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Natural Cures for Bad Breath and Halitosis

| Modified on Nov 19, 2023
Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by A D (Canada) on 03/10/2015

Thank you thank you for posting this. HYDROGEN PEROXIDE TO THE RESCUE. I have researched bad breath a lot but never heard of hydrogen peroxide.
I have the stinkiest breath for a long time which has robbed me of my life .Even though I scrape my tongue, brush my teeth , gum , roof of mouth and inside of my cheeks and floss many times a day and used many advertised mouthwashes nothing helped.
My ex-wife used to say our bedroom was stinking from my breath. At work people were keeping their distances from me and some were getting really mad at me thinking my bad breath was from lack off of oral hygiene . I was going to Las Vegas and out of desperation I googled " bad breath clinic " in the hope of getting some help there and this page was one of the search results.
The day I read this page I googled " hydrogen peroxide for bad breath " and I found a page where it says to combine hydrogen peroxide and warm water 50/50 and soak the tooth brush in it to kill bacteria on it. Then scrape tongue , brush teeth with toothpaste using the decontaminated brush then swish and gargle for 45 seconds with the 50/50 mixture.So that day before going to bed I did exactly that.

The next morning I knelt by my bedside rested my head on my hands to say my prayers. When I pray in order to keep my mind from drifting to other thoughts I say my prayer loud which helps me concentrate on my prayer and normally I smell my own stinky breath bouncing of the bed and hitting my nose full force . But that day I didn't smell anything. I thought my nostrils were plugged and so I went to the bathroom and smelled my deodorant. My nose wasn't plugged I could smell the deodorant. Next I looked in the mirror and for the first time in my memory my tongue was pink, the inside of my cheeks were pink. Normally both were coated and looked whitish. I scraped my tongue and smelled nothing. The stink was gone , the ever present bad taste in my throat was gone. Thank God Almighty finally something which works for me. I cried for joy because all my life I have been humiliated by my bad breath, given up on social life and in short I was a spectator of others having a life and written off myself. So many times I had concluded my life wasn't worth living and had it not been for responsibilities I would have taken the easy way out long ago.
Again Thank You People for sharing this finally there is hope of social life and life for me. Who knows even romance!

By the way when I told one guy about my problem with bad breath and how hydrogen peroxide helped me he said usually the cause of such aggressive bad breath is yeast infection ( candida/ thrush) and he said people can easily get yeast infection from many things including drinking beer, wine and eating nuts . So if yoy have a good doctor it is good to get tested for oral yeast infection.

General Feedback
Posted by John (Washington, US) on 01/08/2015

I am in my early 60's. Bad breath has plagued me my entire life. I have tried every possible method. I have been to the Monel Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, Penn, Dr. Preddy was the one I saw. He ran me through a series of tests, sent me to a dentist, interviewed my wife and came to the conclusion, "Yes there is something", but gave me nothing to solve problem. My wife has said she thinks I make this up because my brother told me I had BB when I was young. I do not know why she can't smell me.

A lot of others have said they can or body language indicates so. I am sure you can relate to the following: Rubbing of their noses, offering you gum or mints, a sort of wrinkling of their face, as if trying not to inhale, even had one guy tell me I needed to have my teeth cleaned. I go to a dentist twice a year and have my teeth cleaned. I have a physical with blood work annually. All numbers in normal range. My doctor tells me I am in excellent shape. Confided in my dentist, but no suggestions or ideas.

I can smell it and taste it. Ranges from fecal smell, the dead smell and vomit. Tried flossing, having tonsils removed because of pearls (at age 28), tried Dr. Katz products, use a Hydroflosser water pick, nasal irrigator with saline solution, scraping tongue, brushing tongue, the chemical products available (3 different manufacturers), apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide , baking soda, chlorophyll (tablets and liquid), Probiotics, Acidolphillus, colloidal silver and I am sure some others I have forgotten. Results are the same: helps at first, then it returns. It never leaves.

I can go through my morning regimen, which lasts 15 minutes, and within 30 minutes can smell my breath. It has become an obsession. I have a good personality and a college education and most people either overlook it or tolerate my problem. I was in sales prior to starting my own businesses, which involves sales. The majority of the help on the market try to treat the symptoms. I have not encountered anyone or company that tries to treat the cause. It does not matter what one eats or drinks. I know people that have horrible hygiene and do not have BB. I know people that do not use deodorant and have no body odor. I know people that have similar life style, smoke, drink and eat similar products that do not have BB.

The study I would like to see would be to find the chemical makeup of those that do not have odors and compare that to those that do. There is something they have that neutralizes the odors internally. Just my opinion. I have gone 3 months without drinking because of a diet that did not include alcohol. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I thought it was the fact that I drank beer. Love to play golf and drink beer with my friends. Not so, BB is present whether I drink or not. Currently, I am not drinking because of a medication I am taking to help with rheumatoid arthritis. Supposed to take for 6-9 months. One month into it now. Still have BB.

Not writing this to give any cures or ask for advice, because for some of us, there are no solutions. To read this, one would think that I am a pessimistic person. Furtherest from the truth. I own several successful businesses and deal with a lot of different people. An eternal optimist that believes I can do anything I set my mind to try. Except I can't overcome this problem, which is very frustrating. I miss the kisses with my wife. Even though she says she can't smell me, we don't kiss. I have been in a terrible automobile accident and almost lost my leg and have recovered (as completely as I could). I am not a quitter.

So, I guess the message of this entirely too long dissertation, is this: Deal with your affliction as best you can. Keep trying whatever you think helps. Don't give up. If someone doesn't want to be around me because I have BB, they are going to miss out on some great stories, business opportunities and just good times. It is their loss. I can't help my problem and I have tried my entire life to overcome it....sorry. I have never reduced this to writing or told this to anyone. Thanks for listening.

"Never mistake my Kindness for Weakness"

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mime (New Orleans, La) on 06/10/2016

I suffered with bad breath for years. I would pray to God to help me. Family and co-workers would turn the heads or put their hands up to cover their nose. God brought ACV into my life. I discovered my lungs over producing mucous which caused bacteria to grow in the back of my throat and cause BB.

Taking one tsp of ACV, one tsp of water, one tsp of Raw unfiltered honey mix well and drink, Two times a day am and pm take on a empty stomach. Make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly. Now I am spitting up mucus. No more BB. Glory to GOD. Please share with others, the isolation was brutal.

Posted by Dimitra (Greece) on 01/30/2015

Hello, I m suffering from halitosis since I was kid now I am 28years old. I have been in very bad mood, crying dont want to go to work because my colleagues are teasing me and hummiliate me to others!! I ve heard phrases such as I hate you, smelly dimitra...etc! When I was a teenager no one told me anything for that, in college I started noticing people rubbing their nose and look the other way when I talked.i thought that I should brush my teeth more thorougly.i asked my mother one day and said to me that since I was a kid and in college my breath smelled! She didn't warn me once!! I was so ashamed!!! If she did maybe I wouldnt be in this situation now! The last couple of months I have read everything about halitosis, from tonsil stones till tongue scrapers, apple cider vinegar, warm water with soda and salt....and the list goes on!!! I ve tried everything!! I gargled with avc soda and water chlorexidine 0,2%. I use toothpaste that doesnt contain sodium lauryl sulfate, I floss every day twice a day, after a while 1-2hours bad breath is coming back.

I read your answers and saw that may people talked about probiotics and that some people dont have so much good bacteria and bad bacteria are more in their body. I said to my husband I ll take probiotics, so I bought ACIDOPHILUS 4BILLION. From the first day my taste was better.. my bad breath comes from the tongue when I licked my wrist it was smelly! Now NOTHING!! I take 2-3pills per day.its not a medicine its vegan and doesnt contain dairy. It helps with digestion and balances the bacteria in your body, I m going to the bathroom everyday! I watch my diet very much cause when I eat to much or drink alcohol more than two glasses of wine bad breath comes back, I lick my wrist and I know it. I take one pill after a while its gone. So I eat less every three hours, I have more healthy diet, I eat fruits and vegetables, I eat yogurt and kefir that contains probiotic. I did believe that my bad breath was coming from my mouth but I went to see a dentist and said that its not from my mouth. also check very good your tonsils for tonsil stone I found a crypt with a tonsil stone and now I clean it everyday With clorexidine with a q tip.My bad breath comes from bad bacteria in my body!! So the solution for me is ACIDOPHILUS. I ll try 8billion now. I m doing this 20days now I asked both my parents and my husband and said not bad breath anymore, I went to my job from the first time without chewing a gum! I'm feeling much better now! Also my mother told me that when someone is rubbing his nose doesn't seem that your breath smells.

I hope I helped! Don't be ashamed!! People say bad things because they know nothing!!! They think that your not watching your hygiene! Well prove them wrong!! Try probiotics!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Serena (Calgary) on 06/27/2016

I forgot to brush my teeth one morning before work, and while standing about 4 ft from her and talking, my daughter was practically crying at the smell. I decided to try a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide that.I found st the Dollar Store, bought a package of plastic shot glasses while there, and took them both home. I immediately started using it by filling those shotglasses 1/2 full of HP and swished around my mouth, for about 30 seconds, morning and night. I made gargle at the back of my throat, too. It worked like a miracle! Right after the 1st time using it I could tell an intense difference in my mouth, I didn't taste that "tinny taste" that halitosis sufferers know so well, and gained confidence!

I started my 15 yr old son, as well, and within 4 days, yes only 4 days, the kid didn't even have morning breath anymore! He has the sweetest smelling breath ever! All this for a Dollar Store purchase!!

Betaine HCL with Pepsin
Posted by John (North Carolina) on 12/09/2015

To all who have a problem with really bad breath. I have searched many years for a cure for the problem. I have tried everything known to man. I finally found something that has been working for me and I am so thankful to God for finally finding something. I believe through research that this problem is definitely caused by our digestive system. Certain foods are not being digested correctly. We are missing an enzyme or digestive acid. Anyway, if you have the same terrible breath problem please go to a vitamin store or online and buy a bottle of Betaine (HCL) plus pepsin. 625 betaine plus 100 pepsin. Research by me says take only one a day in the morning after breakfast. Let me know if it works. If it does then thank the Lord. Good luck and hope it works for you . John D.

Posted by Erika (Usa ) on 02/26/2016

Although you are a dentist, you are wrong. Flossing is only a part cure. There are different types of BB. Ever time I clear my throat a nasty smell occurs. All of my BB is occurring in the sinus and from the back of the throat. All dentists say that bb is cased by lack of oral hygiene because they want to further their own careers!

Oregano and Olive Leaf Tea
Posted by Janet in Music City (Nasvhille TN) on 11/16/2023

I am 67 years old and have had horrendous breath as long as I can remember. My husband also has had terrible breath for at least the last 15 years.

He was feeling poorly recently so I made us both a big cup of strong organic oregano and olive leaf tea. We had another the next day. We felt better and forgot all about it.

A couple of days later, we were talking and I realized I couldn't smell his bad breath, so I asked him to breath closer for me to smell. There was Nothing! He had been stinkin for a looooong time and his breath was suddenly normal. I passed it off as a fluke, but a couple of days later, I checked it again, and still normal, non-stinky breath!

I thought about the O and O tea and wondered if it had been the thing that fixed the problem, and it suddenly came to me that he hadn't drawn back from my stinky breath lately. So we tested my breath, and it was Good too! I'm still in shock, its been a few weeks and our breath is still clean and normal. I wish I had known about it 50 years ago, it would have made my life so much easier.

I'm figuring that the O and O tea killed bad bacteria, virus, candida, fungus, or parasites that were living in our stomachs, throats, lungs or somewhere causing the problem. Try it, and give us some feedback, please.

Activated Charcoal
Posted by Beatrice (Nairobi ) on 11/30/2017

Thank you for the testimonies posted on your site about charcoal curing bad breath. It worked for me & my daughter.
And the depression is over because of bad breath especially after taking in sweet things eg. Juice/ sweets or even food.

It's a miracle come true after many years of trying all manner of mouth wash.

I bought a tin of charcoal from the market, crushed a few pieces into powder then add a glass of water then sieved & drunk thrice A day for two days.

The bad breath emitting from my saliva & digestive system was over.
I thank God for you.

Let others know charcoal is an instant miracle for BB.

Indeed God has provided everything we need on earth ...Glory to God we are healed & will continue taking a glass per week.

Posted by Kd (Tennessee) on 02/13/2017

I had bad breath for years 20 came across chlorophyll liquid. I gargle with it one tablespoon day and night. The best cure.

Chewing Cardamon or Cloves
Posted by Sil (Los Angeles) on 02/06/2016

For those of us who have tried everything under the sun to control Bad Breath but did not help. It is genetic. Here is what I found that helps, for myself at least. The bb is not from below but from above, when nasal drip get stuck or hangs around.

Irrigate with saline water each night before bedtime after your usual oral routine.

For daytime, chew one clove and keep one in your mouth. Unlike mints which dissolves in 5 minutes, it stays in your mouth at least for 4 hours without any sugar and it will stop the odor from being offensive.

Chew one and keep one in your mouth at all times. It is small, harmless and keeps the pleasant order for a long, long time. Easy to carry in pockets and purses too and it does not perish, melt or lose potency.

H. Pylori Cause
Posted by Nancy (Lusaka, Zambia) on 01/22/2013

I have been diagnosed with H. Pylori as well and have tried the triple therapy treatment for 3 times, but no improvement. I was told H. Pylori has become resistant to antibiotics. Can you please tell me what antibiotics you used to get rid of it? I am desperate.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Janne (Philadelphia, Pa) on 01/08/2011

I like many others on his site have suffered with bad breath for many many years, spent countless dollars on products for relief. I've suffered the humiliation of watching people's reaction when I speak. I've been to doctors and dentists to get help but nothing worked until I decided to attack the problem from three different angles- nasal, oral, and digestive.

Here's how I control it:

In the morning 20 minutes before eatting breakfast I take 3-4 Digestion Enzyme capsules. This aides in breaking down protein, milk, and other hard to digest foods that you eat thru out the day or food that might lay in your digestive track. Then I take 3-5 Probiotics with my breakfast. Purchase a bottle containing 12-15 billion cells per capsule with 8 or more different strains such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium- read the label. I use Udo's Choice-Adult's Probiotic -$19. 99 from Whole Foods (or you can purchase on line. ) A lot of probiotic formulas only contain 1 billion cells per capsule this is not strong enough. This is the healthy bacteria found in yogurt. (Eatting small amounts of yogurt daily will not have the same effect you would have to eat a ton of yogurt). Probiotics loads the small & large intestines with healthy bacteria. Our chicken & dairy products are loaded with antibiotics that weaken the immune system killing good and bad bacteria. We are eatting antibiotics daily which is too much. Eventually the bad bacteria take over causing bad breath and other health problems. Everyone needs to take Probiotics daily even children.

The first morning after taking the Probiotic I noticed that my morning foul breath was gone. A little bad breath in the morning is natural. Most times bad breath comes from the digestive track from decayed undigested food and constipation. If you are constipated make a fruit smoothie in the morning. Leave a reply and I will give you an eazy recipe that I make every morning for myself!

Next I use my Netti Pot for my sinuses 3-5 times a week. I have Chronic Sinunitis. (If you don't have sinus trouble or tonsil stones you don't need to do this step). For the rest of us this helps clear up those smelly tonsil stones in the back of the throat. I use warm water with sea salt, a little baking soda and a few drops of Peroxide. I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me and I wanted to share. I hope this cures you too! Good health to you!

Cranberry Extract
Posted by Zulu gal (South Africa) on 09/23/2022

I have suffered from severe halitosis for close 10 years now and it has made my life a living hell. I have tried a plethora of different remedies, but nothing has worked for me, including the remedies that everyone on this site sings praises about - such as Hydrogen Peroxide, Probiotics, Liquid Chlorophyll, Activated Charcoal, etcetera. These help temporarily, but the stinky mouth and bad taste in the mouth always eventually return. After years of struggling to diagnose the root cause of the issue, I finally managed to pin it down to PND (post nasal drip). Managing chronic PND is expensive as it requires you to see a specialist and their rates are through the roof. Someone suggested I try cutting out gluten and dairy and perhaps going vegan to cure the issue but that wasn't feasible or affordable for me.

About a month ago, I started taking a cranberry extract (supplement) to help manage a recurring UTI and thrush problem - I swear I was getting vaginal thrush every single month. Lo and behold! Not only did the thrush and UTI issues disappear, but so did my halitosis! I was astonished! Especially because I wasn't even trying to cure the bad breath. Isn't that ironic? That I found a cure for my bad breath while attempting to treat a completely different health issue. I have no idea what's in cranberries that makes them completely get rid of bad odor. Even the little body odor I had has gone away. I don't even get morning breath! I will be forever grateful to cranberries for this. I had no idea that the solution to my problem was staring me in the face all along.

P.S. This solution works even better if you drink a lot of water (2 liters daily) and practice good oral hygiene. The solutions to all our health issues really can be found in nature!

Posted by Michelle (Dallas, Texas ) on 10/28/2017

I have been SUFFERING with Bad Breath for years. My confidence leveled to 0 after friends, family & co-workers backed up from me or covered their nose. I ran across your website & bought the acidophilus 8 billion on yesterday and immediately I noticed the difference, even my tongue is pink and not white! I just can't believe something FINALLY worked for me!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kterbo (Portland) on 03/20/2016

I just discovered how Apple Cider vinegar can 100% improve bad breath and cure halitosis! I tried everything first! I brushed with baking soda, I gargled with peroxide multiple times a day, I bought tongue brushers. I had used a string of products. I used top grade essential oils. I brushed my teeth 4 times a day. I even own an electric toothbrush!

Nothing worked for three years of searching, perpxide helped but didn't cure it. Essential therapeutic grade peppermint helps but doesn't cure it! I needed a cure!!!

I read an article and gave organic Apple Cider a try. Nothing works like Of the Mother Apple Cider Vinegar!! Wow! Here is what I did and what happened.

So I started of with two teaspoons of A.C. mixed with 3 to 4 oz of water and I would drink it every morning. Then in the evening I would drink one teaspoon mixed with 2 oz of water.

My breath immediately started to improve and after 6 days I don't even have morning breath anymore! Ok, so I was on this for two weeks and decided wow, my breath is amazing, what happens if I stop? ..My breath was still fairly good for three days after I stopped but then started to get bad, and on the last day, day 5, I couldn't take it and started back on my routine.

I am up to a tablespoon in the morning and a teaspoon at night. I mix both with at least a few ounces of water. (Please vary this to find what works for you) I have been on it again for a whole week, this morning I woke up thirsty, but I had FRESH BREATH! I mean like .02% of an order but a mild barely there because of dry mouth is normal. I just did my teaspoon of A.C.V. and brushed my teeth. I am so amazed!

I am sure to buy this and do this routine for the rest of my life. Good thing is any grocery store sells this!

I don't even need my tongue cleaners anymore. I heard this stuff was good but, I had to try it for myself. Also, it is not acidic on the stomach like some may worry about, it seams to neutralize the acid from coffee and helps me with heartburn.

This is a no joke cure! I'm a regular female that suffered from halitosis and now it is gone! Now, I only now brush my teeth in the morning and before bed.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Ara (Philippines) on 07/22/2015

I've had Halitosis for a very long time. It so sad especially when it smelled like poo! People then get distance from me. I can't talk straight in the face of our friends. I can't even tell my boy friend I have it, though I can see that he fixes up his nose everytime we kiss. My family didn't know it as well but sometimes they also smell differently when I'm with them. Thankfully I got into this website. Iv tried several things and researched.

I realized probably its candida overgrowth. I am diabetic and has been taking medications since 18. My immune system is most of the time low or not in a normal state. I get usual tonsilitis, apthous ulcers and ailments, eventually taking up a lot of antibiotics. Probably all this have resulted me having chronic halitosis. I also checked my throat and have seen little tonsil stones. Will try to do light swabbing very very soon. Before, I brush almost 3-4x a day. Now ive reduced to 2x since Some say that excessive brushing is also not good for the mouth. Now, Ive tried the 50/50 diluted 3% hydrogen peroxide and it was miraculous! Yey! Even now that I woke up at 2am in the early morning, my breath does not smell. Ive tried licking the back of my wrist 3times and no smell. It usually stinks when I do it.

Unfortunately I now have acid refluxes. This may also contribute to bad breath. Im planning to undergo endoscopy and will share it again to you guys. Thank you so much Lord. Now I feel more free than ever! Just a question, I havent eaten after gargling HP since it is before bedtime. What about in the morning, does your mouth smell again after eating? Thanks a lot and I hope for replies. Thank you God for this website and thank you people for not losing hope. Lets stay healthy, eliminating sugar and slowing down carbs. Do exercising and dancing! God bless!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda
Posted by Alicia (Louisville, Ky) on 02/04/2009

I have had bad breath for the last few weeks. I have no cavities and I brush regularly.. Recently I tried gargling with apple cider vinegar and baking soda in warm water and it worked immediately.. I no longer have that feeling of being insecure around people when I talk. My mouth feels fresh and cured.

-a teasppon of apple cider vinegar.
-quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda.
-a cup of warm water.