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Posted by Asheley (Smyrna, Ga, Usa) on 03/24/2011
4 out of 5 stars

So I was misdiagnosed and had a genital herpes outbreak from hsv-1, which is uncommon, for 3. 5 weeks. It was awful... I looked up all the wrong remedies on earth clinic bcuz some dumb doctor made a wrong assumption. Well finally saw a gyno and was tested by blood for 1 & 2 and a culture for just 2. Well those lab results weren't back until 6 days later... I didn't have that kind of time, I was about to lose it so I got on here and this is what I came up with. I had done everything to eradicate something bacterial, so I just assumed I had herpes (viral) and got to work. Turns out I had hsv-1, which like 70-90% of adults have, but it affected me differently.

These things did not fully fix the outbreak, I think because it had gone on too long, but after 48 hours, I was 50-60% better, the first relief I had in 3. 5 weeks... I was thrilled. After the doctor called, I did get acyclovir, which has finished the job. I don't plan to have to use it again, though.

So I was doing a lot of stuff, but what really made the difference was:

1 tbsp organic virgin coconut oil 3x a day - antiviral

1500mg lysine 3x a day - higher ratio of lysine to arginine prevents virus from replicating.. I used Super Lysine , has some echinacea and garlic as well

1000mg vitamin c 3x a day

1500mg olive leaf extract mixed in water 3x a day

These things 3 times a day and you will be in business. I also put coconut oil on my business after using the bathroom. I am a big believer in having a double or triple threat approach so I can't say with certainty which thing mattered most, but I will say this... After a day, I could tell a HUGE difference. I am almost out of the woods finally!!! This stuff works, and I imagine that if you caught it earlier, would completely knock it out. So to all who are in misery, I feel ya and keep your head up! So quit reading and go to the vitamin store!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Kb (Canberra, Act, Australia) on 05/19/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Herpes Type 2 - BHT, ACV, Intravenous Vit C (IVC)

Tried the ACV - works with shingles also. Drank it before bed and in morning.

Symptoms (itchyness, pain)abated after applying it topically to sores. Stings on open ones but the pain stops after a moment. I usually get IVC, 30 grams every two weeks as I have continous shingles as well as Herpes( on lower back). This boosts immune system and cures the sores within two days.(I sometimes cant go so the ACV is good to have around.)

I take multiple supplements( too many to list), lysine, zinc, a herbal antiviral mixture and daily 2x, Hydrogen peroxide, food grade, 3% diluted to 25%, about 12 drops.

There is multiple reports on the web on the effectiveness of BHT for Herpes 2. I cannot get it in Australia, so have not tried it yet. Apparently, it dissolves the lipid coat of the virus , that hides it from the Destroyer cells of your body.Then , it can be attacked and killed.
Dirk Pearson says in his book that he has taken it since the 70's and has no attacks, except when he once stopped using it. His partner has never had a attack.

BHT in VERY large doses, is bad for the liver, but the usual dose is too small to do any harm. (DP has not had any toxicity problems long term). It is to be avoided if you have liver problems.)

I hope someone tries this, I cant wait to go to USA and get some!! Hope you all get better :)
Love, KB

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Crystalcity (Miami, Florida) on 10/06/2009
4 out of 5 stars

Where to start...I was infected with genital Herpes the first time I had sexual intercourse...which I consider more of a blessing than a misfortune. I've never known sex any other way. I feel that because I've been infected since my teenage years I've had the opportunity to grow with my herpes. First thing is that you have to have open communication with your Herpes such as "Okay big H, we're in this together for the long stop acting a fool on my skin!" This is a good first step to being outbreak free. The second most important thing is to tell people about it (GASP!) your real friends will remain your real friends and offer you support and advice. Plus, you will be the one they turn to if it ever happens to them (imagine if we all had someone to turn to when it happened to us!) I think that guilt and shame only worsen outbreaks. The third and most easy to obtain treatment of herpes is deep breathing. The second I begin to feel the tingling, I meditate and deeply and breathe oxygen to my groin area. It will increase blood flow to the area and stop itching and tingling at once. I also have used olive leaf extract in conjunction with red marine algae with wonderful results. Note: i run marathons and make it my running mantra to deliver oxygen to my groin region and the base of my spine. I never have outbreaks during training season and occasionally get them in winter when I've been indulging over the holidays.