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Coconut Oil

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Posted by Tori13 (Kelowna, Bc, Canada) on 12/11/2012
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YES... I finally found a natural remedy for constipation that works amazing for me! It works so well for me that I just had to write a post to help others. I am eager to hear if it works for you too.

My story: I have had CFS/Fibromyalgia for the past 7 years. This condition has left me with a wide range of varying symptoms affecting many systems in my body, including slowed digestion, and very sluggish bowels. Constipation had become a daily struggle and so I have searched endlessly to find a natural remedy that I wouldn't have to worry about taking regularly. Some of the remedies I have tried: molasses, various cereals designed to move bowels, chia seeds, hulled hemp hearts, acidophilus, prunes, herbal remedies, large quantities of vegetables, juicing, various sources of fibre, food-combining diets, vegetarian diets, and also vegan diets. I've had some degree of success but results were either inconsistent, short-lasting, or the remedy was difficult to stick with (as in the case with restricted diets).

I started taking coconut oil for other health issues but what I discovered is that it resolved my constipation! I have been taking coconut oil for approximately 1 1/2 months with terrific results. The reason that I know for sure it is the coconut oil relieving my constipation is that I have accidentally missed a dose on a few occasions and the constipation returns every time. Then, I resume my regular dosing and I'm back to being regular.

Here is the dosage that works for me:

1 tsp extra virgin coconut oil, 2 times per day. I found it easiest to put it in my morning smoothie. In the evening, I would often melt the coconut oil on a piece of toast before adding honey & cinnamon or jam.

*The secret for me has been taking it twice daily. Increasing the dosage and only taking it once per day did not achieve results for me.

TIPS: Coconut oil can have a die-off effect when you first begin taking it. I found researching the die-off symptoms prior to beginning treatment helped me know what to expect and adjust accordingly.

I started with a tiny dose and built up SLOWLY. For some people, slowly may mean taking a tiny dose once every 3 or 4 days until they are able to comfortably consume it on a daily basis. My understanding is that other people experience no die-off effects and can comfortably consume several tablespoons in a day. Again, the dosage above is what worked for me, by listening to my body, adjusting accordingly, and monitoring the results.

I wish you the best of success and hope this post offers you some hope and relief.

Replied by Lawrence
(Fairfax, Va)

Can you be more specific. What die-off effect are you referring to? Candida? Thanks.

(Idaho USA)

"Die off" refers to when a "pathogen" (the broad word to describe any microbe, worm, candida, mold, etc.) is killed. often that pathogen will be a host to other pathogens, so when the host is killed, the pathogens that it supported will die and all these dead pathogens have to be removed by our body. Sometimes this can make us feel sick, flu like. Our kidneys and liver have to work hard to cleanse our body of all this yucky waste. It helps ALOT if we drink extra water and remain "regular" in the bathroom by whatever means necessary (enema, fiber pills, even laxatives for a short time). as always, try to "put the good stuff in (healthy food) and get the bad stuff out". Thank you E.C.!! This sight is refreshing and helpful.

Replied by Tori13
(Kelowna, Bc Canada)

My understanding is that coconut oil has antimicrobial properties and so there are toxins released as it kills off bacteria, viruses, etc. I would guess that candida would be included in this mix, but I'm no expert. When I started taking it I experienced headaches and flu-like symptoms. I felt pretty crappy so I cut back to where it was comfortable and worked up from there.

Replied by Jeff

I have experience that Coconut oil, or raw coconut flakes will prevent "blood when wiping" (not sure if hemorrhoids or not)

Coconut Oil
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 02/22/2010
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I had candida, and one of my symptoms was constipation -- I was lucky if I had BM or went to toilet once in 4 days. And my stools were painful, dry and hard. As part of my own protocol to both kill the candida as well as to get rid of my constipation, I took 1 tbspns virgin coconut oil 3 times a day in my coffee or raw. I also alkalized at different times daily, using Ted's baking soda alkalizing remedies.

The effect of the coconut oil and baking soda can be explained like this. When the ingested coconut oil moves from the stomach to the duodenum, the pancreas squirts out its enzymes for digestion in bicarbonate solution into the duodenum. The bile from the liver breaks the coconut oil down into small droplets and the excess alkaline bicarbonate from the pancreas combines with the coconut oil to make a form of "soap" that greatly aids in passage of faeces down the intestines. But if you are lacking in bicarbonates stored in your pancreas or the food you eat is too acid, then you will need to increase your bicarbonate intake to increase this store.

I would normally take the coconut oil directly before or directly after meals. I would take the Baking soda remedy (any will do from this site), either one hour before or 2 hours after meals.

This had quite an effect, my stools soon became smaller and much softer as a result, and after a few months of this protocol, I became regular again, with BM every day.

It was, therefore, a combination of both taking coconut oil and increasing my bicarbonate intake(Baking Soda) that helped cure my own constipation problem.


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Posted by Trisha (Berkeley, California) on 07/22/2008
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In response to a reader's constipation problem: Try coffee! It may seem obvious, but in case you haven't tried it, a cup of coffee will get you going in no time at all! I drink it black every single morning and I am very regular. It always prompts digestion when I've eaten too much as well, and makes my stomach feel calmed.


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Posted by Aquines (Philadelphia, Pa) on 06/06/2011
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COLONICS are good for constipation and cleans the inside of your colon. The auction site e**y sells many types of kits. I bought mine from C*S since I'm a member and have a savings card with them. Plus they're everywhere and some are open 24 hours a day. The douche kit is good the have pieces you plug on the applicator for colonics. The hot water bottle method is good for now. After a colonic I'm going to start eating probiotic yogurt. good luck to you...


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Posted by Tony (Michigan) on 04/15/2021
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An overdose of cranberry juice will clean your pipes out. I found that out the hard way after I drank a gallon of it during the course of a day.

Cream of Tartar

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Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, NY) on 11/22/2022
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Cream of Tartar helps against constipation. Taking a small amount, about a third or a half teaspoon together with a small amount, about a half teaspoon of Milk of Magnesia, might be enough to help. Since taking magnesium as a laxative regularly, will eventually stop working and even make the original problem worse, it is recommended that the Milk of Magnesia should only be used not more than around once a week. Whether the same applies to Cream of Tartar is not known.

In any case, taking even a teaspoon of Cream of Tartar every day seems to cause weight gain for some people. And taking large amounts can cause heart issues. This is because of Cream of Tartar's high potassium content. (It is reported that someone who took several tablespoons to help constipation ended up in the hospital.)

In the above mentioned link, Cream of Tartar is also mentioned as being used in a suppository combined with Bicarbonate of Soda and polyethylene glycol.

Dark Chocolate

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Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 04/22/2022
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High-content Cocoa chocolate alleviates Bowel and Constipation problems.

A friend of mine, who has had bowel and constipation problems for years, has started taking just ONE square of high-content Cocoa chocolate (72% Cocoa content) per day with her morning coffee and has experienced remarkable relief in just two to three weeks.

No palm oil in this particular brand either and it is made from Ghana cocoa with the chocolate being manufactured in New Zealand.

This is quite exciting news.

Cheers from Down Under

Dietary Changes

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Posted by Gord235 (Vancouver) on 08/31/2019
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I've spent a lot of years taking various things for constipation but recently found a video that describes what not to take; in other words things to eliminate from your diet. The author of the video said to eliminate grains, eggs and dairy and to start the day with a cup of warm lemon water. I tried this and it worked within 24 hrs. Basically I cut out bread and eggs but still had a bit of butter on my cooked veggies. I have since found that I can tolerate one or two eggs and bread slices per day. For dinner I have beef, pork or chicken with vegetables and fresh fruit for dessert. This has largely eliminated any constipation issues. I find it interesting that the solution was so simple.

Replied by Kelly

I have a feeling the reason lemon might work for you is because sour taste stimulates the liver, and a congested liver or liver stagnation is a key cause of constipation.

In others however, lemon might make things worse, as it's sour/astringent nature could cause constipation.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Tom (Livingston, Tx) on 05/26/2016 64 posts
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Probably 10 years ago, I decided to take a level half teaspoon of non-aluminum baking soda mornings and evenings as a supplement. I took it for about 2.5 years. It must have really helped my bowels because my regularity greatly improved in the years during and ever since taking the baking soda, so a person could just start with baking soda and add the flours and fibers after the bowels start moving.

I was constipated for much of my life. It's a difficult and stubborn problem to have. Now I stay regular by taking these things first thing in the morning and the triphala capsule evenings:

1/8 level cup whole rye flour. Rye decreases bowel transit time according to studies with rye bread.

1 level teaspoon dietary fiber cellulose powder. This adds about 4 grams of fiber.

1 level teaspoon inulin powder from chicory root.

Six 350 mg capsules of apple pectin. This congeals everything together in the bowels.

For the powders/flours, I just put one powder/flour in my mouth using a eighth cup measure, add some water to my mouth, let it soak in and swallow with additional water.

I discontinued/deleted the barley flour because I thought it slowed my bowel transit time, even though barley is supposed to improve bowel flora.

I did add a 500 mg capsule of triphala evenings which is a blend of 3 Indian fruits known to assist regularity.


If neccessary, have one 12 oz glasses of bottled 100% fruit juice at lunch and in the afternoon. This supplies potassium for peristalsis and it increased regularity although it's no longer necessary.

Replied by Tom
(Livingston, Tx)
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I stirred the baking soda into a half glass or 6 oz of water and drank it at least a half hour before breakfast or supplements. Water is the only thing that doesn't foam with baking soda. The second dose was I think was at least 2 hours after lunch or in the evening. A person should probably start with taking the baking soda because the baking soda was the main thing that got me regular again, partly I think because baking soda is slick when wet so I think it lubricates the bowels. Also, I think baking soda cleanses the bowels. So after the baking soda gets things moving in a few days or weeks, then the fiber and supplements can be added because a bulk of 8 grams of fiber helps keep thinks moving. The rye flour is 2 grams of fiber for an eighth level cup. The cellulose fiber is 4 grams of fiber for 2 level or slightly rounded teaspoons. The apple pectin is about 1.8 grams for 6 of the 300 mg capsules. So that is almost 8 grams of fiber.

Replied by Dan

Uh, there's no aluminum in baking soda. It's sometimes in baking powder however...

Dietary Changes
Posted by Michael (Sacramento) on 10/01/2015
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I got severely constipated from eating baked cookies and cake that contained whole oats and flax seeds. Now I cook or soak the oats and the flax seeds in water prior to baking. I also make sure when I make legumes like black beans that I cook them thoroughly until very soft. Carbs in general take a lot of water to digest so daily water consumption should be increased accordingly with a moderate to high carb diet.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sophia (Cork, Ireland) on 08/16/2014
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Squeeze two oranges, add a spoonful of honey and warm water to make a glassful, approximately 8 ozs. This will relieve constipation.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Margaret Alice (Jacksonville, Fl) on 07/28/2014
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Cabbage is the best thing to use for constipation. Oatmeal is good too.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Andrea C (Wales) on 06/12/2014
5 out of 5 stars

After trying practically everything mentioned not only on Earth Clinic but other remedies as well. I had brief relief that soon turned back into disappointment and more constipation plus hemorrhoids. So after also trying various Diets you name it been there did it! From Raw vegan, to Paleo, and lots in between. I was also thinking about the food I had as a child which was all Raw Dairy, with Raw eggs beaten in to the milk. Sometimes a bit of honey, sugar was added, and everyday a big dose of Cod liver Oil, malt and vitamin C. A lot of fatty meat, as that was the cheapest cuts and all most people could afford occasionally.

Always fresh veg and mostly garden grown veg and fruit from the grocer's markets. And junk food was a tin of tuna or salmon for Sunday tea sandwiches with a salad and jelly and Blancmange (yuck!! Blancmange!! Never ate that bit!! ) Then every few months the dreaded Castor oil and, when older, Epsom salts clean out.

And to play use your imagination, or make your own Kites out of some old polythene and sticks, cellotape and string. Or chalk on the pavement/side walk and all play whatever game together. And make fishing nets out of an old stocking, bow and arrows from fallen tree wood.

But about the food and no one EVER had constipation either. I also remember that fiber wasn't over sold as well, and too much was considered bad anyway. And every kid I know ate RAW MEAT and/or RAW FISH by 'instinct' . I have read up on 'The Western price' and Sally Fallon's 'Nourishing traditions'. And lot's of traveler's journals where people did as 'Dr Western price did, and that was not do 'The tourist trail' . But to 'Go Native' and live and eat like indigenous groups have done for ever? And practically everything was the way it was done and eaten when I was a child?

I am very mixed raced, and we have many Communities from around the World here in Cardiff, Wales. So we ALL ate 'Native' as everyone shared with everyone else in those days and always swapped their 'Homeland' recipes around as well. The 'Western Price' way of eating is EXACTLY the way we were all eating back then. And although we were all poor we were all fit, healthy, and really intellectually forward as well.

So after year's of battling health problems and trying to find a 'solution' via Diet and living as natural as possible. And constipation ALWAYS having a starring role :-( As of yesterday have gone back to where I started, AKA 'Western Price. theory. What a HUGE difference it is and in just one day!! I forgotten my Mother put us all back on it years ago. Because we all become sick physically or mentally. Along with Mega doses of certain vits, minerals and having a high protein drink or snack every hour. No white bread, only Stone-ground wholemeal and no potatoes. For a few weeks we all felt ill and rougher and that's for two reasons. Detox and becoming 'Ketogenic' . I bloated out a lot and felt right miserable and aching and was going to jump ship as I felt so awful. But my Mother smiled and said 'just bear with it a while longer'. 3 weeks later I awoke like a Butterfly coming out of it's chrysalis.

Not only did I feel 1000% better but my overall appearance had changed as if I'd been given a new body and my skin was radiant. And everybody commented about how good I was looking and even strangers were asking what I put on my hair and skin. And today I'm starting to feel like I did all those years ago at the start, as I now found raw dairy and sour dough bread. I haven't put these items in my body for years and lots of animal fat etc. And I feel just as awful if not worse than I did then. Thats because there's a heap lot wrong with me that wasn't there before.

And as awful as I'm starting to feel, if my Mother was here she'd tell me the same thing again 'Stick with it'. I intend to and I know I have a rough few weeks ahead of me and I remember the 'Miracle' that came out of the suffering the last time. It was just as we got older and all left home we all back slided back to junk food and not looking after ourselves properly and all got sick? I will report back in a few weeks, as Mega doses of vits and mineral's got 'Banned' year's ago as people were healing their self?

So Mega dosing except in certain circumstances is undoable or way too expensive. And after a while you don't need to do the Mega dosing as long as you stick to the eating plan for good. I even lost all my cellulite that I had developed by the age of 13. I don't need anyone's theories to tell me that this works. I lived it as a child, then as a teenager until 18 when I left home. And was thriving everyday I stuck to this way of eating.

And always serene, well, calm and happy and truly at peace with the Universe within. And NO constipation or stomach or other issues and came off all my Meds as well, with no withdrawals or other problems. Love Andrea C xxxx

Replied by Rita

Hi Andrea, I have been focusing on his diet and have found I am getting constipated when I have not in fifteen years. I don't eat raw eggs and have not been able to find raw milk but have been taking the most organic kefir I can find. Doing meats more which used to be a rarity - only grass fed and I have been veggies in beef bone broth - I have taken raw cheese which I normally don't take .. what in this diet gives you the regularity with your stool?

I am going to have to do something tomorrow bc I know it is not healthy to not have at least one bowel movement a day. Or that is what feels best for me.


Dietary Changes
Posted by Nat (Brooklyn) on 12/19/2013

A list of constipating foods (list found online) contained the following food types: milk protein, red meat, crackers, cookies, potato chips, heavily breaded fried foods, and white rice.

It has been reported that milk protein (not milk fat or milk sugar) is the main cause of constipation in children.

Avoiding (at least for a while) and then minimizing all animal protein may be helpful. Fish might be an exception.

Recently, a family member was on a high protein, no carbohydrate crash diet to lose some weight quickly. Almost a week went by with no need to move the bowels. Peristaltic action seemed to have been completely halted. There was relief to the problem after breaking the diet by eating one slice of bread.

Flour kneaded in oil as being unhealthy in found in the writings of Maimonides, a twelfth century Rabbi and doctor. It may have been written in the name of Galen.

In the above mentioned list, most of the starchy foods causing constipation are starches kneaded in fat or fried foods.

Some people find all refined flour foods constipating.

Unrefined complex carbohydrates, unrefined natural sugars and fiber foods are helpful. Especially components of carbohydrates that are digested by bacteria in the large intestine.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Nat (Brooklyn) on 12/19/2013

Unrefined complex carbohydrates, unrefined natural sugars and fiber foods are helpful for constipation relief.

The McDougal newsletter emphasizes how plant based foods containing fiber and natural starches and sugars heal constipation while animal products will cause constipation.

Undigested components of carbohydrates such as soluble and insoluble fiber, oligosaccharides (such as GOS (Galactooligosaccharides) an enzymatic derivative of milk sugar), and resistant starch, (starch that escapes digestion in the small intestine) are prebiotics -undigested carbohydrate (sugar containing) food components that are used by good bacteria in the large intestine. Good bacteria break down the contents of the large intestine and make up the bulk of it. Probiotics need prebiotic food in order to grow.

It has been found that seven slices of whole rye bread every day is effective in healing constipation. It is as powerful as a laxative without the dangers of laxatives. (Laxative create dependency and gradually lose effectiveness over time.)

Malt products, molasses, natural rice syrup and honey taken with warm water regularly; fruit, vegetable, legumes, seed, and grain products taken regularly will over time help heal constipation. High fiber foods should often be taken in soups or warm drinks or with water.

Grain foods kneaded with oil, such as cookies and crackers should be avoided. Grain foods made from refined flour and with refined sugar should also be avoided. Some people cannot tolerate gluten grains.

Animal proteins, especially milk protein and beef protein, should be limited and maybe avoided in the beginning.

Fish, although an animal protein food, might be an exception. Fatty fish often helps relieve constipation.

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