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Acid Reflux   23  1   

Posted by Keith (Nacogdoches, Tx. USA) on 07/17/2008

[YEA]  Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is the best. Lived on all the prescriptions and over the counter drugs. They relieved but they did not cure. ACV does. It's not just good for acid reflux but for other things in your body. Every Morning 1 tble spoon ACV plus 1 package of emerg C in 8oz. of pure water, been acid reflux free 2 years and counting.

Replied by Melissa
Berlin, WI
Just an FYI....Apple Cider vinegar is good for more than acid reflux. I had a sore throat that came on suddenly yesterday. It started bad and went to worse very fast. It was so painful I could not swallow. I used to drink apple cider vinegar with hot water and honey daily but because of this goofy diet I was on I stopped. My best friend reminded me of the apple cider vinegar concoction so I tried it. Litterally within an hour my sore throat was gone. I am not sure but I really think I have strep throat. Bottom line is I think it may have cured it. Time will tell but at the very least it aleveated the pain I was experiencing. I love this stuff!!

EC: Yes, many YEA reports for ACV and sore throats here:

Posted by Rick Anderson

[YEA]  I'm overweight and often have acid reflux problems. A high-protein/low carb diet definitely works for me in alleviating this acid.... but when I'm bad (eating too late at night or eating too much pastry) I have found that a small glass of apple cider vinegar and water, gulped down, momentarily makes the burning in my esophagus worse--- but then seems to completely get rid of the acid condition. I've tried this several times and each time the results were the same. Rolaids work by neutralizing acid; does vinegar really work by adding more? I don't know, but it does work! One more anecdote: I told someone at my job about it, and she said her grandmother used to swear by it, too: a swig of vinegar helped acid indigestion. She also told me that in the "old days" people would swig some vinegar to see if they had strep throat-- if it burned like hell when it hit the back of the throat, they had it! I would imagine that the acid in the vinegar helped treat the strep, too.

Replied by R
Madison, Ohio
I can see this to be true if and only if using the proper acidity. By adding acid you are throwing your pH balance completely out of whack and causing your body to try balance it. You body doesn't necessarily do that for acid reflux as it doesn't find acid reflux as a strong thing that it needs to release a base to neutralize. If acv is too acidic though, your body will not be able to neutralize it and you will be left in pain.

EC: Read this interesting thread for more information about acidity and apple cider vinegar, starting with James' NAY post on down....

Replied by Marie
Seattle, Wa
Has anyone else experienced ACV helping get rid of belly fat!? I was always a slim lady until the past several years and getting older. I have 5 pounds of fat around my middle that 'nothing' will take away. I am a healthy eater and work out at the gym 4 times a week for at least 45 minutes per session.
Replied by Deirdre
Mission, B.c. Canada, British Columbia, Canada
I have arthritis and a naturopath tested that my blood has acid crystals. I checked with Dr. Paul C. _____'s book "Apple Cider Vinegar Health System" and he advocates = 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar with 1 tsp honey in small glass of water, twice a day. Apparently when acid crystals are allowed to harden in joints and tissues, joints become stiff and tissues are hardened. When acv programme is given the precipitated acid crystals enter into a solution form and pass out of the body. Have you any thoughts on this?
Replied by Alain
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hi Deirdre
Those crystals are probably uric acid crystals. Their accumulations create all sort of problems. The pain in joints is called gout. So look for gout treatment. Eat the least processed food as possible. Don't drink sodas pop. Avoid food with aspartame, msg, any food with high fructose corn syrup, reduce protein... All these are acidic. 60% or more of uric acid is eliminated by the kidneys via the urine. If the urine is acidic a lot less of it will be eliminated. To measure urine acid level you can use pH paper or sticks. You can verify that your urine is most probably acidic (pH lower than 7). The closer the urine pH is to 7, the more you will be able to eliminate uric acid. This is about the best thing I learned for myself. So, learn about alkalizing, search for alkalizing formulas here or on the web, read some of my posts here. Unlike filtered vinegar, good unfiltered raw unpasteurized ACV is alkalizing. But there are better formulas than just ACV alone. Good luck, Alain
Replied by Alwayssora
Columbia, Tennessee
I am a great fan of ACV. I drink it in iced water. When I had tonsillitis, I mixed it with a bit of honey and swabbed my throat every hour. The white spots would disappear(and my fever) within 24 hours. I had a small wart on the back of my knee and 2 days of soaking it in ACV and it fell off! I use it with Dawn detergent to shampoo my dogs to prevent fleas. It is also good for gradual weight loss, lowering glucose levels, and relieving my rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. And the biggie: to stop charley horses at night, I keep a spray bottle of ACV by the bed, and at the first sign of leg cramps, I spray it liberally with ACV. Immediate relief. I even have started spraying my leg before bedtime. NO more cramps!
Replied by J
St. Louis, Mo
[YEA]   My husband has terrible leg cramps. I had read that ACV would help, so we tried it recently when he had a bad bout with the leg cramps. It seemed to help. We put some in the bath too and he thought that was helpful too. I had read not to put it on the skin, but it did not seem to burn his skin. Have you heard if it is harmful?
Replied by Taz
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa
I have had such bad bouts of reflux. When I had my gallbladder removed it improved. But this have gotten stressful medication prices have hit the ceiling never mind to mention the side effects. Out of desperation I googled a natural remedy. I used normal vinegar and it worked. So I know that the apple cider vinegar is going to be even more effective. Thank you!!!

Posted by Bob (Princeton, NJ)

You need to get real apple cider vinegar. Heinz is not real. Go to a health food store - even GNC has apple cider vinegar (ACV) w/mother. (Mother is the sediment at the bottom).

Shake well. Add one teaspoon to a glass and add a little less than a mouthful of distilled water. I also add a few drops of cayenne to it. If you have RAW organic honey - a bit of that mixed in can make it taste better. Drink this 10 minutes before meals. Do not drink any more liquid until at least 30 minutes after eating.

Anyone I know who does this no longer has ANY need for Prevacid, etc.

Replied by Randy
Concord, Ca USA
[QUESTION]   ACV and BS has been working for me ( Gout ) can u give the reason for 5 days on and 2 days off
Replied by Luv2cthemouse
Dallas, Tx
Hi. Do you have to use organic ACV or can it be the stuff you buy at the grocery store?
Replied by Kelly
Cambridge, Ma
Most here will tell you that the organic ACV is the only way to go, but having tried both, it's been my experience that the regular old "H's" supermarket brand works better.
Replied by Mary From Hyderabad
Hyderabad, Ap/india
Any reviews on why Heinz apple cider vinegar (ACV) is not real one. I brought Heinz only as it is America's #1 brand.

Posted by Jessica (Escondido, CA)

[YEA]  just read your web site. I have had acid reflux for over a year, and I have refused to take meditation, just using Altoids to try to help it and Milk of Magnesia, but still it didn't go away. I began taking vinegar and honey twice a day for the last two days, and now food doesn't burn when it goes down, and the pain is gone.

Posted by BettyLou

[YEA]  My husband and I have been using apple cider vinegar for a long time and we swear by it. My husband has been on every thing for his acid reflux problem and nothing works but this vinegar.

Posted by Rasheeda (Arlington TX)

[YEA]  I had a very bad case of acid reflux. No over the counter medicine worked. I then remembered an article I read that apple cider vinegar cures acid reflux. I took two tablespoons 3 times that day and the acid reflux went away.

Replied by Leandra
Dover, De
Does it take some time for the effects of ACV to ne noticeable for acid reflux? Or should it be instantaneous? Mine gets better for about 30 seconds then comes back. And I've been using ACV for 5 days now. :(
Replied by Tariq
Abu Dhabi, Uae
[YEA]   Try 4 to 5 Almonds. It is a very good tested treatment for ACID REFLUX.

Posted by Casper (Stockbridge, GA)

[YEA]  I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar for a week now, and it has completely cured my acid reflux. I have been on Prevacid for almost eight years now... I am slowly weaning myself off of it. We will see.

Replied by Punkygirl
Erie, Pa
I have a few questions.....

I have been reading pages and pages about ACV and acid reflux.... I would love to try this with my boyfriend but worry that it MIGHT make things worse. AND also he is on blood pressure medicine for high blood pressure and has asthma, but doesn't take anything for that. But I read some scary things about ACV and lower blood pressure so I wonder what that would do if you were on BL medicine.

Thanks in advance for any answers!

Replied by Shaina
Bloomington, In
[YEA]   ACV help acid reflux because your body needs more stomach acid. The body may also need more digestable foods. The combination between a poor diet (may be a personal dietary situation, or processed conventional food including pasturized dairy products) that is had to digest and the body not having the resources it needs to produce the stomach acid to fully digest this food. Without enough acid to digest, indigestion (not digesting) occurs and results in burning of the esophagus.

Inhibiting stomach acid production with an antacid may halt the burning but will surely increase the digestion problems, probably resulting in constipation or other digestive upset. Would seem better to tackle the source of the issue than to compound stressors, through to each his own. Vitamin C also helps this greatly.

Replied by Lauren
Asheville, Nc
@ Ginger from Moncks Corner, Sc ----

Ginger, drinking distilled water is not good. It pulls nutrients out of your cells, tissues, and bones. It is especially bad if used over a long period of time. Here is what just one website says. NOBODY USE DISTILLED WATER!

"- Drinking distilled water over a long period of time will leave you mineral deficient to a certain degree. Manyof the minerals taken into our body are done so through the digestion and absorption are those carried in water.

- When we cook vegetable and other foods in distilled water, the distilled water pulls the minerals out of the them and the nutrient value is lowered.

- Distilled water has zero electrolite value which come from sodium, potassium and chloride. No electrolytes meansdehydration.

- Distilled water absorbs carbon dioxide from the air and it therefore radidly becomes acidic. The more distilled water a person drinks, the higher the body acidity becomes. Acid means a desease environment.

- The less our mineral intake, the greater the risk for osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure and a long list of degenerative diseases generally associated with premature aging.

I hope that you are getting the idea. Distilled water contributes to bringing about a mineral deficient and acidenvironment for the body. In fact Cells, tissues and organs do not like to be dipped in acid and will do anything to counter act this acidity including the removal of minerals from the skeleton and the manufacture of bicarbonate in the blood."

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn Usa
LOREN, you are right on. In industry, all steam lines must have condensate traps to remove the moisture from the steam. Distilled water is just condensate from steam.Where ever this condensate drips on to the concrete it eats a hole by dissolving the calcium. It does the same for your body only it dissolves every mineral, not just calcium. In your steam cookers or irons you used distilled water because there are no minerals to plate out and plug up your system. We have a water ionizer so we can increase the amount of minerals and pH from our well water. A novice should be leary about drinking distilled water full time.
Replied by Tom
Milton, Ontario
Yes, apple cider vinegar is excellent for you as long as you don't have food allergies then you will have acid reflux problems leading to gastro-intenstinal problems. Tom
Replied by Lisa
Atlanta, Ga
1Tbs apple cider vinegar and Tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses is awesome!
Replied by Hazel
Regina, Sk, Canada
A month ago, I had doubts about apple cider vinegar (ACV)... Many thanks to this site. I have not used my asthma maintenance med (Symbicort) for a month now.
Replied by Ella
La Costa, Ca
Hi, I am having constipation and bloating I don't eat dairy, gluten, soy, and corn. My diet is very clean mostly green vegetable, lean red meat, lamb wild wish. I try to drink apple cider vinegar 16oz water 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar it makes me constipated.. Do you have any suggestion? Thank you
Replied by Lady Day
Somewhere, In
[YEA]   My daughter turned me on to apple cider vinegar (ACV) a while ago. I would like to suggest a WONDERFUL way to consume it. You will look forward to your daily cup if you will try the following:

Add 2 teaspoons of ACV to a hot cup of green tea. I sweeten with Sugar in the Raw (turbinado sugar). Add a couple sticks of cinnamon and voila!

Trust me... (1) cup won't be enough. You 'll think you're drinking apple cider and not only are you getting lots of antioxidants, you're lowering your blood pressure, glucose and acidity.

Replied by Gary
Palm Desert, Ca
[YEA]   About 12 years ago, I read that taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and a teaspoon of honey in an 8 oz glass of water twice a day would help lower cholesterol... I don't know if that helped... but what I do know is that my heartburn and what I later found out was called gerd disappeared.

I could be having a severe attack of heartburn and take a teaspoon ACV in a half glass of water and it will immediately disappear.

If I take a teapsoon in an 8 oz or even smaller glass once or twice a day, I almost never experience either heartburn or gerd. I've recommended this to several friends, it has worked for most of them!

Replied by Derek
Dublin, Ireland
I mix two tablespoons of _____s apple cider vinegar (ACV) with a dash of boiling water in a small bowl, using cotton wool I dab it all over my face every other day. This is fantastic for your skin and complextion. Excellent for acne or uneven skin tone, blemishes etc. Also if you ever get shingles use ACV on them, works amazinly well, a little bit stingy, but results are incredible! Much better than any prescribed creams.
Replied by April
Miami, Fl/usa
I started getting sour taste in mouth an year ago. When it continued for few months I consulted doctor/gastroentrologist and after couple of tests and endoscopy I am diagnosed with GERD and Barrets Oesophagus. Doctor said mine is asymptomatic GERD (as I do not get heartburn my only symptom is sour mouth). I was started on omeprazole 40 mg daily which help most of the day but not always. Me and my husband wanted to start family so my gastroentrologist adviced to stop omeprazole and take tums as and when needed. As my reflux is asymptomatic I am worried about my Barrets getting worse.

So I started looking at natural remedies and came across apple cider vinegar (ACV). I started it yesterday. Before going to bed I took 2 tsp ACV 1/8th tsp of baking soda in glass of water. I felt little bloating and warm feeling in my stomach? I am not sure if it is working or not! Is it the right way to consume it? I would also like to know if ACV is safe when trying to conceive or during pregnancy. What is the best way to take it. Do you have any suggestions! Thank you!

Replied by Tamesha
Manchester, Jamaica
I get yeast infection last week and my aunt told me to sit over hot water with Apple Cider Vinegar in it. What I did was Boil the water, then put it in a bucket then add half bottle of acv. Then sit over it wrap a towel around you so the steam doesn't escape. Just sit over it for 15 mins or more do this 3 times daily. I did it for 5 days now my yeast infection is gone, I also use vagisil creme for the itch. Now am also taking vitamin c pills and eating yogurt and I also drink one glass of water with 1tbp of apple cider vinegar. good luck to those who try it.
Replied by Henr
Ny, Ny Usa

Apple cider vinegar is gross, as any of you who has tried drinking it surely knows. All the posts I have seen say to dilute it with water, but in my opinion that just prolongs the terrible experience of drinking it.

I just tried mixing it with a little bit of cold tonic water (about 1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar to 2-3 tsp tonic) and found that was much better than still water.

I hope that this doesn't somehow counteract acv's effectiveness, because I've found it to be much less disgusting!

Replied by Tony
Sunrise Beach, Queensland
Apple cider vinager is not alkaline. on your page you say that it's alkaline because of the ash content and that you take it to make your system more alkaline. But any high school student would know that vinegars are acid. Apple cider vinager is typically 4, 5 or 5 in undiluted form. Was that a mistake or a deliberate mistruth?

EC: Clearly, and vinegar is going to be acidic, and you're quite right, apple cider vinegar is an acid straight through to the stomach. However, once digested, the component mineral organic compounds of apple cider vinegar have an alkaline effect on the body's metabolism.

Replied by Tonichimayo
Palm Desert, California, Usa
I just read all of the comments on your site, top to bottom. Thank you everyone! Your imput has been enormously helpful. There is one comment that I would like to add, in as much as I didn't see it mentioned: Aluminum-Free Baking Soda. For those who choose to add baking soda to their apple cider vinegar (ACV) cocktail, it can be purchased in your local health foods/natural foods shop. And, rather than throw out the old brand that contains aluminum, it can be used instead to scrub your pots and pans and to remove coffee/tea stains from inside your cup/mug.

Posted by Frank (Bellflower, CA)

[YEA]  Right now I thank the Lord for this web site. I was at the end of the road. I tried everything. I could not go a day without having a attack of reflux. On Saturday I was at church and my heartburn and reflux was so bad, my right arm was numb. Many nights I end up spitting up on the side of the bed. I had over 10 bottles of omeprazole from the V.A. hospital that helped for the moment.

Replied by Larry
Detroit, Mi
[NAY]   I must warn anyone who wants to get on the apple cider vinegar bandwagon..... Your body treats vinegar as alcohol. If you are troubled by gout, arthritis or liver problems.... Stay away from this. I have a problem with gout and read that someone used vinegar for a cure.... I was so badly crippled by the apple cider vinegar cure that I was unable to walk. My doctor explained why..... Your body metabolizes vinegar as if it is alcohol... Thus the gout got worse. Be careful before jumping into any of these so called cures.... They could make you much worse than you are!!
Replied by Self
The body breaks alcohol down to a compound called acetaldehyde which is then converted to acetic acid (vinegar). Some people have an enzyme defect and can't make this conversion and get sick when drinking alcohol. Vinegar is practically an oxidated or soured alcohol. Bacteria turn alcohol into acetic acid (vinegar). Gout is generally believed to be caused by genes, gender and age, being overweight, drinking too much alcohol, purine-rich foods, lead exposre, certain medications, etc.

"Alcohol consumption not only affects the production of uric acid, but also its flushing out from the body. Alcohol, especially beer, has purines that accumulate, triggering an increased production of uric acid. "

Apple cider vinegar is actually a low purine food which also helps to reduce uric acid levels.

There are 60 positve feedback posts using apple cider vinegar (ACV) for gout on this website alone and numerous postive feedback on various websites. BUT there are some people who may have an allergy to ACV (e. G. Hives, asphyxiation, or rapidly worsening symptoms, etc) or some enzyme defect, etc, which causes the worsening of symptoms and they need to stop taking ACV. So as said by the poster here, try a small amount and build up and see how your body handles ACV.

Posted by Larry (Bellwood, Illinois)

[YEA]  Recently, I started taking a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar twice a day, to help with my life long acif reflux. I had heard that my medication was in fact stopping my natural production of stomach acid, and that the avc would supply me with the natural amounts need for proper digestion.

I have now been two weeks free without my pepcid or tums. I HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER, AND AM NOT AFRAID TO GO TO BED AT NIGHT WITHOUT A PEPCID. I know that some will not believe my comments, but as a licensed practicing attorney at law, I stand by what I experienced.

Replied by Angeli
Manassas, Va
I too have been helped by using the Apple Cider Vinegar. The acid reflux is so bad that I have heartburn that feels like a rubber band across my chest pulling in both directions and it hurts to laugh, cough or twist and bend. When I take the apple cider vinegar this goes away. I use the below combination

1 cup heated water

2 TBLS unfiltered ACV

2 TBLS Raw natural unfiltered honey

Not only does it help with my stomach, the acid reflux it is also helping me with my hair and skin and boy am I full of energy. Hate to brag too much they may raise the price of this natural product that God made and the goverment may try to alter it by adding all kinds of junk to it. Can't beat the benefits. One way to stay healthy and not depend on this new healthcare insurance that the government is pushing.

Posted by Tracy (Oklahoma City, OK)

[YEA]  I take one apple cider vinegar pill a day and have not had to take my acid reflux RX since.

Replied by David
Lakewood, Ohio
I just want to know is there a particular kind of ACV pills or just any of them to take the place of the liquid? My daughter is only 18 and I am trying to find something that is going to give her some real relief without constant medication. That is a little harsh on her system. Thank you.

Posted by Angela (Des Moines, WA)

[YEA]  I was just diagnosed with acid reflux and was prescribed Aciphlex. I hate taking all of those new medications out there, they create more problems in other areas. After talking to many people and doing lots of research online, I decided to try vinegar. I first bought Heinz apple cider vinegar. Then I read that Heinz was not real vinegar and that I should try [an organic brand]. I actually did not have to go to a health food store. I bought it at Safeway. My throat was raw, but it made it feel better within the first half and hour.


EC: Click here to read ALL of emails that we've received about apple cider vinegar (ACV) curing Acid Reflux, including hundreds of other recommendations to cure Acid Reflux, Gastritis and GERD.

Acne   8  0   

Posted by Marion (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 05/03/2013

[YEA]  I am a 25 year old female and I have been using ACV for almost a year now mixed half and half with distilled water for a toner after using a mild cleanser on my face 2 times a day. I have had horrible issues with acne since I was 13 years old and have spent over thousands of dollars for invasive lazer treatments, chemical peels, medication, creams... EVERYTHING... And yet... Still not the results I wished for. This product has changed everything about my skin. My pores are smaller, the dark spots have faded, I rarely get any acne anymore, and when I do, it goes away within days. For the first time in my adult life... I can say that I am happy with my skin. I don't have to hide behind make-up and sunglasses any more and that has been the most amazing thing I could have ever dreamed of. This product is absolutely amazing. I have recommended it to tons of my friends with the same issue, and they too have been able to appreciate the benefits from ACV!

Posted by Ebony-Rose (Wellington, New Zealand) on 01/11/2009

[YEA]  I've suffered from acne for 6 years now, when it developed in my teen years. I've tried everything, from prescription antibiotics, to salicyclic acid/differn gel, to change in diet, the pill, and drinking litres of water...but to no avail!

Came across articles of the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) recently and decided to give it a try. After taking 2tsp of vinegar mixed in warm water 3x daily, and apply topically each night with cotton swab, I found within several days my skin was clearing. My skin did flare up again after a week, but I found having sensitive skin meant the vinegar was very drying. So I applied the ACV to my face every few days while moisturising with "Bio Oil" in between, and continued drinking ACV 3 times a day. After about 1 1/2 months my skin is so clear, with only a few spots every now and then. I have a healthy glow, smooth lightened skin, bright eyes, hair is in fantastic condition, and I have more energy than I ever had! A complete miracle!

Replied by Melmax
Nyc, Ny
[YEA]   LOVE! ACV. Have been taking it now twice a day for about a month. Unlike others, I have no problem with the taste. Actually like it, and don't add any sweetener. I've had acne all my life. Was told it was hormonal. Since taking apple cider vinegar (ACV), my skin has been clear and healthy looking. Also have lost some weight. And feel an overall sense of general wellness. Am keeping an eye on my varicose veins to see if it has any affect on those. Will keep you posted. But, either way, you can be sure I will keep up with the ACV.
Replied by Pigsooie
Mountain Home, Arkansas
[YEA]   My 14 year old son has had severe breakouts on his face, back and chest. Last night I mixed up equal parts of ACV/water and we dabbed it on like a toner. This morning I was AMAZED at the difference. He has done this again this morning, and shockingly the acne and pimples are almost gone! Highly recommed this! It works! :0)
Replied by Natasha
New York City, Ny, Usa
I suffer from nodular acne typically I get one or two around my periods I kept them at bay by applying JOJOBA oil to my face. It works for me. This time around I got a cluster of acnes on my cheeks and it got me worried Jojoba was not enough. I started drinking the ACV concoction after reading so much about it on this website. I do see some difference in the appearance of my acne, they are smaller, has less pus and go down faster.. But ever since I started ACV (a week ago now) I am observing that I get one new acne each day on my face. I did read that ACV may aggravate the problem before curing it.. I am just writing to gain some moral support to continue on ACV. Can someone share their similar experiences and how long it lasted. Please help.
Replied by Rachel
Hartford, Connecticut, Usa
Try applying it topically for faster results. Here's my skin regimen: wash/exfoliate with a paste of baking soda and castille soap (castille soap won't dry your skin), tone with 50/50 mixture of water and ACV (I use B---- brand with the mother), then moisturize with organic virgin coconut oil. I've found all of these products at either the grocery store or a vitamin/health shop.

Since using the above procedure, my breakouts are down to near zero (I do get one or two here and there when I get stressed, but this is the exception rather than the norm). My skin just glows now -- I just wish this site had been around when I was in high school!

Replied by Ninasim
Northampton, Ma
I'm so happy to have found this site, so much great info. I have been diagnosed several times with Candida. My body seems to be falling apart... Skin problems, allergies, lethargy and severe gastrointestinal problems for years. I started taking ACV twice a day with 5 drops of Grapefruit seed extract. It has been a week and I have so much more energy! Unfortunately, my cystic acne has broken out horribly... Worse than it's ever been. Is it possible that this means that my system is clearing out the bad stuff? Or am I making a mistake in using this as a solution?

Posted by Kathleen (Nairobi, Kenya) on 08/16/2007

[YEA]  I've had acne for the last 14years, am 29, got worse after age 18. Had tried all, including chinese and african herbal treatments, nothing worked. Stumbled on your site and started the apple cider vinegar (ACV) remedy and only 3months and my skin is almost perfect, by the way it was all over my face,chest, back and upper arms. Will never stop using it. Recently was having black tea and put ACV one teaspoon and it tasted nice like lemon tea, want to continue taking ACV in my tea, is it ok, does the heat or tea leaves interfere with the effectiveness of the remedy. Also which vinegar works better for the hair rinse white or ACV? Have dandruff. Thanks.

Replied by Joslyne
Nairobi, Kenya
Hi , Happy to hear that ACV worked for you , kindly let me know where in kenya you bought the organic ACV

EC: See this page:

Replied by Blondie
Fort Worth, Texas
This sounds more like pityrosproum foliculitis caused by M. Furfur yeast. This yeast causes an acne like infection on the back, chest, upper arms, neck, and even the face. Can have the cystic-like painful deep bumps. A good way to tell if this is what you have is by taking oral antibiotics, such as minocycline, and the acne will get worse within a day or so instead of clearing. It can also be itchy, esp. hot weather. This yeast overgrowth is very often missdiagnosed as acne. This yeast also causes dandruff, flaky/scaly serrobreaic dermatitis (not sure I spelled it right), tinea vesicolor, and even skin infection in dogs. A good site to read more about this yeast is Dermnet NZ.
Replied by Mimy
Stillwater, Mn
Did you ever find out if heat from the teas affects the medicinal-ness of the ACV..? Just wondering. Thanks!! :>

Posted by Angelina O

[YEA]  [she'has found that applying apple cider vinegar (ACV) topically to her face several times a day (4 or more times) has cured her of a "very bad complexion". She reports that she applies it straight and that while it burns her skin a bit, works like a miracle!]

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