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Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Daisy (Elk Grove Vlg. IL)

My BIG toes are victims of injuries from "new" shopping carts 2 summers ago. I was wearing sandals both times. Our visiting podiatrist said that due these injuries I may have a nail fungus. But, my nails are NOT yellow. They were only bruised and the "mother cells"/half-moon seem to be helping them to grow to the "free edge." The podiatrist removed the loose nails and now the left toe "new nail" has nearly reached the "free edge." The right toe was re-injured accidentally and only has grown 1/2 way to the "free edge." My Dr. said the remedy he had in mind would be unaffordable for me. I have resorted to "peroxide" treatments and my toenails look like they are healing.

Peroxide seems to help the "mother cells" grow a new nail. I apply it once every day with a cotton ball saturated with the peroxide. Naturally it dries it out, but I do see some growth on the nail. Time will tell and I will keep in touch with the results.

I don't know if it because I have a 9 1/2 shoe size that my wonderful grand kids keep stepping/jumping on the "trying to heal" big toes of mine ..........or what. But, it certainly slows it down.

Also, my primary Dr. didn't know how to cure a "root type" ....which could be a cyst on a node on my ring finger. I used a prescribed ointment called HYDROCORTISONE CREAM USP 2.5% strength. The sac became irritated again. I use this "lightly" as directed about 3 times per day with the results that it has cured the irritation although I can still see the dried up tiny sac. The cream I use is comparable to the "off the shelf" hydrocortisone cream USP but, it has a stronger effect on the affected area.

Hope this feedback helps and you can pass it on. These are only my ways of curing and rather experimental.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Iodine

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Posted by Paul (Tulsa, Ok) on 01/17/2014

I found the best way to cure nail fungus:

1) start by trimming your nails back and filing

2) pour hydrogen peroxide over the infected area and tiny bubbles will start appearing

3) wait a minute or two for the hydrogen peroxide to start working, then put iodine on the nails and under the nails. The peroxide will pull the iodine under the nails and kill all fungus.

4) after 5 minutes or so wash your feet and nails with antibacterial soap.

Afterwards, my nails never felt good or looked this good. It was almost instantaneous.


Replied by Lon
(Martinez, Georgia)

Has anyone else had success with this method?

Hydrogen Peroxide, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Jen (Or) on 05/14/2016

3% Hydrogen Peroxide OTC + a cuticle pusher + Tea Tree essential oil = MEANINGFUL RESULTS are in, FINALLY! (*after 20+ years of struggling with embarrassing black toe nails) Blessings and peace to everyone. This is my first post. I am sharing with you guys and gals (my fellow sufferers) what has finally made a difference in my 25+ year struggle with black striped toe nails. I have posted a photo of the stripes (now only on my right pinky toe) that have "haunted" me ever since my tween years (I am 41 now).

Like many of you, my unsightly, discolored and funkified toe nail issue has been part of my identity for far longer than I would like to remember. To make matters worse, I wore toe nail polish to hide behind. For most of the time. Until the past couple of years. I finally had had enough of the ordeal. Or I got lazy. Or got smart. Who knows. With few exceptions (e.g., occasional sandal wear), I started going barefoot natural. I had tried many of the popular remedies, including 70% Isopropyl alcohol, white vinegar, apple cider (ACV), OTC fungus targeting oils and creams, essential oils like oregano and tea tree... even household disinfectant bleach solution for mold and mildew (not my wisest or safest decision ever made, so not recommending you try this one). Until one day. One day it dawned on me that I might combine two approaches combined - the everyday household 3% hydrogen peroxide plus diligent nail hygiene using this one beauty product tool my niece gave to me years ago: a professional quality heavy duty cuticle pusher.

Technique: 1. Use the cuticle tool!

*When my toenails were still soft from my bath/shower, or even many times when I was in the process of taking my bath/shower, I would push my cuticles back and scrape away any excess skin surrounding the nail bed. I always exercised extreme caution bc it was all too easy to get carried away (thus, accidentally scraping so deeply that my toe nail would start to bleed). I read in another person's post about sanding the top layers of the nail bed to get rid of the fungus stuff. I think this is the same type of idea, only I used a professional manicurists tool.

2. Spray the 3% hydrogen peroxide onto the effected nails and let dry without ever rinsing it off.

*I discovered a small spray bottle version of the peroxide that cost like $2 at the supermarket. This helped with aseptic technique, plus was just downright quicker than unscrewing a cap and having to fiddle with a qtip or cotton ball or the like. 3. Apply an essential oil (appropriate to my particular pathogen blasting plan) onto the sprayed nail(s). I tried a few different ones, but ended up settling on tea tree (or melaleuca) because of its multi purpose fullness.

*I repeated this as often as I could remember to, like whenever I showered. Three? Four? Five times per week? (though ideally would have been daily, even if it meant foot bathing on non shower days, since this probably would have speeded up the results, I would imagine). Last year at least 4 other nails (in addition to my pinky toe seen in the photos) were partially black, if I remember correctly. Now my only discolored nail of concern is that right pinky toe (which was always the worst, though my left pinky toe was about as bad).

Please don't give up, everyone. Have hope!

Hydrogen Peroxide, White Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Don (Lakeland, FL) on 03/01/2008

I shoved a wood splinter under my finger nail and ended up with a fungus under the nail. After finding this web site, I started the peroxide/white vinegar/ tea oil treatment. I cut the old finger nail way nearly down to the cuticle; soaked my finger in hydrogen peroxide, then white vinegar and then applied tea tree oil/vaseline (50-50%). I did this for about 3 months and then went to just soaking with white vinegar morning and evening. This worked and the finger nail is well and nearly grown out completely and looks great. It takes time for this cure to work, but it sure does work!!


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Posted by RB (Somewhere in Europe) on 07/31/2022 84 posts


I suggest you guys use the "Colorless Iodine". Further, watch out for the "100% Natural Iodine", and "Lugol's Iodine", too, because the latter two will stain your nails. Further, watch out for fungus-infected big toenails, too, because if your nails gets stained, they will remain stained for many years to come, because the nail growth rate of fungus-infected big toenails is so slow that it is unbelievable.

Posted by Rae (Pasadena, CA) on 01/26/2021

I tried many remedies, for my nail fungus (both thumbs and an index finger) but what actually worked was filing down the nails with fungus (about once a week) and then putting a layer of decolorized iodine on my nails followed by a bit of petroleum jelly to moisturize.

I did this every night before bed until the nails grew out a beautiful pink color. I'm so happy to get my nails back! And this remedy is do cheap!

Posted by Tg (Oklahoma, US) on 09/22/2014

The first time I experienced toenail fungus, years ago, I tried tea tree oil without success. I eventually saw a doctor who prescribed Lamisil pills for 24 weeks. That worked. The second time I had a fungus infected toenail, over 10 years later, I applied iodine. A single drop in the morning. Probably another at bedtime (I don't recall now). Iodine worked brilliantly! Without risking liver damage (i.e., Lamisil).

Replied by Cindy Mick

I also used iodine and it was very successful in curing the toe nail fungus. Every morning and night for about 4 months.

Replied by Alice Jolly

Yes, I too used iodine for curing toenail fungus infection. And it worked so brilliantly that my fungus infection got vanished just after three weeks.

Posted by Quercus (Cucamonga, Ca) on 01/29/2013

My wife and I found that taking Lugols orally has resulted in clearing up both of our toe nail fungus problems. We try to take at least 5 mg /day.

Posted by Westsound (Vancouver, Bc) on 12/18/2011

Hi, haven't been here for awhile but really want to share my new success story of battling toenail fungus. I have fungus on both feet, especially bad for the big toes. I believe I got that from a damaged toenail. Have tried everything non-precription for the last 6 years - alcohol, bleach, soaking in apple cider vineger, hydrogen peroxide etc. but to no avail. In July 2011 I tried decolourized iodine. I had a hard time finding it, but finally found it in CVS when I was in Chicago. I stocked up a few. I wipe all my toenails with a cotton pad soak with that, once morning and once at night, and put Vicks on it afterwards. That's all. The bad nails are shedding and showing new nails.

Finally, after so many years I see the light of getting new healthy nails. I will continue this routine for a few more months until the new nails are all strong and healthy. I should be able to wear sandles next summer. Using Vicks is important because without it my nails have these white spots, brittle and weak. I believe iodine is quite harsh for nails and strips them dry. Good luck. :)

Replied by Sarah

I am also based in Vancouver and have been struggling with nail fungus. How are your nails doing in 2020? Did you ever manage to find colourless iodine here in Vancouver? What has helped you most?? I appreciate your help. I'm in desperate need of it.


Hey Sarah,

did you ever find something that helped?

Posted by Lynn (San Diego, Ca) on 02/10/2011

I've had mild toenail fungus for 10 yrs (only sympton is thick toenails) yet I had bunion/hammertoe surgery 2 yrs. ago and since then the 2 hammertoenails have been normal; they are flat and thin and look great. Was it the Betadine applied just prior to surgery? They were wrapped for several weeks following the surgery. What made this happen? I need to know?

Replied by Lynn
(San Diego, Ca)

I'm still waiting for response to my betadine question regarding toenail fungus. It completely eliminated the fungus on 2 of my toes after hammertoe surgery (they've been normal for 2 yrs. ). Anyone (esp. With some knowledge) can you comment on this? It's very messy stuff but I'd like to apply it to all my toes. At that time it was used just prior to surgery ONCE and fungus gone. Please advise. Thanks

Replied by Melmc
(Orlando, Fl)

I believe it killed the fungus because it is an iodine solution. Several people on this site have said how quickly an iodine solution has cleared up their toenail fungus infection. Someone mentioned getting a clear, stain-free iodine solution at CVS where they live. I plan to do this. (It can be very drying to the nails, so I will be using it with Tea Tree oil, which is supposed to help fight it as well. I'm also going to take about 1 tsp of baking soda in a glass of water for 3 weeks to clear out fungus that is probably in my blood, then every 3-4 days for maintenance.)

Posted by Mel (Orlando, FL) on 05/12/2009

I cured (and am still curing) toe and finger nail fugus using decolorized (white/clear) iodine. In combination with simply eating a banana and active yogurt (yogurt that promotes digestive health), I apply the ioding every day to my affected big toe nails, left thumbnail and right ring fingernail. I acquired nail fungus in my left big toe a year ago from a bad ingrown nail. I had a partial nail avulsion to remedy the ingrown nail and then later developed a fungus when the cauterizing had healed. I couldn't afford prescriptions at the time so I started using home remedies such as vinegar gel, over the counter topical lacquers,vapo rub and mouthwash. Everything under the sun. Then I saw this website about 6 months ago. Until I read about decolorized iodine, the fungus in that left big toe had only stabilized using other remedies. Which was good-but I wanted it gone! During that time of trying everything else, it spread to my right big toe and then my left thumbnail. This was all probably because I was not careful in cleaning in treating and spread it due to my own carelessness. Anyhow, I lost those other two nails then it started in my right ring finger. I was determined at that point to find my cure. I started using the iodine on my right ring finger and it stopped the fungus dead in it's tracks! My nail has since grown half in and healthy and is still going. As for where the fungus first started, in my left big toe-that's almost completely grown in and healthy! My right big toe and left thumbnail are well on there way, but taking a bit longer to grow in. Either way, iodine (2-3 drops) 1 or twice a day, a banana and a live active yogurt overy day have been my cure. Promoting digestive health, providing potatssium to help nails grow quicker and healthier and iodine to kill the fungus topically ahve been my miracle workers. The only down side to iodine is that it can be somewhat drying so I suggest using cuticle oil in between treatments. Do not use peroxide in combination with decolorized iodine. It will turn your skin orange! I only used alcohol to clean the affected areas before applying iodine and to sterilize the instruments I am using as well. What really sucks abou this whole thing, is I developed dyshidrosis as a secondary skin disorder from the fungus. That's a whole other story, but dishydrosis is like eczema in a way and it will resolve on it's own once the fungus is completely out of my nails and body.

Replied by Ddm
(Tampa, Fl)

Yep. Regular & decolorized iodine stopped right big toe nail fungus, almost completely grown out nail now. Just keep trimming off as growing out.

Replied by Dm
(Parker, Co)

For the dyshidrosis skin infection - I fought this for almost a year thinking it was just eczema... In the end what took care of it, in about a week's time, was Absorbine Jr and Tinactin. Great combo for dyshidrosis

Posted by Laurie (East MeadowN, New York) on 04/25/2007

decolorized iodine has cured a fungus I Had under my nails. It works wonders, but it is very hard to find

Replied by Ninette

I found Iodine ( not clear) its true brown color at a pharmacy in Tampa FL. DAVID PHARMACY.

My grandmother in Cuba used iodine to cure much. Health issues. Is a great Desinfectant. ..

Posted by Marilyn (Grand Rapids, MI) on 02/26/2007

I have recommended white or clear iodine for 23 years for the treatment of nail fungus. Iodine increases nail growth while treating the fungus at the same time. Adding a few drops of vitamin e along with the iodine to the underside of the nail is helpful in keeping the area from becoming too dry. Iodine can be used on healthy nails to increase growth. In that case I wouldn't apply more than once a week.Until recently colorless iodine was hard to find in Michigan. There are expensive over the counter treatments for nail fungus which usually don't work.If purchasing these check the label to see if iodine is an ingredient.prescriptions for nail fungus,(lamisil) can be damaging to the liver and it's very expensive, often not covered by insurance. It usually takes 6 months and lots of blood work to have a healthy nail back. Try the iodine first! marilyn-the digithelper-manicurist

Replied by Lee
(Garland, Texas)

Amonia added to iodine will decolor it. It will also remove iodine stains from surfaces etc.

Replied by Jan
(Northern, Virginia Usa)

Ammonia added to iodine will make an explosive. I would not recommend that.

Replied by Sachsesenior
(Sachse, Tx, USA)

Liquid drugstore Iodine and grocery store clear ammonia are harmless when added together. Clear Iodine sold in drugstores is Ammonium Iodide, Potassium Iodide, and 45% alcohol. The fireworks compound referred to is made with products only available from chem-lab suppliers.

Adding ammonia to chlorine bleach is very dangerous as it releases chlorine gas which is very poisonous and regularly sends housewifes to emergency rooms.

I have tried white vinegar without luck and tea tree also without results. Now trying de-colored Iodine I got at a Walmart. Iodine is a potent bio-cide and would work if it can be delivered to the source of the fungus infection which is under the nail - that is why it is so hard to treat with topical solutions, the nail is hard to penetrate with any liquid.

Posted by Jay (Rockland County, NY) on 08/24/2006

Iodine Tincture (2.3% solution cured 'Toenail Fungus. I whacked my infected toenails using a large hammer. In about two weeks the nails fell off and I applied iodine. When my new nails grew back, I had no more fungus.

Replied by Lenny
(WV, US)

Are you serious? You whacked your nails with a hammer. Made me laugh.

Replied by Patricia
(Durban, SA)

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Believe me I've thought of doing the same thing!! This really had me laughing out loud, thanks for that, needed a good giggle! I'm now using peroxide 10 and Aragan Secret nail oil, I'll let you know how it goes in time to come :)

Posted by Brenda (Bear, DE) on 01/18/2006

Iodine is excellent for toenail fungus, ringworm, fever blisters, moles and skin tags, hangnails, etc. Just a few drops on a q-tip is all it takes. Use daily until the "boo-boo" is gone.

Replied by Ted
(Bangkok, Thailand)
391 posts

Using Iodine for the toe nail fungus is fairly effective method of control of toe nail fungus because iodine will penetrate to some extent deep into the skin and the cuticle somewhat. The problem about iodine is the issue of staining and discoloration of the nail and socks. (EC: BUY DECOLORIZED IODINE TO SOLVE THIS ISSUE. )

However, you will still need to do the H2O2 vinegar before applying clorox and iodine is added after clorox is rinse and iodine is painted on the nail along with tea tree oil to the nails. While iodine alone will not work that will because of it popping back after awhile, I will usually apply the regimen mentioned as part of the overall treatment for it to work the best.

Replied by Jedidah
(Spring, TX)

I purchased decolorized iodine. It is clear out of the bottle but when it comes in contact with the skin it turns orange red immediately. It doesn't wash off and stays that way for days or weeks. I find that strange since the red colored iodine washes off very easily. Using it with Peroxide soaks and my skin around the nail is very dry and cracking and a little red. I'm going to keep using peroxide and not sure what else. There are so many ideas and opinions. In six weeks I have a trip to a lake resort area. Ikes!!!!!!!!!

EC: Not the colorless brand of iodine we use! It stays clear on the skin unless we've used peroxide first, in which case it does dye the skin orange for a while...

Replied by Dana

Using peroxide with decolorized iodine will cause the iodine to turn orange again.