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Apple Cider Vinegar
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Apple Cider Vinegar for Health and Well Being

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Posted by Bob (Boston, Ma) on 10/05/2008

[YEA]  I ended up on your site looking for a cure for shingles. I found it and it involved among other things Apple cider vinegar to be ingested and a mix of Aloe vera and crushed cayenne pepper rubbed on the redness which almost instantly brought the blisters to a head. I was done with shingles in about a week. Because of all the testimonials here, I decided to keep on taking the ACV orally 3 times a day. In liquid form or capsules. I realized that my flow of urine got stronger and started to last much longer. I had prostate problems for a few years and I was taking every day some very expensive herbal tea that was working somewhat. I decided to stop the herbal tea and stay on the ACV only. I now pee like a 15 years old and I'm not on any medication. ACV also cured me of my insomnia! Thank you Earth Clinic for such a great site.

Posted by San D (Pasadena, CA) on 09/25/2008

[YEA]  Before ACV, I suffered from being over weight and acne prone skin. I discovered ACV from a good read and decided to give it a try due to its many benefits. I drink a tspn before each meal (except breakfast). The results are wonderful! My energy level went up, and I also lost weight. It wasn't an overnight success, but it worked! Just recently my husband suggested I put some on a cotton ball and use it for a couple of flare ups I had. And that was last week. Today, I can stand here and honestly say, my pores shrunk and my face is glowing. Needless to say, I've used it as a toner. I've never felt so confident.

Posted by Alice (New Fairfield, Connecticut) on 09/11/2008

[YEA]  Some friends recently joked that I should put Apple Cider Vinegar in a spray bottle and keep it with me at all times since I am recommending it to everbody for everything! (think windex and "My Big Fat Greek Wedding") Anyway, I always try to have 2 bottles in the house (1 for internal ingestion and one for topical uses) and I take 2 Tbsps (a shot glass full) every day. I personally prefer to take it this way as I feel it's not going to taste great no matter what I add it to so I just get it down and follow up with a water or juice chaser. I am recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, a form of hypothyroidism, and I now realize that when I first started taking the ACV regularly I noticed a little change in my energy, digestion, and skintone. I stopped taking it a week before my physical and stopped taking it daily and my symptoms were a little worse. I have started taking Levothyroxine and am still waiting for it to kick's only been a few weeks, but I am defintely going to continue ingesting the ACV . As far as ACV for other things, here are a few that I absolutely swear by:

1. bee stings - we had quite a few this summer, my 7 year old's hand swelled up incredibly where it was stung and as soon as I applied a cottonball soaked in ACV the spot immediately deflated and she pain stopped after a few minutes. Hours later there was almost no sign of the sting.

2. Herpes cold sores - My husband and both my daughters have gotten them and at the first sign it's coming on I apply an ACV soaked cottonball and hold it on for a couple of minutes. Since the first time I tried this it has worked every time! The cold sores never ever broke out. Also important to note that I read on this site how diet sodas can bring on Herpes cold sores and I told my husband about it. The last 3 times he drank diet soda he felt a breakout coming on which I stopped dead it it's tracks with the ACV. He is finally convinced not to drink diet soda and that the ACV really works.

3. Triglycerides - Not an issue for me but a friend researched ACV for that purpose and her husband started taking it a couple of months before his next doctors appt. She said his levels did drop quite a bit although not enough to avoid medication, but it did seem to work. Maybe if continued his levels could drop more?

4. pimples - Not a problem for me but occasionally I get one and the ACV clears it up. These are the main uses of ACV for our family but I'm sure I will find more...I am a devoted user!

Posted by Bret (Orlando, FL) on 08/15/2008

[YEA]  Grandma's been telling us to use ACV for EVERYTHING that ales us for years. She's 93 and has not seemed to age for the 20 years. She even recently fell and broke her nose. What did she do even before going to the hospital? Rubbed ACV on her face. That still seems excessive to me but my history with ACV tells me there is knowledge in that old lady.

I ran into a very old man at a yard sale who helped me carry a porch bench to my car. I told him I was very impressed with his energy. He made me watch him do some ankle kicks. I can't even do that. He was 86. Whats he contribute it to? ACV.

Before my esophogus issues, which I am now treating with ACV thanks to your site, I tried ACV on an unsightly mole by my pelvis. Taped a soaked cotton ball to it nightly. Got a bit worried when it appeared to grow, get darker and more coarse. But then it flicked right off by the third day! Gone for 9 months now. But I have to cred my brother with that idea since he once showed me some absolutely frightening genital warts he had. He called me weeks later to say they were gone after soaking them by paper towel over night with ACV in about 1 week! And that was after several doctor visits that would not remedy.

Well, hope it clears up my acid reflux now. But after what I know, and the continual testimony from fam and those willing to share on this site, I'd be a fool to not partake daily. I'm on it. Hint: hold your nose while taking it - even before you let go wash it down with juice or something and completely clear out your mouth if the taste is too strong.

Posted by Les (Naples, Florida) on 08/11/2008

[YEA]  I have had problems with excess mucus which prevented me from getting a good nights sleep. I found your site and tried your apple cider vinegar remedy. I use one to two tablespoons of ACV to a glass of warm water. It worked like a miracle. Not only is my mucus problem gone it also has helped my asthma.I sleep through the night like a baby. Thanks again for this excellent website. Les

PS: Also improved my church choir voice.

Posted by Mel (Garner, NC) on 06/30/2008

[YEA]  I found your website about a year ago and I have consulted it regularly since to find remedies with amazing results for various symptoms. I will stick with Apple Cider Vinegar for right now and post the others at a later time.

I have been taking a tablespoon of Organic ACV with Mother of Vinegar just about every day for the past year. Not only have I not experienced acid reflux, but I have also noticed that I have not had a cold to speak of during that time. Back in December of '07 I experienced a slight irritation in the back of my throat and watery eyes that normally would signal the onset of a cold with worse symptoms to follow. It never got any worse and in three days I felt completely normal. I am 52 years old and that is the first time that has ever happened to me.

While several of my co-workers were scurrying to get flu shots, I continued taking ACV and never missed a step and for the first time in years I did not spend a dime on over-the-counter allergy medication.

This may not work for everybody, but I am convinced it has worked for me. I thank God for the practical wisdom contained on this website.

God bless you all!

Posted by Denise (Greenwich, CT) on 06/30/2008

[NAY]  I used 1 tsp. acv in apple juice 3x/day for about a year. Unfortunately, it didn't help my acid reflux, blood pressure or cholesterol. My bp and cholesterol got higher in fact. My diet never changed. I've stopped the ACV and both numbers dropped. So strange as I used _____'s organic ACV and they say it works for everything. I was so disappointed. Wish I knew why it didn't work for me. I also developed something called sjogren's disease A after using it which is dry eyes and dry mouth. I don't have symptoms ironically, but I do get these huge cysts in the orbit of the eye. They have also stopped since I discontinued the ACV.

Since everyone is discussing using ACV and baking soda, why not use Alka Seltzer gold? It is sodium and potassium bicarbonate. A naturopath doctor told me to use it back in the 80's when I developed severe food allergies. As soon as one started, I put alka seltzer gold in water and it halted the reaction immediately; 1000mg of Vit C does the same thing.

My daughter developed laryngeal acid reflux and was put on prevacid 2x/day. I didn't want to do this as she is only 13, but she is having problems with singing. The naturopath prescribe licorice tablets but it says it's for adults and can only be used for 6 weeks since it causes the bp to rise. Her skin is dry and she has mild asthma and she has been breaking out with little pimples on her back, chest and arms and face. It's so frustrating as I hate meds. They have helped her, but I hate any long term meds as I'm frightened they may cause cancer. I'd try the ACV but it may make her skin break out more.

Posted by Carol (Newhall, CA) on 06/22/2008

[YEA]  I just had to tell others that have experienced stomach problems (had gallbladder removed 8 yrs. ago), sinus problems, allergies. asthma, and yeast infections that the acv has really changed my life! that is the organic acv from trader joe's! I had poop and gas problems. I had breathing problems too! I even got off my inhalers including my steroid! I am also trying to lose weight. I feel healthier and can walk and exercise more now. My social life had changed to not wanting to go out of the house or being away from the toilet! If you try a little bit to start, get used to it first. I was drinking one capful to one cup of water about three times a day. It has also led me to drink more water. I will let you know about weight loss as I am trying walking and taebo. By the way I was also having chronic fatigue, but when I drink the stuff faithfully, I feel great! (Also it helps your bowel to not smell bad.) So if you try it start small and dilute it. Don't burn yourself with it straight because it is a acid base. Good luck!

Posted by Mike (Seguin, TX) on 06/12/2008

[YEA]  I have been oil pulling for 4 days. I used to smoke two packs a day and drink so much coffee I ended up in the hospital with caffiene intoxication. My teeth look so much cleaner and are starting to get white. They had been terribly stained. I work nights, 12 hour shifts, and always have big black bags surrounding my eyes. These bags are almost completely gone and my skin looks so clear. I also starting drinking 2 tablespoons of ACV in 8 oz of water before each meal. My skin is really starting to glow. My energy is reaching levels I have not felt in years. I am in my mid forties. I am really starting to look younger. This upsets my wife very much. She is upset that I am being stared at now by others whenever we are out together. She sees the differences in my appearance and energy but for some reason will still not try oil pulling or ACV. I am going to start keeping a journal and track the changes in my appearance and energy. I am so pleased with the results and it has only been four days!!!! I am enjoying being "noticed" so much more when I go out. It always nice to know that others find you attractive. I FEEL GREAT!!!!!!!!! I will continue with both of these practices for the remainder of my life. It is so cheap and yet the rewards are so tremendous.

Posted by Nath (Winnipeg, Canada) on 06/11/2008

[YEA]  I've been using 2tbs of acv with a glass of water. Benefits have been better digestion, energy, less asthma symtoms, not so pale in the face, weight loss. I stopped taking for a while to see what would happen, and the reverse of the benefits occured.

Posted by Nadia (Shenzhen, China) on 05/24/2008

[YEA]  I started taking ACV for 3 weeks about 3 months ago without baking soda and it was fantastic, cleaned my whole system, having lots of energy, no pain, weight loss and etc. I am taking AVC+Baking soda now but it seems I don't get the same result as before, am I doing anything wrong here?????. However I recommend it to EVERYONE to please try it for at least 2 weeks , 3 times a day. 2 TBS in a cup of water upon rising, mid morning and mid afternoon. I thank Earth clinic for this site.

Posted by Linda (Clyde, Texas) on 02/07/2008

[YEA]  I've used ACV for many problems including fungal infections. When my son came back from Iraq he had a horrible case of athletes foot. I used 1 cup ACV and distilled water as a foot soak and the infection cleared up completely. He only needed to do the foot soak 1 night. Also, I developed that horrible toenail fungus like my mother had...thick yellow nails with a flaky exudate underneath...I started soaking my toenails in ACV straight from the bottle. After a 10 minute soak, I would use a q-tip and get the ACV up under the nail. Within a week, I had healthy growth of my nails. Now they are completely normal. The prescription for this was $600 which I couldn't afford. The ACV was $3.95 and I only had to use a shot glass of it every night for a week to clear up the problem. Once new growth was healthy, I stopped the toe soaks and have not had to use it again.

I've used ACV to get rid of ringworm too. It works as quickly as black walnut hull extract. Just dab it on with a cotton ball, and BLOW as it burns. It may burn, but it works.

Finally, I worked in Iraq for a year and developed a horrible fungus in my sinuses and had to have emergency surgery. The fungus would always come back and I finally cleared the infection by using ACV in my nasal irrigator every day. I put 1 mL of ACV in a WaterPik bowl, with warm water. It burned and made my eyes water, but I could BREATHE! Anytime I have symptoms of that fungal infection, I immediately start using ACV in my nasal wash. Anytime I have the slightest symptom of cold or sore throat, I use a shot glass of plain ACV and the symptoms are gone with 1 dose. Now my BP is getting high, so I know what to do...I never should have gotten off of it. This is a great site by the way. For beauty, I've used a water/ACV mixture to tighten pores and to eliminate dulling from shampoo. My dogs get 1 mL of ACV in their drinking water every day and NEVER have fleas or ticks. I don't have to purchase expensive flea remedies. Just a little ACV will do it, but you have to be consistent with it.

Posted by Peggy (Hinesville, GA) on 01/30/2008

[YEA]  Hi, First, I'd like to say thank you Earth Clinic and Ted for this site and the contributions. I share it with everyone I can. This is a concern I have which I patiently direct to Ted. I have been using AC vinegar since last spring. I take at least 2 TBsp a day with 1/2 tsp. of baking soda 2x a day. I fluctuate between 2 and 5 pounds in weight loss due to the belief that I have other issuses that may need addressing in order to see the true benefit of its use. It has kept me feeling good, BP has lower some, but not where I need it to.

I have started experimenting with it on my face as a toner morning and night. I spray a cotton ball and gently wipe my face to my neck, then follow with vitamin E oil to soothe the slight itch and smell. This is to purify the skin for toxin. My face feels better but will keep everyone posted on further results.

Also, I am using it along with Tea Tree oil to help rid three small warts near my vagina. The treatment consist of acv applied for 5 minutes with q-tips and follow up with t-tree oil three times a day. After bath at night, I spray a cotton ball and apply in place against the area and leave for thirty minutes. It is painful. After removal of cotton ball I apply more t-tree oil to soothe the pain and then I can rest. So far the skin on the warts are turning white and shrinking, one is a little raw, but it is working. I will follow up after end results.

Now for Ted, I am now taking' 2 TBsp of applecider vinegar with 1/2 tsp of baking soda, 1/2tsp of cinnamon,1 TBsp of apple cinnamon Lecithin and 5 drops of organic cayenne pepper as a concoction upon arrival in mornings, noon and night. Is it healthy to take that much baking soda daily month in and out? My family is harrasing me because they say vingar is a blood thinner and may cause me problems and I am concerned about the dose of baking soda? Will you clear this up for me so that my family will let me continue my experience for weight loss and lower blood pressure in peace. Thank you in advance, Ted and God bless you all.

Posted by Mira (Venice, CA) on 01/28/2008

[YEA]  LET ME START BY SAYING I THINK THIS SITE IS THE BEST ONE OUT THERE ON THE INFO HI-WAY.. I had a sinus infection on and off for the last 15 years! I have tried everything and more from the regular md's including pain pills for years to get rid of that horrible head ache around my eyes and cheek bones. A couple of years ago while walking, I Met a man selling a book about Cancer cures/prevention. he had published the book himself and i was interested in prevention, and what he had to say. He told me that all Humans and animals would benefit greatly by drinking and BATHING in ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR WITH THE MOTHERS... I found this to be very interesting and decided to do my own experiments and research, I have a dog who was beginning to get mange on her hind knee it was red and irritaded the vets wanted to give her some horrible medicine and she was clearly not feeling well.I held him over the sink and poured the Vinegar strait from the bottle over her infected knee she squirmed a bit probably from the stinging but a second later that smart pooch put her leg on my chest so i could at it better (as though she knew i was gonna fix her) after the first time it was 80% better and in two days that mange was gone! so I took a bath using the vinegar i probably used a quart as I buy it in gallon jugs ...I could not believe how I felt after one bath..."Reborn" is the word that comes to mind. after that one bath I began to take it orally, in the morning or anytime i had heart burn another ailment of mine...The ACV has worked wonders,also it took My skin tags off and made my skin and hair so much brighter.i also only use coconut oil for moisturizing and a small amount in my hair for dryness.

I started reading about baking soda and gave that a try too...I put a small box of baking soda with the vinegar in the bath. Amazing, all my aches and pains were gone! the skin on my knee caps looked like they were 12 years old, No ashiness,or dryness... now about the sinus infection, I was really sick, for a month in November and Dec.07 i had a crusty sore on the tip of my nose and I had laryngitis from working in year round air conditioning and the dry winds that plague California, and it was like the 5th time in a year that I had come down with it. Being a singer,with a weekly show this has been so depressing for me... so i took one tablespoon ACV and warm water in a Netti tip your head from side to side not backward. It burned I have to admit.... so I rinsed again with plain water to get the sting out. My eyes started to water and my throat hurt and I blew stones out of my nose! I am not kidding. the mucous changed from greenish yellow to clear almost immediately, The sore on the tip of my nose went away over night, i blew my nose after that for a week, as wads and wads of mucous came out..I could actually sing the next night! It was a Miracle for me...

Then I found your site on Oil Pulling I had never heard of it before and I mistakingly thought it I read safflower oil in stead of sunflower oil. I got the courage up to try it and could do no more than a couple of minutes. Now I doubt if I will ever go to the Doctor ever again! After one try with the Safflower oil my VOICE was better than when i was kid! As if the oil had lubricated all that was rough and scratchy! I am so amazed at the oil pulling, I wonder why no one ever talks about it publicaly as the best thing ever for well being, as one of your writers on this site put it "The virus was made in nature can be healed by nature too!" I am a true Believer and will do these remedy's for life.I could go on and on about the benefits of these homade remedy's that REALLY WORK!

Replied by Joseph
Chesapeake, Virginia
curious what is oil pulling -- can anyone explain please? Also I just started to lose my voice. Apple cider to the rescue within one hour the flem from my throat is clearing.

EC: Read more about Oil Pulling here:

Posted by Tracey (Chicago, USA) on 01/24/2008

[YEA]  I use ACV for ear mites on my cat and itchy skin. They bite their skin-- I suspect allergies. They don't have fleas, but even if they did, I'd still use _____'s Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, because it's undiluted and has all the vitamins and minerals and potassium intact. The cats have stopped biting and scratching. I put it on a cotton swab for the ears, a cotton pad (round ones for removing makeup)for the fur, and I also put a tiny amount in their wet food. They do not like the smell, but the cats took to the ACV better than the ear mite medicine I had applied to the ear.I think the ACV soothes the cats' ears. I use 2 t. of ACV in an 8 oz. glass of water with a little honey. I drink this in the morning, and I think it's helping my tendonitis (from typing too much) and my brain fog. I am thinking much more clearly and I feel that I have more energy.

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