Genital Herpes
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Genital Herpes: Effective Treatment Options

Coconut Oil, Oregano Oil
Posted by Katy (Melbourne, Australia) on 09/18/2013
4 out of 5 stars

I have been taking 4 20ml tablespoons or organic coconut oil daily along with 5 drops of oil of oregano 3 times a day under my tongue since my 1st outbreak in June. I have not had another outbreak, but still get bi-monthly tingles. I am also rubbing oregano oil on my spine 3 times daily but not convinced that's doing anything. Every month is a test since I know I still have herpes when I get that dreaded tingle which is so tiny but is a reminder. In my mind the symptoms are seriously not noticeable but I just want all symptoms gone! I will post again WHEN I don't get that monthly tingle. Once that happens for 3 months in a row I will get a blood test and report back.