIN, , , , , , , thank you for your URL and I will use it because we have a medical ozone generator and go to Atlanta for ozone treatments that we can't do at home.

I run up a RED FLAG with your comment that a woman can use vaginal ozone insufflation for hours. That is not what directions we have been given by the ozone generator manufacturer, literature, nor our ozone doctors. You say this so flippantly that it alarms me.


Ozone Therapy
Posted by Jasonbourne (Location Usa) on 10/22/2013
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Worked Temporarily

I called Dr Robbins in NYC. He told me that he had treated many herpes patients with ozone therapy and there are 3 types of Ozone therapy, but the method Dr Robbins uses is an injection of air directly in the vein of the arm. The normal treatment is 3 times a week for a few months. I was coming from out of town and I was told we were going to do "what I call the Dr. Robbins fast track method" twice a day for 6 days per week for 3 weeks in total. I was told only 3 patients have an outbreak after treatment. Dr Robbins told me that they were probably reinfected due to their risky lifestyle (eg, a couple that swings)

During the treatment I was told to take as much Vitamin C as possible..I took 2,000 mg every 2 hours.

After 3 weeks of treatments I went and I got tested and I still had the virus. I eventually went 6 weeks and I still had the virus.

Before the treatment. I had many outbreaks as one was healing another would begin. During the treatment. I had one outbreak right as I started and then none for the entire time. I took that as progress and possibly cured. I did double the time I was told I would need.

A few weeks after going out after the treatment I started getting outbreaks again. This is my experience with the ozone therapy.

I just started doing the Bob Beck protocol and it has been 2 weeks...To early to tell

I will say there were other patients there for other ailments that were making progress from Ozone therapy.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
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@Jasonbourne: It is essential to keep the body a little on the alkaline side PH because that greatly increases tissue oxygenation. Also, combining 35% FG H2O2 up to 15 drops 2x daily in combination w/ O3 therapy would seem impossible to not have a therapeutic affect.

Also, Lipheric Vit-C is the most powerful, by far, form of C. BHT and Chanca Piedra are very good antivirals.

Pepto Bismol

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Posted by Erica (Salem, WI) on 01/06/2007
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Pepto Bismol cures a cold sore outbreak. apply as soon as the tingling sensation begins.

Permanent Cure for Genital Herpes

Posted by Andrew (Portland, Oregon) on 10/07/2014

Hi, I am concerned that I may have contracted Herpes and am searching vigorously for possible cures. I believe that there is a lot of bias in the American medical community, and the idea that Herpes and other viruses are "incurable" is merely the status quo. With corporate influences on the industry from pharmaceutical companies, who knows?

It looks like there's a strong community on here, so I thought this would be a great place to pose my question and see how much hope there is.

According to American medical standards, if a disease's signs have not returned after 5 years, it is considered cured. I think the standard was made for mostly experimental reasons, such as cancer research.

So, who has 1) experienced NO outbreaks or symptoms for at least 5 years AFTER using a specific remedy (without using the remedy itself during those 5 years - I don't count a disease to be cured or virus eradicated if you're dependent on something indefinitely), and 2) has been RETESTED and received a negative result AFTER having tested positive initially?

I think if those 2 conditions are met, it's pretty likely the disease is cured, for good.

Also, if you are cured, what worked for you, exactly?

Thank you for any responses. I'm really looking for answers and hope.

Replied by Anonymous

Hi. Someone who is cured by changing his diet using everything from the onion family.. Onion, garlic, shallots, chives, leeks. Boil and drink. He's been retested many times and nothing in the blood. No symptoms and is herpes free. Also, use plain cooked unseasoned flounder with pure coconut water for a while. Watch your organs. Regimen for days, vitamins, herbs, iridologist or Dr supervision. Founder's loaded with lysine. People cured.

Replied by Mtn_moses
(Austin, Tx)

hi Anonymous, I am going to try this. how long was it for? needed to do on an empty stomach? thank you for sharing!

Pine Cone Extract

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Posted by Joel (Middleton Usa) on 12/05/2013
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Pine cone extract cures herpes. Same with Hemp Oil. You're all welcome :)

Replied by Chris

Hey sac, how did you get on with the various remedies you've tried, have you found a cure yet? I also believe that with the right protocol using certain remedies with the right diet that hsv can be cured. Have you tried coconut oil or essiac tea?

Replied by Sarah
(Vancouver, Bc Canada)
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Pine cone extract works wonders for preventing herpes outbreaks.

Prunella Vulgaris

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Posted by Paul C (Espanola, Nm, Usa) on 07/27/2012
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Wow. I'm so impressed with this website. People actually use the forbidden word (cure) and are not kicked off.

Everyone I've read had a positive experience with prunella vulgaris but one. I am "symptom free" after drinking prunella vulgaris tea for several months every day. You can also use the tea to put on outbreaks.

This might seem like a lot of tea but I had the virus for decades. My friend who has MS (also a herpes virus) is drinking it now and it has changed his life. I found information about it on a blog that lists "medical research and the herpes viruses" by a curandera. It's great to hear about the onion cure and the flounder cure too! I will incorporate these into my diet.

Prunella Vulgaris
Posted by VICTORY (NEW JERSEY, NJ) on 02/07/2009
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Replied by Dana
(Miami, Fl)
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I took 3 caps of Prunella Vulgaris and 2 caps of Monolaurin and drank 1 glass of red wine a day for a few weeks. Have not had OB in 9 months.

Replied by Dana
(Miami, Florida)

Forgot to mention it is 3 caps Prunella and 2 caps of monolaurin 3 times a day for a few weeks


Hey I just orded PV & Monolaurin. Are you still OB free ?

Thanks! Hope you're well :)

Prunella Vulgaris
Posted by Patricia (Sacramento, CA) on 04/16/2008
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don't use prunella vulgaris it's not good for herpes at all. i got it for my boyfriend and it made him worse than he was. i feel bad for him i care to much for him to see him in pain.

Prunella Vulgaris
Posted by Mick (Sydney, Australia) on 01/19/2008
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Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2007 5:26 pm Post subject: Prunella vulgaris explained further' '

Dear All,

I have been suffering from HSV-2 for nearly a year. Constant outbreaks were driving me made. I have tried Zinc and Acyclovir, with very little success. Then in Sept 07, I read on the an article on the 'Chemical properties, mode of action, and in vivo anti-herpes activities of alignin-carbohydrate complex from Prunella vulgaris. By Yongwen Zhang, Paul Pui-Hay But, Vincent Eng-Choon Ooi, Hong-Xi Xu, Gillian D Delaney, Spencer H S Lee, Song F Lee, Antiviral Res, 75:3:242-9 (Sep 2007)'.

I went to my local Chinese herbalist and bought a 160g of Prunella vulgaris ( self heal) for AUS$4 a bag. I was advised by the Chinese medicine practitioner to divided the bag into 4 by 40grams and to make a tea from each 40g part. I was to boil 5 cups of water down to 3 cups and, and drink. Do this for 4 days. From day 1 this really aided in shorting the severity and length of the outbreak.

I have been making this tea on and off since and I have only had one outbreak since then, Sept., versus what seemed a constant outbreak.

I tried another experiment. I concentrated about 1 cup of Prunella Tea, down to 1 tablespoon and mixed it with an acqua lotion from the local pharmacy. This lotion is frequently used to 'add' other lotions to it. You local pharmacy will have it and it is fairly inexpensive. I paid AUS$12 for 750g jar of it. I mixed roughly the 1 tablespoon of liquid and highly concentrated Prunella vulgaris with ~-7- 10 tablespoons of the cream. I apply it once in the morning and once at night to the infected area. Keep in cool in the fridge. It feels nice when you put it on and does not sting.

My one and only outbreak over the last ~3 months lasted 2 days, without pain or discomfort. The outbreak place is in a crease on my leg, where I get eczema frequently. The added benefit of this cream is that my eczema has also disappeared.

Please note: I am not selling anything nor trying to encourage the sale of a product for self gain. The Prunella vulgaris has definitely made a positive difference to me and is an very inexpensive solution. I am sharing my experience with you, for your own information.

I have researched Prunella vulgaris (aka Self Heal) a fair bit and have not seen any evidence, either medical or private that states there is any risks to taking Prunella vulgaris as an oral or topical. If you should find an article, please advise.

Prunella Vulgaris
Posted by Dave (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/16/2007
5 out of 5 stars

after reading most the articles placed here, I did some research on the value of Prunella vulgaris, I had a herbalist make up some in a cream at 10% and have used it to great effect , although I think it turns my sperm brown , I have had NO outbreaks since I started using the cream , I have not taken a tincture orally but I intend to cheers and thanks

Prunella Vulgaris
Posted by Sarah (Mocksville, NC) on 04/27/2007
5 out of 5 stars

There is a great deal of recent research which testifies that a cure for herpes lies in a plant 'Prunella Vulgaris'. Prunella Vulgaris is also known as all-heal, heal all, woundwort, self heal. Althought this sounds far-fetched, I wouldn't be surprised if this works and has been hidden from the public. I have not tried this yet but I intend too at some time in the future, followed by a blood test.

Since taking Lysine supplements and eating more veg I have not had any problems with outbreaks unless my immune system is weak. If I am sick for some reason and my immune system is occupied, then I get outbreaks almost every time.

Questions to Ask About the Herpes Virus

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Posted by Steven (NY) on 09/29/2006
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A cure lies in understanding the behavior of the virus....questions like why even a strong immune system cannot prevent the virus from multiplying it deceptive or clear in medical terms..? the million dollar answer to this lies in a drug that could act on your nervous system(nerves) than drugs that rather simply help in stimulating and strengthening ur immune systems. There are a million factors that could trigger an outbreak and i believe a single drug or condition can prevent the outbreak for a long time.

Red Marine Algae

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Posted by Heather (Mt) on 06/13/2018
5 out of 5 stars

My boyfriend suffers from recurring herpes sores and lesions both in his mouth and outside of his mouth. This went on for a couple years while I research a bunch of things and we tried various diets, etc.

What I found absolutely works is Red Marine Algae with Gigartina & Dumontiaceae algae. It works as a preventative, taken in the recommended dosage daily. BUT if you forget to take it or just can't afford to take it on regular basis (it's expensive) you can take it at the FIRST "tingle" on your lip, and it will not even form into a lesion. You need both kinds of algae for it to be effective.

I hope this helps others like it has helped my boyfriend! He has not had a sore in about a year. He has occasional "tingles" when he drinks wine or eats wheat (terrible for herpes sufferers) but takes the Red Marine Algae immediately and nothing forms.

Red Marine Algae
Posted by Gabe X (New York, Ny) on 06/12/2014
5 out of 5 stars

This seems to rid of genital herpes outbreaks. I have tried Red Marine Algae and have found great success! I take 2 - 300mg pills per day, along with 2000mg of Lysine.

I've had outbreaks at least twice a month. So far it has been 2 months with no sign of outbreak or any of the tingling or sensation of reoccurrence. I promised myself that I would share any findings once I completely tested this on myself with success. I'm starting to believe that the virus has been eradicated. I'll update more findings as time passes.