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Natural Asthma Remedies: Effective Herbal & Supplement Relief

| Modified on Jun 25, 2024
Garlic Syrup
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 06/24/2024

I wanted to share Dr. Shook's recipe for asthma.

Garlic Syrup (Simplified Recipe) – From Advanced Treatise in Herbology (1978), by Dr. Edward Shook page 63.

  • 1 pound fresh garlic, minced
  • apple cider vinegar (I make mine with 40% vodka)
  • water
  • honey


– Put minced garlic in a quart mason jar.

– Add equal parts vinegar and water 1:1 ratio enough to just cover the garlic.

– Put on the lid and shake well. (Note: ACV will corrode the metal lid, put a piece of parchment paper or plastic wrap over jar lid before placing lid on).

– Let sit for 4 days (shaking once every day), then strain.

Now add:

3 pounds honey

1 tablespoon 3-4 x a day adults.
1 teaspoon, 3-4 x a day for children.



For asthma and coughs: 1 teaspoonful with or without water every 15 minutes until spasm is controlled; then 1 teaspoonful every 2 or 3 hours for the rest of the day. After that, 1 teaspoonful 3 or 4 times a day, is usually sufficient.

For tuberculosis, cardiac asthma and dyspnoea (shortness of breath): 1 dessertspoonful to a tablespoonful 3 or 4 times a day between meals.

Children: (8 to 15 years) one half of the above dose; (5 to 8 years) one quarter dose; (from 1 to 4 years) one eighth in a little water or honey.

Garlic has also been used successfully in dropsy. The above formula may be used with benefit, but the following will be found to be much more prompt and effective, especially where the heart is much involved.

Black Seed Oil
Posted by Lisa (NJ) on 04/11/2024

Hi Melissa,

How often and how much do you take of the Black seed oil. Can you put it in tea or smoothie?

Adjust Your pH
Posted by Mala (India) on 02/15/2024

ACV is way too strong to be taken in a capsule without dilution. Instead, you can dilute it to a point where it has a mild flavor of apples and is mildly tangy. And this can be given to kids more than once a day so that by the end of the day, they would have got the required amount of ACV albeit in divided doses.

Buteyko Breathing Method
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 02/08/2024

In the early 1900's, Gallaher Ltd. (a UK-founded tobacco company) printed a short “How-To” series, with clever hints for emergency situations. The cards were distributed with packs of cigarettes. All the pictures are part of the George Arents Collection, The New York Public Library.

How to Increase Lung Power

Stand straight with your head held well back looking straight up at the sky (as in the illustration).

Inhale deeply until your lungs are fully inflated, and then gradually exhale.

Repeat this exercise several times in both the morning and evening.


Apple Cider Vinegar, Dietary Changes
Posted by beverly (usa) on 12/29/2023

I developed asthma in my mid 30's after trying to wean off heavy doses of prednisone for Sarcoidosis. It reared its ugly head for several years then kind of faded. Now 75 I find I get it when I work too hard in the garden and get winded. Also, the cold along with mountain cedar is stirring it up. We are surrounded by cedar trees, so I started thinking maybe creating a concoction from the actual leaves or berries might lessen it.....I abuse my inhalers which can cause it to worsen so going to experiment. Wish me luck. I also just tested positive for methane Sibo which causes me breathing problems.

Western Red Cedar — Elise Krohn | Wild Foods and Medicines

Allergy Connection
Posted by Marina (Miami ) on 08/20/2023

Absolutely. It works but you must complete the entire course following it a T. Even children's behaviour changes if it caused by the underlying allergies

Posted by Rachel M (Saskatchewan ) on 08/18/2023

Nambudrad's Allergy elimination technique, NAET, is good! It helped me a lot. You can have odd allergies, like to cold wind, and calcium as I had. I had to go 8 hours to get it though, and I haven't been back after the 2nd, week long visit where I was treated for several days per week. It helped me though.

H2O2 Inhalation Therapy
Posted by Wendauggie (Costa Mesa ) on 08/11/2023

Thank you for the heads up.

Peppermint Tea
Posted by Martin (Ireland) on 07/28/2023

A friend told me to take peppermint tea for my asthma.On day 1 I took 4 cups a day with a little sugar and milk optional. by the late afternoon I was breathing better, big difference.better than taking vetolin. This is day 4 and the same good effects.I think the only ones who can't take the peppermint tea is people with Gerd or acid reflux.. Google side effects. Thank you.

H2O2 Inhalation Therapy
Posted by Nikki (Dallas, TX) on 07/14/2023

Hi, if you nebulize the H2O2, please make sure that you use the mask that allows you to breathe through your nose. Only breathe through your nose for the duration of the treatment. Do not use the part you stick in your mouth. This is in a way related to the Buteyko method.

I've given myself an asthma attack a couple of times while doing a nebulizer treatment through my mouth. When you do that, the amount of carbon dioxide in your system drops, which contracts and constricts your bronchial tubes. (see Buteyko method for a thorough explanation on how this mechanism works)

So your issue may not be with the hydrogen peroxide, but with keeping your mouth open during the treatment which triggers the lowering of carbon dioxide and the immediate constriction of your bronchial tubes.

Wish you the best of luck in discovering how to improve your asthma.


Milk Kefir
Posted by 777gal (New Zealand) on 07/13/2023

I have noticed that since starting milk kefir, my night time asthma has improved.

This evening, I was coughing relentlessly and then realised I had forgotten to take my kefir today. Accordingly, I immediately took my kefir, and my coughing eased considerably.

Within 5 minutes, my cough was gone. What a miracle!

I drink 1 cup unsweetened milk kefir per day.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Zark (Emerald City, The Land of Oz) on 05/12/2023

Update: Dairy still brings on asthma. Looks like a dysbiosis. Cultured dairy should be better tolerated in moderation.

Frankincense or Myrrh Oil Inhalation
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 05/12/2023

Frankincense or Myrrh essential oil Inhalation

In a practical inquiry into disordered respiration, first published in 1797, Bree noted that historically many physicians, from Hippocrates onwards, had recommended inhaling vapours from frankincense, myrrh and various gums in order to treat both asthma and phthisis (pulmonary tuberculosis or a similar progressive systemic disease).27

Cayenne Pepper
Posted by Pam E. (SW California) on 12/25/2022 139 posts

An elderly friend of mine with asthma began having an asthma attack at another friend's house. (She's wound up in the hospital due to them several times before.) That friend quickly made her some 'Cayenne Tea' & got her to drink it all down ... and the asthma attack disappeared! Cayenne is excellent as a remedy for multiple health problems!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Missourita (Missouri) on 10/16/2022

I have stopped wheat before, which alleviated my asthma, but was extremely difficult to maintain.

Recently, to better my health, I eliminated processed sugar, and my asthma completely disappeared! I didn't need my inhaler any more! Shocking! After looking it up, I found medical resources stating that sugar is inflammatory and contributes to asthma. They were right!!! Now, to keep up with no processed sugar ;) (or rarely having sugar)

Black Seed Oil
Posted by Eva (Us) on 10/13/2022

Hi Dan, we have had improvement with my husband's breathing using heparin filters in each room to clean out the air, I replaced the carpets with Farbo flooring (hypoallergenic and doesnt grow mold or put toxic fumes out gassing into the air and had to look up local suppliers that carried it and could order it). We had to eliminate dairy and wheat from the diet and improvement has been happening one day at a time. Not easy given past fire smoke and mold sensitivities.🙏

Black Seed Oil
Posted by Melissa (Georgia ) on 10/10/2022

I've had asthma for as long as I can remember. I had been using something every day for it. I started using black seed oil in 2020 and in about a week I was no longer using my rescue inhaler. I can breathe without it.

Black Seed Oil
Posted by Dan (Canada) on 10/10/2022

I ordered a food allergen test and found things I were allergic to but didn't realize it. The allergens were expressing themselves as severe lung issues. My question for you is how much black seed oil do you take? I have been buying high quality oil liquid here in Canada but it has never seemed to help noticeably. I'm 69 and worked in heavy industrial polluted environments for most of my life. Any help is appreciated.

Black Seed Oil
Posted by Lisa (Netherlands ) on 10/07/2022

Just made an account especially for this. Blackseed oil works for asthma. I can breathe again and I had severe asthma. Somedays I could not even walk up the stairs. When I did I had to lay down and rest. It was that bad. You could hear me breathe. I started using blackseed oil because I read online someone healed their asthma with it. So I tried, because I was desperate, because I had to use a lot of steroids/inhalers. After a few days I noticed a difference. I could breathe deeper, and breathing/inhaling wasn't that hard anymore. I use it with Curcumma/blackpepper capsules.

Just try don't give up. Astma can heal.

Posted by Jon (Waycross, GA) on 10/01/2022

I was diagnosed 1st w/ asthma, then COPD, & asbestosis a few years ago. IMO the asbestosis causes the breathing issues. I've tried a number of things for asthma, including Yamoa capsules. Yamoa is the bark of an african gum tree variety. About 30% of those taking Yamoa for asthma have excellent results. Unfortunately I'm not one of them.

The thing that seems to have helped me the most is N-acetyl-L-cysteine (N-A-C) Some sources say asthma is a glutathione deficiency. I still have breathing issues similar to asthma from asbestosis & COPD. But I hardly ever have serious breathing issues unless I have a COPD exacerbation. N-A-C is pretty inexpensive, I paid $13 for 600 capsules, 600mg ea.
I usually buy 3 bottles at a time, shipping was $6. That was at ilifeline DOT com.

N-A-C is very inportant for glutithione production so I take 2 caps twice daily. In my case some amino acids are helpful, including l-glycine.
I'm 67 & it seems my digestion is off so I take Super Enzymes, Dr. Berg's Gallbladder Support, Ox Bile & Tudca. I should add that not eating sugar or anything the body converts to sugar, & especially processed foods is very important, I eat keto, very low carb & I fast so I've lost ~100lb net.

These things helped me, especially the N-A-C, so I wanted to share. Have a GREAT day, Neighbor!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Cynthia (US) on 10/01/2022

I have the exact issue; dairy and corn really make my breathing difficult. I have turned to nondairy substitutes like almond milk and I'm doing much better!

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Pam E. (South Western California) on 09/19/2022 139 posts

One may not have time for nebulizing the H2O2, but probably can find enough time to breath it in direct....

Many use 3% in a mister, & spray that into the mouth several times *while* taking a deep breath.

(Tried *that* but instantly began coughing ea time.)

Then I tried spraying 3% H2O2 into my mouth, allowing it to bubble / release oxygen in there *while* I carefully take deep breaths through those bubbles & into my lungs (leaving the bubbles in my mouth), then breathing out through my nose ...

Repeat IN thru the mouth, OUT thru the nose ... until the bubbles stop forming from the release of oxygen from the water & into a gas ... Then spray more in if you want to continue the treatment.

It seems I experience the same benefits reported by those who actually inhale the mist of 3% H2O2.

(When I developed a very strong bout of vertigo [unable to walk as everything appeared to be constantly spinning around the room] with Covid-19 [I also had a mild fever, short & rapid breathing, loss of energy] ... I sprayed it directly in my ear & let it bubble in there while my husband tucked me in, & I fast fell asleep.... 3 hours later I woke up with ZERO symptoms! )

Dietary Changes
Posted by Zark (Emerald City) on 08/09/2022

My asthma completely disappeared when I followed a No Starch Diet (which I did for about 10 years) to treat my autoimmune disease Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). A bunch of other immune problems also eased eg iritis, dermatitis, and also peripheral joint inflammation not directly associated with AS.

The No Starch Diet is comparable to Paleo, but a bit stricter:

- No grains

- No dairy

- No legumes, potatoes, yams as all are starchy

- Yes: meat, fish

- Yes: walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, brazil nuts ..

- Yes: carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, lettuce, tomato

- Yes: most fruit .. except no to banana and stone fruits

After eating Natto (Japanese cultured soy beans) I was able to resume eating starchy foods without the asthma recurring (except curiously have to avoid peanuts, and not too much cheese). Only in extreme conditions did the asthma return eg a cold causing me to cough a lot and then maybe some asthma until the cold abated.

Keto Diet
Posted by Ralph (Australia) on 04/30/2022

For the last 12 months, I have found that when I am on a keto diet I am able to completely control my asthma and even eat some broccoli, cabbage etc, however, if I slip up and fall out of keto my asthma will come straight back. The keto diet controls some of the major inflammatory mechanisms affecting the lungs. Finding this out has been a major relief for me and the keto diet can be very satisfying once you get around the learning curve a bit. I hope you or somebody else finds this to be helpful. Cheers Ralph

Dietary Changes
Posted by Ralph (Australia) on 04/30/2022

Hi Rachel, Just saw your post. I too am sensitive to sulphur both good and bad types to the point that salbutamol is no longer able to control my asthma. I have avoided corticosteroids use up to this point. For the last 12 months, I have found that when I am on a keto diet I am able to completely control my asthma and even eat some broccoli, cabbage etc, however, if I slip up and fall out of keto my asthma will come straight back. The keto diet controls some of the major inflammatory mechanisms affecting the lungs. Finding this out has been a major relief for me and the keto diet can be very satisfying once you get around the learning curve a bit. I hope you or somebody else finds this to be helpful. Cheers Ralph

Posted by John (Nyc, Ny) on 01/15/2010

I have been in the healing profession (practitioner, researcher, advocate) for 30 years, nothing comes close to my experience with MSM, I am so sorry it took this long to try it. My chronic asthma gone in 3 days!! On albuterol for almost 40 years. I am in shock.

Some side effects which I consider to be cleansing symptoms: nausea, sleeplessness and skin breakouts, but I did start on a high dose of 20 grams a day. After three weeks no more 'side effects'.

My energy has greatly increased, I feel quite euphoric every day now. The only time I had that kind of euphoria was by drinking three glasses of organic green juices a day. I think people on heavy medications, mercury fillings, toxic diet are going to have more difficulties with it, so building up from a small dose with extra vitamin C and plenty of pure water will help.

The other supplement that really helps is Vitamin D3, I take 16,000iu liquid daily, no colds for two years now and my chronic bronchitis of 20 years has disappeared. Some years it was mild others, severe triggering serious asthma attacks. So the combination of Vitamin and MSM has been miraculous for me. This great website encouraged me to try MSM. Thanks so much.

p.s. Brushing my teeth with MSM has whitened them.

Posted by Simon (Lithuania) on 09/19/2021

Yes, I can attest that turmeric does help a lot with asthma. I have had this condition for 5 years now, and I always returned to this yellow powder for relief when I needed it. Sometimes it works very well, like almost as effective as medicine, other times its effect is lower.

Me personally, I usually take one teaspoon of turmeric powder, mixed with water + add a pinch of black pepper for better absorption. It helps, it really does. But I never used it for a long time treatment cause, honestly, it tastes horrible. But it's natural and has possibly no side effects. I would recommend reading more about it for those who want to try it, it's not supposed to be over-used, just be informed.

Nebulizing Liquid Glutathione
Posted by Dale (Santa Barbara) on 08/03/2021

Nebulizing liquid Glutathione that you get from a compounding pharmacy (need a prescription) has stopped asthma in a few people I know.