Genital Herpes
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Natural Remedies for Genital Herpes: Effective Treatment Options

Colloidal Silver, DMSO, Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Doodidoodida (Lakelands, Wa, Australia) on 04/30/2013
4 out of 5 stars

I have tried all sorts of things that were recommended on this site, but nothing helped.

When I was taking Vitamin supplements and L-lysin the ob's definitely came les frequently, but unfortuntaley they didn´t vanish and I also didn´t want to take so many tbls all the time because it was expensive and anoying.

After giving colloidal silver a go I kept researching and came across a cream containing silver.

I work at a hospital and silver coated dressings are regularly used on infected wounds and they work a treat. Because the colloidal silver particles in the one that I was taking weren't small enough, it didn't have any effect on me, but I know silver definitely is virucidal.

When I had an ob in the morning I immeditaley put on the cream and the same night the sore had completely vanished!!!! It was amazing.

I didn't want anything complicated that I had to put on several times a day over a few days, because I simply don't have time for that. So, this was a fantastic fix.

This didn't rid me of my gh problem though and the ob's kept coming, so I decided to try DMSO and 3% hydrogen peroxide applied to my lower spine right down to the of the spine between the butt cheeks. I wrapped it with cling wrap and left it for an hour.

This was several weeks ago and I have to say I have not used the silver cream since, because I have not had a single ob since then.

I will give some more time and will then get a blood test to see if the virus is still tracable in my blood. If you want to try the cream, it is silvadene or silver sulfadiazine creme 1% (used for topical burns).