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Apple Cider Vinegar for Health and Well Being

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Sinus Infections and Sinusitis   17  0   

Posted by Jeff (Antigo, WA)

[YEA]  I was skeptical to try this. But I did after the first signs of a sinus headache and pressure. That was last night and this morning the headache was gone and my sinuses are draining very easily now. I would recomend this to anyone with a sinus cold.

Posted by Annie

[YEA]  I couldn't just believe ACV was a great cure for my suffered ear infection related to my sinusitis. I've been taking a lot of drug prescriptions and they didn't work. So, I was hopeless and had many sleepness nights of pain... until I researched the internet and found your site. I really believe it really works for me. Thanks.

Replied by Flor
Vancouver, Canada
Thanks a lot earth clinic. My son has been cure with ACV. He was with antibiotics but didn't work, it was worse. My son is 9 years old. The only thing I noticed is he has stomach pain when he drinks ACV. He takes 1 tsp of ACV once or twice a day after meals. Any advise for the stomachache?
Replied by Grannykeeper
Vancouver, Wa
Be sure to drink plenty of water with it.

Posted by Lynne (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

[YEA]  I suffered from bad throat and cough, blocked nose esp night. It was so bad that as if I could not breathe, so I have to get up so often night causing sleeping problems. It was so bad that doctors thought I had asthma. Whenever I eat spicy food, I tend to get choked easily and it was so embarrassing. Sought help from ENTs (Ear Nose & Throat Doctors) but no avail and to extent they recommended surgeries. It was a friend who recommended me and literally forced to drink a mug at her apartment. In fact, it was almost instant remedy on road to recovery. I mix a tablespoon with a mug of water and drink in the morning. After about a month, it sort of cleared the irritants in my throat and I hardly have any bad throat problems, blocked nose problems at night and I hardly cough like I used to have like a monthly occurence. Apple cider really helps on sinuses. No need to go to doctors! Now I can sleep so soundly.

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Replied by Jean
Las Vegas, Nevada
[YEA]   Apple Cider Vinegar has cured my chronic sinus infection.

About 4 years ago a root-canal on an upper back tooth developed an abcess that drained into my sinus. For two years I had a chronic sinus infection on that side and it seemed as though I would never be able to breath through my nose again! Anti-histamines, antibiotics, nasal sprays & saline rinses would knock down the pain and swelling temporarily, but nothing worked permanently until I found this site and started using ACV & baking soda. I used 2 TBS ACV and 1/4 tsp baking soda morning and night in small glasses of fruit juice. Put the ACV in the glass first, then the Baking soda (it will foam up and then subside) then fill with fruit juice.

Almost immediately the sinus started to drain and I can't describe the yucky blod filled mucous that came out at first. Gradually, the discharge became clear and now I feel "normal" for the first time in years. I can even smell the roses again!

Sore Throat   2  0   

Posted by Faith (Sacramento, California)

[YEA]  I only use ACV to cure strep throat. Used to get them 2 a year, now I drink the stuff everyday, and have not gotten strep throats at all!! God Bless!

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Replied by Dan
Myrtle Beach, Sc, Usa
[YEA]   DEFINITELY!! My eyes were opened to the wonders of ACV on this site 6 months ago, and I've been almost regularly taking it since. TWICE since then (when I had been lax), I felt a sore throat coming on- the kind that for me, always leads to post nasal drip, and then a sinus infection. I read that I should "gargle with a mixture of 1 teaspoon ACV & a half cup of water, using 3 mouthfuls of mixture each hour until its gone. " Each time, I only had to do it twice and all symptoms were gone. Advil never hurts either! I am totally impressed and totally sold!

Sprains   4  0   

Posted by Brooke (Montgomery, Tx, Usa) on 08/15/2010

[YEA]  Mon. Of this week my boyfriend sprained his ankle at football practice. I got on EC to see what was recommended and I saw ACV. This is what I did - I put approx 3 Tbls of ACV, 5 Tbls of olive oil, about 1/2 cup of salt and Kidney Drainage liquid herbs, 3 squirts, and then rubbed his feet for about 1/2 hour. The swelling went down by the next morning and he could walk on it, however, it was sprained really bad. So I did it again the next night and by the morning it was 90%, and the next day it is 100%.

Posted by Susan (Lawrenceville, GA) on 03/05/2008

[YEA]  I was looking for a home remedy cure for my female dog who has urinary tract infection for the second time. I did not want to pay the expensive vet bill again.This is how i found your web site. I hurried to the store to get some ACV, put a tps. in her food and in no time she was back to her self. Praise GOD for this miracle! The same night while i was walking her i fell off of my shoe and spranged my foot to where i could barely walk' I took 2 tbls. of ACV 2 times a day. By the end of the second day i was up and running, literally. It decreased the pain and did not even turn purple.


[YEA]  I thought I had broken my ankle. It was so bad I had to crawl on my knee and my leg and foot were one! My grandmother told me to soak a brown paper bag in vinegar and wrap it around my foot all night. Incredible results. The swelling had gone down two thirds and in three full days I was walking on it again.

[YEA]  As a child I was plagued with sprains. My grandmother mixed apple cider vinegar with red clay, heated it and made a paste. It was placed on the sprain and then wrapped with strips of an old sheet. After an hour the paste was soaked off with warm water and my sprain was healed.

Storing Apple Cider Vinegar   0  0   

Posted by Sunny (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 06/30/2013

I have an Apple Cider Vinegar bottle opened and I was wondering if I can store it room temperature or is it better to store in the the refrigerator?? Thanks!!

Replied by Kelly
Cambridge, Ma
You don't have to store ACV in the fridge. I keep all of my vinegars in my kitchen cabinet. I don't know anyone else who stores theirs in the fridge, either.
Replied by Carly
Pnw, Wa, Usa
I store my Mother's ACV in the refrigerator.... But you don't need to. It is fine either way. I just like the taste better in a cold drink, so I keep mine cold. :-)

Posted by Chorisia (Ipswich, Suffolk, England) on 10/12/2011

I have been using Aplle cider vinegar (UK) for years bought in 25ltr plastic containers. No mother forms in the plastic container, shortly after transferring into a glass container a thick mother forms. In small plastic containers no mother forms ether. So, is there some leaching from plastic inhibiting the formation of the mother? If so then it is wise not to keep cider vinegar in plastic containers?

Posted by Tara (Los Angeles, Ca) on 05/01/2011

I bought a bottle of organic apple cider vinegar from Trade Joe's. Does it matter if it's refrigerated or not? Does it ever expire? TIA!

Replied by Liz
Boston, Ma
No, apple cider vinegar does not require refrigeration. The bottle I have (the popular B's brand that's often mentioned here) says right on the bottle; Refrigeration not necessary. Shake well before using.

Posted by Brenda (Mesa, Az) on 04/12/2010

Does ACV Lose Nutritional Effect if Frozen?

I just recently started taking a daily maintenance dose of ACV in water. My question is--here in AZ it's a mite warm a good chunk of the year and I must have ice cold water. So I freeze water bottles the night before to take to work.

My question is--does freezing the ACV mixed in water kill the "good stuff" in ACV? I hope not. I could do the ice cube thing, but that's so much more tedious and I already have enough chores to do.


Replied by Debbie
Okanogan, Wa
Hey Brenda, I just read your post, I don't know if you're freezing plastic water bottles, if so, don't, by freezing the plastic bottles, it causes the bottle to release dioxine, I believe that's what its called, which causes cancer. Don't freeze plastic bottles, use glass. I use old peanut butter jars. Bye for now, debbie
Replied by Ben
Baltimore, Md, Usa
Regarding dioxins in plastics and freezing or heating them, do a google for "dioxins in plastic hoax" for hundreds of web sites on the topic. Apparently, it is not something to be concerned about.

EC: Here's a good article from that search:

Sweetening   0  0   

Posted by Steve (Kansas City Area, KS) on 11/01/2014

I'm definitely convinced about the numerous benefits of ACV. Because of the calorie content of honey, is it permissible to add part of a Stevia packet to the glass of ACV? As readers here know, stevia is supposedly one of the safest non-sugar sweeteners. It helps the taste a lot, but I wouldn't want to diminish the positive ACV effects. Thanks!

Triglyceride Levels   1  0   

Posted by Cvbhossain (Doha) on 04/27/2012

[YEA]  Hi, Few months I googled and found this site for Apple cider vinegar to reduced my trigleceride level. I am 48 and took medicines for reducing. Then I took risk and took one tablespoon daily for 4 months within two months to my & doctor surprise my triglercite level went down.. Thanks for the person who created this site and the contirbutors for sharing their own personal effect and experience.....

Ulcers   1  0   

Posted by William (Las Vegas, NV)

[YEA]  It just stopped the the abdominal pain caused by my stomach ulcer. I thought I might have to go on antibiotics. I guess I won't.

Replied by Glenda
Phoenix, Az

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