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Apple Cider Vinegar
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Apple Cider Vinegar for Health and Well Being

Last Modified on Jul 02, 2015

Anti-Fungal   0  0   

Posted by LuLu (West Milford, New Jersey, USA) on 01/04/2009

The reason ACV works is because it is antifungal. I would also say that if you checked your PH it is probably way too low. It should be about 7.4 alkaline. Disease grows in an acid environment.

EC: Sorry, no idea what post you are referring to!

Replied by Avy
Missouri, USA
I am so glad you brought that up! My stepfather passed away from cancer years ago and was told prior that cancer thrives in acidic bodies. He was advised to work on that, and he did improve for a while, actually. I forgot all about that. One more reason to use ACV. :)

Apple Cider Vinegar and Children   0  0   

Posted by Adeline (Tampa, Fl) on 12/20/2010

I have read that apple cider vinegar by nature of fermentation, creates acetic acid which can potentially damage the kidneys when consumed. Is this true? We drink ACV daily at our house and so do our young children for many ACV health benefits. But I am concerned about the health of their kidneys in the long term from drinking ACV. Is there a maximum dose to take if this is the case? Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

Posted by Kim (Winter Garden, Florida) on 09/26/2009

Every morning I start my day with 2 Tbsp of ACV in a small glass with 1/2 tsp local honey and a splash of Apple juice. I feel great and I drink it all at once, it is fine to me. My question is... I have a 9 year old daughter and am wondering if it is ok for me to start her on ACV I am thinking maybe 1 Tbsp for her and more apple juice... any thoughts?

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey   0  0   

Posted by Lyvia (Dumaguete, Philippines) on 07/21/2011

Thank you so much for this amazing information about ACV and I started using it. But this one thing I observed: When dilute ACV with water and no honey, the taste is quite bad but because it's good for the body, I take it... I also tried of putting it with honey or sometimes a bought an already mixed with honey, but it made my stomach acidic... Is it true that any acetic will become acidic when mixed with sugar or any form of sugar?

Posted by Liv (Redondo Beach, California) on 03/06/2011

For Catherine - If you feel a burning in your body after drink this beverage, make sure you've eaten first. Some of us are very sensitive, also what I do is take an herb called Slippery elm to coat my stomach first it also helps ulcers. Or I use flaxseed oil in my food, just a teaspoon, it really helps my digestion and coats my stomach before I attempt to drink any strong beverage. I warm a cup of water, put 2 teaspoons of honey , then one tablespoon of vinegar and stir. It's very pleasant this way, and my family has been drinking it this way for years. Good luck to you and everyone else, its really a great potassium drink. Liv

Posted by Rsvp2244 (Cuyahoga Falls, Oh) on 12/17/2010

I take 1 tsp ACV and 1 tsp honey daily. I do not add water, just mix the two and down it goes. Could this be hurting me in some way?

Replied by Ree
New York
I realize that this is a little late in coming, but I must stress: Do not EVER take ACV straight. It will damage your esophagus and could cause esophageal cancer if taken straight for prolonged periods of time. Always dilute it in a glass of water, don't put yourself at risk. I'm a medical student. Our GI pathology lecturer showed us pictures of this and it is horrible and incurable. It's not a guarantee to cause cancer, but you're definitely at increased risk. The esophagus is not meant to be exposed to acid like that.

Posted by Slidefoot (Elmira, Ny) on 11/03/2010

I have a hard time drinking apple cider vinegar. Is it OK if I add honey to take the tartness out of it? If not I'll do my best to drink it. I have been on blood pressure meds for 20 some years. Same meds and I am having trouble keeping it down. I am under a lot of stress right now and it doesn't help. Please let me know. I am a female and 71. Thank you. Slidefoot

Replied by Lily
Brisbane, Australia
Hello slidefoot, Yes you can add some honey to the apple cider vinegar, you can also put the Apple Cider Vinegar in some apple juice which disguises the taste quite well. Lily.
Replied by Kathy
Las Vegas, Nv
When I drink Apple cider vinegar I usually add it to 1 cup of hot tea, anykind, I add honey and 1/8 tsp of baking soda the baking soda takes away the really strong vinegar taste. If I don't want a hot drink I use room temp water with sugar or splenda and baking soda.
Replied by Nurioneheart
Tacoma, Wa, Usa
Hi, Slidefoot. I am 70 years old too and I have reduced my high blood pressure, my cholesterol and my blood sugar all in the last 3 months by using the many ideas on this website. So I do not know if using just one healthy remedy will do the trick. I treat my body as a whole system and not just isolated parts. I started eating a larger variety of vegetables especially green leafy ones, breakfast lunch and supper. I cut my carbs down to about 120 a day. I cut my fruit down to just a small slice of fresh fruit for 2 morning snacks; 2 afternoon snacks; 2 evening snacks; and I eat cucumber slices or celery or cauliflower with a little sea salt and nutritional yeast sprinkled on it (yum yum! )if I get hungry when reading before bed. I make a tonic for myself and my friends once every couple of days which I sip on throughout the day. The tonic tastes pretty good (to me anyway ) and all the ingredients are very good for all your body parts.

The Tonic Recipe is:
Put 1/4 cup organic raw apple cider vinegar and 1/8 c organic raw local honey
Or real maple syrup (not fake maple flavored syrup) into a food processor or blender. Blend this with the following fresh living ingredients
(not bottled or dehydrated stuff)
Equal parts of:
1 whole peeled lemon
peeled garlic
sliced onion
sliced ginger root

Pour this mash into a pint size glass jar and cover. It will stay useful for a couple of weeks, but it is best to take a 3 or 4 spoons of this every day so it shouldn't be sitting in the fride very long. Take a heaping table spoon of this Health Tonic as soon as you awake in the morning, with lunch, and before bedtime. You can mix it in water, juice, or tea if you wish. I often take it right out of the spoon. It is quite zesty and I have developed a fondness for it. It is good for cleaning/toning your liver. It is good for heart and blood pressure and a hundred other things that need support in our internal organs which work in harmony with each other. This tonic is also anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacteria, ant-viral, anti-parasite, anti-yeast, anti-fungus. It supports your pro-biotics. Good health to you, hope you're enjoying your journey into sharing your own wisdom. Nuri

Replied by Anne
Chicago, Il
Nurioneheart, could you please be more specific about the quantities of garlic, onion and ginger root in your recipe? If they are equal to the size of one whole lemon, isn't that a lot of garlic? is that the correct amount? Thanks!

Apple Cider Vinegar and Probiotics   0  0   

Posted by Margie (Springville, Utah) on 10/27/2010

I just wanted to say that if you take probiotics with the mothers apple cider vinegar it helps a great deal with acid in your stomach to settle down and your tummy will be able to handle the mothers apple cider vinegar. Its also great for your intestines and helps put good bacteria back into your body, which if we have too much bad bacteria it can make us extremely ill. I'm now trying the vinegar and pray that it does work. I to have been dizzy and have high blood pressure often and need to keep it under control. So will get back to let you know if it worked for me.

Posted by Pat (Athens, Al, Usa) on 05/15/2010

Can ACV and probiotics be taken together or would the ACV override the probiotics? Or can I take both as long as there is a space of time between the two? Currently I'm doing both with no ill effects I'm just wondering if one is canceling out the other or if they both are "doing their own thing" in harmony??? Thanx in advance for any input.

Replied by Lisa
Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa
Hi Pat,

Actually, acv is a prebiotic which is what probiotics feed off of. These two work well together. Still, personally I would give a space of time between the two. I find that my body handles things better if I keep it simple. In the early morning I usually take a glass of water with either fresh lemon, acv or baking soda added to it. Awhile later, I have my young coconut kefir which is loaded with enzymes and probiotics. Then after that I have a green smoothie which takes me to lunch.

Anyway, they definitely do not cancel each other out but rather work synergistically. Peace, Lisa

Apple Cider Vinegar and Refrigeration   0  0   

Posted by Jimmy (Nz) on 01/13/2012

Is it okay to make up a 4L bottle of 1:3 ACV and water and store it in the fridge? Does keeping it in water have any negative effects? Quicker than measuring out a tbsp each time.

Replied by Sophie
Dayton, Ohio, Usa
You may want to be careful what type of container you store your vinegar solution in. Vinegar is known to cause various chemicals to leech out of plastics and even glass. In fact, it is recommended that if you are going to drink from lead crystal that you soak it in diluted vinegar for 24 hours prior to use, in order to leech out the lead that would otherwise end up in your wine! Please consider using a lead-free glass pitcher with a lid, not plastic. You don't know what toxic chemicals may leech out of plastics.

Posted by Giglez2u (Morrill, Ne, United States) on 10/03/2009

Okay, I'm reading various posts and I've come across the info that it is NOT supposed to be refrigerated. When I purchased the product, I was advised to refrigerate it. Now I won't, but since it's been in the cooler for this time, is it okay to do so? I won't have to throw it away will I? I love this stuff!! Also, I still haven't heard if it will destroy my enamal on my teeth. I'm trying not to drink too much of it, but I still worry.

Replied by Suzi
Missoula, Mt
the organic ACV I buy with the mother, comes with a statement on the bottle to refrigerate after opening...these folks are the best and most consciencious(sp?)so I always place in frig and have all the marvelous benefits over the years...also use a straw to get it past your teeth....don't worry :)
Replied by Rachel
Manassas Park, Va
The Br---s Kind says on their FAQ that it does not need to be refrigerated. But it does need to be kept in a relatively cool place, out of direct sunlight.

Apple Cider Vinegar as Panacea   0  0   

Posted by Zachary (Norwich, Ct) on 05/06/2010


I am a big fan of the site and consult it regularly for a variety of issues and have had success! For that, Thank you.

I am concerned about the recommendation of Apple Cider Vinegar for almost ever ailment in question. I did have success in treating myself with ACV but the frequency with which is appears as a remedy makes me wonder if the site is sponsored by _____ or something! haha. Just curious because I am considering using ACV in my hair and a daily routine but I am uncertain as to the objectivity of the site.

EC: Hi Zachary,

During Earth Clinic's first few years, we allowed brand names to be published on the site, not realizing the extent of fake product posts on the internet. Most of the feedback back then was about apple cider vinegar. Then we received an email much like yours in 2004 (or thereabouts), asking us if we were a front for the Bragg's company! It was a most excellent wake-up call and I am forever grateful for it. Shortly thereafter, all but a few product names were banned from the site. Bragg was the first brand name to be deleted from the site. Tis true, there are now thousands upon thousands of Apple Cider Vinegar posts on the site. However, most ACV posts arrive from different ip addresses from around the world, which is why we think most (hopefully all) are legitimate posts.


Replied by Debbie
Tequesta, Fl
Zachary be careful using ACV on your hair. I have blond highlights in my hair and the ACV turned my highlights pink! I use regular white distilled vinegar on my hair every few weeks and it works just fine.
Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France
Debbie, did you dilute the ACV with water?

Apple Cider Vinegar Contraindications   0  0   

Posted by Candy (St. George, Kansas, Usa) on 10/03/2010

Just curious how long after drinking ACV is it safe to take other medications to get the full effect? Thanks!

Posted by Aseembaba (New York, Ny, Usa) on 01/22/2010

[WARNING!]  hi!

im a patient of DVT and PE (twice) and im on blood thinners to maintain an adequate INR value. as most patients will know that green vegetable can lower the INR value due to the Vitamin K content in them but ACV does the same.

im an ardent fan of ACV since 1994 and have been using it regularly but have had to stop using it after getting DVT. i have monitored my blood INR before and after having acv many a times and every time just after having it for 4 days my blood INR dropped to 1.2 when the i should be between 2 - 3.

in other words avc tends to clot the blood so dvt, pe and all other patients PLEASE DO NOT HAVE ACV while on blood thinning medication.

im bitterly missing acv since i know how wonderful it is for so many problems.
hope this helps

EC: Acronyms

DVT = Deep Vein Thrombosis
PE = Pulmonary Edema
INR = International Normalized Ratio (for blood clotting time)

Posted by Absalita (Poblacion, Sibulan, Negros) on 01/15/2010

Sir / Madam,

i dont have feedbacks yet because i have not taken yet the ACV, i have a bottle at home, and i wanted to take for my illness that i have had now. Would it be OK to take if i am ANEMIC and w/ BLOOD SUGAR problem.

Please help me, i urgently and badly need your heartfelt advise. I thank you


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