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Natural Remedies for Genital Herpes: Effective Treatment Options

L-Lysine, Oregano Oil, Cell Food
Posted by LCL (Baltimore, MD) on 04/06/2008
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L-Lysine, Oil of Oregano and Cell Food (Oxygen and hydrogen to the body). I was diagnosed with Herpes Simplex 2 one week ago, and was devasted. I am 45 yrs old and have been married 5 years. We are faithful people! I am perplexed over this because I can't imagine how I contracted this or when! Nevertheless, I came across this site and it has changed my life and mental state. I didn't think I could handle this as I am a well rounded and have always been vigilant about everything, including my encounters in my single life. I decided to come off the Valtrex right aways and began the regiment that most agreed with my spirit. I only had on lesion on the back of my lower thigh - I was first diagnosed with shingles. I have never experienced any of the symptoms I read on this site, but the one lesion and the pain was enough!! I have been on the regiment for about one week, with only having had two OB. But, my body feels completely different, I can literally feel the effects of the Oil of Oregano immediately. There is a calming affect that happens, it feel wonderful. It seem like when I take the Lysine at night I get a tingle/buring feeling in my private area, strange because I never had prior to taking it. It just seems that whenever I think about the "herpes" thing now, I immediately feel a tingle/burning sensation down there. So, if I keep my mind in a positive place and think victoriously, I control the feeling. It's wierd, but at times I can feel the creepy virus slithering its way around my nervous system! I begin to denounce that demon! The cell food give me so much assurance because the virus cannot survive when oxygen is fed to cells. I am still adjusting the full dosage, it was too strong at first. I have changed my eating habits immediately, which is a challenge. I like to eat what I like, within reasonable bounds. I know I just started this regiment, but I feel really good and like I have already beat this demon! I plan to stick with this regiment for 6 months and take another blood test. By the way does anyone have knowlege about the levels. My was only 1.18, which positive reading is >1.09. Just curious. Thanks to all who have contributed to this website and for giving all of us hope and strength. God Bless everyone and may we all be healed!