Genital Herpes
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Natural Remedies for Genital Herpes: Effective Treatment Options

Posted by Virgo4370 (British Columbia) on 03/13/2014
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Genital Herpes Diagnosis 2 days Ago

I'm taking acyclovir, but the pills were quite pricey at $120 for a bottle of 70 pills. I would like to do something a little more natural and less expensive.

I've been reading about cornstarch as a way to dry up the sores, and I tried it today and got instant relief from the burning rawness. I actually felt happy today for the first time in a week or so since the first sore appeared, and maybe I can get a goodnight sleep. I am going to try some of these remedies listed here in the future, but hopefully I can avoid having another outbreak for awhile with the regular use of ACV as suggested in some of the posts. I love that I have a bunch of it in my cupboard just ready to use!

Thank you for being here. I don't feel quite so alone anymore.