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Vitamin B12
Posted by Chris (Vaughn, Montana) on 09/03/2011

So from late August through Mid-September my asthma is at its worst. This year has been better but not according to my standards. Every night I would have to us my inhaler which is not acceptable to me. After reading through this website I came across Vitamin B and decided to try it. Incredibly my asthma has improved. I am taking Vitamin B-complex daily and I haven't had to use my inhaler since starting. This worked for me but I can't guaruntee it will work for everyone.

Vitamin B12
Posted by Kerrin (Denver, CO) on 08/04/2006

One year ago, I had a bout of the most severe asthma I have had in years. After a trip to the ER and several hundred $$$ in meds over 4 months, I was determined to find natural substitutes for them. I found Vitamin B12 here. I bought a 1000 mcg. sublingual tablet (with 400 of Folic acid) that I began taking every night at bedtime, and can report an amazing decrease in all asthma symptoms over the last year. I have even taken one at the onset of labored breathing and had the attack subside within 20 minutes!!! I am now totally drug free and so grateful to all who wrote about B12. It is a miracle. Also, in the process of the above, I began an anti-allergy regimen of 2 g of Pantothenic Acid, 2 g of Vitamin C, and a Quercetin capsule in divided dose 2x a day. Goodbye to antihistimines! 1 mg. of Vit. C alone has stopped an allergy attack for me as well as other family members. Hope others can find the relief I have!

Vitamin B12
Posted by Kevin (NY, NY) on 02/10/2006

For the past 2 years I have been going to an allergist and a pulmonary specialist. Neither has been able to cure my asthma which was getting progressively worse. All either doctor would do was continue to prescribe medication and keep upping the dosage. I then spoke to a holistic nutrtitionist and she told me to stop eating dairy and to take vitamin B12, Magnesium and a liver cleansing supplement. Within 2 weeks my symptoms began to subside and stopped my prescribed medications. I now feel better than I have in the past 2 years. I am still not 100% but I feel myself getting everyday. I can't say this will work for everyone but for some who prescribed medicine doesn't work I think it is worth a try. It worked for me.

Vitamin B12
Posted by Kyriacos (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Since you have done me a good turn by introducing me to 'apple cider vinegar', which has totally revived a very ailing health ravaged by cholesterol over the last couple of years, I would like to return the favour, which I hope may benefit others logging unto your site.

I have totally overcome asthma that I was told was incurable.

It came about within only six months after including in my vitamin regime a small and very cheap vitamin called; B12 (dosage 5ìg daily). I only eat meat once in a while, so I read that a diet short on meat consumption should consider taking a B12 vitamin supplement, which is why I began to include it, in my vitamin regime.

But I am not a medical expert and medical authorities and asthma foundations have both failed to follow up on my claims, so I do not know if B12 is an outright cure for asthma. And about the same time that I began supplementing with vitamin B12 I also made amendments to the location of my accommodation. I moved from life by the sea to deeper inland and city life. And chose to live in an old style house, where the bathroom is separate from living room/bedroom, which implies both have doors leading to outside of the house. It implies that you have to go outside the house of one part to get into the other.

In modern terms that may not be an appealing prospect, but there are real benefits in living in old Cypriot style, house. In summer it is cool and in winter it retains the heat. But the major advantage is that with the bathroom completely separate from living room/bedroom it implies that you get no humidity filling up the rest of the house after bathing. And the combination of moving away from humidity filled environment (by the sea) and house where the bathroom was in the house allowing humidity to freely fill other rooms of the house, may have played a determinant role in wiping out, my asthma. But I do not know which one was responsible for releasing me from this horrendous disease; whether it was the combination of moving away from the sea and choosing to live in an old house, where the bathroom is not a part of the rest of the house, or whether it was B12 vitamin inclusion, or a combination of all those. As I said I am not an expert so I cannot be sure which one of those combinations is a cure for asthma. And medical authorities and asthma foundations don't want to know.

It is also relevant to know that I got a little acquainted with the disease, by reading what foods and beverages to also avoid. So I did things right generally, but the disease was only completely wiped out soon after I began including B12 in my vitamin regime and made the accommodation adjustments, aforementioned.

It has to also be noted that while I had asthma for many years it never reached a critical stage. And my own phasing out of asthma inhalers was gradual. And never did I suppress from using the inhalers, whenever there was an inevitable need for those. So while I no longer have any symptoms of asthma whatsoever and no need for use of inhalers, this was a stage I had reached gradually, by doing all the right things generally.

It more notably implies that the vitamin B12 regime and amendments to life style suggested here for dealing with asthma do not at any time become alternatives to the medication individuals at a critical stage of asthma are more greatly reliant on.

And please do not follow on any tips I give here on this site from my own vitamin regime experiences, without first consulting a competent practitioner (doctor or nutritionist).