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Genital Herpes Remedies

Posted by Nena (Michigan) on 03/28/2021
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Take cimetidine (Tagamet) 200mg 2tabs twice/day for 3 days to halt a herpes outbreak. It's most effective at the beginning of a flare up but has some effect even later on. This is an OTC med that can be purchased at any Walgreens or Walmart for heartburn but it also boosts the bodies production of interferon. It is not a long term solution. I have used this many times on my own herpes infection (including shingles, herpes simplex type 2) and on my granddaughter's ocular herpes with nerve involvement around the eye and scalp. It works. She was hospitalized at 5 yrs old with ocular herpes and put on morphine for pain, but it was cimetidine that calmed the herpes and she has taken cimetidine (pediatric dose) at the onset of further symptoms for 3 days as described above. She is now 12 and has had no further serious herpes pain/episodes that this couldn't suppress. (I found this remedy while researching chemo treatments several years ago.)