Natural Remedies

Natural Asthma Remedies: Effective Herbal & Supplement Relief

Posted by Tania (New York, Ny) on 05/21/2010

Supplements for asthma:

1.) Inhaled glutathione 2X a day (ask your holistic doctor to prescribe this to you!) No prescriptions necessary for any of the other supplements below.

2.) N Acetylcysteine

3.) MSM

4.) Germanium (only on the form of Ge-132)

Please research these supplements and ask your HOLISTIC doctor any questions (most conventional pulmonologists would laugh at the idea of you being able to be medication free and controlling your asthma with supplements that are actually good for you!)

Posted by kimb (Dallas, TX) on 04/04/2008

re: Chronic Asthma & Aspergillosis.

I have been suddenly left completely disabled for the last two years. Sudden onset of respiratory illness and lethargy. I'm 35 and have been unable to do even the basic of personal daily routines. I used to ride all terain 20 miles a day up north. After two years of relying on modern medicine and countless hospital stays, I have decided not to die from a pescki fungus or anything else. So I have begun taking matters in my own hands and will try anything that makes sense.

I currently began a double dose of DHEA as a natural precursor to antinflammatory, 7 oranges a day, 2xday apple cider vinegar, copper supplement, probiotic yogurt, and 4 times daily supplement.

After 3days my neighbor commented that I have color for the first time. I also have been able to get out of bed. I am going to try the peroxide and apple cider vinegar in my nebulizer and report back. I believe it will work. Make an uncomfortable environment for bacteria, kill it, get it out, and keep it out! All this without dying from side effects of prednisone, advair, and numerous others.

Thanks for your posts! Many prayers for all of you.