Check for Hyperparathyroid for Kidney Stones

| Modified on Sep 03, 2023
Check for Hyperparathyroid
Posted by Rick (Inaka, JAPAN) on 09/03/2008
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This is to add a strong second to one notice I have seen on this site to chronic kidney stone sufferers. If you have suffered repeated episodes of renal calculi buildup and passing kidney stones, it is advisable that you have your doctor run a simple blood test for hyperparathyroidism, an until recently little known condition that causes high blood calcium and a myriad of other symptoms including, but not limited to, depression, hypertension, loss of energy and interest, short temper, and even emotional instability. Many people suffer from this condition and do not know it, and many doctors are still unaware of it.

Check for Hyperparathyroid
Posted by Elaine (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA) on 06/24/2008

I see many of the folks in the Kidney stones area are reocurring sufferers. Some of them should ask their doctors to check them for Hyperparathyroid. You have four to six small rice size glands that sit close to the thyroid. These glands regulate calcium in the blood. Primay hyperparathyroid is caused by a tumor. Secondary hyperparathyroid is caused by a lack of vitamin D. Ask your physician to check your PTH (parathyroid hormone) and blood calcium. Sometimes you have to have a tumor removed and sometims all you need is extra vitamin D.

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