Genital Herpes
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Genital Herpes Remedies

Lysine, Echinacea, Vitamin C, Peroxide
Posted by Jayden (San Antonio, United States of America) on 05/02/2007
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Alright guys and girls, listen up! I have had an outbreak for going on a year nothing would make it go away. I would cry everyday, So much because I am so young and attractive.. I am also not sexually active at all. I dont know how I got it to be honest but I do. I guess by kissing not sure. I was giving up on life but I decided that I am not going to let this destroy me. I would come up with my own cure. Well Im 90 percent sure I have since my outbreaks have subsided 99 percent, im not gonna lie i still have 4 of those nasty things on my face but they are fading. Keep in mind that I ony started my last expirement 2 weeks ago and they have started to just completely fade after going on year with an outbreak. Heres what you do and please try this and give me feedback and tell me how it works. By the way always remeber to pray to god. He will help you in the process. for those of you who dont believe in him find him! I promise you he will help you!

First: Buy yourself a bottle of lysine. It strenghtens your immune system. Buy the 1000 miligram one and take 3 a day for 2 weeks. (to many pills to take if you take the 500 miligrams one) Its only like 9 bucks.

Second: buy enchinacea i forgot how u spell it. Its like 3 bucks. Just google it. When you buy it take 3(1500mg) your first time at 12 pm. then take 1 pill after that every hour at (500 miligrams).So youll take 1 at 1pm, 1 at 2pm and so forth. Till your last hour of bed time. (always take one before u go to bed!) Do this method for 3 days and you will notice your herpes fading quickly.

third: get a bottle of calaclear lotion. It cost a dollar or 2 at the dollar store. Also buy a bottle of vitamin C at 500 mg and a bottle of peroxide. The peroxide is like 50 cents. Now what you do is take the calaclear lotion and squeeze it all into a cup. Then take 30 vitamin C pills ( thats 15000mg) and crush them in a zip lock bag. Crush them to a powder. Now you take the powdered vitamin c and pour it into the cup of the calaclear lotion and mix it all together and nothing else!, this recipe doesnt cause any redness! THen stir it up and put a foil with a rubberband around the top of the cup so no dust or dirt gets in but air does. then poke holes on top so the calaclear lotion can dry up. It should turn into a clear or yellowish color and act as some what of that candy like fruit roll up in a way.It should feel the way a contact lens feels. Then when it dries up you should be able to tear it to pieces after like 3 days. Now take a piece of it and get a foil and pour peroxide on it. Then take the piece of the CVC (calaclear with vitamin C mix)and put it in the peroxide for 30 seconds ,( now the piece should be the size of your sore. )Now take it out of the peroxide and put it on your sore. It should stick. The peroxide will break through the sores and then after 20 - 30 min the CVC should start melting into the sore. And you will notice redness and the bump and everything start to fade. You should never pop a sore. This method will elimate it. Then just peel off and repeat if necassary. Do this everyday if you want till there all gone. Trust me it works I hate herpes and Im sure you do to. Oh yeah and stay away from heat and stay in cool places. Also sleep in front of a fan facing your face and pray to god everynight before you go to bed you will notice everything will be better love you guys! And try this I didnt do all this typing for nothing lol j/k. But try my method it works. Sorry about the typos im very tired and sleepy well good night and god bless.