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Natural Asthma Remedies: Effective Herbal & Supplement Relief

Posted by Simon (Lithuania) on 09/19/2021

Yes, I can attest that turmeric does help a lot with asthma. I have had this condition for 5 years now, and I always returned to this yellow powder for relief when I needed it. Sometimes it works very well, like almost as effective as medicine, other times its effect is lower.

Me personally, I usually take one teaspoon of turmeric powder, mixed with water + add a pinch of black pepper for better absorption. It helps, it really does. But I never used it for a long time treatment cause, honestly, it tastes horrible. But it's natural and has possibly no side effects. I would recommend reading more about it for those who want to try it, it's not supposed to be over-used, just be informed.

Posted by Jessica75x (Canada) on 06/04/2016

This is what has reduced my asthma symptoms by 90%... TURMERIC powder.. the cheap stuff not even organic.. it's like $1 for a huge bag. Mix 1 tbsp in water and chug it down 3x a day, or mix it with your food if you prefer.

Next, get lots of SUN, vitamin D deficiency has a major role in asthma attacks.

Next (optional) eat lots of vegetables with every meal (fruits not so much).

I went from needing my inhaler or I would die.. to not using it for weeks at a time.. the #1 thing I mentioned is the turmeric, sunlight is very important too though.

Try it and let me know your results.

Posted by Cindy (Astoria, Oregon) on 01/24/2009

In desperation I tried turmeric for a very large and painful abcess I had on my inner thigh. I've had problems with a boil there before and took 1 teaspoon of turmeric in water or milk 3 times a day. Day one the pain started to subside greatly... By day two it was shrinking and by day three it was about 75% smaller!! I'm amazed and relived BUT what I found to be extraordinary is that I noticed I have used my rescue inhaler for asthma only once in the time I started taking the turmeric. I am on an oral medication for asthma but still must use my rescue inhaler several times a day. The relief in my asthma is truly a mircle treatment for me. I plan to use turmeric daily for asthma and will play around with the dosage to see what will keep it at bay for me. thank you Earth Clinic!!