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How to Cure Candida

Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE)
Posted by Lauren (Santa Barbara, Ca) on 08/23/2011

FOR THOSE WHO WERE SUCCESSFUL OR NOT USING GSE: Did you also go on the strict candida diet? And if you did how long were you on it? How long before you saw results?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sheila (San Diego, Ca, Usa) on 08/19/2011

Hi, Does anyone know or have references to how ACV affects Candida albicans? I've read several resources online and a couple of books recommending that vinegar and vinegar foods be avoided due to Candida overgrowth. Is this so?

Thank you, Sheila

Dietary Changes
Posted by Connie (Slc, Ut) on 07/12/2011

Hello Soiske, The symptoms listed here stongly indicate that neurological injury is happening; particularly the symptoms of: dizziness, blurred vision, incontinence, fainting, and pain in the spine of the back. These neurological symptoms may be due to a severe B-12 deficiency. Please find a way to obtain B-12. I recommend sublingual methylcobalamin, (a very effective active form for nerves) and or injections. (injected methylcobalamin if possible). For most people, symptoms can return in a few days even with injections, so I recommend daily supplementation.

Daily supplementation with the best B-complex you can find is also critical for healing. I suggest trying the lower dose type of B-complex, then add extra individual B's. For instance, extra Folate may be needed for GI trouble. B6 is also very helpful for IBS, but in good measure because it can irritate nerves in amounts above 50mg daily. B12, Folate, and B6 also aid neurotransmitter formation, good for depression, anxiety, irritability, and logical thinking. B12 and Folate are very supportive of each other, as Folate is good for tissue inflammation and B12 is good for nerve inflammation. ( allergies, burning itchy eyes, nasal congestion, etc. ) Extra Folate may be needed for awhile to aid inflamed tissues. I recommend methylfolate if possible, because it is another active form that is more easily used by the body. There could be a strong need for other nutrients such as amino acids, carnitine, and zinc, but B12 is most important to stop neurological damage.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Soiske (Ko Samui, Suratani, Thailand) on 07/11/2011

Hello everyone, Thank you all for all the info regarding candida. I just realised that it is the reason of my many daily sicknesses that I have had for many years. As I am a eating disorder person, the diet will be very very difficult for me. I also live on a island In Thailand and do not have the possibilty to purchase stuff from healthy stores as they don't exist overhere. On the top of that I am a vegetarian and I am completely lost off what I will be eating in the future.... My breakfast was normally fruits.... or porridge or muesli but now what could I eat???any suggestions?

I am also very interested in any ideas for meals that are good for candida but the purchase possibility is very poor here...

Thank you all in advance, Soiske

Oil Pulling
Posted by Molly (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/14/2011

I have been battling an awful case of Candida for a long while now... I recently broke out in a case of oral thrush that has been so awful! I found this website and discovered oil pulling with extra virgin coconut oil and started op 2x daily plus taking 2 tbsp daily... Initially it cleared up the thrush immediately so fast it was like a miracle!! My Candida symptoms also got so much better!! Now 3weeks later it's starting to come back.. I have been on the Candida diet plus an anti fungal rotation protocol so it's not my diet.... I guess my question is could I have become resistant to the coconut oil already?? Has this happened to anyone else??? Any thoughts would be so appreciated!!

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Bob K (Phoenix, Az, Usa) on 05/13/2011

I would like feedback from Ted or any other readers regarding the use of Collidial Silver for treating Candida. From what I have researched and read here on the earthclinic site and other websites there appears to be 3 catagories of collidial silver products, those being collidial silver, a ionically produced silver and a ionic silver w/ protein. From what I have read the ionic silver products when ingested and hit the stomach acids react and become a salt chloride which is then eliminated from the body. If this is correct then I don't see where this would be an effective treatment.

My question is would a "true" Collidial silver be effective as a treatment for Candida as my understanding from what I've read is that it is the silver particles that must come into contact with the fungus/bacteria/virus in order to kill it so it can then be eliminated from the body. So far I have only found one website offering research data supporting the internal use of collidial silver for eliminating candida while also concluding that there is a more noticable benefit from ionic silver when used topically rather than internally. I do agree with the post I read here on collidial silver that if taken internally, a probiotic supplement should be used as well. Any comments and insights would be much appreciated as it appears Collidial Silver could eliminate Candida at a much faster rate than some of the other candidia cleanses I've read about that take 4 months or longer. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)
Posted by Randy (Jersey City, Nj, Usa) on 05/14/2011

thanks for these tips Kathie. do you think these remedies could be used for intestinal candida issues? also, the B3 article specifically discusses the vitamin in the form of 'nicotinamide. ' how can I be sure that this is the specific form of B3 used in any particular supplement? I don't see it listed as an ingredient in the ones I've looked at. thanks ;)

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide)
Posted by Kathie (Houston, United States) on 05/15/2011

Randy, Nicotinamide can be purchased as a single ingedient vitamin. When my tongue had turned black from the candida, I began using lavendar "internally" in a way... I would gently scrape my tongue then rub in a couple of drops on my tongue 2-3 times per day. I have heard of people putting the essential oil on a charcoal tablet and then taking that internally, though I have never tried it.

Posted by Jet (Abilene, Kansas) on 05/03/2011
5 out of 5 stars

There is an probiotic that the japanese have developed called (three lac) and or (five lac) that is by far the best probiotic ive ever found for the problem of candiasis... It balanced my system in about three months... Along with taking a pascalite clay and psyillium supplement to clean and detox my intestinal tract. I also take ACV and diatomaceous earth on a regular basis for intestinal problems and black walnut for parasitic cleanses!!!

Candida Comments
Posted by Pris (Nevada, Mo) on 02/24/2011

I have had a revelation re: candida and its root cause which is an over abundance of yeast in the body. Due to the poor economy and wanting to save money, I cut the amount of yeast I use when I make bread. I now make bread using 1/4 tsp. of yeast (Hodgson's Mill which holds 1 Tablespoon). That is 1/12th of a package. In other words, when one makes bread using a whole package of yeast, he is using 12 times the necessary amount; many recipes call for 2 packages of yeast for one loaf of bread calling for 3 -4 cups of flour, so a consumer eating bread is ingesting 24 times the amount needed to make a loaf of bread. I have no idea what the strength of the Rapid Rise or the so-called instant yeasts have. It is no wonder that people consuming commercially prepared breads with yeast as well as homemade breads have Candida! I activate the yeast by adding a little bit of sugar (1/4 tsp. ) in lukewarm water before adding to the other ingredients and only half of the flour, let rise, and then add the remainder of the flour---this is called the sponge method of making bread. If sugar activates yeast in the process of making bread, when a person has an over-abundance of yeast in the body, and then consumes sugar filled foods (also fructose corn syrup) that causes the yeast to become that much stronger in the body, just as it does in a bread dough.

I believe that Candida is the cause of all the ailments listed on this site. When I use the remedies listed on this site, acv, peroxide, tumeric, baking soda, acidolphilus, coconut oil, oil pulling, etc. , I feel so much better. These remedies keep the yeast to a minimum in the body. I can tell by the way I feel whether I have too much yeast, and when doing the spit or saliva test, that confirms my suspicions. I am 66 and use no prescription drugs nor pain relievers, and feel much better than I did in my 40's or 50's or early 60's, thanks to all the information listed on this site. I use vinegar, peroxide, borax, baking soda, to clean, bathe, shampoo, etc. , using no products with chemicals. I only weigh 100 pounds and can mow for an hour at one time with my little power push mower or until my mower runs out of gas. I feel much younger now than I did 20 or 25 years ago. Thank you to all of you on this site who have contributed information. God's blessings to all of you!

Candida Comments
Posted by Sheila (Dayton, Nv) on 06/23/2011

to Pris from Nevada: Could you give the measured amounts you use of the concoction that has helped you with Candida?

Candida Comments
Posted by Bridget (Glendale , Ny) on 02/22/2011

I have fought candida for a year now my nails are peeling off, my toenails are horrible, I lost 37 pounds. I want to know what type of doctor will diagnotic candida. Is it stool samples, is it gastro doctors, I need to know what foods I am allergic too also. I have problems digesting vitamin b. this is a thing my mother had also. Please help me get on with my life and get answers. I am not sure what you say about the drinking of baking soda and water 2 times daily. Can I eat meat/or is it just raw vegetables. Please help me understand all of this. thanks

Candida Comments
Posted by Daisy (Dublin, Co Dublin) on 07/13/2012

I just wanted to say thank you to the site & everyone who has commented. This is the most informative thread I've ever found.

Candida Comments
Posted by violetta (italy) on 02/18/2021

Fiona Hi! Could you please tell me how much colloidal silver you drank per day?

How much ppm did this silver have? 10? 20? 25?

I know, too much silver is dangerous ..

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Robin (Melbourne, Australia) on 01/30/2011

Doesnt Apple Cider Vinegar feed candida or yeast infections? Pity coz Apple Cider Vinegar has so many benefits. How do I get rid of the candida quick so I can get back to the acv?

General Feedback
Posted by Randy (Jersey City, Nj, USA) on 01/27/2011

Is it ok to take honey if I am suffering from intestinal candida? Thanks!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Randy (Jersey City, Nj, Usa) on 01/27/2011

I have areas on my face, primarily the sides of my nose and between my eyes, that are very prone to pimples and even some cystic type acne. Had this for at least 15 years now, since puberty. The ones on the sides of my nose seem to be there permanently :( Sometimes they get better for a bit, then come back.

i have been trying using coconut oil, ACV, and H2o2 with miminal results. My theory is that they are pockets of candida (i have a systemic issue that I am treating). can anyone suggest a *strong* topical remedy? thank you!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Patricia (Miami, Fl) on 01/28/2011

My son has had remarkable results from oil pulling for acne. He is 26 with many scars on his face from acne since puberty. He tried many topical treatments including ACV and sulfur creams. He improved his diet excluding sugar, processed foods, dairy, fast foods, but still had outbreaks frequently. Since oil pulling with extra virgin olive oil his face is not breaking out and looks SO much better. He never misses a day without oil pulling now.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Randy (Jersey City, Nj, Usa) on 01/28/2011

Thanks Patricia. I've done oil pulling as it helps somewhat... I need to get back to doing it.

if I may, it sounds like your son has similar breakouts to what I had.... For me, it was definitely a candida issue. In fact, the fact that this diet has helped him supports this conclusion. That might be something to look into... There are plenty of remedies on this site. It needs to be attacked aggressively.

Baking Substitutions
Posted by Bobbie (Jamestown, Pa) on 01/17/2011

I know this is not a website for baking recipes. But I have a very aggravating problem. I am using your website to get off the sugar, to kill off the candida in my body. I have to bake sweet things for my husband all the time, every 2 days or so. He wants nothing to do with my healthy food. So I am on a search for something I can bake for myself, ingredients I CAN use. Is anything from tapioca ok to use? They sell tapioca starch. They mention rice flour, & xanthum gum, all these for gluten free recipes. I wanted to alter the recipes by putting stevia in them. I have tried buckwheat flour, to make my muffins, with cinnamon in them... Oh boy :(. I am about to try millet now. Hope it tastes better!

I know I have to get off the sugar addiction, but I am almost "freaking out" here, trying not to touch my husband's goodies I am making him. (By "freaking out", I mean I am getting mean-spirited! ) It would be easier if I did not have to bake his stuff for him, but I do.

Can you help me? Or refer me to a site that will tell me more? Thank you so very much, Bobbie ps... I tried to register on your site, it won't let me for some reason.

Baking Substitutions
Posted by Analoggal (Rancho Cordova, U.s.a.) on 01/22/2011

Hi Bobbie,

There is a really great website that deals entirely with candida/yeast issues. Go to this address: Over to the left of the page there are tabs, click on the one that says Blog. From there you will see different subjects and one of those is for recepies. If you need more recipes than what is listed, then contact Dan, he is the creator of the website. Just click on the tab that says, Contact me, he is really caring, and responds usually within 24 to 48 hours. Good luck!

Baking Substitutions
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 09/11/2011

I just read this on another site:

It is important to restore the normal acidophilus and bifidus organism in the GI tract which are killed with antibiotics and predispose to candida.

If there is a situation of low stomach acidity , betaine HCL needs to be added as the candida organisms thrive best in an alkaline environment. You want to make an inhospitable neighborhood for them. If food allergies have developed, further digestive enzyme support may be needed.

It is also helpful to support the immune system with thymus fractions.

What surprised me about this excerpt is that it says candida thrives best in an alkaline environment!!! Here we are, alkalyzing like crazy. What does TED think about this?

What helped me is using coconut oil mixed with the contents of a neem capsule and then heading out for sunshine. Last night I tried a concoction that was from the site on how to make Neem soap. I mixed together as many ingredients as I could, applied it, and then took a normal shower. Here are the recipies. If you don't have all the ingredients, it's OK. Helped my vitiligo that may be presenting from a candida condition. Skin feels better already!!! Looks better too. Hyperpigmented areas seemed to lighten. I think it is better to treat it twice a day also.

Baking Substitutions
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 09/13/2011

The following is what is written on the site you gave: "If there is a situation of low stomach acidity , betaine HCL needs to be added as the candida organisms thrive best in an alkaline environment. You want to make an inhospitable neighborhood for them. If food allergies have developed, further digestive enzyme support may be needed." ... The alkaline environment that the author is talking about is in the stomache which is why she recommends betaine HCL. The alkalizing that is talked about here (EC) is to help alkalize your body, not your stomache acid, which is why it is not recommended that you eat for one and a half hours after taking any of the alkalizing remedies plus to wait a minimum of half an hour after a meal before taking any alkalizing remedy.

Baking Substitutions
Posted by Maria (Gippsland, Australia) on 09/13/2011

Love the neem soap recipe link, thanks for the info.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Robyn (Lavaca, Ar) on 01/14/2011
4 out of 5 stars

First off, I would like to thank Earth Clinic!!! You may have saved my marriage! I was at my wits end with my husband. He has been in an ill dispostion for years. He has really bad depression, no concentration (he says his brain just feels foggy all the time), he has gained weight, he is now 330lbs! His depression comes along with a bad temper and extreme mood swings. He has always been like this, since I met him ten years ago but the past 2 years has gotten really bad. Well, I decided to treat him naturally for his depression since I have sucessfully treated myself naturally for different things over the years (haven't been to a docter in probably 15 years aside from The prenatal care and delivery of our 2 kids). I started giving him St. John's Wort, fish oil and a good multi vitamin. It helped slightly but was not enough for me to keep putting up with it. So about 2 days ago I started doing more research and found out about Candida. I have gone through this with my dogs so I was slightly familiar with it. Anyways I found a test to take to see if you have it! My husband definately has it! I think he was born with it! His mom seems to have had the same symptoms most of her adult life. His symptoms are; Chronic Athlete's foot (it's so bad, his feet are covered with probably a good 2 inches of solid callus. ), his armpits are brown with major pimples all over them, itchy anus, itchy ears, itchy and raw belly button, his belly is huge and hard, extreme gas and bloating, extreme appetite, horrible breath and body odor, acne on his rear, recurring jock itch, constant headaches, recurring bronchitis, joint and muscle pain, foggy vision And as mentioned above major mood swings, depression, anger problems... the symptoms can go on forever.

Well he had already agreed to go on a diet to lose weight because I am only 120lbs and it was becoming a real problem for me. It may sound superficial but it is causing real problems for me in the bedroom dept. Because his weight on top of me truly hurts. So I have now eliminated all sugars and refined flours and grains temporally. I plan to reintroduce whole grains after we've gotten the Candida under control. I have also started to give him fresh lemon juice with baking soda, fresh crushed garlic and warm water 3x's a day. Today I am going to get him som VCO and good pro-prebiotics. I really hope all this helps because I truly feel he has this so bad he could die soon from it if not treated immediately. He is only 29 years old and he is just miserable! And so is everyone else who has to live with him!

Anyways I have a few questions. First, should I be treating myself, my children and my animals also? My son, who is 4, Has bumpy, rashy arms, mild asthma, recurring broncitis and Gets thrush about once a year, usually after taking antibiotics, but is quickly cured with nystatin and lots of yogurt. He also had thrush for the first 6 months of his life, which I believe was due to the major iv antibiotics he was put on immediatly after birth (my water broke 2 days before he was delivered, it was a precaution). My daughter who is only 2 years old has mood swings compararable to a menapausal woman. I'm not exaggerating at all about her temperment, it can be unbearable at times. Second, does anyone recommend anything else for my familiy's condition? I must get rid of this monster afflicting us!

Thanks again Earth Clinic! I hope to reply back soon with good news!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Wisconsin (Eau Claire, Wisconsin) on 01/17/2011

Dear Robyn from Lavaca, Ar

I am new to this forum but have read extensively the postings. I am curious, is there mold in your home? Myself and my family have very similar symptoms. My daughter and youngest son have terrible mood swings and fatigue plagues all of us. I have suspected mold for sometime but did not know how it manifested itself inside the body.Thank you

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Robyn (Lavaca, Ar) on 01/17/2011

No. I do not live in a moldy home. Oddly enough though, 2 and a half years ago we owned a moldy home. We lived there for 5 years. The mold was so bad. My son was hospitalized for breathing issues when he was 1 and a half due to the mold. We tried reporting it to our home insurance company and they said with the amount in our home that it was there before we bought it and they can not cover pre existing damage. We finally let our home go into foreclosure because we could not afford to pay for the mold extraction and pay for somewhere else to live until it was done. We have been alot healthier since we left our beloved first home. Luckily we moved out 2 weeks before my daughter was born and oddly enough she is the healthiest one out of my family, never gets sick with respiratory issues.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rachel (Gloucestershire, Uk) on 07/11/2012

Was just reading your article with interest and empathy. After years of Candida and related diseases associated with overload of toxicity initially started with gut dysbiosis, (most likely from early age, if not birth) I am again researching the internet and fortunately found (this time round), this very useful site. Thank you EC and everyone sharing their experience and knowledge on here.

Among many other books, I have recently read 'Gut and Psychology Syndrome' by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, who cured her child of severe learning disabilities through researching and learning that imbalances in the flora (friendly bacteria) of the gut and overload of unfriendly bacteria and their toxins causes damage to the gut wall allowing undigested proteins and other toxins getting to the brain, as well as other organs; causing ADD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Depression, Schizophrenia, auto-immune diseases and such like. She has developed a Diet called GAPS which to me looks pretty interesting.

I have been on various candida fighting regimes at different times through my life, the strict diet plans, detoxification protocols, catalogue of herbs and supplements and the one in the past that helped the most and was easier to manage and stick to, was eating all natural organic, fresh fruit, vegetable juices, steamed vegetables and a little organic meat or fish.

I fasted for three weeks first just taking one vegetable juice in the morning, (which included carrots) and drinking distilled water for the rest of the day. The first three or four days were uncomfortable, the body was detoxifying, bad headaches, very bad breath and body odour and pain everywhere. It passed and I just rested, as you have no energy, but I did sit in the sun when I could. After the fast I built up slowly to eating with just a few chunks of ripe melon, or peeled cucumber and banana until I ate proper sized meals within a couple of days. I lost 10 lbs.

This was a very good start to a healthy maintenance diet and a more long term but SLOW detoxification protocol particularly if you are CHRONICALLY ill, in my opinion. Suddenly ingesting huge amounts of supplements even probiotics, when you are very toxic and dehabilitated causes severe auto-intoxication and unbearable side effects, in my experience. I wont bore you with my details as many people have discussed similar events on this site already.

My Life circumstances changed and I unfortunately slipped off my healthy life style again and not surprisingly I am again ridden with disease. I will be trying HP or MMS (still researching to decide which one) and am already taking Baking Soda alkalising formulas as stipulated on this site which is going well, so far.

My query is really with diet? after reading so much, I am really confused which diet is better, Organic Meat with vegetables, salads etc. and NO fruit, or All fruit, veggies and salads with NO meat or Dairy.

Obviously all refined food, tinned, jarred etc are out and for me also I firmly believe grains are the worst to take when fighting Candida, even oats, quinoa, millet, brown rice and all those, which some candida protocols say are ok in small amounts.

Amongst the alternative health practitioners world there really is a huge difference with attitudes, the diets and supplementation protocols. It is a frightening minefield for the lay (and sick person). The key common ground seems to be the need for balanced ph and detoxification and a halt in ingesting or absorbing anymore toxicity (as much as is humanly possible in this modern world )whilst remembering to actually enjoy life along the way!

Choice of supplements and diet at the end of the day is up to us as individuals and it seems to me that it is only when we accept responsibility for our illness instead of blaming doctors (or other health practitioners for that matter) for doing stuff to us, that we can start to take control of our health and lifestyles in a rational and composed way, without fear.

Many different diets and supplement protocols evidentally seem to work based on all the research I have done over the years. I guess we just need to choose one based on what feels right, that is practical and affordable too. Do our very best with diet, which ever one we choose. I think it is clear that refined sugar in drinks and junk food, packaged food is no good for anyone.

Cut all the bad stuff out, that is a good start, along with taking some form of exercise every day, a little at a time, then more as we get stronger. Dont rush and dont panic, step by step over time slowly incorporate things that we believe (based on our own research) will make us well and most importantly believe we can get well, our bodies are the most amazing healing organism, we just got to love and respect it.

Good luck to everyone on their journey to improved health, I will stay posted to this site with interest.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 07/12/2012 2075 posts

Rachel, thanx for your personal testimony / post as many people suffer this condition.

If I might add, it is common nowadays to ascribe "Candida" as the number one culprit; which is most likely the case in the majority, but not for all. There are many types of pathogens that are similar to Candida but aren't specifically. Especially for folks like yourself, there seems to be underlying causes that prevent any permanent resolve. The ecology of your external as well as internal environments must be scrutinized. Anything causing toxicity and lack of oxygen MUST be eliminated. Home air quality is often very poor, so it is advised to purchase air purification hardware (I personally like Negative Ion and Ozone generators).

Any kind of parasite infestation can be a donor in the Candida problem, as the immune system gets compromised.

As for diet, you know the essentials so stay w/ that, and leave anything else for experimentation as per your individual condition. Don't forget the powerhouse of herbs & spices in your cupboard ---Garlic, Oregano, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Ginger, among others. Don't forget to use plenty of Coconut Oil and Caprylic Acid as they are so effective especially in the lipid membranes.

Iodine supplementation is advised as a deficiency can leave the body susceptible to infection. If "all else fails", HP supplementation is advised. MMS is our last and most powerful defense from pathogens. Begin w/ as little as 2 drop dose and add one drop per day.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rachel (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) on 07/19/2012

Hi Tim, Thanks for your feedback to help beat my candida issues once and for all. I have had parasite/stool tests done and apparently clear there. Good tip about MSM and iodine. I have just purchased nascent iodine and magnesium oil with MSM included to use transdermally as I have such bad gut/absorption issues. Staying as alkaline as possible is working well. I need more exercise instead of being routed to this site and researching (only kidding! ) Completely agree about limiting toxicity from our environment, have ordered Sodium thiosulfate to mineralise my distilled drinking water and use to get rid of chlorine in bath water.

best wishes, Rachel

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 07/19/2012

Hi Rachel, Not sure how I missed your original post. I notice that you read about the GAPS diet but have you read any of Donna Gates work? She has been dedicated in this field regarding candida for over 20 years and I consider an expert on this subject. Her book is called "The Body Ecology Diet". It's an amazing book and I have had the great good fortune to hear her speak extensively on this subject on four occasions now. She is also dedicated to the autism community in helping turn children around through their diets. She has a very comprehensive site as well which you can easily google and on it she offers quite a few excellent recipes and articles. I've learned so much from her and have helped others to rid their candida with her protocol. You might really enjoy reading her book. She teaches you how to make make fermented veggies and also coconut kefir which is her own creation to get the good bacteria back into action. On Facebook, if you do a search for Body Ecology her page always has really good information and video of her speaking. Anyway, I wish you the best, Lisa

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Rachel (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) on 07/20/2012

Hi Lisa, Thanks for your advice. I will take a good look at Donna Gates work and The Body Ecology Diet, obviously it is similar to the gaps diet as fermented probiotics are what she advocates, just a quick question though, does Donna Gates advocate high animal fat, lots of fat the more the better, as the GAPs diet does? Cos that is the only part of it that doesnt sit well with me. I am not strictly vegetarian but the thought of washing loads of greasy caseroles and chopping up lots of bones and animal parts to make broths is putting me off the whole thing. Would be grateful for feed back on this but will look up her site anyway Thanks! Best wishes

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 07/20/2012

Hi Rachel, as a matter of fact, no she does not promote high animal fat or fat in her diet. Given the information regarding your favored way of eating, you will appreciate what she advocates. Her journey began as a macrobiotic many years ago and then vegetarian as well which is how my journey also began many years ago too. What she did was took what she considered the best of all the knowledge she had gathered through her many avenues and combined them for her unique Body Ecology diet. It's very comprehensible and includes what I consider mostly vegetarian dishes on her site and also in her book. I have used quite a few of them and absolutely love her various soups. I eat meat but really focus on lots of vegetables. She also has a lot of video on her site that might interest you. I am always impressed with the vast knowledge she conveys whenever I've heard her speak. I hope you take the time to check her info out. Wishing you the best on your health, Lisa

Posted by Adam (Newcastle Staffordshire , England) on 12/19/2010

Have been taking probiotics for a couple of months now felt better but not quite there. Read about cider vinegar gave it a go. Been taking it everyday for 2 weeks. I feel 10 years younger.

ACV, Baking Soda, Magnesium, Vit E
Posted by Possible Candida Suffer (Chicago, Il) on 12/19/2010

I have a question for Bill. I know you have precisely laid out the remedies for candida but what exactly can I eat??? Currently I am eating everything that is bad for candida it seems like. I need a diet plan to go along with the remedies. I know the basics NO SUGAR but it seems like everything has sugar. I am also considering a 5 day fast.

ACV, Baking Soda, Magnesium, Vit E
Posted by Cindy (Cochrane, Wi) on 12/20/2010

Bill, can one take betaine hci and the alkalizing remedies together?? thank you

ACV, Baking Soda, Magnesium, Vit E
Posted by Pam B (Winnipeg, Mb, Canada) on 02/28/2011

Hi Bill, I've been struggling for 9 months with candida and just found this link today. In the past I had just done the diet and garlic capsule and probiotics. Did you only do the alkalizing concoction, or did you do other things as well like candida diet, garlic, probiotics? Thanks so much for sharing. Pam

ACV, Baking Soda, Magnesium, Vit E
Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines) on 03/01/2011

Hi Pam B... I used combined multi-remedies on a daily basis rather than just one alkalizing remedy to cure my own systemic candida. The remedies I used, which I've since updated, are all given here:

The minimum should be that you must at least take Ted's alkalizing remedies plus all the remedies that directly attack the candida fungus. Also, correct diet is essential and very important. Candida is very robust and it isn't easy to get rid of it. I still take all the remedies given in the link above, though less intensely now, as a preventative.

ACV, Baking Soda, Magnesium, Vit E
Posted by Kitty (Austin, Tx) on 05/19/2011

Hello Ted, This is a long candida question. I have helped many suffering with this over the past fifteen years with different yeast strains, but still myself am afflicted. I have candida Krusi. I will skip the details or my background for reader ease.

I would love Ted to respond to the following when he has a moment and I am open to others imput as well. My intention is to cover all my bases with no misses. Thanks for all that respond

Attitude: Good usually

Current afflictions: Daily yeast infections and thrush effects marriage was told that my husband cant kiss for a year or we will keep up with reoccurance. Is this true? If so I guess this will never heal because we are mad about each other.

Treatment of hydrogen peroxide infusions at a center for 1 hour twice a week for four month's

Result : No changes

All azole meds have been tried for five month's

Result:Resistance even after rotation with Candida diet.

Oil pulling three month's

Result: clears thrush for the day but returns following morning.

Current :cell food :Magnesium citrate, high end probiotic with no fos, 2 tbs lemon juice with 1/4 tsp bs, white meat only once or twice a week(difficult to digest), cooked and raw veggies(limited on dressings as my enamel is almost gone and has extreme pain so no Apple Cider Vinegar on salads or lemon), almond milk rotated with coconut milk (unsweetened), Stopped taking stevia drops to avoid allergy reaction from to much use. Biotin 400, tried every natural antibiotic under the sun herbs ect... All met with resistance, l -glutimine. Also cilantro for metal detox. Anything missing that is inexspensive?

Info I need : My diet is more limited than most in flavor. What I typed is what I eat, seeds, veggies and a little meat. I stopped being able to continue this after four years. I had no energy. And my hair is thin and falls out frequently. Limited funds make me come to you, the think tank.

Things that I need:

1) (looking for a good b complex that is not acid forming if someone had advice for where to find one that does not contain nicinimide as this was advised to be a poor choice. Do I need a b complex still or will one specific b meet my needs.

2) I put cell food into a veggie cap to pass the teeth with no pain and I also do this with gse. My teeth were ruined by cell food held under the tongue and then swallowed followed by immense pain ( I understand that the mouth will show us how healthy we are but this was the outside enamel on healthy teeth effected on contact and has resulted in my not being able to have any avc or lemon unless in baking soda remedy.) My question is once the veggie cap I filled reaches my stomach, because its not diluted in water, will it hurt my mucosal lining ? I dont need more damage.

3) What can I do for minerals besides liver(liver not an option my body ejects it)??

4) Its been said their is conflicting ideas on nutritional yeast , some say it is dead and will not effect yeast while others disagree. I would love to have this option to eat again because I like the taste and it will give me an additional a seasoning option. Any supported evidence would be very helpful as I do not want to go back to nine years ago ??

5)Kumbucha is a no, no for obvious reason but what about cultured coconut water they now sell in the store, and rejuvilac (its base is wheat and this is usually a no go but is the water from it ok?)

6) I would love to add stevia back into my diet would this be ill-advised from your perspective ted?

7) Fat ::: Everyone says not to much coconut oil or oils in gen or fat , but this seems to be the only thing that keeps me from eating carbs. Is the fat intake really preventing my healing ?

8) Ketosis for several years is hard to prevent if you are unable to eat even complex carbs, quinoa ect with out outbreak. What do suggest on a food level to prevent further imbalance???

9) Ted , I have been told that other yeasts are cured and have assisted others on an emotional and informative level and they have gotten cured. Is there still hope for me?

10) My husband eats millet in the mornings because he is thin and cant work an eight hr day with out the carbs , I believe this is still why he has yeast even though he does food combine, is this true and is he giving it to me when we make love even if it is not visible on the outside of his body?

11) can I have eggs , some say egg whites while others claim only yolk should be consumed. No Yolk!

Ted : My gratitude for all you observations and listening is very valuable. Thank you I hold a lot of love in my heart for you although I dont know you. You provide a place for people to share their story's of trial and error. Blessings to you..... I will donate.

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Posted by Anonomous (No City, Usa) on 05/19/2011

would like bill's advice on this as well as I have some of the same questions.thanks

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Posted by Bill (San Fernando, San Fernando, Philippines) on 05/21/2011

Hi Kitty... The main reasons which are hindering your cure for candida et al are because of the poor state of your teeth and gums and poor digestion caused by a weak or insufficient liver which is also causing apparent allergy problems.

The full regimen for the anti-candida protocol -- which is based on Ted from Bangkok's recommendations --is given in this comment stream. Just click on the heading of this comment -- "Need Advice Regarding Candida" -- and you will be taken to a page where you will find my comment with a link to both the full anti-candida protocol as well as the anti-candida diet that you should be following.

To improve your digestion, I would supplement with Betaine Hydrochloride as well as Pancreatin Enzymes -- taken with water before all meals. This will ensure proper digestion of all protein, carbohydrates and fats. Since you have a ketosis problem, you might well have a problem with carbohydrate digestion or this might also be due to a developing diabetes problem which also causes keto-acidosis. You should get this checked out and confirmed by a doctor.

The problem with your teeth has probably been caused by acid mouth due to both the oral candida as well as from acid waste from the plaque bacteria. You can brush your teeth with sodium bicarbonate - Baking Soda -- and sea salt or you can simply use Dr Gerald Judd's recommendation of just brushing your teeth with bar soap. The purpose of these protocols is help reduce the plaque bacteria and the candida biofilm formations in your mouth which tend to protect the candida and plaque bacteria.

Dr Judd, who researched teeth health for 18 years, says that using excess fluoride or eating acid foods are what weakens and destroys teeth -- not the candida or plaque bacteria (which tends to destroy the gums). In order for teeth to re-mineralize properly, you must therefore have alkaline saliva as well as minimal levels of plaque formation(no plaque bacteria). I use ordinary, unscented, no-addtive bar soap to brush my teeth together with an iodine or 3% hydrogen peroxide mouthwash. This has improved my own teeth health no end -- they are much whiter, stronger and better formed and I didn't have to go to he dentist for my yearly plaque scrap and de-gunk this year because plaque formation was minimal. Here is what Dr Gerald Judd, an orthodontist researcher, has to say about keeping teeth healthy:

Also, if you think you are allergic to something like lemon/lime plus BS or Stevia there is an easy test to confirm this. Just put a drop of the solution on your arm and leave it. If it causes redness or itching then you are allergic to that substance. If this does not happen, then you are probably suffering, instead, from a candida die-off or Herx reaction. Just cut back on the dose for a while, then build it back up later.

To improve the state of your liver and help to rid yourself of allergies, I would follow the protocol which I describe at this link here:

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Posted by Missy (Sf, Ca) on 05/22/2011

Bill, what is the name brand of the bar soap that you use to brush your teeth with? Also, what is the ratio used of iodine and hp (ie drops, cap full, water) for your mouthwash solution? How long have you been doing this? How long did it take for you to notice beneficial results? Thank you.

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Posted by Laurel (Bucklin, Mo) on 07/25/2011

Soap--castil is a pure soap, but I use as plain of white bar soap that is handy and also use sea salt-baking soda-bentonite clay off and on as a change.

Site to check

They do a 'red cell mineral & toxin' blood test to see where the body is and what need balancing.

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Posted by Linda (Ogden, Ut, Usa) on 07/31/2011

I have gone to several doctors (regular and alternative) to get help with overcoming candida. They always give me a list of foods to avoid. On everyone of them, vinegar is listed and yet I see in this thread that many of you have had success killing the candida by taking it internally. My drs. said that it can be diluted and applied topically but never taken internally to rid the candida. I am sooooo confused!!! Can anyone help explain this discrepancy???

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Posted by Sindee (Sc, Ca) on 10/13/2011

I have been afflicted with candida for about 3 months so I took 4-6 drops of organic oregano oil in 16-20 oz of water for about two weeks and now am taking ACV baking soda regimen as per Ted's advice for 3 days now. My tongue has turned pink, there is no itching etc. I am still feeling very tired in the afternoons but that most likely has to do with hypothyrodism. I have other ailments that I have to work on such as weight gain, heart palpitations, back, head injuries, poor circulation, poor eye sight etc. I have been praying that God would show me how to get healthy becasue the drs have done nothing but butcher my body parts and rendered me to the mercy of pills but I refuse to roll over and die. Thank you all for your valuable feedback, experiences and advice. God bless you all.

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Posted by Florida (Michigan) on 04/18/2014

U might like to try the GAPS diet. U will be surprised with the results.

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Posted by Whisperingsage (N California) on 12/19/2014 47 posts
5 out of 5 stars

Gee, I always hold the Weston Price studies as a standard for ideal diets (book is now free online with the Gutenburg project), and these very high meat and fat eating healthy cultures never had problems with candida at all.

Also I know a lot of Phillipino people from work and they eat a lot of fish, not a lot of fruit. I enjoy their sharing quite a bit. I got hooked on their little salty whole fish. Eyes and guts and everything. (there's a lot of real vitamin A in those eyes.)

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Posted by Kellyd (Seattle, Wa) on 11/17/2015

Bill -- you wrote:

"No Calcium which means no dairy products -- no milk, cheese, yoghurt etc. Avoid calcium fortified foods. Excess calcium encourages acidity and thereby aids the spread of candida."

Calcium is an alkaline mineral. Perhaps some of the foods you mention may 'encourage acidity', but calcium itself cannot.

And how would acidity aid the spread of candida?

Taking bicarb with meals to reduce acidity it seems to me would reduce the acidity needed by the stomach to break down the proteins in the first stage of digestion.

Also, how do you know that food has moved into the duodenum a half hour after eating. What if one has gastroparesis (which is common with fungal and other infections) and the food just sits there? Taking bicarb may help it move out of the stomach, but would it be doing so before the digestion had begun?

Sorry for all the questions, but it doesn't seem to make sense to me. :)

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Posted by Carolyn (Connecticut) on 12/21/2016

Hey be careful though. You shouldn't consume too much baking soda. It tends to mess up your B12 absorption and this is important. I would check into this more.

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Posted by Luda (Canada) on 08/01/2018

Hi Bill, I'm interested in reading your story. I'm trying to be as strong as you but I'm having difficulty as I had candida a long time ago and got rid of it. But now its come back and I've had it for 2 years. I just can't seem to get rid of it. Just running in a circle of feeling better and again my acid goes up and candida comes back to attack me. I'm taking lots of natural medicine but still lots of dizziness and fogginess. I feel especially bad in the afternoons. I really don't know what to do. I don't eat bread or sugar. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it again?

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Posted by Bl (Ca) on 08/03/2018 32 posts


Do you work one on one with people? I have a serious systemic candida infection and can't find a doctor to help and keep running into road blocks.