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Natural Cures for Bad Breath and Halitosis

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mime (New Orleans, La) on 06/10/2016

I suffered with bad breath for years. I would pray to God to help me. Family and co-workers would turn the heads or put their hands up to cover their nose. God brought ACV into my life. I discovered my lungs over producing mucous which caused bacteria to grow in the back of my throat and cause BB.

Taking one tsp of ACV, one tsp of water, one tsp of Raw unfiltered honey mix well and drink, Two times a day am and pm take on a empty stomach. Make sure you rinse your mouth thoroughly. Now I am spitting up mucus. No more BB. Glory to GOD. Please share with others, the isolation was brutal.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Kterbo (Portland) on 03/20/2016

I just discovered how Apple Cider vinegar can 100% improve bad breath and cure halitosis! I tried everything first! I brushed with baking soda, I gargled with peroxide multiple times a day, I bought tongue brushers. I had used a string of products. I used top grade essential oils. I brushed my teeth 4 times a day. I even own an electric toothbrush!

Nothing worked for three years of searching, perpxide helped but didn't cure it. Essential therapeutic grade peppermint helps but doesn't cure it! I needed a cure!!!

I read an article and gave organic Apple Cider a try. Nothing works like Of the Mother Apple Cider Vinegar!! Wow! Here is what I did and what happened.

So I started of with two teaspoons of A.C. mixed with 3 to 4 oz of water and I would drink it every morning. Then in the evening I would drink one teaspoon mixed with 2 oz of water.

My breath immediately started to improve and after 6 days I don't even have morning breath anymore! Ok, so I was on this for two weeks and decided wow, my breath is amazing, what happens if I stop? ..My breath was still fairly good for three days after I stopped but then started to get bad, and on the last day, day 5, I couldn't take it and started back on my routine.

I am up to a tablespoon in the morning and a teaspoon at night. I mix both with at least a few ounces of water. (Please vary this to find what works for you) I have been on it again for a whole week, this morning I woke up thirsty, but I had FRESH BREATH! I mean like .02% of an order but a mild barely there because of dry mouth is normal. I just did my teaspoon of A.C.V. and brushed my teeth. I am so amazed!

I am sure to buy this and do this routine for the rest of my life. Good thing is any grocery store sells this!

I don't even need my tongue cleaners anymore. I heard this stuff was good but, I had to try it for myself. Also, it is not acidic on the stomach like some may worry about, it seams to neutralize the acid from coffee and helps me with heartburn.

This is a no joke cure! I'm a regular female that suffered from halitosis and now it is gone! Now, I only now brush my teeth in the morning and before bed.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by reeree (Dallas, texas) on 03/07/2007

apple cider vinegar is a great mouthwash, it actually takes and conquers the odor of bad breath for long lengthy hours try it