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Posted by Eleanor (United States) on 02/04/2020
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The castor oil is there to dilute the oregano oil, so I would say I used 4 or 5 drops of the oregano oil to a tablespoon and a half of castor oil. Test this on an area of skin first to make sure you're not allergic or having a bad reaction to anything. Oregano oil – the real stuff – the strong stuff – can burn your skin if you don't dilute it with another carrier oil. I chose castor oil because it has its own healing properties, plus it is is viscous enough to stay on the skin for a long time. ( Additional note to my above post: I also took high doses ( 3000 mg. a day of lysine – which is preferably taken on an empty stomach.) I sincerely hope this information helps people!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Ellanor (United States) on 10/11/2019
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I have had genital herpes since I was a teenager, but seldom had outbreaks until I was in my forties and fifties (I am female and now 57).

I tried many remedies, but recently I decided to use a multi-pronged approach to the problem. Every time I would have an outbreak, I took massive doses of vitamin C, including a lypospheric vitamin C that gets into the system very quickly (expensive, but worth it) and plenty of plain old ascorbic acid spaced throughout the day. I also took a pricey beta glucan supplement (1 or 2 doses per day on empty stomach), olive leaf extract (2 doses per day), egg yolk lecithin (1 dose per day), lauricidin (potent form of lauric acid - 2 to 3 doses per day), oil of oregano capsules (2 doses per day) and red marine algae (2 doses per day). I would also stay home and mix up some liquid oil of oregano with some good quality castor oil and put this all over my pubic area and leave it on. Even though taking all these things didn't immediately stop outbreaks, I could tell that the virus was getting weaker and weaker. You can't really attack the virus itself very effectively until it shows itself with symptoms and attempts to replicate. I think the real kicker was when I ordered some very potent oil of oregano that comes from Greece. Ever since my last round of using all the anti-virals, plus diluting the Grecian oregano oil with castor oil and putting it on the pubic area for a day or two in a row, I have been outbreak free. I also tested the waters by eating lots of peanut butter, chocolate, coconut (coconut flesh, not oil, is high in arginine), drinking alcohol, coffee, red wine, basically any and everything that could possibly trigger an outbreak - and nary a tingle! All you that are suffering out there and feeling hopeless - I tell you - it is possible to overcome this virus!!!! Don't give up. Any of the products I mentioned here can be purchased from Amazon.

The Greek oil of oregano takes time (about 6 or 8 weeks) to get to the states, but it is cheap. The beta glucan is about 75 a bottle, but I haven't even had to use a whole bottle of it yet. The lypospheric vitamin C is 30 a box for 30 packets. The other supplements are more moderate in price, I think. And plain old drugstore vitamin C is not expensive. Just be persistent and consistent. You can overcome this. Take as much vitamin C in ascorbic acid form as your system can tolerate. And pay attention to the directions for taking any of these supplements - some MUST be taken on an empty stomach in order to work properly (lypospheric vitamin C and beta glucan, for example) and some work better when taken with food. The lecithin and the lauricidin are excellent for lipid coated viruses - helps destroy that lipid barrier and then the other supplements can go to town on the virus.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Nicole (Australia) on 04/11/2017
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I have found something even better. My last outbreak was a BAD one. I had a high fever because of it. I immediately went to the kitchen and took one tablespoon of l-lysine powder mixed with one teaspoon of vitamin c powder and a tablespoon of genuine new Zealand manuka honey mixed into a Luke warm half cup of purified water.

Made a turmeric, chicken and vegetable soup which is all I ate for the next three days and made up a small mixture of manuka honey, turmeric and vitamin c paste which I then slathered on to my entire vagina, I used a sanitary pad to stop the honey leakage and put on black pants (this stuff stains), laid a towel down and put myself to bed for the day while I ate bowls of turmeric, chicken and vegetable soup.

My soreness was completely gone by morning and by the next day I couldn't even tell I'd had an outbreak.

I was amazed. I've suffered for 10+ years, every outbreak lasting 7-12 days.

And now, thanks to my tireless research and trials, I have put together ingredients that cleared my outbreak within 24 hours.
I hope this helps someone.

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Posted by Winnerzbelieve (Memphis, TN) on 10/15/2014
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What great responses! I must commend both of you for your courageous outlook. I have experienced herpes for many years. Exercising and yoga does strengthen the immune system - I didn't have an outbreak for at least 5 years. At that time, I stopped exercising! Minimize stress and you will indeed counteract breakouts. Stay encouraged.

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Posted by Julien 2b (New York, Us ) on 01/11/2012
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Hi everyone! I was reading all your comment, and that make me want to talk about my experience...

I got herpes since 2 years ago. My wife gave it to me... She doesn't know that she had it... Last year after blood test, they found I had Genital Herpes 1 & 2...

I don't want to take the Dr medicine, I prefer to use plants. On the begining, I had Breakout maybe every 3 month, since last summer, it's almost every month. and now, I get another one after 2 weeks!!! F......

In general, after 6/8 days, everything is gone. That doesn't hitch, that doesn't hurt. What I use its Apple cider vinegar. It's better than nothing. Also I do echinacea Tincture, it's good for your immune system. I order Olive leaves, but they are dry, so I don't know if the property is the same...

Last week I found that the Sumac Extract was apparently use to cure herpes.

I give you that link but I can't found the original one...

Also I know I'm kind of Stress, so I'm sure that doesn't help! And since I'm in US, my alimentations not very healthy, but I try my best...

What I was thinking, it's to do a cure for blood cleansing. I mean, I do my own treatment for 3/4 month. I'm doing spiritual practice and healing, and I'm sure if you heal your body and your mind ( soul) on the same time, you can have some wonderful result. But it's a lot of work... But 4 month in our life, it's nothing, right?

On a begining I wanted to go to amazonia with a shaman for starting the process, but first I think I'll try to do by myself. After some research I found that we need to avoid :
· Salt
· Sugar
· Oil, no fat
· Alcohol
· Pork meat
· Milk products
· Meat except chicken and some fish
· Acid or sweet fruit (you can eat bananas and apples)
· Spices
· Vinegar
· Cold water or ice
· Strong sun
· Sexual activity

Also need to practice sport activity, yoga, meditation, etc etc.

Use plants as tea, salad, capsules, You can take bath, with herbs inside, like a big tea and you let yourself inside for awhile.... I use to take bath with 1 cup of ACV, 1 TSP of baking soda, 1 big tsb of epsom Salt and some florida water, its good for your skin and also for spiritual cleansing. Or, the best is to make the same mix in a big bowl and after your shower, you put on yourself the mix, and you let it dry, don't use the towel! It's good to do it the summer time! Don't need to wait too long!

If some of you tried the diet for 3 or 4 month, I would like to hear about the result. And when I'll finish mine, I'll let you know.

I would like to ask you a question about how come did we get it? Do you think things happen for a reason? I mean not just cause we [had sex] with no condom or thing like this but more like a lesson, something to learn... What do you think?

Thank you so much for read my post and sorry if my english is not perfect.

I wish you all good thing for this new year and lot of good energy healing for fight against that s......


Multiple Remedies
Posted by Maris (Paris, Ile de France) on 05/21/2009
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i use a phototherapie-stick for labial herpes, works really well!

for genital herpes, though, it is not strong enough, but contributes to the healing.
i got rid of my last OB really quickly thanks to a combination of remedies found on this wonderful website :
i put on a cotton swabbed with ACV for a few hours, then 4 min of photo-therapie.
afterwords i applied a mixture of teatree-oil & gelee royale before going to bed.
the next day the herpes was gone, there was only a red spot, on which i applied again teatree-oil & gelee royale.
now i'm taking lecithin and ACV (2 TS in a glass of water, over the day), stayed OB-free when i got my period and throughout a bad cold.
thanks to everyone!!!