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Shelagh's Asthma Remedies

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Posted by Shelagh (Palm Beach Gardens, Florida) on 09/21/2008
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Regarding asthma; I became afflicted about 6 months after my husband died, 21 years ago. After a couple of years, many medications, trips to the Emergency Room & terrifying bouts of being unable to breathe; I realized my doctors were not saving my life. I was dying a slow agonizing death by short breaths. I was unable to take even 5 or 6 steps without having to pause & struggle for a breath. I was in hell. I took my life back into my own hands.

I remembered a book my Great Grandmother had given me when I was 12 years old: Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss. It's still in print, updated & is my 'bible'. I poured through this book looking for something to counteract this asthma. I came across an anecdote using indian tobacco or lobelia. After reading this I called health food stores in my area until I found one that had some in stock. The man there was kind enough to have it waiting for me when I arrived. He explained how to use this tincture & prepared my first dose for me. I thanked him profusely, made my purchase and exhausted, headed home. I noticed a remarkable difference even as I drove the 5 miles home.

I also went on a mission to cleanse my body, mind & soul; high colonics, complete change of diet, meditation... getting back to my 'roots', as it were.

My son Spike was 11 when he contracted asthma. I put him on lobelia, taught him to take responsibility for his own health by eating thoughtfully, healthily and with INTENTION. What I mean by this is to eat with the intention of nourishing his body with good food, not just to feed a craving. Something society forgot along the way with advertisements bombarding us from all sides.

As to dosages; read the label. I was taking 15-20 drops of one brand but yesterday I handed a bottle to someone & her bottle said 5 or 6 drops.

Use caution not to overdo, or to take too much of any mucous clearing treatments toward the end of the day or you may end up like I was in the beginning; I was working so hard to get over the asthma that I went overboard for a while & ended up hacking & coughing crap up all night long- because of this I was unable to get rest & in effect I could have made myself more sick. After 2 days I spoke to a nutritionist who gently reminded me I was rushing the process.

Common sense definitely helps here as well; Steer clear of milk & milk products as these create mucous in our bodies. As do sugars & refined flours. When I'm 'off' it's usually when my natural diet is off balance.

Peace, Shelagh

Replied by Jen
(South Ozone Park, Ny)

I like to know if i should use lobelia drops in water or under the tongue?

EC: You might throw up if you try taking lobelia under the tongue -- it's very strong! People typically take it as directed on the bottle (water or juice).


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Posted by Olivia (USA) on 04/06/2005
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I have this steam inhaler and when ever I get weazy, it really helps my lungs and wind pipes open up! It doesn't cure but it helps and makes it more comfortable!


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Posted by Braulio Oliveira (Lauro De Freitas, Bahia, Brazil) on 12/30/2018
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Vitamin K2 MK7 + Vitamin D3 + Zinc cures Asthma!

My son had 3 severe asthma crisis that led us to emergency, and many others that were administered at home through glucocorticoids, butheyko method and other things.

K2 MK7 suplementation started my son was in the middle of an crisis. The crisis was quickly reverted.

Now after 3 months of taking at least 400mcg K2 + 2000ui D3 + 50mg zinc 4 to 7 days a week, his is far away from an asthma crisis and his skin is slowly recovering to a completely healthy state.

It takes time until the calcium spread through the body to be catch by Vitamin k2. High doses of K2 have no toxicity recorded on rats, but it *must* come with higher doses of D3 and other related nutrients.Si

Researches have found the cure to asthma and it is an ostheoporosis medicine!

Basic what they discovered is that asthma is linked to the Calcium metabolism.

99% of the calcium is present in bones and teeths. Anywhere else Calcium is present it causes problems: vascular deterioration that causes heart and brain problems, artritis when it goes to articulations, wrinkles when it goes to the skin, etc.

But nature have its natural Calcium GPS called Vitamin K2 MK7! Vitamin D3 absorbs calcium in the intestin to the blood, but it is K2 that takes it from the blood to the right place: bones and teeths.

The first asthma symptom is a result of the accumulation of calcium in the periphery of the body: the skin. Years before the first asthma crisis almost always there is a strong dermatitis resulting from calcium accumulation.

Then years later that calcium will end in vital organs like lungs causing bronchospasm and alkalosis in the blood.

And that is why the Buteyko method is so effective against asthma: it work with the alkalized blood by excess calcium blood calcium.

K2 MK7 is a very rare nutrient nowadays, even harder to find in a vegetatian diet (although this diet can also be lower on calcium). K2 MK7 metabolism is related to many other nutrients but mostly D3 and Zinc. If those any are also defficient, K2 MK7 won't be able to do its job.

Replied by Gina

Hello Braulio, thank you for this post. I know it's been a long time but a response would be truly appreciated. I just need to know how old your son was and how he is doing now. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Tania (New York, Ny) on 05/21/2010

Supplements for asthma:

1.) Inhaled glutathione 2X a day (ask your holistic doctor to prescribe this to you!) No prescriptions necessary for any of the other supplements below.

2.) N Acetylcysteine

3.) MSM

4.) Germanium (only on the form of Ge-132)

Please research these supplements and ask your HOLISTIC doctor any questions (most conventional pulmonologists would laugh at the idea of you being able to be medication free and controlling your asthma with supplements that are actually good for you!)

Posted by kimb (Dallas, TX) on 04/04/2008
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re: Chronic Asthma & Aspergillosis.

I have been suddenly left completely disabled for the last two years. Sudden onset of respiratory illness and lethargy. I'm 35 and have been unable to do even the basic of personal daily routines. I used to ride all terain 20 miles a day up north. After two years of relying on modern medicine and countless hospital stays, I have decided not to die from a pescki fungus or anything else. So I have begun taking matters in my own hands and will try anything that makes sense. I currently began double dose of DHEA for natural precursor to antinflammatory, 7 oranges a day, 2xday apple cider vinegar, copper supplement,probiotic yogurt, and 4 times daily supplement. After 3days my neighbor comment that I have color for the first time. I also have been able to get out of bed. I am going to try the peroxide and apple cider vinegar in my nebulizer and report back. I believe it will work. Make an uncomfortable environment for bacteria, kill it, get it out, and keep it out! All this without dying from side effects of prednisone, advair, and numerous others.

Thanks for your posts! Many prayers for all of you.

Replied by Dan
(Clearwater, Florida)
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After reading something like that I get a little worried.

Let me explain.Thirteen months ago, my girlfriend bought some white balsamic vinegar and poured about 1/4 teaspoon in her hand to sip it and check out its taste.

She ended up breathing it into her lungs and burnt them along with her voicebox. But worse, her airway closed off from anaphylactic shock and she very nearly choked to death.

Now balsamic vinegar is supposed to be 6% acetic acid (what she inhaled was higher than that - the insurance company wants to settle out of court) and ACV is generally 5%.

But the fact that kimb never checked back in with her results worries me.

I was researching nebulizer cures to try to help my girlfriend restore her lungs. Her larynx seems to have mostly healed just in the last couple of weeks (she sounds a whole lot less froggy) but she's still not back to 100% on breathing and it's been over a year. The pulmonologist said it was a chemically induced asthma condition (she had no history of breathing problems before this.)

So you might want to go slow if you're trying something new and untested.

Ted's Remedies

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Posted by Phani (Cape Town, South Africa ) on 11/28/2017 1 posts
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Hi there Dr Ted,

I'm writting to you on behalf of my wife who has Asma quite severly. She's had some scary Asma attacks due to allergies mostly and these days more often if she walks to fast or over exerts herself but a about a month ago it got really bad had to take her to the doc to get Meds and they put her on a nebuliser apparently not her first time either and she's always got her blue Asma pump with her which provides momentary relief but the Meds being antibiotics and some allergy Meds provided some relieve but not much, last season when I got this bad I tried to get her to eat healthier and made her beetroot smoothies which seem to help a bit but this year it's it's back with a vengeance and she's eating healthy avoiding gluten and milk but still little relief, so I started doing some research and found the one minute cure book online and started her off on the 35‰ food grade diluted down to 3% with the 1:11 ratio which makes 12 parts in total in a nasel spray bottle inhaler which she didn't take too very well as it makes her cough but does provide some relieve. then I came across earth clinic and saw you post and others on the humidifier with 1‰HP, 2‰ sea salt and about 5‰ xylitol in purified water, this worked better the first week, the wheezing of her chest eased up a lil but the cough is still there and when she does cough the chest really tightens up.

now we in the second week same formular but she only uses it at night and helps us both sleep better cause of almost no coughing at night now but during the day it still seems to flare up with cough that bring up no flem or very little got her some tissue salts no.8 no.6 and no.9 and some combin assist tissue salts for allergies as well to try loosen the flem but not much coming up so far to day she did mention there was little steaks of blood in some of the flem she managed to cough up. This is a bit concerning but I hope is positive but I would really like to cure her as she's over weight at the moment as well but can't do any form of exercise.

I read a post mentioning fulvic acid curing Asma wanted to ask you if this mite work rid us of this ailment for good. Cause it feels like I've tried everything allergy Meds, the salt under tongue thing, beatroot smoothies. Tissue salts, HP 3‰ inhaler and humidifier 1% HP, sea salt and xylitol but I want a proper fix something that will show real recovery. Please help

From phani

EC: Hi Phani,

Unfortunately, Ted had a stroke in June, 2015 and can no longer correspond at this time. Hopefully one of our other contributors can advise or you can read one of the hundreds of feedback posts in our asthma section and find some helpful information.


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Posted by Simon (Lithuania) on 09/19/2021
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Yes, I can attest that turmeric does help a lot with asthma. I have had this condition for 5 years now, and I always returned to this yellow powder for relief when I needed it. Sometimes it works very well, like almost as effective as medicine, other times its effect is lower. For me personally, I usually take one teaspoon of turmeric powder, mixed with water + add a pinch of black pepper for better absorption. It helps, it really does. But I never used it as a long time treatment, cause honestly it tastes horrible. But it's natural and has possibly no side effects. I would recommend reading more about it for those who want to try it, it's not supposed to be over-used, just be informed.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, this post is for information purposes only, always consult your physician / specialist.

Posted by Jessica75x (Canada) on 06/04/2016
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I'll be honest, people are driving me NUTS with their claims of ACV and coconut oil curing every chronic disease known to man lol. I have serious life threatening asthma, and I eat organic coconut oil with every meal.. it does very little to NOTHING to reduce symptoms.. I took ACV for a full month and it also did nothing.

This is what has reduced my asthma symptoms by 90%... TURMERIC powder.. the cheap stuff not even organic.. it's like $1 for a huge bag. Mix 1 tbsp in water and chug it down 3x a day, or mix it with your food if you prefer.

Next, get lots of SUN, vitamin D deficiency has a major role in asthma attacks.

Next (optional) eat lots of vegetables with every meal (fruits not so much).

I went from needing my inhaler or I would die.. to not using it for weeks at a time.. the #1 thing I mentioned is the turmeric, sunlight is very important too though.

Try it and let me know your results.

Replied by Angela

Hi Jessica75x - I too suffer from severe allergies, asthma and sinus issues. I also have a Vitamin D deficiency. How long after taking turmeric did you notice a difference in your asthma?

Posted by Cindy (Astoria, Oregon) on 01/24/2009
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In desperation I tried turmeric for a very large and painful abcess I had on my inner thigh. I've had problems with a boil there before and took 1 teaspoon of turmeric in water or milk 3 times a day. Day one the pain started to subside greatly... By day two it was shrinking and by day three it was about 75% smaller!! I'm amazed and relived BUT what I found to be extraordinary is that I noticed I have used my rescue inhaler for asthma only once in the time I started taking the turmeric. I am on an oral medication for asthma but still must use my rescue inhaler several times a day. The relief in my asthma is truly a mircle treatment for me. I plan to use turmeric daily for asthma and will play around with the dosage to see what will keep it at bay for me. thank you Earth Clinic!!

Vitamin B-6

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Posted by Catherine (Chicago, USA) on 07/09/2008
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I had terrible asthma and respiratory problems all winter. In the late Spring my doctor told me to start using more B-vitamins. Then I read that B-6 can help asthma (at a later date) and realized that since I have been using a good B Vitamin complex my asthma has been much more manageable, even though it is more humid now, so I have started taking a little extra B-6 and am noticing a difference. I got out my old Prevention and home remedy books and saw B-6 mentioned for asthma there, also. Asthmatics, take note - there are more natural ways of handling asthma than with steroids and chemicals - already I am not needing my emergency inhaler - not for a month now - and am using my nebulizer a LOT less! Yay!

Vitamin B12

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Posted by Chris (Vaughn, Montana) on 09/03/2011
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So from late August through Mid-September my asthma is at its worst. This year has been better but not according to my standards. Every night I would have to us my inhaler which is not acceptable to me. After reading through this website I came across Vitamin B and decided to try it. Incredibly my asthma has improved. I am taking Vitamin B-complex daily and I haven't had to use my inhaler since starting. This worked for me but I can't guaruntee it will work for everyone.

Vitamin B12
Posted by Kerrin (Denver, CO) on 08/04/2006
5 out of 5 stars

One year ago, I had a bout of the most severe asthma I have had in years. After a trip to the ER and several hundred $$$ in meds over 4 months, I was determined to find natural substitutes for them. I found Vitamin B12 here. I bought a 1000 mcg. sublingual tablet (with 400 of Folic acid) that I began taking every night at bedtime, and can report an amazing decrease in all asthma symptoms over the last year. I have even taken one at the onset of labored breathing and had the attack subside within 20 minutes!!! I am now totally drug free and so grateful to all who wrote about B12. It is a miracle. Also, in the process of the above, I began an anti-allergy regimen of 2 g of Pantothenic Acid, 2 g of Vitamin C, and a Quercetin capsule in divided dose 2x a day. Goodbye to antihistimines! 1 mg. of Vit. C alone has stopped an allergy attack for me as well as other family members. Hope others can find the relief I have!

Vitamin B12
Posted by Kevin (NY, NY) on 02/10/2006
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For the past 2 years I have been going to an allergist and a pulmonary specialist. Neither has been able to cure my asthma which was getting progressively worse. All either doctor would do was continue to prescribe medication and keep upping the dosage. I then spoke to a holistic nutrtitionist and she told me to stop eating dairy and to take vitamin B12, Magnesium and a liver cleansing supplement. Within 2 weeks my symptoms began to subside and stopped my prescribed medications. I now feel better than I have in the past 2 years. I am still not 100% but I feel myself getting everyday. I can't say this will work for everyone but for some who prescribed medicine doesn't work I think it is worth a try. It worked for me.

Vitamin B12
Posted by Kyriacos (Nicosia, Cyprus)
5 out of 5 stars

Since you have done me a good turn by introducing me to 'apple cider vinegar', which has totally revived a very ailing health ravaged by cholesterol over the last couple of years, I would like to return the favour, which I hope may benefit others logging unto your site.

I have totally overcome asthma that I was told was incurable.

It came about within only six months after including in my vitamin regime a small and very cheap vitamin called; B12 (dosage 5ìg daily). I only eat meat once in a while, so I read that a diet short on meat consumption should consider taking a B12 vitamin supplement, which is why I began to include it, in my vitamin regime.

But I am not a medical expert and medical authorities and asthma foundations have both failed to follow up on my claims, so I do not know if B12 is an outright cure for asthma. And about the same time that I began supplementing with vitamin B12 I also made amendments to the location of my accommodation. I moved from life by the sea to deeper inland and city life. And chose to live in an old style house, where the bathroom is separate from living room/bedroom, which implies both have doors leading to outside of the house. It implies that you have to go outside the house of one part to get into the other.

In modern terms that may not be an appealing prospect, but there are real benefits in living in old Cypriot style, house. In summer it is cool and in winter it retains the heat. But the major advantage is that with the bathroom completely separate from living room/bedroom it implies that you get no humidity filling up the rest of the house after bathing. And the combination of moving away from humidity filled environment (by the sea) and house where the bathroom was in the house allowing humidity to freely fill other rooms of the house, may have played a determinant role in wiping out, my asthma. But I do not know which one was responsible for releasing me from this horrendous disease; whether it was the combination of moving away from the sea and choosing to live in an old house, where the bathroom is not a part of the rest of the house, or whether it was B12 vitamin inclusion, or a combination of all those. As I said I am not an expert so I cannot be sure which one of those combinations is a cure for asthma. And medical authorities and asthma foundations don't want to know.

It is also relevant to know that I got a little acquainted with the disease, by reading what foods and beverages to also avoid. So I did things right generally, but the disease was only completely wiped out soon after I began including B12 in my vitamin regime and made the accommodation adjustments, aforementioned.

It has to also be noted that while I had asthma for many years it never reached a critical stage. And my own phasing out of asthma inhalers was gradual. And never did I suppress from using the inhalers, whenever there was an inevitable need for those. So while I no longer have any symptoms of asthma whatsoever and no need for use of inhalers, this was a stage I had reached gradually, by doing all the right things generally.

It more notably implies that the vitamin B12 regime and amendments to life style suggested here for dealing with asthma do not at any time become alternatives to the medication individuals at a critical stage of asthma are more greatly reliant on.

And please do not follow on any tips I give here on this site from my own vitamin regime experiences, without first consulting a competent practitioner (doctor or nutritionist).

Vitamin B12
Posted by Brian (Newark, OH)
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I feel that it's good to give both sides -- I can say that what works for one person is NOT necessarily apropriate for another. One user indicated that taking vitamin B-12 helped his asthma -- it didn't mine. I take 1 Vitamin B-12 lozenge sub-lingually daily. The dosage is 5000mcg (about 83,000% the RDA). I also take a B-12 + B-Complex vitamin daily, along with the mulit-vitamin - it raises my B-12 intake to about 100,000% of the recommended daily allowance. What has this done for my asthma? Squat!!! (Although, I'm more mentally alert, and I have more energy).