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Asthma - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Asthma. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.


Posted by Jon (Waycross, GA) on 10/01/2022

I was diagnosed 1st w/ asthma, then COPD, & asbestosis a few years ago. IMO the asbestosis causes the breathing issues. I've tried a number of things for asthma, including Yamoa capsules. Yamoa is the bark of an african gum tree variety. About 30% of those taking Yamoa for asthma have excellent results. Unfortunately I'm not one of them.

The thing that seems to have helped me the most is N-acetyl-L-cysteine (N-A-C) Some sources say asthma is a glutathione deficiency. I still have breathing issues similar to asthma from asbestosis & COPD. But I hardly ever have serious breathing issues unless I have a COPD exacerbation. N-A-C is pretty inexpensive, I paid $13 for 600 capsules, 600mg ea.
I usually buy 3 bottles at a time, shipping was $6. That was at ilifeline DOT com.

N-A-C is very inportant for glutithione production so I take 2 caps twice daily. In my case some amino acids are helpful, including l-glycine.
I'm 67 & it seems my digestion is off so I take Super Enzymes, Dr. Berg's Gallbladder Support, Ox Bile & Tudca. I should add that not eating sugar or anything the body converts to sugar, & especially processed foods is very important, I eat keto, very low carb & I fast so I've lost ~100lb net.

These things helped me, especially the N-A-C, so I wanted to share. Have a GREAT day, Neighbor!

Keto Diet

Posted by Ralph (Australia) on 04/30/2022

For the last 12 months, I have found that when I am on a keto diet I am able to completely control my asthma and even eat some broccoli, cabbage etc, however, if I slip up and fall out of keto my asthma will come straight back. The keto diet controls some of the major inflammatory mechanisms affecting the lungs. Finding this out has been a major relief for me and the keto diet can be very satisfying once you get around the learning curve a bit. I hope you or somebody else finds this to be helpful. Cheers Ralph

Vitamin E, Cod Liver Oil, Vitamin C

Posted by Rose (FL) on 12/25/2020

I had bad asthma that could last up to 17 days using prescribed meds. And one day I was given a remedy, & within a year, my asthma went away. The remedy is ...


  • 2 vitamin E 400 IU,
  • 2 cod liver oil capsules, and
  • 2 vitamin C (500 MG) tablets.

I took them with food, 3 times a day, when I was very sick with asthma, for a year. I stopped taking them when my asthma went away, & started taking them, again, whenever I have problems with it.

My brother, had very bad sinus problems, & this same remedy, above, helped him get better.


K2, D3, Zinc

Posted by Braulio Oliveira (Bahia, Brazil) on 01/02/2019

Vitamin K2 MK7 + Vitamin D3 + Zinc cures Asthma!

Researches have found the cure to asthma and it is an ostheoporosis medicine!

Basically what they discovered is that asthma is linked to the Calcium metabolism. 99% of the calcium is present in bones and teeths. Anywhere else Calcium is present it causes problems: vascular deterioration that causes heart and brain problems, artritis when it goes to articulations, wrinkles when it goes to the skin, etc.

But nature have its natural Calcium GPS called Vitamin K2 MK7! Vitamin D3 absorbs calcium in the intestin to the blood, but it is K2 that takes it from the blood to the right place: bones and teeths. The first asthma symptom is a result of the accumulation of calcium in the periphery of the body: the skin.

Years before the first asthma crisis almost always there is a strong dermatitis resulting from calcium accumulation. Then years later that calcium will end in vital organs like lungs causing bronchospasm and alkalosis in the blood (buteyko method helps a bit as it balances the alkalized blood with excess calcium). Calcium in lungs could also help build homes for bacterias like Chlamydia pneumoniae. K2 MK7 is a very rare nutrient nowadays, even harder to find in a vegetarian diet (although this diet can also be lower on calcium). K2 MK7 metabolism is related to many other nutrients but mostly D3 and Zinc. If those are also defficient, K2 MK7 won't be able to do its job.

My son had 3 severe asthma crisis that led us to emergency, and many others that were administered at home through glucocorticoids, butheyko method and other things. As K2 MK7 suplementation started my son was in the middle of an crisis.

The crisis was quickly reverted. Now after 3 months of taking at least 400mcg K2 + 5000ui D3 + 50mg zinc 4 to 7 days a week, his is far away from an asthma crisis and his skin is slowly recovering to a completely healthy state.

It takes time until the calcium spread through the body to be catch by Vitamin K2. High doses of K2 have no toxicity recorded on rats, but it *must* come with higher doses of D3 and other related nutrients.

Oregano Oil

Posted by Valarie (Las Vegas ) on 08/25/2018

I was born with asthma even died a couple of times as a child, my mother had to give adrenaline shots till I was 19 years old. We moved out of the San Francisco house into a brand new house in Pacifica. My asthma improved immensely. I believe the San Francisco house was filled with mold and the new house wasn't. Then when I was about 19 years old I got it and supplements and herbs and improve my diet.

Over the years it would get better with diet and then get worse with diet. This past spring was one of the most intense experiences. I was on too many medications and I was not on the right foods in my diet, my asthma really bad.

In the early morning hours searching on I found a comment that asthma was fungus based. The recommendation was to take oil of oregano 2 to 4 dropper full‘s per day! I had some in the cabinet so I started taking it and sure enough, I started getting better and getting relief with my asthma.

I went down the rabbit hole Searching for anti-fungal diet and supplements. I found Doug Kaufman wrote a bunch of books on it has a TV show podcast Facebook podcast community for support.

Then I took a prescription drug called NyStaten to kill the fungus even stronger along with herbal remedies and diet But the detox was too strong and I ended up with extremely itchy scalp so I stopped taking the NyStaten and I am back onto the antifungal diet with oil of oregano and olive leaf.

I am posting that asthma and allergies can be illuminated, reduced and healed. All from oil of oregano and olive leaf with an antifungal diet which means no carbs no sugar's no alcohol. Asthma and allergies are fungal yeast or mold based.

Many diseases are fungus yeast mold parasites causing diabetes cancer and a whole other list of conditions. It is upsetting that our medical system has us on all these drugs that were making me angry depressed crazy and not healing my condition or educating me that my foods were feeding the fungus.

I could barely walk up a flight of stairs over this past winter and spring. Once getting on the antifungal diet and taking the oil of oregano I was able to almost run up a flight of steps for the first time in years easily. Now I'm starting all over again to regain that and improve it more and more.

I hope this post of information will help you as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Blessed9 (Glen Ellyn, Il) on 11/17/2017

I have had chronic acute asthma since I was a child but in the last 2 years it has worsened (moved to the blurbs, more trees=major allergies). Recently I had bronchitis for 5 weeks, then 2-3 weeks later (now) I have an upper respiratory infection. I have not slept in a week due to coughing up foam every hour throughout the night and horrid wheezing. I have been on prednisone, Advair 500, Singulair, clarythomiocin, as well as doing nebulizer treatments 2X a day. My infection cleared but I was left with worsened asthma attacks this week. I was out of Advair as of last night (I take it in the am and on before bed) and could not yet get a refill.

I took 2 cap-fulls of ACV with the mother, mixed with 6 oz of water before bed last night. It was the first night that I was able to sleep through the night. I did not wake once due to a coughing fit or due to lack of air and having to try to cough to get foam out. I could not believe it!!! I am still in shock this morning! My lungs feel clearer, I have better airflow and I'm not wheezing or coughing up foam!! Miraculous!!


Posted by Mike (Reading, Pa) on 03/01/2016

Two students I had contact with each had asthma most of their lives. I informed them that bovine colostrum could get rid of the asthma quickly. Both of them followed the protocol that I suggested which was one half scoop of the colostrum powder for the first two days, one scoop for days three and four, one and one half scoops for days five and six, and two scoops for day seven and after until the asthma is gone. You will find the measuring scoop inside the container of colostrum powder.

When they no longer have asthma I suggested that they go back to a half scoop for prevention.

Also, I instructed them to mix the colostrum with eight ounces of "healthy" water in a blender and drink the mixture thirty minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach which is critical in getting the greatest benefit from the colostrum. They followed the protocol that I suggested and both of them got rid of the asthma in four weeks.

It has been over two years for the one student and over one year for the other student since they have gotten rid of the asthma. Praise The Lord! The colostrum powder that I suggested they purchase can be found on the internet for approximately $65.00. Simply enter 21 ounces colostrum powder on any search engine and you will find a powder that is effective and moderately priced.

Vitamin C, Omega 3

Posted by Rusti1 (Usa) on 04/17/2015

I've been asthmatic since being pregnant at age 26. On medications including steroids and inhalers. Just to make a long story shorter, I began with Vitamin C with bioflavanoids and rosehips (ascorbic acid alone did not seem to help). Vit C 1000 worked many times if I caught an attack early enough, but, omega 3s helped even better so I added them. Another real difference I found was when I went organic. A lot of things improved for one, but, it seems also my asthma as well.

Haven't had a problem in years, eating all kinds of foods, but, organic, in particular organic dairy and grass fed meats. I do now have raw organic Apple Cider Vinegar most everyday as well. Just to add, since going organic, my son's allergies that he had for years since he was a teenager, now in his 30's, have subsided as well. I use all natural household cleaning products as well such as baking soda and vinegar. Kind of "detoxing" as much as I can. Hope that helps anyone.

Aloe Vera

Posted by Chip (Playa Hermosa, Guanecaste, Costa Rica) on 01/13/2014

Hello I would like to tell you how I use Aloe Vera to help keep my Asthma under control.

I am 66 YO and had child hood asthma which went away after I was 10.

However about 6 years ago I had a bad viral chest infection which took 6 weeks to clear up. I was left with asthma, although initially it was not very bad. I used a Symbicort inhaler and morning and evening puffs controlled it. Then in 2010 I moved from South Florida to Costa Rica. After a couple of months I was able to get rid of my inhaler. However, in early 2013 a Swiss company started demolishing a mountain so they could build a new resort less then a half mile away. Over a hundred large Mack trucks would drive by my home everyday carrying away the dirt and rocks. My asthma started back up with a vengeance. I ended up using Albuterol and Symbicort inhalers and taking Singulair (Montelukast) every day. (This was all prescribed by my Doctor in the USA.) I was using the Albuterol several times a day. Although they finished up in early December my symptoms continued.

I noted early on the the Singulair acted as anti-viagra. The Singulair made it difficult to impossible to have an erection. So I substituted Lobiella. I would take a capsule just before bedtime and it would help me a lot. It also did not have the side effects of the Singulair.

Recently I found out that Aloe Vera acts like a natural steroid and when I have it, my lungs clear just like the Albuterol. However, the aloe-vera gel is very bitter so I either mix it in juice or I get a bottle of Aloe Vera drink, which does not work as well. A number of roadside stands sell Aloe-vera drink that is not pasteurized and it works better although I do get some relief from the commercial drink.

When I drink several glasses a day it keeps my lungs clear. I had tried ACV but it did not work for me nearly as well.

I hope my experiences help.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Carley (Stone Mountain, Georgia) on 01/10/2013

Hi, I have suffered with asthma (especially with excercise) for over 20 years. Not long ago I attempted to hike up a small mountain (1.6 miles up) which I had climbed many times before and had to use my inhaler 3 times and only made it 1/2 way up. That night I found some comments by others on Earthclinic, about how Apple Cider Vinegar helped their asthma. I just wanted to share that I began taking 2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with mother in the AM and again in the PM. I put it in about 8 - 10 oz of either apple juice or apple cider to cut the sourness and avoid stomach discomfort. The next day I went to climb the mountain again and I made it all the way up! Not only that, I climbed that mountain almost every day for 6 months!! (I think I did it just to make sure I could :) )

As an added bonus, I noticed that the usual aches and pains I usually experienced had disappeared. Now I hate to miss my vinegar. It is my miracle tonic. I have only used my inhaler a couple of instances during all this time and that was only because I was exposed to pet dander and on the other occasion, old dusty paper. Otherwise, what an improvement. Thank you for Earth Clinic so that we can share our successes.


Posted by Pamela (Newtown, Pennsylvania) on 08/05/2009

After suffering from asthmatic symptoms for over twenty years from various seasonal pollens, mildew and mold, I have found a natural treatment for immediate relief! An ER nurse told me of this remedy after being treated for an extreme asthma attack.

Using 8-10 drops of Lobelia tincture, found in health food stores, mixed into a small glass of filtered water and taken when any tightness or wheezing begins will stop symptoms immediately. Follow the manufacture's directions. I use 5 drops in water every morning as a precaution when the pollen count is high. I don't need inhalation therapy anymore! I have used this remedy for about a year, so I've been through each season. It's been a relief not to use streoids!
FYI I still carry my rescue inhaler in my purse as a backup just in case and haven't needed it!

Removing dairy products will help to reduce mucous,also helping asthma symptoms. ACV will balance the body PH which is beneficial to the entire body. The problems most asthmatics have when breathing is not usung the full lung capacity. Depressed lung capacity will create an acidic environment.

Buteyko Breathing Method

Posted by Pam (Sydney, NSW Australia) on 01/13/2009

I recently had very severe asthma in conjunction with pneumonia. On medical advice I was nebulizing Ventolin and Atrovent every two hours. And I was on two puffs of preventer medication four times a day. Heavy stuff!

Somebody recommended the Buteyko Method. I read up on it, started breathing through my nose, taped my mouth shut at night and did the Buteyko breathing exercises twice a day. Within a few days I no longer needed to nebulize at all. And gradually I was able to reduce the preventer medication down to one puff twice a day.

A month on, continuing with the Buteyko method, my peak flow readings are better than they have ever been.

I strongly recommend the Buteyko Method.