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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Kterbo (Portland) on 03/20/2016

I just discovered how Apple Cider vinegar can 100% improve bad breath and cure halitosis! I tried everything first! I brushed with baking soda, I gargled with peroxide multiple times a day, I bought tongue brushers. I had used a string of products. I used top grade essential oils. I brushed my teeth 4 times a day. I even own an electric toothbrush!

Nothing worked for three years of searching, perpxide helped but didn't cure it. Essential therapeutic grade peppermint helps but doesn't cure it! I needed a cure!!!

I read an article and gave organic Apple Cider a try. Nothing works like Of the Mother Apple Cider Vinegar!! Wow! Here is what I did and what happened.

So I started of with two teaspoons of A.C. mixed with 3 to 4 oz of water and I would drink it every morning. Then in the evening I would drink one teaspoon mixed with 2 oz of water.

My breath immediately started to improve and after 6 days I don't even have morning breath anymore! Ok, so I was on this for two weeks and decided wow, my breath is amazing, what happens if I stop? ..My breath was still fairly good for three days after I stopped but then started to get bad, and on the last day, day 5, I couldn't take it and started back on my routine.

I am up to a tablespoon in the morning and a teaspoon at night. I mix both with at least a few ounces of water. (Please vary this to find what works for you) I have been on it again for a whole week, this morning I woke up thirsty, but I had FRESH BREATH! I mean like .02% of an order but a mild barely there because of dry mouth is normal. I just did my teaspoon of A.C.V. and brushed my teeth. I am so amazed!

I am sure to buy this and do this routine for the rest of my life. Good thing is any grocery store sells this!

I don't even need my tongue cleaners anymore. I heard this stuff was good but, I had to try it for myself. Also, it is not acidic on the stomach like some may worry about, it seams to neutralize the acid from coffee and helps me with heartburn.

This is a no joke cure! I'm a regular female that suffered from halitosis and now it is gone! Now, I only now brush my teeth in the morning and before bed.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Seema (London, Uk) on 12/19/2011

Hello Akbor,

I read your dilemma and was compelled to write. I myself have suffered for as far back as I can remember. 20 yrs or so. I am now finally Bad breath free. I also had problems with flatulence and body odour - and I'm a woman. How shameful do you think that was for me??!! Yes I had tried everything for all my probs, yes I too felt suicidal at times. I came to control my gas and BO but the most distressing was BB. All the expensive mouthwashes had failed me. After spending hours on the internet while hubby was away on business I came across apple cider vinegar. I took a couple of tsps before every meal and amazingly my breath and gas was better. Well gas was non-existent because of this and even I started sleeping better. I am so thankful for this board, ACV has really sorted out all my problems it seems years of lack of digestive enzymes was the cause of my problems, I even now take probiotics which again helped the breath but never 100%. I know what i;m about to write will sound sooooooo stuuuuuupid but unless you have some thing really internally not right or perhaps are really overly Lactose intolerant (as this means that undigseted lactose gets into intestines and beacuase body cannot break it down it is exhaled in the breath and hydrogen in breath STINKS, but even that is quite temporary) it really is all about the mouth. NOw let me say I brusha nd brush and brush and then use mouthwash and the smell wiuld be back like within minutes. I really believed I had the best oral hygiene.

However when I started flossing my breath every nook and cranny in my mouth by bad breath just disappeared. I'm assuming that you may have tried this but if yiu havent pls do try it. I realise now that becasue my teeth are so tightly packed right next to one another I assumed I didnt need to floss, but that was exactly the cause of my problem now to think I had never flossed since I had my adult teeth sounds just insane no but I really thought brushing and mouthwash would be enough. I can now actually get confidently close to people without the sniggering and enjoy kissing my husband. I wish you well.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by reeree (Dallas, texas) on 03/07/2007

apple cider vinegar is a great mouthwash, it actually takes and conquers the odor of bad breath for long lengthy hours try it

Replied by Kawaii
(Nagoya City, Japan)

im kawaii from jpan. Can i ask were i can buy the apple cider vinegar? pls. help me coz im suffering of bad breath for many years.

Replied by Josecito
(Miami, Fl, Usa)

How should the Apple Cider Vinegar be prepared as a mouthwash? How long should I gargle? Once I finish gargling should I just swallow it since ACV is great for the body?

Replied by Waggy
(Calgary, Alberta)

Please do not swallow anything you gargle. This places the toxins back inside your body, where as we want to get them out. If you'd like to take ACV as well, I place 2 tablespoons in 8 oz of water and drink this.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Acidophilus

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Posted by Long Sufferer (Albany, Usa) on 04/21/2013

I started a self regiment of apple cider vinegar and acidophillus treatment for bad breath and it seem to be working great. This is the day2 of me talking close up without consistent nose pinching and squirming of faces.

I start of by taking 2 activated charcoal overnight before bedtime and brushing with Apple Cider Vinegar as mouth wash. I wake up and take two acidophillus 4billion tablets. Evening, a teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and I am still monitoring this wonderful progress. Also, I want to say the reduction in bloating and gas problem that I have had due to hpylori. Although the hpylori had been treated, I wa still having the bloating feeling, gas, indigestion and nasty feeling in mouth. The only thing I have change in my life style is reduction of beef.

Replied by Bebe

Take 70 billion probiotics a day and no dairy foods. Take an enzyme tablet also before you eat. Do you know your blood type. Look up Eat for your Blood type.

Replied by Ms. Tee
(Bronx, New York)

@JCM.. you absolutely have to gargle several times with the acv/water.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda

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Posted by Ivan (NYC, NY) on 06/02/2009

I used this site to help stop bad breath. I brush with baking soda first,then rinse with acv, then rinse again with baking soda and its been helping the breath a lot. My girlfriend is not gonna lie to me. Im also drinking acv twice a day with a sprinkle of cinnamon and that helps a lot with taste. I put 2 tablespoons in about 8 ounces of water and sprinkle the cinnamon and then chug that bad boy down. It felt great. Ive had previous cases of acid reflux because i drink so much soda. Im gonna buy ph strips next to keep track of my ph levels.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda
Posted by Alicia (Louisville, Ky) on 02/04/2009

I have had bad breath for the last few weeks. I have no cavities and I brush regularly.. Recently I tried gargling with apple cider vinegar and baking soda in warm water and it worked immediately.. I no longer have that feeling of being insecure around people when I talk. My mouth feels fresh and cured.

-a teasppon of apple cider vinegar.
-quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda.
-a cup of warm water.

Replied by Punkfly
(Columbus, Ohio)

I've been doing oil pulling with Sesame Seed Oil, and it's been working great for my bleeding gums. Cleared it up in 2 days! However, like some of the other posts I read, it actually caused my breath to be worse. So I followed it up with the ACV & Baking Soda gargle and rinse at it totally worked. Awesome.

Replied by Jcm
(Dallas, Texas)

Alicia, hello. I am just getting started with this gargle. Never done it before but hope it will provide some relief for this halitosis. I noticed 1 cup of water is ALOT to gargle; do you gargle multiple times to use all of the cup? How long do you gargle? Thanks.

Replied by Lala
(Cape Town, South Africa)

The smell of Apple Cider Vinegar is unbearable for me - theres no way I can drink it so tried it as toner for my problem skin but quit because of the smell. It's been 9 years and still sitting with my problem skin - no doctor and no meds have helped. Do you not feel nauseous when gargling this?

Replied by Kay
(FL, US)

Hi Lala, I used to hate the smell of ACV too, until I started making/drinking it like lemonade (a glass of water with a few tsp of vinegar instead of lemon; with honey or sugar added in). It became so tasty this way, now I love to use ACV for everthing (health drink, mouthwash, skin, hair, nails). Also be sure to buy the ACV with "the mother" (the murky looking stuff floating around the bottom of the bottle), NOT the clean/clear vinegar. If the smell is still too strong, dilute it with alow vera, water, (or rose water for lovely soft skin).

Replied by Allie
(San Antonio)

I'm really going to try it out. Because I have tried baking soda few weeks ago and it worked for like 2 to 3 days and my bad breath came back again. I have been struggling with bb for years and I can't get rid of it, I've tried everything. I brush my teeth regularly, I go to the dentist every 6 months and he said that my teeth were healthy and no cavities so I don't get it.

Apples and Cheddar Cheese

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Posted by Cathy (Medford, Oregon) on 09/18/2008

I have discovered 2 healthy things my dogs love for treats. Apples and cheese. I cut up a couple apples in small chunks (with peel on) and cut up some cheddar cheese slices (small, but long in length). I give them apples a couple times a day for health benefits (heart, joint inflamation, cleans the teeth..and good breath!) I also give them a very small slice of cheese as bedtime snack.(make the slice long enough that they have to chew it a second and don't immediately swallow it, so it will coat the teeth.) The cheese has been proven to reduce tartar build up. How easy is that? Give yourself these treats too..same benefits!

Artificial Sweeteners

Posted by Joanie (Greenville, Sc) on 08/31/2012

Years ago while on the Atkins Diet, I used Splenda in my tea and coffee. After about a month I had a horrible smell coming from my breath and pores. I quit using it and started using aspartame, stevia, and then saccharin. They all had the same effect on me. I read an article about someone with the same problem, and it said that artificial sweeteners are broken down to powder form by methane gas which is what wreaks from your breath and pores. Now if I use only a little bit from a packet it still makes me smell like a fart so I avoid it. I recently went on an all fruit and veggie diet. I started tasting gas and smelled it on my breath. On 2 different occassions, I laughed and people around me would say they smelled sewage. I read about Fructose Intolerance and how it has that same effect on your system. Fructose is in everything! Especially fruit which I had been eating a lot of. It's also in most vegetables. Please look it up online to see if you have this problem. It lists foods to avoid, and ones to eat. No change yet in the few days I've been off all forms of sugar, but it may take a while. Meanwhile, I'm anti-sociable til I smell better!

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Joanie, as is the case for many of us, it seems you need to do a colon and perhaps a gallbladder cleanse plus any kind of detox; and maybe even parasite treatments. There are sooo many things that derail our metabolism and we end up w/ all the waste products polluting our bodies.

Let us know of anything that works for you.

Replied by Joanie
(Greenville, Sc)

Thank you Timh for your response. How do I find info on what you think are the best colon and gallbladder cleanses, detox and parasite treatments? Those would have to be the answer to my problems which have not really changed much from avoiding sugar in all forms.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Joanie, a good cleaning does seem appropriate as dietary modifications seem inefficient. Here are some E. C. links to get you started:

Not much on Colon Cleanse but there is much info on the web, probably too much as there can be too much variation. All health food stores carry products for "intestinal cleansing" as well as "parasite formula", some combine the two. Do the gallbladder cleanse first. It's a little unpleasant but it works ( I just completed one w/ good results two days ago and feel much better now).

Also, take a high quality multivitamin/mineral/whole food supplement w/ every meal, this will greatly improve metabolism.

I hope this "level one" protocol resolves your issues. Report your progress.

Avoid Dairy

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Posted by HaHa (Long Island, New York, New York) on 08/18/2008

Bad Breath Caused By Milk:

I suffered from bad breath for as long as i can remember. But never knew why and what was the cause until recently. A few days ago, I started cleaning my colon. While on it I had to follow a strict diet for almost 7 days. I could only eat fruits and vegetables and nothing else. During that time that's when I noticed that my breath was no longer smelling.

You see, I used to eat cereal with milk every morning or at least every other day. Soon after I stopped drinking Milk for about 7 days, the smell went away. Now I eat everything else except milk. The Bad Breath never came back. It's been almost 2 months now. Having bad breath was terrible. It affected every relationship and friendship I had even with my son. I always had a pack of gum in my packet. Today I enjoying my new life.

Avoid Dairy
Posted by Monique (Windsor, Canada) on 12/07/2007

My son had the worst breath I've ever smelled. I took him to the dentist, no problems with his gums or teeth. I kept on making him rinse his mouth with mouthwash and chew gum. It was so bad when you opened his bedroom door it would make you gag. I couldn't figure out why. Low and behold one day I was figuring out my budget and how I could cut back. So while I was grocery shopping I decided not to buy my son's regular 2 blocks of cheese per week. It was something he would have to do without. After a couple weeks of not eating cheese, we noticed his breath was refreshing. I was so happy, I realized right away it was the cheese since it was the only change from his regular routine. To this day, he eats cheese once in a while but does not suffer from bad breath. Hope this will help some other people with this terrible problem.

Avoid Dairy
Posted by Kate (Brookfield, Wisonsin) on 09/16/2007

I had problems with bad breath. Limiting my intake of dairy products "cheese" in particular has eliminated the problem. Anytime that I cheat and have cheese the bad breath comes back within a day or so.

Avoid Gluten and Dairy

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Posted by Nat (Brooklyn, Ny) on 03/21/2014

Avoiding or at least minimizing (eating only a little and only once or twice a week) gluten and/or dairy will make a pleasant breath and heal even severe bad breath.

For some people gluten is the main issue, while for others, milk and milk products are the main issue. In the beginning milk or gluten (after testing by elimination which is the main issue) should be more carefully restricted (even in the beginning one can make occasional exceptions), after which, minimizing one or both will be sufficient.

At times other foods or food groups may be contributing to the problem. One should test by eliminating the particular food or food group for a few days or more. One may be amazed how quickly the breath becomes sweet, when the food that the person's body can't tolerate is avoided.

Avoid Sweeteners

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Posted by Sharon (Boston) on 03/31/2006

I got a huge pot of organic spun honey from the farmer's market last month. It was delicious, but after a couple of weeks, I noticed a huge buildup of dead cells on my tongue towards the back. It was pretty gross. I also felt my metabolism slowing down and I gained a couple of pounds even though I was eating very healthily. I bought regular honey at Whole Foods last weekend and after 3 days my tongue is back to normal and I am starting to lose those 2 pounds! Interesting, eh?!

Avoid Sweeteners
Posted by Hugh (Canyon Lake, CA) on 12/27/2005

Sugar is the killer! Within an hour of having it my mouth tasted horrible, and my wife won't get near me. I don't have too much, so when I do it really stands out. It's apple cider vinegar, H2O2 and iodine for me tomorrow!

Baking Soda

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Posted by Lawrence (Pattaya, Thailand) on 01/22/2010

Baking soda

I have been swishing sodium bicarbonate for a few weeks now and the most noticeable effect is that my wife can't believe that my "bad breath" has almost gone.

Thats all.........

Replied by Lyne
(Queensland, Australia)

Yes, I also gargle baking soda and water and no bad breath or bad taste in my mouth. Apparently it kills bacteria in your mouth but I am no dentist.

Replied by Bob
(Rainier, Oregon)

Baking soda is a neutralizer. It neutralizes the bacteria (lactobicculis and streptococcus ) that causes bad breathe, caries, and gum disease. Brushing your teeth with baking soda and salt with a balance diet will help you stay out of the dental chair. It also will whiten your teeth.

Replied by Grani33
(Maryland, Md)

I have also suffered from BB for many years, I read these posts on a regular basis, I believe my problem is candida albicans, therefore I recommend you try the probiotics, antibiotics, caprylic acid and pau d arco, oil of oregano, and digestive enzymes, my BB is not caused by anything in my mouth its systemic, I do use baking soda, and peroxide, and Neem toothpaste and mouthwash, I never use any market toothpaste or mouthwash, they tend to dry my mouthout. NOT ANTIBIOTICS--SORRY -- I MET ACIDOPHILUS----

Replied by Mimi

After moving to a different country, I´ve been suffering with a horrible breath that plagued my life. I went to several dentists and doctors, and they seem clueless on what to do. Tried several mouthwashes and toothpastes, natural supplements, changes in diet. No relief. I remember I tried baking soda, but it became immediately worse, so I gave up. Perhaps I could try it for a longer time.

Replied by Art
2216 posts

Mimi (Stuttgart),

Since your dentist has likely eliminated a dental cause for the halitosis, it may be time to look at other areas that may be a factor.

Many mouth washes are too strong and can often be counter productive by killing off "good bacteria" in the mouth along with the bad.

Did you complete an antibiotic regimen about or prior to the time you first became aware of your halitosis?

Bad breath can be caused by sinus isuues such as a sinus infection/sunusitis or post nasal drip. If that is an issue, it needs to be dealt with first. There are grapeseed extract nasal sprays that have shown usefullness in helping control some of these bacterial issues.

Another common cause is an imbalanced gut biome. Probiotics in conjunction with prebiotics or quality kefir have shown some benefit in this area and can potentially have a positive effect on sinus issues along with the gut. As a last resort, the fecal transplants may be worth looking into. Do some reading about the relationship of acidophilus or probiotics and bad breath.

Since both of these potential causes are fairly common, it may be worth looking into them before delving deeper for other causes.


Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Mimi, besides reading up on Bad Breath right here on EC, google brushing teeth with Activated Charcoal.

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