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Natural Remedies for COPD

| Modified on Jul 01, 2024
COPD Natural Remedies

Earth Clinic readers have told us that their favorite home remedy for COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method.  Some readers experienced wonderful results with this natural remedy in as little as two weeks.  In fact, for the past 10 years, Bill Munro’s Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method has been one of Earth Clinic’s most popular natural cures for many different ailments.  Other nebulizer treatments are helpful as well, such as DMSO, Colloidal Silver, and MSM.

Symptoms of COPD

You may have COPD and not know it.  Over 24 million people in the U.S. have COPD, but more than HALF of those people do not know that they have this very serious problem.  If you are experiencing these symptoms, get diagnosed and then take action before more damage is done to your lungs.  Otherwise, COPD will continue to get worse, until you need to be attached to an oxygen tank in order to breathe at all.

Are you experiencing these symptoms?

  • Frequent coughing, with or without mucus;
  • Feeling out of breath more and more often;
  • Wheezing;
  • A tight feeling in the chest.

Bill Munro’s Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method

Bill Munro developed the Hydrogen Peroxide Inhalation Method when he learned he had melanoma and prostate cancer many years ago.  He wanted to get oxygen ‘inside’ to treat his cancers.  After treating himself for a while, his PSA blood tests showed that he was clean of the cancers.  Research suggests that viruses cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment.

If you have COPD, more oxygen is just exactly what you need.  Many Earth Clinic readers with COPD reported success following this method.  The link above will show you exactly how to use Bill’s method.  Please do follow the instructions.  Do not overdo on the “more is better” theory.  It isn’t.  Both Bill and his wife safely inhaled hydrogen peroxide daily for at least 9 years, enjoying improved overall health.  Their blood oxygen levels remained in the high 90s.

  • Normal blood oxygen levels are 95-100%. 
  • Below 90% is considered hypoxemia, leading to an asthma crisis, sleep apnea, pulmonary infection, etc.
  • A blood oxygen level below 80% is a critical situation that could result in a damaged brain or heart; respiratory or cardiac arrest can occur at this level of low blood oxygen.

Ted from Bangkok’s Answers to COPD Questions

Ted, Earth Clinic’s long-time Contributing Editor, has responded to many questions about COPD over the years.  Some of the topics he has addressed are: Ted’s Remedies, Questions About Ted’s Remedies and Can Condition be Reversed.  Ted has a strong scientific background and spends substantial time researching natural health remedies for a wide variety of medical issues.

What is COPD?

COPD is a killer – the third leading cause of death in the U.S.  The National Institutes of Health states that, “COPD has no cure yet, and doctors don't know how to reverse the damage to the airways and lungs. However, treatments and lifestyle changes can help you feel better, stay more active, and slow the progress of the disease.”

COPD is one of the most frustrating health issues that people deal with.  It’s very disabling, as reduced lung function makes it impossible to handle normal activities.  To make matters worse, those afflicted with COPD may also have one or more other chronic illnesses.

Most of those with COPD have emphysema and chronic bronchitis, both included under the general term COPD.  Over time, the airways narrow, making it more difficult to breathe.

  • Emphysema refers to damage to the walls between many of the air sacs in the lungs.  Instead of many tiny air sacs, the person now has fewer, larger air sacs.  This reduces gas exchange within the lungs.  In other words, the lung’s ability to take in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide is far less than is needed for proper breathing and good health.  There is not enough oxygen and too much carbon dioxide.
  • Chronic bronchitis refers to the lining of the airways being always irritated and inflamed.  The lining gets thicker; thick mucus makes it hard to breath.

COPD and Viral and Bacterial Infections

The most common cause of COPD exacerbations is viruses, particularly the flu, rhinovirus or adenovirus.  Mycoplasma and chlamydia are bacteria that can also be responsible for lung infections.  These organisms cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich environment, such as that created by inhaling hydrogen peroxide following the suggested method.

If You Smoke, Quit!

Smoking is the leading cause of COPD.  While there are other risk factors, such as pollution, second-hand smoke, family history or chemical fumes, smoking is the most important risk factor by a wide margin.  Don’t be one of the people sneaking into the garage for a cigarette and then hobbling back to the oxygen tank in order to get a breath of air.  If you don’t quit now, you will be forced to when you’re totally bed-bound and cannot breathe at all without the oxygen tank.  Our readers have sent in a lot of remedies that have helped them to quit smoking.  We hope that one of their recommendations will help you.

Continue reading below for hundreds of posts from our readers detailing what remedies worked (or didn't work) for COPD. Please let us know what remedies you are using and how your healing is progressing!

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Francis (Tx) on 03/28/2018


Posted by Carmel (Adelaide, South Australia) on 12/27/2014

I purchase Apple Cider Vinegar capsules, often from ebay, but also direct from the manufacturer in the USA. I started using them when I was diagnosed with C.O.P.D. lung disease. They changed my life, I could breath again without the need for inhalers or nebulizers, am off the other medications as well. Reduced my cholesterol, and lost weight, normalized my sugar levels, and I no longer suffer with reflux or heartburn. I take 6 capsules a day, and it costs me less than just one of my prescriptions did.

Wow, I too suffer with COPD and I met a lady last week who told me about ACV, I tried the liquid the same day, and immediately started feeling better. I thought it was all in my head, but it does help.

Replied by Carmen

I am suffering from COPD and CKD.

I have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar, but have not noticed any relief as yet, but I am taking the bottle of Cider Vinegar and Yes with the mother in it. I am wondering if Coconut Oil would be helpful also.

(Pernitz Austria)

Hi! My question, how many mg of apple cider vinegar do the capsules contain? Thanks in advance!

EC: Sorry, that post being quoted is from 2014 and the person is unlikely to reply.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kennywally (Midwest) on 08/02/2016 46 posts

As for the COPD, I personally helped a senior improve her COPD....she was on an inhaler/concentrator and nebulizer, could barely make it from bed past the door to her room at the nursing home, she was a roomate of moms. I asked if she would like to try something, she agreed and I gifted her a baggy of apple cider vinegar capsules, to take 3,3 times a day, within 10 days, she was up and out of bed, hardly on the oxygen concentrator or nebulizer, she was much improved and never complained about the ACV, which I credited to Earth Clinic and told her too, she knows and said she'd tell her daughter where to look and what to get for her.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Borax, Mullein Tea

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Posted by Christopher (Great Oakley, Northamptonshire. England.) on 05/11/2018 3 posts

Mullein tea for asthma and COPD:

On a daily basis I take OACV [organic apple cider vinegar] with a pinch of cayenne pepper and the juice of 1 whole lemon.

In addition to this I recently added 1.5 Ltr bottle of Volvic water with a half teaspoon of borax. The reason I chose Volvic water is because it seems to be the only water with 32mg silica per Ltr (it states it on the bottle). I can't find any other water containing silica.

In addition to this I make 1 Ltr of Mullein tea in my cafeteria, which has a fine filter needed to separate floaters in the tea, which I sweeten with raw honey.

Since adding these recent additions to my daily intake of health remedies I have stopped using Ventolin and DuoResp Spiromax inhalers because I no longer wheeze and cough up daily dollops of phlegm. Also and perhaps more importantly, my BPH problems have noticeably decreased. I no longer need to urgently find a toilet when I feel like a pee and I now sleep all night without getting up to pee several times during the night.

I have purposely waited for a month before coming on here to tell you in case it was a fluke, but I don't think it is because I feel so well and everything works as it should (and I mean everything).

The Mullein tea I buy online and I use 2 tablespoons full (heaped) per litre. I drink a mug of it after my OACV mix and drink the rest during the day. I make the brew in the evening and leave it for use the next morning so it has infused all night.

I use a gym and swimming pool 3 times a week and I am 78 years old this year.



Replied by Rose

I started the Organic ACV - a tablespoon at night. It helped only a little. Purchased some mullein tea and made that... It was helpful combined with Breathe Easy Yogi tea gave it a better flavor and it did help.

Then began using a nebulizer with H202... that was difficult. Burned my throat, caused a paroxism of coughing but in about 2 days the phlem was less. Wheezing was reduced and I was breathing a little easier and not heaving every time I tried to do something.

A friend told me his wife used a diffuser with essential oils and H202... so I purchased that and began using that instead of the nebulizer... which was easier to cope with and I can let it run all day if I am near the diffuser. The one I got came with 10 essential oils... Then I purchased an essential oil specifically for COPD... that hasn't arrived yet. Also got one called Respiratory Rescue from Garden Essence. That is also working. Airways are clearer, I can move about without feeling so winded and exhausted. Wheezing is nearly gone. 2 capfuls of H202 in the diffuser with 10 drops of the essential oil. But I have a ways to go yet.

Then I wondered if COPD could be reversed and also what caused it. I was a smoker in my 20's... but I'm now 73. Could it be that I am experiencing this from a bad habit I had some 50 years ago? I wondered and so did some research. You will be surprised at what I found.

Here is a video... this explains why a person can be suffering from COPD even though they quit smoking many years ago.

In case that video is taken down... here is a link to a blog. Website offers info on conventional and alternative treatment along with a focus group. This person also wrote a book which is the 3rd edition.

The book:

I'm new to Earth Clinic... but I am so grateful for the suggestions that are offered here. The H202 was the first good solution but the journey toward recover is not over yet. I hope this new info will help others.


After reading a bit more on that website I had found as well as this earth clinic website. I think I also need to use the nebulizer with the H202 and also use it in the diffuser. It has to get into the lungs and bronchials to kill the bugs.

When I first began trying to combat this ailment, I thought maybe I had CHF... so I had done some research and found 4 supplements to help with CHF. On the COPD website listed in my first comment, I found there are specific supplements that will help for COPD... He mentions them also in his book. But, I have to say the ones I am using that help with CHF also help with COPD. All I'm saying is, don't skip the supplements that are mentioned. There are also breathing exercises that can be done. So, when you combine everything, its a full protocol that can help.

Another thing, I wanted to know is if COPD could be reversed. The guy who wrote the book says it can and he did heal his mom's COPD which also included emphysema. I sure hope it can cuz it is a debilitating ailment.

This is the website with the essential oil/homeopathic remedy I found specifically for COPD. Its a bit pricey... and comes from the UK. I'm still waiting for it. Instructions on how to use it are included.

Just saw this one today for emphysema. I have not purchased this... but I might later if I feel it necessary. First wanna see how the COPD remedy will work.

If you are a smoker... you've got to quit smoking. The video listed in my first post explains why and how it can lead to COPD.


Have to mention this tho... The 1-star reviews of his book on Amazon are pretty brutal. I'm in the habit of reading those first cuz sometimes you can get the real truth about a product. Some of them are nonsense, but some are not. You'll have to decide for yourself.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Dietary Changes

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Posted by wendauggie (costa mesa USA) on 07/14/2023


I have asthma/COPD, after many years of suffering with no end in sight(not to mention the $ on medical appointments, prescriptions and ER visits), I read previous posts promising ACV (RAW/UNFILTERED ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR INCLUDING THE MOTHER) and change of diet (no processed food/no dairy products)as a cure.

I started by taking 2 tsp twice a day, and completely changing my diet. I have not felt the need to taken any prescriptions since, except when I challenge my diet and eat so little as 2 oreo cookies or even 3 bites of ice cream. And instead of my rescue inhaler I take 2 Tbs *my shots.

*my shots

2 TBS acv

2 cloves fresh garlic

2 lg pieces fresh ginger

2 lemons

2 Tbs local raw honey (or best MANUKA HONEY)

Asparagus and Cayenne Treatment

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Posted by Fancier (Atlanta) on 11/06/2015

I have had COPD for the past 8 years I have started a treatment of Cayenne pepper with Asparagus, 1 tin of Asparagus and 2 tablespoons of Cayenne Pepper, bring to a boil, then liquidise it and refrigerate.

I take 4 tablespoons in morning and evening.

I also doing the Hydrogen peroxide nebulizer down my throat during the day, and blow balloons before bedtime.

I will keep you posted on results. I have to see the Lung Doc on Dec 15. This should be interesting

Replied by Fancier

25 days on asparagus and cayenne pepper. Last night I played 3 games of darts with my wife without huffing and puffing every time I walked to fetch my darts out of the board. I will keep you updated on my improvements.

Barometric Pressure and COPD

Posted by yfandles (Catskill Mts, NY, USA) on 05/25/2020

I've been reading EC for a couple of months. Love this site. I have COPD. Supposedly in final stage. But, I'm pretty stubborn. Was already doing common sense things (diet, vitamins, etc.) when I found EC. Now I've added Hydrogen Peroxide (HP aka H2O2) and Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with Baking Soda (BS). Am doing much better with these additions. Here's my big question: Does anyone else have issues with humidity and air pressure? I can have a pretty good day, then when the sun goes down and the humidity rises, my breathing becomes labored. Same when a rain or snow storm is coming. My breathing is acting like a barometer. All ideas welcome! Just like all of you out there in EC Land, I thank God several times a day for this site.

Replied by Linda H.
(EC's Facebook Page)

I was never diagnosed with COPD but ever since I was a child I couldn't go into steam rooms without almost passing out. Hot showers will do that to if the bathroom isnt well ventilated. Humidity weather wise is a no go also. I can't function and have a hard time breathing. Lower elevation or below sea level causes issues also. I hope the Hydrogen peroxide mixture helps you have a better quality of life. I'd like to try it but I know nothing about it and would have to find someone to teach me how to do it.

(Catskill Mts, NY, USA)

Linda: EC has a wonderful and very long page of helpful information about Hydrogen Peroxide and videos. Go to the Remedies page then hydrogen peroxide. I am sympathetic about your humidity issues and hope we can both find some answers and relief.

Replied by Jon K.
(EC's Facebook Page)

MULLEIN LEAF AS TEA is an excellent tool for copd.

(Catskill Mts, NY, USA)

Thank you Jon K. from EC's Facebook Page.

Replied by Cid

My wife & I retired to the high desert 30 minutes from Tucson 3 years ago instead of Texas hill country. The main reason we did this is because of the humidity difference. I can even tell a difference from Ca and it wasn't as brutal as Texas or even the midwest or east coast.

Replied by David
(IN - Indiana)

I have the same issue. I have ben using oils in a diffuser - helps somewhat.

Blowing Balloons

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Posted by Marigold (Usa) on 06/24/2014

Yes to blowing up balloons! I have COPD and started the balloon regiment, it really does help. I posted this on a group page and others have posted positive results. One guy said that he's blowing up big punch balls with no shortness of breath. Easy and cheap to do. Lots of fun if you have a dog and let the balloon go squeeeeeek when you let the air out.

Blowing Balloons
Posted by Shining Star (Gainesville, Fl) on 02/26/2014

Edgar Cayce's book Handbook for Health says he never knew anyone that did not recover from COPD if they would blow up 7 or 8 balloons a day. Certainly worth a try.

Replied by Emma710
(Altavista, Va)

I believe a lot of what Edgar Casey said.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

The use of the device "Powerlung" or a generic equivalent, would achieve the same purpose and maybe more. It is said that many athletes, particularly competitive and Olympians use powerlung devices to increase their respiratory function.

Replied by Susan
(Az, US)

I started to pass out one day when I tried to blow up 3 balloons in a row. I will try again, but slowly. It was pretty scary cause it was like my equilibrium went ou and I started falling over. I sure need to build my lungs up and at this point am willing to try again.

Replied by Carmen

I don't believe they meant at one time. They said in a day.

Replied by Ken

Yeah, if you have $120 to throw away! Balloons are a little bit cheaper.

Replied by Rick
(Cookeville, Tn)

The only book by Edgar Cayce with a close title to the one mentioned is The Edgar Cayce Handbook for health Through Drugless Therapy is there possibly another title? I found nothing about the balloons?

Buteyko Breathing Method

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Posted by Yolanda (California) on 05/20/2021

I would like to talk about Buteyko Breathing.

I was diagnosed with moderate COPD and told to use an inhaler, I refused the inhaler and tried to look for more information on how I could handle this naturally. In the mean time I did the peroxide inhaler according to Bill and oregano oil when I started coughing and knew that a bacterial infection was coming. Both of these were effective somewhat but my oxygen level kept going down. My husband died during this time and because I have agoraphobia my anxiety kicked in really bad. I really thought this was it.

I ordered an oxygen concentrator and was trying to figure out how to hook it up to my sleep apnea machine that I started trying to find out how to get rid of my excess co2 that everyone online said I have too much of.

Instead of finding what I was looking for, I found a site that said we had too little co2. That definitely got my attention. What I discovered was the Buteyko Breathing method. You will have to look up the site online and read for yourself how to do this. They have people who will help but they charge, so that was out, I'm cheap. But I found enough information online to get started.

The most important thing was keeping your mouth closed at all times. You only open it to talk and eat and yawn. The first time I did this I was really in a panic and especially with COPD but I kept it up. Just a small exercise for you that don't want to go to the internet and look up. Keeping your mouth closed take a small breath in and then a small breath out and then hold your breath for the count of 5, pause and do it all over again for about 10 min to start 3 times a day.

There is more to it but the improvement is apparent in about 24 hours. The nice thing is it is free!!!! You really need to research it on line or go to amazon and get a book on Buteyko Breathing. I started this whole routine in 2019. I have never used my oxygen concentrator. I have no more COPD and I walk one and a half to 2 miles a day. This is not just for COPD but for anxiety asthma and a host of other things. We are all over breathing and building up co2 that should be in our blood but is trapped in our lungs. I hope this has been a help to someone and and maybe will get you to thinking in a different direction. We are on a holistic site because maybe we're not sure if the pharmaceutical, doctors, science has it right!!! Or maybe we have tried it all and to no avail.

Free!!!! Oxygen is FREE!!

The best to you, Yolanda

Replied by Maria
(New Jersey)

Hi Yolanda,

That is amazing so happy for you. I'm going to look into this thank you so much.

Replied by Freda

Hi Yolanda. Just checking in to see how you are doing. I have severe Copd and will be trying the breathing technique you have talked about 😊. I will also use Bills munroe H202. Technique. How long did you start these techniques before you notice a difference in your Copd?

Buteyko Breathing Method
Posted by Yolanda (Sacramento) on 02/12/2021

I would like to tell you about Buteyko breathing method that has virtually eliminated my COPD. I am 82 and was diagnosed over 7 years ago with this. I refused all inhalers and tried other methods for my copd, like inhaling peroxide which helped some but not nearly enough.

I bought a very expensive oxygen concentrator for breathing but while I was trying to figure out how to use it I started searching the internet for help. I came across this Buteyko breathing site and started using all the information I could find on there. It has been two years since I have been doing this and I have never used the oxygen machine. It is in the back of my closet and my kids will have to do something with it. I very rarely have congestion have never been hospitalized and walk a 1mile or more a day. This will eliminate asthma, constipation and a hundred other things. The Best

Buteyko Breathing Method
Posted by Yolanda (Sacramento, CA) on 07/19/2019

I have copd for about 7 years diagnosed. I have never taken any inhalers or medication for it. I only took Bill Monroe's hydrogen peroxide by spraying in throat, but things were not getting better even though Bill peroxide helped. I started experiencing high anxiety and shortness of breath, I even went so far as to buy a very expensive oxygen concentrator. I read how my co2 was the problem and causing my shortness of breath. So I went to Google and tried to find out how to reduce my co2, Boy did I get a shock when I found out that co2 is a good thing and not bad!!! What? The problem was the co2 was being trapped in the lungs and not able to get into the blood where it was needed. I was told we are all overbreathing or hyperventilating. The doctor who found all of this out and was the discover was Doctor Buteyko. If you look up Buteyko breathing and do a search you will find all the information you need. By the way, I have never used my $2,500 dollar oxygen machine. My bronchitis is gone I am walking 1 mile with very little discomfort I am sleeping better at night and anxiety is at a minimal.

For those of you who won't look this up I will give you a very simple exercise to do at least 2 time a day or whenever you think of it. The more you do the better you feel. Keep your mouth closed at all times!!! The feel of smothering with leave, sneeze through your nose and cough through your nose. You can yawn through your mouth. Take a small breath in and a small breath out and then hold for 5 SECONDS.

The best to you all, Yolanda

Buteyko Breathing Method
Posted by Yolanda (California) on 05/06/2019

I have copd and a while back I talked about what I was doing for it. One was Bill Munro's hydrogen peroxide inhalation method since then I have come about a new revelation and have to share it. It is the Buteyko method of breathing.

I know there is a lot of information out there on breathing but this is definitely different. I have refused all inhalers since I was diagnosed about 5 years ago but in the last year I have gotten really bad. I started having a hard time breathing and then I started having extreme anxiety issues and after doing research I found that the build of co2 was a factor. I then tried to find out how to get rid of co2 in the body. Much to my surprise I found out from the Buteyko site that we actually had too much oxygen and it couldn't be utilized because it couldn't mingle with the co2 and enter the bloodstream! It talked about a simple breathing exercise that would actually cure asthma and help with copd. It seems like the biggest problem we have is overbreathing. My oxygen level was always around 93 then sometimes would drop to 90. I ordered a $2,300 dollar oxygen concentrator with a prescription I got from the doctor. I have never used it and that has been 3 months ago.

The biggest but not the most important thing about Buteyko breathing is just shutting your mouth all the time even when coughing and sneezing. I have sleep apnea and I take my mouth shut at night and put on my full face mask. I am now walking a good mile a day without shortness of breath and my oxygen level is alway at 94. The nice thing is it's free. All I bought was a book on Amazon I won't give you the name because I don't want you to think I'm selling books.

Look up Buteyko breathing on line there is enough free stuff to change your breathing. The Best

Cell Foods

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Posted by K (Good Ole , Usa ) on 11/19/2010

Hello, I started taking Cell Food about a year ago. I thought.. What can I lose. I am a lung transplant awaiting patient. Been 4 years since my diagnosis and I am still kicking. We are trying to prolong the transplant to give me more lifetime. Since taking this supplement... When you first start taking it.. Your energy level skyrockets like no other. As I stated... I am awaiting transplant so my health should be such that I would be almost bedridden. I can do more than I ever dreamed of. Not able to walk like I used to... But I can do tasks all day with breaks in between. So over all I would say... It is a product I have been known to stop in public when I see a person on oxygen and give a referral to try it. That speaks how it works for me. My hair is envied by others. It was brittle and dry before... And now I have had the most beautiful hair that I have ever had in my whole life. I plan on staying on this supplement until the doctors tell me to not take it.

After the transplant I dont know if they will allow me to take it. But it dont hurt to try to take it now. When I was given my diagnosis, I was told I have the lungs of a 90 year old person. I am on oxygen ( level 2 liters ) at home and when it is possible I walk small distances with no oxygen. I even was shoveling the snow last year ( 20 inches too ). Good luck to you.

Replied by Allan
(San Fernando, Trinidad And Tobago)

K can you indicate what cell food (brand name) you are using. How have you been so far. Did you do the transplant? I have been diagnosed for about sevn years now and it's gettiing progressively worse. Lots of tiredness.

Replied by Marlane
(Geelong, Victoria, Australia)

Hi Allan,

Cellfood is the name of the product, it is an excellent supplementary support for any health issue. I've used it for years.

Cheers Marlane

Replied by Allan
(San Fernando, Trinidad And Tobago)

Thanks Marlane, Haven't been on for some time. Have started some integrative medicine but will try and purchase the cell food.

Replied by Pamela
(Galena, Mo)

Please tell me more about cell food and what it is.

Replied by K
(Good Ole Usa)

Cellfood is made by Lumina Health. I also use their Cellfood Silica Formula. That strengthens the heart, and helps with connective tissues and skin. That is what made my hair and skin nice. The regular Cellfood brings oxygen into your body which transports it into the cells.

Two years have gone by and my health did decline, but only because a doctor did not listen to my pleas that I was having pain in the back area. It ended up being a lung infection. Two times this happend and both times the doctor ignored my pleas. As a result my lung function dropped to needing 6 liters of oxygen and then I have tapered off at 4 liters on my own.

I am currently looking into nebulizing food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Cellfood is great... And it detoxifies the body as well. I find that if I can keep my weight down and eat very healthy vegan lifestyle... With good amount of protein from green smoothie shakes... that I am prolonging my life.

It has now been 7 years since diagnosis... And I was at the very end of the spectrum when diagnosed. I am still a long ways away from the transplant the doctors say. I am believing that the Lord is doing a healing in me, slowly.


Replied by Josie

I was diagnosed with COPD 9 years ago cause unknown , never been a smoker. In the last couple of years I've noticed a steady decline in my health, meds and inhalers don't seem to be helping anymore. Just lately I've heard of treatments with cell food and also H2O2 all have been from American and Canadian sufferers, and web sites, I'd like to hear from anyone especially Aussies in Victoria Gippsland region who have tried either of these two methods and what sort of results they've had. I'd like to try the h2o2 but I'm a bit nervous about trying it. I guess I need some reassurances.

Replied by Mark Hoppe

Have used Cell Food but prefer Oxygen Elements Max by Global Health Trax. However I feel that H2O2 food grade is the most powerful but lacks micro nutrients of Cell Food and Oxygen Elements.

Check Indoor Air Quality

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Posted by Timh (Ky) on 08/14/2017 2063 posts

For those who are not having success with COPD remedies:

Looks like you need to back up and try preventing any possible causes to your copd like bad indoor air. Additional air purification will help. I use a neg ion/ozone unit purchased from EBay in addition to a Honeywell HEPA Type.

Replied by Meredith K.

From everything I have read and researched, ozone is bad for the copd...hepa with a good rating is the best...I am interested in your using ozone, can you tell me about more please..

Coconut Oil

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Posted by Sandy (Hendersonville, TN) on 08/12/2007

re: COPD & Lung Cancer and virgin coconut oil -- I found almost immediate relief from thick mucous taking VCO. I started out with 1 T. with each meal, sometimes in tea or room temp juice. It thins the mucous making it easy to cough up. I also drink 2 quarts of water in addition to the VCO. The water alone did not help. My nasal passages are both open for the first time in years and breathing is much easier. VCO makes the skin lovely.

Replied by Darlene
(White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Usa)

Well, it is Sept 12,2014 now and wondering how you are now doing? How has the VCO continued to work for you? I sure hope you see this comment! I am new to the copd family and am reading everything I can. Please respond....