MMS: The Miracle Mineral Supplement from Jim Humble

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Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), also known as Miracle Mineral Solution, Master Mineral Solution, or the CD protocol, is a controversial substance promoted as a treatment for various diseases. It was developed by Jim Humble, a former aerospace engineer, who initially used it to treat malaria during his time in Malawi and other parts of Africa.

The main component of MMS is chlorine dioxide, an industrial bleaching agent. To prepare MMS, an aqueous solution of sodium chlorite is mixed with an acid, such as citric acid, which forms chlorine dioxide. This mixture is then diluted with water before consumption.

Despite its name, MMS is not a mineral supplement but a strong oxidizing agent. It gained attention and spread through online marketing, with claims of its efficacy in treating a wide range of serious conditions, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, hepatitis, cancer, autism, and the common cold. However, these claims have not been scientifically substantiated and are considered false and misleading.

Health authorities, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), have issued stark warnings against the use of MMS. They highlight its dangerous side effects, which can include severe vomiting, diarrhea, and life-threatening low blood pressure. The FDA and other health experts have strongly advised against its consumption, underscoring that it is essentially a form of bleach and poses significant health risks.

For more information about the MMS protocol, please visit the MMS product website.

Below you can read feedback, both for and against, MMS from Earth Clinic readers, including posts from Jim Humble.

About MMS

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Posted by Bob (Murphy, Nc) on 01/19/2017

MMS Jim Humble the Good the Bad the Truth

I've been working with, and researching, chlorine dioxide for two years. I've made my own batches of nearly 100%, using a different formula. There are more than eight formulas to make chlorine dioxide. I have the Genesis II Church member card. I'm not anti-MMS. Jim Humble is a great humanitarian, and must have been a good NASA engineer. However, his chemistry is bad, which he has said in his book. And his understanding of body biochemistry is completely wrong. My main purpose, for this paper, is to correct his mistakes.

The medical establishment's attack, against MMS, is based on a simplistic, uninformed, negative, buzz word slander. Clorox bleach is not labeled with the skull poison symbol. Like many products, it has warnings. And the warnings are exaggerated, as usual. For instance, it warns of burns to the skin. Hah, I've had bleach on my hands many times. It feels slimy, but doesn't cause a burn. They also use the word "industrial" bleach. "Industrial" makes it sound bad. Supermarket packaged foods are made in a factory. It's an industry. There's nothing bad about being industrial. Sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide are in the general category of "bleach". That's good if you want to disinfect. And chlorine dioxide is used, for instance in municipal water supplies, because it is the safest one. As I will cover later, bleach oxidizers can do damage. So concentrations must be low. I'm experienced enough to be aware of the inner works of some groups, especially ones like the FDA. The whole attack, on MMS, may possibly be traced to one man, Mr. Mizer in the US Dept. of Justice, since everyone is repeating his slander, about bleach. There's a cadre of such people who hate Christianity, and so can't stand medical people using the words "cure" or "miracle". For sure, the attack is uninformed, and so it is illegitimate.

To begin correcting Jim's mistaken ideas about chemistry, chlorine dioxide is not an ion. It does not have a charge. It is a molecule. Molecules do not have a charge. Chlorine dioxide is unusual, in that it doesn't dissolve, ionize, in water. Body cells are a complex structure of many molecules. They do not have a charge. So chlorine dioxide is not repelled by body cells, and it is not attracted to only bad bacteria. Bacteria are cells, and so do not have a charge. The Gram Stain is not a positive or negative charge. The positive and negative means yes or no for the bacteria becoming stained with a dye. Chlorine dioxide is a free radical, meaning it has an unfilled electron space. This is how it oxidizes. When reacting with organic molecules, chlorine dioxide usually functions as a highly selective oxidant due to its unique, one-electron transfer mechanism where it is reduced back to the chlorite ion. When oxidizing some inorganics, like ferric oxide, it can accept a total of five electrons, which would break it down to a chloride ion, as in salt, and two oxygen ions. Jim's claim that electron shells hold atoms together, and that the nucleus would fly apart if the electrons are drawn away, is false. It takes a high-powered atom smasher to do that.

Chlorine dioxide is said to work differently on different pathogens. Bacteria, fungi, parasite and tumor cells are vulnerable to oxidants because of these components; thiols, polyamines, purines, amino acids with thiols, phenols, and amines [Dr. Thomas Hesselink's paper about malaria]. The method of chlorine dioxide bacterial kill, at low ppm concentration, seems to occur by the disruption of protein synthesis and enzyme inactivation. This is similar to the non-toxic mechanism of some common antibiotics. It does not blow a hole in cell walls. It acts on good as well as bad bacteria, so probiotics should be taken after treatment is finished. Oxidation of RNA and DNA do not appear to take place, or are at least unimportant in the process. The site of action lies in the soluble fraction of the cell and there appears to be no damage to internal structural components such as ribosomes. At high ppm, the method of rapid bacterial and viral kill appears to be the softening and destroying of the cell wall, or viral capsid. Chlorine dioxide is known to react with iron and manganese compounds, sulfur bonds, and colors. Chlorine dioxide can definitely hurt body tissue, as well as pathogens. It kills algae, parasite organisms, and some insect eggs or larvae, such as mosquitoes. If the concentration is high enough, it can kill zebra mussels and some fish, such as trout (the lethal LC50 for rainbow trout is 290 ppm for 96 hours). Since I believed Jim's harmlessness claim, at first, I took massive doses of pure chlorine dioxide, and inhaled full breaths of it. Once, my lungs hurt for three days afterwards. And massive doses caused my ears to ring, probably damaging sensitive inner ear nerve hairs. So doses should be kept small, and luckily chlorine dioxide works with the lowest doses, compared to other disinfectants. There are many institutional papers assessing the toxicity of chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite and chlorate. The main problem area is red blood cells. With prolonged, higher dose (up to 1000 ppm for chlorine dioxide, and 100 ppm for chlorite and chlorate) daily use in rat's drinking water, for 1-2 months, some hemoglobin can be oxidized to methemoglobin which doesn't carry oxygen. Also, red blood cell count can decrease. Chlorate (ClO3-), which can rupture RBCs, is the worst with serious RBC loss after nine months. There is a claim that some chlorate can be produced in MMS reactions, such as with pH less than 3, and some chemical studies claim chlorine dioxide can change into some chlorate in water. Red blood cells have glutathione to protect them from oxidation, but cell levels can be decreased with prolonged treatment. Other studies show no methemoglobin at these dose levels. There is a reference stating that there's an enzyme that reduces methemoglobin back to normal hemoglobin. One study with low dose, single dose, pure chlorine dioxide using people, showed no problems at 0.34 mg/kg of body weight. In these studies, the doses of sodium chlorite and chlorate were only 1/10th of the amount of chlorine dioxide, evidently for safety reasons, meaning they considered chlorine dioxide much safer. Different studies have found the following safe levels of chlorine dioxide in all of the drinking water, per day: 15 mg/kg in mice for 1 month; 9 mg/kg in green monkeys for 1-2 months; 2 mg/kg in Sprague-Dawley rats for 3 months. At higher doses there could be some nasal irritation from chlorine dioxide gas evaporating at the drinking tube. Effect on newborn rat pups: decreased pup development, decreased thyroid hormone levels (thyroid hormones T3 and T4 are phenols), and decreased brain cell count, were found at 14 mg/kg of body weight per day in drinking water for the mother rats during gestation and lactation. Dosing below 14 mg/kg had no observed effect, such as in a 3 mg/kg test. I don't think anyone should take maintenance doses for years, especially with so much sodium chlorite in the MMS mix. And doses should be in mg/kg or /pound of body weight, not in drops. Also, Jim is wrong about MMS lasting only one hour in the body. Rat studies show that 100% chlorine dioxide, not the MMS mix, reaches peak blood level in 2 hours, with half absorbed in 3.5 hours. The leftover sodium chlorite, in the MMS mix, reaches peak blood level in 8 hours. 21% of it is still in the blood after 72 hours. So dosing every hour is not a good idea. Studies use one dose per day. There probably hasn't been much research about the effect of chlorite and chlorine dioxide on prescription drugs in the body, but oxidizers are one thing used by illegal drug users to nullify drugs in their urine test. So they probably can affect some prescription drugs in the body. For myself, I would only take low dose pure chlorine dioxide, such as chlorine dioxide solution (CDS), or the new MMS1 tablets in a glass of water [do not swallow the tablet]. The tablets use sodium hydrogen sulfate as the activator, which produces near 100% ClO2. Precautions must be employed in people with glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase deficiency disease, as they are especially sensitive to oxidants of all kinds.

As chlorine dioxide is a free radical, antioxidants will quench it back into a chlorite ion. This happens with many antioxidants; Vit. E, Vit. A, CoQ10, flavonoids, Beta-carotene, Lycopene, Lutein, etc., not only vitamin C. So no antioxidant supplements, or natural juices or foods should be consumed with chlorine dioxide. Lemon, or lime juice, has vitamin C and other antioxidants, so are not good to mix with chlorine dioxide. Jim is partially correct about ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid, if used at less than about a ratio of 2 moles ascorbic acid to 1 mole chlorite ion, would end up forming ClO2, because it's an acid. For no ClO2 to form, the reaction requires more than approximately 2 moles of ascorbic acid per mole of chlorite ion. In terms of ppm, it takes about 5.2 ppm ascorbic acid to destroy 1 ppm of chlorite ion. In fact, ascorbic acid produces about four times as much ClO2 as citric (see table below), the most in the short list.

Organic Acid Activation of Chlorite

Acid .... gm .. ClO2

Tartaric 0.64 239

Oxalic 0.53 628

Adipic 0.79 73

Citric 0.77 192

Itaconic 0.72 105

Ascorbic 0.68 >770

While I'm at it, the public should not be told to mix their own chemistry experiments. People don't follow orders exactly, make changes, and aren't professional enough to calculate the exact molecular weights of the reactants, and balance the formula. People need to buy a professionally made product.

Jim believes that MMS gets completely changed into chlorine dioxide in the stomach, if you swallow it. This is no more true than what happens when activating MMS in a glass beaker. There is only a small continuous basal secretion of gastric acid, on an empty stomach, of usually less than 10 mEq/hour. It takes food to stimulate the secretion of gastric fluid, and then the HCl is only 0.5 to 1% of it. And acidifying sodium chlorite does not produce chlorine dioxide as the first step. It produces chlorous acid, HClO2. [HCl + NaClO2 = HClO2 + NaCl] HClO2 is unstable, and breaks down into chlorine dioxide and hydrochloric acid. [5 HClO2 decomposes to 4 ClO2 + HCl + 2 H2O] Furthermore, at a pH in the range of 2.3 - 3.2, only about 30% chlorous acid is produced from the acidification. That leaves about 70% leftover sodium chlorite.

Citric acid is a weak acid, and only produces about 10% chlorine dioxide. And citric acid can have the taste problem. Luckily, the leftover sodium chlorite is also a disinfectant, although it is much harsher than chlorine dioxide, and not as selective. With exact concentrations and conditions, HCl can produce nearly 100% chlorine dioxide. Also, the acidification of 1.3M sodium chlorite with 10% acetic acid yielded almost entirely chlorine dioxide as the major product of the disproportionation. Acidified Sodium Chlorite is used by many food processing companies, and the short-lived chlorous acid is also a disinfectant.

Sodium chlorite is a different animal. I have brushed my teeth with less than one ounce of 80% sodium chlorite solution. Afterwards, one corner of my lips hurt, and my gums were red and sore, with a small amount of bleeding when brushed. This took several days to heal. A single dose of 105 mg/kg weight will kill half of rats tested. That's called the LD50, lethal dose. For a 150 lb person, that's a little over 7 grams. In another test, with cats, a single dose of 1.5 mg/kg caused as much as 32% methemoglobin. That's losing about 1/3 of your blood oxygen supply. This loss does reverse back into normal hemoglobin over time. A 90 day study on rats found a No Adverse Effect Level at 1 mg/kg. Another 13 week study found very serious consequences at the highest doses; death, increased spleen and adrenal weights, ulceration, chronic inflammation and edema in the stomach. In a 90 day study, red blood cell glutathione levels, in a high dose group, were 40% below those of controls. MMS with citric acid has about 90% sodium chlorite leftover. So it's safer to use only chlorine dioxide alone.

Under some circumstances, calcium hypochlorite, MMS2, solutions can decompose to form some chlorate. In water it reacts to form hypochlorous acid and calcium hydroxide. This is the same chemistry as Clorox, sodium hypochlorite. The hydroxide part is caustic. It eats into body tissue. It's well known that these pool chemicals can irritate the eyes, if you swim a long time. He notes that hypochlorous acid is formed in the body. Yes. However it is formed inside white blood cells when they find an invading micro-organism, and only then. So it works only on the invader. Normal mammalian body cells, as well as bacteria, do not have a catalytically active detoxifying mechanism for it. So the hypochlorous acid can destroy body tissue as well as invaders. And ingesting it puts it in your bloodstream and body. Also, it's not as effective as chlorine dioxide. So it offers nothing new. No one should ingest MMS2, calcium hypochlorite, in any way. Swallowing a capsule containing solid calcium hypochlorite must surely "burn" the stomach. Also, calcium hypochlorite reacts with hydrochloric acid, stomach acid, to produce chlorine gas. Chlorine gas is the worst of all types of chlorine compounds. Here's a quote from one of Jim's books: "Actually my friend next door in the Nevada desert, Bill Boynton, came over one day and said that calcium hypochlorite killed germs in swimming pools and it might just be another MMS. He suggested that we try taking small amounts and see what happens. I figured if he was game to do it, I was too. We made up some gel capsules with calcium hypochlorite in them and started taking them and when they didn't kill us, we had some friends take them.... I decided to use the gel caps and started sending it out to people in the gel cap form. It's something a doctor could never do. He has the Hippocratic Oath and AMA and FDA looking over his shoulder. But I am an inventor and never took that oath." p.112.

Stabilized Oxygen, as sodium chlorite, is known by some people as a biocide for killing parasites. And at first, this is what Jim used, alone, to cure malaria. It's not clear who started selling Stabilized Oxygen, or why the mistaken name was used. It goes back far enough that the ingredient was not listed, leading to confusion. In 1929, Dr. Mois de Guevarra was selling a dry powder named "stabilized oxygen". In 1971, Dr. La Mar was the first to use a solution with "stabilized oxygen" to increase blood oxygen level. Evidently, it's unknown if either of these was sodium chlorite. E.D. Goodloe, 1971, sold "aerobic stabilized oxygen", produced in a 2-month-long production process in 14 stages. The oxygen is in association with sodium chloride, not sodium chlorite. Sodium chlorite could be used alone, as long as doses are below the vomiting threshold. Making up a new name, for Stabilized Oxygen (sodium chlorite), is what commercial companies do to sell a product. And changing the wording, of MMS, only causes confusion. Health newsletters simply use the names of the chemicals.

Getting sick, with Jim's method, is not a herxheimer reaction. The herxheimer reaction (Jarrisch and Herxheimer) is a phenomena originally observed in the treatment of syphilis. In general terms, it is described as a temporary increase of symptoms when antibiotics are administered. This effect happens with only a few diseases. Similar reactions have been found to occur in two kinds of borreliosis (Lyme disease and relapsing fever), brucellosis, Q fever, and trypanosomiasis. Herxheimer can occur within days to weeks after the onset of antibiotic therapy. The most common effects include: increased joint or muscle pain, headaches, chills, fever (usually low-grade), drop in blood pressure, hives and rash. Lyme is the main one, now, to have this problem. The extremely large doses of pure chlorine dioxide, that I took, caused no nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. In fact I felt high until the next morning. I've also swallowed a half eye-dropper of the 80% liquid sodium chlorite alone in water. It caused a vomit stomach spasm reaction within 30 minutes. Chlorous acid is evidently the one that causes liquid diarrhea. I got that with my first use of MMS with lime juice. The vomiting and diarrhea are the body's attempt to get rid of what you ingested. They are not a die-off or Herxheimer effect.

We owe Jim for making this subject public, and his other work. But I discovered, from being on the Genesis II Church Forum, that everyone was extremely closed minded about saying anything that disagreed with Jim. They ban people who disagree with anything, even a chemist. I was banned for trying to explain some of Jim's mistakes. I don't like to criticize people, but by telling people that he was the first to wire something for NASA, and worked on nuclear bombs, and so on, he's created an atmosphere that he is perfect, and knows more. That's the kind of problem in cults. Chlorine dioxide, and acidified sodium chlorite, are not new. There's been plenty of official health research, and patents, long before Jim found that "stabilized oxygen" (sodium chlorite) kills the malaria parasite. And some of his protocols may have too much sodium chlorite per day. He's so unprofessional that he doesn't give dosages per pound of weight of the patient. Obviously Jim has done no stomach sample tests, or blood tests to prove his claims. Chlorine dioxide has been said, by a chemist society, to be the best anti-pathogen. But do your own research. I'm not trying to scare you away from MMS. As long as you stay within the No Adverse Effect Levels, it's usable. If I had a deadly disease, I would use it even at somewhat damaging levels.

For recommended dose levels of the sodium chlorite part, see Dr. Hesselink's table below. One benefit of these chlorine oxidants is that, in low doses, they can stimulate white blood cells to produce cytokines which stimulate other white blood cells, activating the immune system. There's a great Patent, from 1990's work, with very exacting biochemical research. The test studies showed that sodium chlorite alone is successful at treating autoimmune diseases, which may include some diabetes-1, Parkinson, MS, ALS, etc. [Use of a chemically-stabilized chlorite solution for inhibiting an antigen-specific immune response]

And lets not forget about good old colloidal silver. It kills every bacterial disease. And there are new refinements about using ionic silver, Ag+. One company is making tetra silver-tetra oxide, which is said to be far superior. Also claims are being made that silver can kill some virus' and some fungi. So chlorine dioxide may best be used for it's more amazing results on problems like virus, fungus, parasites, diabetes, autoimmune, arterial plaque, Alzheimer brain plaque, COPD, tar deposits in smoker's lungs, and other problems that need more research and testing.

Dr. Hesselink's Table [Average 1 mg/kg per day]

Probable Dosages per day of Sodium Chlorite For Various Body Weights







9 lb

4 kg

1 mg

4 mg

8 mg

400 mg

13 lb

6 kg

1.5 mg

6 mg

12 mg

600 mg

22 lb

10 kg

2.5 mg

10 mg

20 mg

1000 mg

30 lb

14 kg

3.5 mg

14 mg

28 mg

1400 mg

44 lb

20 kg

5 mg

20 mg

40 mg

2000 mg

66 lb

30 kg

7.5 mg

30 mg

60 mg

3000 mg

100 lb

45 kg

11 mg

45 mg

90 mg

4, 500 mg

154 lb

70 kg

17.5 mg

70 mg

140 mg

7000 mg

220+ lb

100+ kg

25 mg

100 mg

200 mg

10, 000 mg

Lab Tests with Chlorine Dioxide Disinfection examples include bacteria, yeast, fungi, mold, algae, spores, protozoans, cryptosporidia, actinomycetes, cysts, giardia and larval eggs (mosquito, tse tse fly), insect eggs and larvae (agricultural pests, fruit fly, floricultural and horticultural insects), problematic veligers (zebra mussels, quagga mussels), fish and shellfish diseases (VHS, KHS, ISA) and many others. Unlike chlorine, ClO2 has the ability to kill water-borne viruses such as legionella, cholera, dengue, hepatitis and typhoid. ClO2 also kills airborne viruses when misted into air. Airborne viruses include anthrax, influenza, SARS, smallpox, chickenpox and avian flu. ClO2 kills all known bacteria, including coliform, salmonella, E-coli, listeria and cinobacteria. ClO2 eliminates microbial slime (biofilm).

Hospital Infection Research Laboratory UK, Institute de Recherche Microbiologique France, Micropathology UK, Biotech-Germande France, Bluscientific UK, PHLS UK

Spores: Bacillus cereus, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus subtilis var niger, Anthrax [used to disinfect the DC anthrax attack]

Mycobacteria: Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare, Mycobacterium chelonae, Mycobacterium fortuitum, Mycobacterium terrae, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis Poli-R

Viruses: Canine Parvovirus, Coxsackivirus B3, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes simplex virus Type 1, HIV Type 1, Human Norovirus, Influenza virus Type A2, Poliovirus Type 1, Poliovirus Type 2, SARS,

Fungi: Aspergillus niger, Candida albicans

Bacteria: Acetinobacter baumannii, Clostridium difficile [C. diff], Enterococcus faecium (vancomycin resistant), Enterococcus hirae, Escherichia coli [E. coli], Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (gentamicin resistant), Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus (methicillin resistant) [MRSA], Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Listeria monocytogenes

Replied by Art
2159 posts

In reply to Bob (Murphy, Nc),

Thank you for the informative post! That is information that anyone considering taking MMS should read first!


Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

You are welcome, Art.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Grayton Beach , Fla.)

BOB,,,,,, CLO2 is a gas and you dissolve in 40 degree water at a specific low concentration least it explodes. There are several chlorine hypochlorites, calcium and sodium and they are totally differently compounds than ClO2 . When vacation is over, I will address your post. Still have a lot to learn, but I spent 40 years manufacturing ClO2 and using it in bleaching pulp. I have never made it via Hubble's MMS method, but have been sent to the hospital a number of times when ClO2 fumes got out of control.


Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

Hello Mr. Henry. Great to hear from a man who works with ClO2. I know you keep ClO2 in cold water, and that it can explode above 10% conc. in air. I've had release of too much gas in my house. It's gets uncomfortable quickly, with coughing.

Did you ever use ClO2 gas to bleach pulp, like is done to kill mold in a house?

Replied by Hube
(Boone, Nc)

Great info Bob.

I have been looking for a balancing discussion on MMS. My wife suffers from a combination of auto-immune disorders (Sjogren's, Lupus, Rhumatoid Arthritis) and my 16 daughter had a bout of mono that has left her with severe fatigue and nervous system sensitivity.

While it is clear from your presentation that chlorine dioxide is safer and effective, it seems that sodium chlorite would be a better choice to treat autoimmune conditions.

Also, does Hesselink's table refer to daily dosages?

Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

Thank you Hube. Here's a quote from Hesselink's page; The usual or appropriate dose so far seems to be about 1 mg per kg per day. That's the Average in the table.

Yes, the Patent, mentioned, uses sodium chlorite for autoimmune. But perhaps chlorine dioxide would also work, and at lower safer doses. I was surprised to learn that Parkinson's, ALS, MS, rhum. arthritis, etc, can be auto-. This Patent has the most exact bio-chemistry research, I've seen. [Note: there's a typo in the Patent. ClO2 is missing the minus sign. Should be ClO2-.]

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

Bob, you and others might be interested in learning that Mel's protocol of How I cured Morgellons uses MMS but not in the way of Jim Humble.

Replied by Jim Humble
(Somewhere In Another Country)

While I am sure Bob (Murphy, Nc) sure or whatever his name is has a good heart and means well, he is highly inaccurate about much of his writing about MMS. He isn't nearly as smart about chemistry as he think he is. I don't have the time to go over all of his writing, but his mistakes are very numerous, here is an example. He states that MMS kills good and bad bacteria alike and therefore stomach flora needs to be replaced after using MMS. But I treated 60,000 people around the world and none need to replace their stomach flora and if they did I would have seen it. Lenntech is a company with a web site who has been selling chlorine dioxide for 50 years and their technology states that chlorine dioxide is indeed selective in what it kills. If Bob was going to write a lot of stuff about MMS a liquid that has saved thousands of lives he should have done a lot more studying before jumping in their and talking about something he still knows very little about.


Jim, All I will say as a humble non-chemist with a deal of common sense is that I don't see how you can claim it does not kill ''good'' bacteria! Does it knock on its door and say ''Are you good or bad?''. Nooooo! Are good bacteria immune to destruction? Noooo! I think, basically, you are wrong!

Replied by Jim Humble
(Las Vegas)

Just wanted to comment on Bob Murphy's comments about me and MMS. I am sorry to say it, but much of Bob's comments about MMS are incorrect and about me (Jim Humble) are totally incorrect. First, the people who work with me are plenty happy to jump me about incorrect stuff, and I don't know of anyone who was banned because they disagreed with me. A couple of people cheated the Church out of thousands of dollars and were banned, but you don't call that disagreeing with me. Bob has never met me or talked to me and yet he is here telling everyone I am arrogant and that I think I know more. Then he tells you that chlorine dioxide and acidified sodium chlorite are not new. But if he is going to write about how wrong I am don't you think he should have read my book? At least read my last book in which I tell people that there were many patents issued on sodium chlorite in the last century and that chlorine dioxide was used in hospitals where thousands of tests were made in the 1980's. I never ever thought of saying that I was the first to work with acidified sodium chlorite (That's MMS).

Bob should have read my latest book before making most of his statement. But he didn't and he just made dozens of mistakes in how to use MMS and I'd like to say he made all those statement about me with never meeting me or knowing about me.

So in case you are going to use MMS let me point our some of his obvious mistakes. (1) He states, "some of his (my) protocols may have too much sodium chlorite per day. He is so unprofessional that he doesn't give dosages per pound of weight of the patient." Again he didn't read my book. I suggest that everyone start out at 1/4 drop of MMS. I have given mice 1/4 drop without adverse reactions. Well I don't want to get into a long drawn out protocol, but I give three golden rules to follow after doing the 1/4 drop all day each hour. (A) As long as you are getting better, don't change anything. (B) If you are feeling worse, cut your next dose in Half. (C) If you are not feeling worse nor better (nothing is changing) increase the doses a little. NO ONE GETS MORE THAN THEY NEED WHILE FOLLOWING ALL OF MY DIRECTIONS. It's easy for anyone on the street.

One sample how goofs in his chemical evaluation of MMS. He acts like a High school chemist. Like most chemists he jumps in there and says when acidifying sodium chlorite it turns first to an acid and not to chlorine dioxide. Well, yes, true, but that is for only 1/2 second and the it turns to chlorine dioxide which you drink and you body never knew it was that acid before it was chlorine dioxide.

Then he says that I say that sodium chlorite turns mostly to chlorine dioxide in your stomach. No, No, that isn't so. Read my books. When you acidify a drop of MMS with a drop of activator only 1/10th of the sodium chlorite in that drop turns to chlorine dioxide and then when you drink it (that 1/10th has already turned to chlorine dioxide) and now in your stomach another 1/10th of that drop turns to chlorine dioxide by the normal stomach acid in most people's stomach. So you see only 2/10ths are turned to chlorine dioxide. But this isn't bad. I could have change that. But sodium chlorite unactivated is important to the body too and MMS is much more effective when it has both chlorine dioxide and unactivated sodium chlorite.

Sorry, I don't have time to tell you in all the places where he screwed up, but it was many and his chemistry was not great. When he said that people who finish with a MMS protocol need probiotics for the stomach to replace the flora he as again wrong. The company Lenntech is a company that has been selling chlorine dioxide for 50 years and they state that chlorine dioxide is in fact truly selective in what it can kill. When I first went to Africa I went to a Missionary group that had 50 churches dotted through the jungle area. Each church had 50 to 200 people waiting for me with malaria. In one month I treated 5000 cases of malaria and over a period of years I treat 60,000 sick people with MMS and never notice any of them needing replacement of stomach flora (that is if they didn't already need it before being treated). If you are going to use MMS I suggest you read my latest book and not rely on Bob's chemistry. Sorry about sounding mean. Don't mean too. But Bob decided I was a bad guy without meeting me and talked about the truth, so just wanted you to know I am not a dictator and just want to see people get well. That's my job.

Jim Humble

Chris Jackson

BS Jim. "IX" (AKA: Larry Smith the father of federal inmate Daniel Smith) Trolls the forum and deletes any posts that he doesn't like and he doesn't like much! He wants to see MMS positive testimonials on every post and thats about it! So much for helping everyone get well Jim. There are dozens of people on that forum who got stuck at low dose and had no answers and IX deleted them when they were crying out for help! Telling people with long term chronic illness and glutathione problems, etc.. to take more MMS, its not going to help them, not unless is for a very short time and a very secondary infection of some sort. All these things we could answer if idiots like Smith would stay out of the way! Malaria, MMS is great, nothing better, Mold or other illnesses it not seeming to help and the reasons would be apparent if IX would go away!

(New Zealand)

Demonizing innocent people who were only trying to help others tells me you are a 100% troll, and I am certain that the honorable Larry Smith was only protecting the precious MMS website (and thus helping more people get better) from people like you and your disinformative, intentionally fake negative posts.

(Santa Cruz)

You are so right! Larry sucks and has erased my comments when I've been desperately trying to find help troubleshooting mms issues. That guy really is the worst.

Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

Hello Jim. Good to see you here. No one has treated more people than you.

You have an amazingly strong effect on people. Nearly everyone is repeating your ideas. Everything, I wrote, is from scientific information. I could have listed the references, but that would have made it longer and more difficult. I can send you links to the information.

The flora isn't in the stomach, it's in people's intestines. People can't feel the bacteria in their intestines, so no one would know what is there. There aren't symptoms caused by a lack of such bacteria. And from their first meal, bacteria would be added to their bodies. It isn't necessary to take probiotics, it's merely good advice.

Right, chlorine dioxide, not MMS which also has leftover sodium chlorite, is more selective. That means it only reacts with some amino acids, and chemicals, such as with sulfur bonds. That's the part that makes it safer. Selective does not mean that it can "know" whether a bacteria is good or bad. I've read comments by doctors saying some good bacteria are anaerobic, and some bad bacteria live with oxygen. Either way, the cell membrane and interiors of both bacteria are the same.

Did you read my whole Post? Perhaps you got the impression that I am advising people to not use chlorine dioxide. That's not the case. I have thought about the idea that my Post may discourage some people. But I think it's important that people get the correct science info, especially with so many people reaching the vomit and diarrhea level.

Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

About Jim's second Post, I don't believe in arguing with people. I could correct his continued claims, such as that he recommends only 1/4 drop. That's his most recent advice, after about 10 years of starting at a higher dose.

And I have read his books, including his new Health Recovery Manual. That's how I know his ideas.

I'm not disputing how much work Jim has put into helping people.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U JIM AND BOB,,,,,,, spent 40 years making ClO2 in the paper industry and breathed the washer residual almost constantly. However, I'm not going to get into this "pissin contest" between you two. Reason being is that I have not ever made ClO2 this way and never took it as a health remedy. What I will say is that I do Ozone at home with a medical generator and at clinics for PROLOZONE SHOTS.

It was the Germans that blazed this Ozone trail and Dr Shallenberger brought it to the U. S. I think CLO2 is in this category that can help mankind, but it will be after the fight with Big Pharma and the AMA. One paper mill ClO2 generator would supply the world, but I would almost be impossible to ship it as a solution. Jim, your MMS procedure solves that problem, but I have reservations about the control. I've read enough over the years to know that the medical folks wanted to put you in prison because you were so successful.

Have you heard of Ebola lately? No, because a U.S. doctor showed the local doctors how to cure the disease with Ozone. When that first happened the media played the drama to the hilt and Big Pharma had $ signs in their eyes.

Jim, I do think you have to back off on your claim that ClO2 only kills the bad stuff and not the good stuff. Anti-biotics kills both, as does Ozone, so why is CLO2 any different. That just goes with the territory and you can build your gut flora back in a short while. Don't get side tracked with this argument. I just wish some open minded folks like the Germans would look into CLO2.

Another protocol that works, but is outlawed, is the Rife Machine. I have one. Your DNA tells your your health problems and that science is here and now.... only in the closet. One of these days this test will be done and you will go into room where you will be hit with frequencies that kill all the critters that are affecting your health, including cancer. It won't help a car wreck victim, but it will cure general health problems.

Let me suggest that we make a chicken salad out of this chicken sheet situation. You boys talk to one another is a civil manner and you can move the world. Lots of good can come out of this mess. I want it to happen.


Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

By the way, Jim, you have made another very important discovery, that MMS destroys some, or all, venoms and poisons. I just read that anti-venoms can cost $10,000 and have a short shelf life, so hospitals don't stock them. It's also dangerous to make anti-venoms because someone needs to handle the snake to get some venom.

Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

Bob Henry ... I see you've been posting about chlorine dioxide for a long time here.

I'll bet you never got a cold, flu, or infection when you worked with it, LOL. What were your symptoms when you had ClO2 leaks? How long did pulp need to soak to get bleached?

You ask about how to take ClO2. There's only one Protocol; take pure chlorine dioxide, not MMS. The solution in water, CDS, goes weak after a few weeks in the refrigerator. So the best way to get it is the dry MMS1 tablets, available in the US at Not the MMS2 pool bleach! And don't swallow the tablets, as Jim recommends, unless you feel like burning your stomach. Put the tabs in a cup or glass of water, let sit for 1/2 hour to make sure it completely reacts. The activator used is sodium hydrogen sulfate leading to near 100% ClO2. And keep the tabs in the fridge or freezer, the dry chlorite decomposes.

Do you have any illness?


Replied by Kris

"That's his most recent advice, after about 10 years of starting at a higher dose."

When I took MMS, I started with One drop (as directed)

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

BOB,,,,,,,,,, back in those days, I stayed totally stressed due to my job and my A 1 personality. Also, I smoked about 4 packs of unfiltered Camel cigs a day. Quit in '73 to buy a 4 wheel drive Ford pickup as my wife thought I was taking food out of the kids mouth to do both.

I was the mill Supt and after a year my assistant told me that I was the conservation piece of a group and all were proud that I had quit smoking. They all agreed that if I started smoking again then they hoped I never quit, because I had been one SOB for the last year.

I wish I could shed some light on breathing ClO2 over the years. I can't. All I can say is that I'm still perking. My gut tells me that there is some good in this compound, but I really don't know. I know there is no good in breathing Chlorine. It will kill you in a minute.

Bob, keep plugging away. You may some day be famous. Just think of how Bill Munro impacted the world with his simple procedure. My gut tells me that the biggies are Ozone, ClO2, ACV, PEMF and the Rife Machine. Too bad Gates nor Buffet are sponsoring any of these. Instead they are doing stuff to control our population. I agree with that, but not their way.

Out of spit.=====ORH=======

Replied by J. Park
(Cerritos, Ca)

I like to add something about the selectivity of ClO2. Been an electrical/computer engineer for decades, turned into a full-time researcher in alternative medicine.

Have personal experiences involving gut-flora matter. Due to many dental implant works, had to go thru antibiotic treatments many times. Still remember vividly how lousy I felt doing antibiotics, but had no choice, but to go thru with them. I knew too well that was due to the loss of my friendly bacteria. How I wanted to get them back! As soon as I was done, immediately started probiotics, which took a while but I got back to healthy self.

Later on, I got smarter, did some quick research, found that probiotics can go along with antibiotics! So I did both simultaneously and problem seemed much easier. Pretty nice. When I did become aware of MMS by JH, I was apprehensive about its safety, but, as a medical reseacher, decided to go in deeper, make my own conclusion. Gradually, I became a believer, tested it out few times drinking 1 or 2 drops at a time and it seems that I don't have much problem with it. Decided to use this instead of antibiotics during dental works.

I started P1000 right after the dental surgeries w/o probiotics. Why? "My Body did not want it" ! It was natural not to have any probiotics, in fact, it never occur to me during MMS. I went thru this few times, my MMS Protocol 1000 replacing the antibiotics ! Not used probiotics during P1000, didn't feel I need it. (didn't tell my dentist about this, but wonder how he would react when I tell him. His prescription? straight down to garbage can)

Feeling so nice knowing I don't depend on antibiotics, my gut-flora intact?? no worry of antibiotics habit-forming. I was very hot in selectivity research last year, but now things are bit vague. Don't know if you guys ran into this, but the best article I saw last year was, [Editor's Note: This 32 page .pdf entitled "Demonstrating that chlorine dioxide is a size-selective antimicrobial agent and high purity ClO2 can be used as a local antiseptic" may take a long time to load depending on your internet connection.]

Their find was 'selectivity' has to do with 'size' of the organisms. This may give one additional explanation to selectivity, just one, may not be all.

I do believe there is "selectivity" with ClO2! I do not believe that JH needs to back off, remembering his conclusion been based on zillions of experiences.

We may not understand its full mechanism as of now, but maybe someday, there might be. Not understanding does not warrant Negation. Selectivity of ClO2 seems REAL and science(or theory of it) always FOLLOWed reality, not the other way around. Isn't the quantum mechanics one of these?

They tried to understand the funny behavior of "light", winded up a theory "the cat can be alive or dead at the same time"... or that sort of weird thing.

They, those young scientists, basically force-fit the theory to reality, winded up Quantum Mechanics despite Einstein refused it saying, "God does not play dice".

The Quant. Mech. has been proven the most successful theory today.

PS: I've been very much interested in Rife Machine, but my impression has been it is non-trivial to use it since those critical frequencies are to hard to pin-point.

So with current electronic techniques, they basically sweep freqs "carpet bombing". Mr. Rife was highly successful because he had his venerable microscope that can see the microbes(even those viruses) while trying to select right frequency to kill them. It was like "taking an exam knowing all the answers". And that's our problem, no super-microscope.

Anyhow I'd like to get some real info, if possible, name of dependable machines, how successful you are Robert Henry.

Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

Bob .. 4 packs/day, wow that's a lot. I started smoking 10 years ago, a long story. I have a hunch that breathing ClO2 may dissolve some of the tar in the lungs. When I first started experimenting, I deliberately inhaled a full breath of a large amount made with vinegar. That first one did not hurt my lungs in the least. The next time I inhaled a full breath was when my lungs hurt for 3 days. So it seems that the first time cleaned my lungs. Perhaps working with it kept your lungs clean.

I know about the FDA corruption, and other conspiracy info. And I know about ozone, which will also hurt your lungs pretty quickly. I had a subscription to Dr. Rowen's newsletter. He's the one who went to Africa, and was curing ebola until the govt kicked him out. Ozone will turn almost anything organic into CO2, O2 and H2O.

I also know about Rife. I know there are several types of devices available. I bought the best one, that is a little different, Frequency Specific Micro-current. It uses two channels and low frequency. It's doing the seemingly impossible. I'll see if there's posts here.

I'm not looking to be famous. And I don't like going against Humble. But his advice is making everyone eventually vomiting with diarrhea. And MMS2 is even worse.


Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

J Park ... Thanks for that article. ClO2 is definitely selective against only some chemicals. That makes it safer. I don't see how size comes into the idea of acting on bacteria. Are you saying that good and bad bacteria are different sizes? And ClO2 is a molecule. A single celled bacteria is composed of how many molecules, a million? I'll look at the article. But again, you can't feel gut bacteria. And it isn't necessary to take probiotics. Food supplies that.

Check my Post in Rife Machines. There's a different type that is far better than any of them, Frequency Specific Micro-Current.

We truly lost something valuable in Rife's microscope.

Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

J Parks .. I'm reading your paper. Sorry, "size" refers to how far into skin that ClO2 could soak in the time that it is put on the skin as an antiseptic for an infection. It did not refer to the size of a bacteria. They say all bacteria are killed in milliseconds, while a few minutes on the skin would not penetrate more than 0.1 mm, so the damage would be limited.

Replied by Bob
(Murphy, Nc)

See Patent US 2011/0076344 A1

Methods of using a stabilized chlorite solution to inhibit antigen-speciic immune responses are disclosed. The stabililized chlorite solution, When administered to a mammal in need thereof, can prevent the presentation of antigens by antigen presenting cells. The stabilized chlorite solution therefore is useful in treating, inter alia, auto-immune diseases, treating diseases caused by an inappropriate immune response, treating lymphoproliferative disease and in inhibting rejection in transplant patients.

Replied by J. Park
(Cerritos, Ca)

Sorry being late for response, have been very busy elsewhere.

I think I have to explain how I got my PEACE with MMS. There seems to be some confusion as to type of selectivity, so I'll make 3 points:

1.MMS is selective against big guys & small guys(microbes good or bad).

Due to the structural difference, ClO2 (being very weak oxidizer/killer) has enough power to kill small guys(microbes good or bad in the mean time) while leaving mostly alone those healthy human cells.

Jim Humble did mention that in one of his book, about the size, so I don't believe there is much problem to accept that.

This is one way I found peace with MMS. This size difference is the MAIN benefit we get from MMS.

2.MMS kills both good or bad microbes? The answer to this question is "who care?"

There may not be much structural difference between those good or bad fellows.

Let's assume that MMS kills both indiscriminately. Antibiotics, as we well know, are indiscriminate killers, they kill them all. But they have been valuable saving human lives, haven't they? The damage they cause is temporary & reversible, we can restore those beneficial bugs one way or another, sooner or later. As a result we get the health benefits.

3.MMS is selective against those good and bad microbes?

Of course! They are other differences besides structural.

This is well known fact.

First off, let's use some common senses. Recalling that ClO2 carries 2 oxygens. We human live on oxygen, so do those aerobic microbes. Hence we can see the common factor already while anaerobic ones get killed by oxygen. More technically, more aerobic microbes are beneficial (we accept exceptions of course) and more anaerobic ones are bad. So it is fair to say that More/most aerobic microbes are good and More anaerobic ones are bad.

Aerobic ORGANISMs possess ENZYMES to remove ROS(reactive oxygen species, form of well-known strong oxidant) such as catalases, peroxidases and superoxide dismutases,

but in ANAEROBEs these are often absent or present in low concentration.

So it doesn't make sense to have aerobic microbes get killed by oxidation and it DOES make sense to have anaerobic microbes get killed by oxidation. Those microbes way outnumbers our cells, don't think we have identified them all nor classified them all good or bad but it's not that hard to accept MOST aerobic microbes survive the oxidant MMS while MOST anaerobic ones get perished to give us health benefits.

PS: as an old man, I haven't found peace with God yet like you R.Henry, I envy you (I'm trying hard).

(Tallahassee, Fl)

Wow. I learned so much from all of the posts here. I wish you all would continue. Thanks for all of the information!

Replied by Anon

I hope they pay you well!! Thank you for sharing your hard work with us!

Replied by CJ

I agree completely. I have been taking MMS (Chlorine dioxide) for three months and have lost badly needed bodyweight the whole time. I read that this is common with users. I think MMS/CD might be a good antibiotic in some narrow uses way, but it's just like any other broad spectrum antibiotic, it's like using a shotgun to shoot a fly with, it's too powerful, it probably takes out everything.

I also think the MMS2 in Humble's book is even worse. I do believe that topically or as a mouth antibiotic MMS might have some great uses, maybe it's a great drug, or a giardia/amoeba drug, that if used only for a short while might be doable. As a treatment for anything chronic, I think it's just too risky. If our own FDA would tell us the truth this would not be a problem, and the AMA has never ever told us the truth about anything, the lies are the reason this is all happening. We know they lie to use on lots of things, so people just believe nothing now. The solution is DMSO, and the newer Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), both of those really do work for just about everything and they are both safe and will do everything that MMS is claimed to be able to do. Stick with Iodine (Lugol's solution) and DMSO and or MSM and you won't hurt yourself. Also, read the old homeopathic med books. Prior to 1900, the books were full of real cures and treatments that preceded our current drug marketing lunacy that is killing everyone with lies and starvation from high costs.

Replied by Chris Jackson

Finally some real thorough information on MMS.

MMS is a shotgun approach and its a systemic antibiotic, so its going to your whole body, everywhere, like any other systemic antibiotic. Yes, it works for some things, but it's only for short term use. All drugs are poison, it's all dose dependent, so are foods. So many people get stuck on Humbles starting Protocols for good reasons: not enough sulfate in the body, not enough Magnesium in their bodies, not enough iodine, etc... etc.. it's the same reasons some people get sick and some don't. Give enough people any antibiotic and a percentage of them will get well, and some never will. I think MMS kills off all your good flora in your gut, that why everyone loses weight continually, and it's bad, it's malnutrition weight loss, just like most every other antibiotic does.

The people who take MMS for acute infections do well, the people who take it for longer times don't seem to. Read the forums, lots and lots of people get to 1-2 drops per hour and stay there for years and never recover.

A systemic antibiotic is not what they lack, what they need, it's other things, and other issues that an antibiotic isn't going to just solve. Humble is a complete idiot who got lucky and found a malaria cure, and it does other things, but it's not a miracle, and its not the panacea that's going to cure everything like it's touted to. I took MMS and CDH for 3 months and I'm off, for good, and I only started getting well when I stopped the MMS.

MSM and iodine, and the Wilkings protocol ( will do everything that MMS is supposed to do and won't, and Wilkings does a lot more and it doesn't make your liver sick from the MMS toxic load.

Replied by Jo

Thank you for such an in-depth review. I just started protocol 1000 for a general detox, and help with some arthritic pain. I'm doing the protocol for 3 weeks and then re-evaluating. I've had to read your review a couple times to take it all in. I haven't gotten sick or had any noticeable side effects thus far, with the lower dose. Thanks again.

Replied by chris jackson

"Airborne viruses include anthrax, influenza, SARS, smallpox, chickenpox and avian flu". How about Ebola, polio, and all the other "virus" that have never been seen, never were isolated, because they don't exist. Exosomes, our own cells exosomes are all they (the "virus") are. It's all toxic load! There are no viruses.

Robert T.
(Ocala, FL)

Chris, if there are no viruses then how do exosomes travel outside the body to infect people?

Dr. Glen Swartwout

They infect people in theory. Exosomes are also biocommunication molecules and may communicate between individuals to initiate similar detoxification processes. The meeting of Koch's criteria has never been demonstrated, so both theories are worthy of consideration... They tried to demonstrate transmission of the Spanish flu, going as far as injection with zero effect, so more research on exosomes will likely be most productive...

On another note, many of you will be interested to learn of a kit from Europe called 1st Line that produces a bio-identical antibiotic. It is another problem solver, as it is non-toxic to the mitochondria (which are symbiotic intracellular bacteria), as well as the liver and the kidneys.

Replied by Rita

Hi Bob,

Thank you for taking the time to go through this. I am working with a tooth infection just started exploring MMS with the DMSO for the oral infection. I thought it might be beneficial to do a protocol of the 1000 along with the teeth - gum brushing a couple of times a day. I love colloidal silver and had read it counteracts the MMS but then I watched a share recently of the training Jim did in 2010 where he says good things about colloidal silver. I am trying to figure out the best way to save the tooth by working through the gum and through my blood system if there is benefit in this approach. I also started using a red light on my jaw and by opening my mouth.

I would appreciate any thoughts on this and since I am not a chemist would you say that my impression from your share is that I should not combine in drops from the two droppers I have that contain Ionized Structured Water, Sodium Chloride with the Ionized Structured Water, Ascorbic Acid? I have heard of other protocols using these chemical with a similar theme building in your system but again I am not a chemist. Alternatively I could try another cleanse to help eternally if that is needed and then maybe work with the MMS orally and then adding some DMSO with a slight brushing around the tooth with the infection. It is not in the tooth but has expanded some around the base of the root and up the side. It has been feeling better although I am not chewing much on it as I want it to just heal. The friend who gave me the MMS solution and the DMSO has been using it in Peru and some other places successfully but they use the 6 drops three times a day or the old method for so many days and it has cured a lot of things. Recently that protocol helped someone who was dying from the V and no one could help them - they could not find ivrm bc the pharmacy has now been told not to sell it.

If you are coaching people I would love to connect. Thank you so much!

Robert T.
(Ocala, FL)

Thank you for that. Evidently the only way treat a tooth is at the root. It's been a long time since I worked with this material, so I'm not able to discuss it.


In my experience, mms will treat problems with teeth but I found the way to best utilize it is with a water pic, works good. If you have any questions feel free to contact me

Bob T
(Ocala, FL)

Interesting, thanks.

Replied by Michael
(Gabriola, Bc)

Thank you so much, Bob. I've bought and read Jim Humbles book. I made a batch of the stuff according to his instructions. I used some cider vinegar to activate mine. I followed the protocol and cut back the dose because I was feeling too crappy and even took a break for a day or two. I didn't get far in the protocol.

When I next took a small dose I almost immediately vomited and that's the last I took it. The science and reasoning behind it all made sense to me and I really wanted to believe it'd work for me. When my body reacts that violently though I'm going to listen and stop. I was a premature baby and I believe my organs are sensitive and frail so that can part of the reason. I'm glad I read this. I'll try the smaller dose and see how that goes for me. I've got tones of the stuff left and I wasn't going to sell it or give it away in good conscience knowing how it went for me.

P.S. People, I don't trust the FDA or big Pharma as far as I can throw them. I actually read all of the overwhelming positive comments/testimonies on here which gave me the confidence to go ahead with the cost and effort of making and trying it. It didn't work for me and I wish it did.

Robert T.
(Ocala, FL)

You're welcome, Michael.

Replied by Cynthia

Hi Bob,

I was wondering how long the MMS solution stays in organs or other parts of the body once you've done the 60 days as we just did?

And thank you for this article. We are so desperate for help beyond the regular medical treatments that kill his immune system. Thank you.


(Ocala, FL)

Cyndy, MMS, or ClO2, decomposes quickly. It does not stay in organs.

Replied by Marie S
(Marble, CO)

Hello, my name is Marie. Diagnosed with MS (officially) on 9/9/99. I did the suggested protocol of immune suppressants off and on for 10 years. I completely stopped in Sept 2009. Two years ago my Drs told me I should consider disability. I went to Costa Rica and did Ayahuasca with a Shaman. It helped. However, I feel as if I'm declining again. I've been in possession of MMS drops for nearly 10 years. I put them in my humidifier regularly and yesterday I decided to drink some. I activated 5 drops each and then added them to my 1 liter water bottle. I ended up with a terrible headache and didn't sleep due to the headache and some pretty intense body aches. Is this normal? Should I continue?

Replied by Debbie
(Murphy NC)

You will probably never read this bcuz ur post is so old, but if people take the time to read and study Jim Humble's books, specifically MMS HEALTH RECOVERY GUIDE, you will see that this person has not read Jim's book and as a user of MMS this person is completely wrong and I am sad if people actually believe this and miss out on the awesome benefits of MMS, specifically the protocols from Jim Humble.

Robert T.
(Ocala, FL)


I read all of Jim's books, including MMS HEALTH RECOVERY GUIDE. I wouldn't make comments unless I had. I said I wasn't against taking MMS. I make my own chlorine dioxide. I wasn't telling people not to use it. Can you explain why Jim's protocols are correct?

You wrote: ==You will probably never read this bcuz ur post is so old, but if people take the time to read and study Jim Humble's books, specifically MMS HEALTH RECOVERY GUIDE, you will see that this person has not read Jim's book and as a user of MMS this person is completely wrong and I am sad if people actually believe this and miss out on the awesome benefits of MMS, specifically the protocols from Jim Humble.==

Replied by Mel
(Millersville pennsylvania)

I have type 2 diabetes and a lot of joint pain. Will this cure me? I read the editor choice. Then I read Jim Humbles info. Confused about the citric acid stuff.

Robert T.
(Ocala, FL)

Mel ... MMS doesn't cure diabetes, 1 or 2. It only stops the symptoms by treating the pancreas.

Quote from a different website:

What about diabetes, does MMS cure diabetes?
People don't like me to use the word cure as it upsets some people to even have the concept that something can be cured so I won't say it very often. A group of researchers in Canada have stated that all persons with diabetes have an inflamed pancreas. Many doctors have said that, so it's really nothing new. What is new is MMS. The Chlorine Dioxide created by the MMS overcomes the inflammation of the pancreas and guess what, the symptoms of the diabetes.
Yes MMS works really well on people with diabetes. I know of a lot of people who are off their insulin, I also known of people who have gotten their sight back.
Just take your insulin four hours after taking MMS and you should be fine. Visit for the MMS book and DVD.
We have known people who had diabetes and where on insulin and when I say where is because they don't use insulin anymore and they also tell us that they feel much better. I think he should do the standard protocol which is on my web page.
My husband has Diabetes, should he stop taking his insulin when he starts taking MMS?
He does not have to stop taking his insulin until he feels good enough that he does not needed it anymore have him take the MMS and wait 3 to 4 hours to take the insulin, remember to start at 1 activated drop (per hour) and increase it by 1 (drop) per day till you get up to (3 drops per hour).
Generally, what is involved with the diabetes is the pancreas being inflamed; MMS gets the inflammation down, thus the pancreas starts working again. However, it is not a solution for everybody, and only half of the people taking MMS have been helped.
Video of Jim on Diabetes:
From Curezone:
I had hoped that MMS would cure my type2 diabetes when I started over 2 years ago, no luck. However what I did find was that it would dramatically reduce my blood sugar shortly after taking it. My neuropathy in my feet greatly improved, it's not totally gone but it became a lot more bearable. Recently I developed deep cracks in my heels which I managed to heal in about a week by bathing them every night in a basin of warm water with 10 drops activated.
Another Curezone post:

Note: Once you have (done the MMS Protocol 1000 for a month or more) of the viral, bacteria, mold, and yeast load will be gone from your body. Your body will be clean. You no longer have to worry about feeding the microorganism load. You can base you diet on nutrition, rather than not feeding the load. The diabetes will be gone, thus you no longer need to worry about sugar. You won't have to worry about the pancreas over reacting thus giving you a shock of insulin. Instead it will give you just enough insulin to knock the blood sugar lever to the right level (You won't feel sleepy after eating a candy bar). Your body will then be able to easily adsorb vitamins and minerals and many other nutrients it might have been missing up to this time. You should feel better as time goes by. Do not quit taking the MMS
Hello to you all. I am on this list now because my dad recommended MMS to me as he had borderline diabetes, started on MMS and has had wonderful results. Now he did lose weight and watches what he eats, but added MMS and doesn't even have to take his meds anymore.
From Jim Diabetes under control

Dear Sir Jim Humble;

It is my pleasure to post the success story I have experienced using MMS2 for my friend.

He had this diabetes for years already without

It takes about a month only. Using gradual increase day by day until able to take 4 caps a day at 2 to 3 hour time frame.

Here is how he achieved it…. he also take enzyme at the same time.

Before he start MMS2. The reading was 7.+, now the reading was 5.+ He never had this reading before. He now taking it daily at 1 to 2 caps.

I am glad to finally obtain the MMS1 25% solution. It does work too. Am having it often now. Will wait the arrival of your DVD to finish my exam on ...

Edwin Tan ( Penang Malaysia ) 11/07/2010 08:06am
So, (Bruce speaking here...) MMS is a very probable remedy for many people with Diabetes. If the chronic inflammation of the pancreas is eliminated, dramatic healing is possible. In one post, Jim says that healing can happen in 50% of Diabetes cases. I would suspect that with enough time more than that will at least be partially improved.

Replied by Khandyse

Does what you make pass the blood brain barrier? Can I give one or all of any of the types to my dog? Will you make me what you make for yourself? As you said, I'm not a scientist. Nor am I the best at measuring properly. Get back to me. I'm interested in what you have to say and what you know. Thank you?

Replied by Rend

Thank you for the detailed post. I am not a chemist either and find chemistry and biology hard to grasp. Where could I find a reliable book or resource that will teach me how to safely use MMS? I'm particularly interested in using it for H. Pylori, parasites, fungus and herpes. Thank you!

(Jax, FL)

I found Andreas Kalcker's book Forbidden Health ( to be a great resource.

Replied by MURAT

Good or bad it healed my herpes, repeat itself everyweek really had bad times thanks for him again, antibiotics it is harmful as well even cant treat just cover symptoms


1 User Review

Posted by Brayden (Portland Vic) on 08/09/2021

Hoping someone can help. I was extremely silly and used MMS the wrong way to try to rid a blind pimple on the face, I left it on for far too long and it burnt my skin, leaving a decent sized discolored mark.. right on my face.

I'm scared this damage could be permanent?? Has anyone had a similar experience, or know of a solution to help me from now???

Replied by Katzie

If you can, put some raw or Manuka Honey on it. Castor Oil is very healing and penetrates deep, and would be good too. Either will heal it nicely.

And no, you won't have a scar. Keeping the area moisturized is key and increases cellular turnover, cutting healing time. In fact, behind the scenes of an injury site, there is alot of action happening there for up to a year! Our bodies are meant to heal themselves, and keeping the area moisturized with castor oil and honey will help you do that.

Best of luck!

Replied by mmsg
(somewhere, europe)

Brayden, you can try a bit of coconut oil.


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Posted by Cathy (South Haven, MI) on 10/05/2021

I was on allergy pills, dyphenhydramine for over a decade. Stopped taking. Runny nose and sneezing constantly. Used 4 boxes of kleenex a month while on those pills. Started MMS a week and a half ago...nose dried up. Hardly any sneezing or nose blowing. It is wonderful. Hoping for help with asthma.

Posted by Yevisha (Adelaide, South Australia) on 10/24/2010

I'm wondering how to take mms for allergies. Does anyone have any experience with it? I've read about sinus and colds and how helpful it is. Thanks

Replied by Zac
(Uki, Nsw)

You are supposed to wash mms off your skin after about 30 seconds, otherwise it burns you.

Replied by Amy
(New York, Ny)

I don't have allergies I am sorry.. But I know a lot about them. Do not spray MMS on your skin. Take it orally. Because MMS goes into your body and gets rid of the pathogens that does not belong in your system. If you have allergies find out what you are allergic to.

Try this- Buy some soap nuts use it in your laundry with lavender essential oil and heat essential oil in a burner with some water. Example. My daughter has allergies with dust real bad. I started using lavender essential oils with her and now she does not have a problem with them. I hope this is helpful.

Replied by Jay
(Santa Fe, Nm)

I see lots of misinformation here. I studied the protocols and learned directly from Jim Humble. You can absolutely spray the mms solution on your skin. It will ONLY kill pathogens and cannot possibly harm healthy cells. That is the 20-drop (activated with citric acid) solution in the 2-ounce spray bottle. You DO NOT have to rinse it off right away, as someone wrote in the feedback here. You can spray it on the skin hourly and rinse it off at the end of the day, before bedtime. Also, I have used the inhalation therapy to eliminate runny nose, post nasal drip, etc. It works immediately and the instructions are on Jim's site

Replied by Paula
(Portland, Or)

I just received my product and am excited to try and see if something can finally help my chronic sinus infections. The pain and pressure in my head is awful. I read his suggested protocol for inhalation, but my nose is so stuffed I cannot breathe through it. Will taking it orally help or does anyone have any other suggestions? I can sniff a little if I try hard but after reading the warnings am a little cautious. Thanks for your help

Replied by Gary
(Sacramento, Ca, Usa)


My experience with the external application of MMS is that it will give you a nasty burn. I mixed according to instructions - using only 2 drops of MMS and the citric acid. Be careful with it.

Replied by Boops
(Alva, Florida)

The spray MMS is mixed at 10 drops MMS and 10 drops 50% citric acid, wait 5 minutes and add 1 ounce water. If you have a 6 ounces spray bottle then mix 6x10 = 60/60 drops, wait 20 sec. and add the 6 ounces water.

You can leave this on your skin, you can also spray on teeth, in mouth, inhale, etc.

The type that needs rinsed of within 2 minutes is just putting the MMS on by itself for bad burns.

If anyone needs help/info on MMS, do not hesitate to ask me.

Replied by Slim2483
(West Sacramento, Ca, USA)

Any burn should be sprayed with full strength MMS (no acid added) directly from a small spray bottle. Do not add citric acid or lemon juice at all. If you don't have a spray bottle available apply MMS directly onto the burn, making sure the area is soaked with MMS.

Wait up to five minutes, but no longer before rinsing off. If you fail to rinse off, the burn will continue to hurt. On the other hand if you do rinse within 5 minutes the burn will heal in 1/4 the time normally required to heal. This includes all those terrible skin and flesh burns and it will save lives. The pain should stop immediately or reduce to almost zero within several minutes.

Sunburns should be treated the same way. Spray the red area, wait 1 to 5 minutes, and rinse off. If the area is still sore, in about an hour spray the area again and wait 5 minutes before rinsing off. Remember, do not allow the MMS to stay in place. It must be rinsed off. The pain should be gone in a couple of minutes. Generally two doses will overcome most sunburns, but on rare occasions if the discomfort is not all gone you can use a third dose. Be sure to rinse it off.

From JH site:

Replied by Nil
(Potomac, Maryland, United States)

My son's allergies are now gone with the use of MMS or CD (chlorine dioxide). This came as a side effect of recovery from Autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD).

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Nil, you wrote: "recovery from Autism", how did you do it?

Replied by Liora

There is a lot of misunderstanding about how to use it, as I can see, it is best to read the protocols, written about it first, it must be kept in the fridge at all time, or to cool it before usage, when it is in room temp' and use it can cause burns, there is no need to take it off or wipe it off, if it was kept cool in the fridge, it will not cause damage.


and I use it on the skin, I do not wipe it off it goes away anyway, in room temp' it will avapurate (turn to gas) shortly after.

Replied by Aleah

thanks for the helpful info about allowing the MMS to cool for external application, that makes sense.

Replied by Jake
02/18/2015 I hope the person asking about this years ago got an answer :)

Replied by Berenice
(Calgary, Alberta)

I'm using MMS in coffee enemas. Never seen so many parasites coming out of me before! Sorry...i know it's disgusting. My naturalist doctor uses MMS for kids with autism. He says autism is curable!

Replied by Jim
(Roseburg, Oregon)

Put 2 drops mms and 2 drops citric acid in a glass and mix together for twenty seconds. It produces a mist (best way I can describe it) that you inhale through your nose and throat. You won't see the mist.

Take it slow, just sniff until you feel a biting sensation in your nose or throat and stop, once only. It's sort of like getting a whiff of ammonia if you have ever experienced that sensation.

I use it daily for my lungs and a sore throat and it has worked to alleviate a sore throat.

I am new on this board so I may not be available for questions yet.

One note you cannot use this with any liquid with vitamin C.

Replied by Melinda

I would also like to know, I have a son with autism.

Replied by Eleni Lena Tzouka

My son is autistic 18 years old? Is autism curable with mms?

Replied by Roo

Could you please tell me what ratio of MMS to solution did you use in the enema?

Also how does the naturalist doctor use MMs - by mouth, on the skin, by enema? If you are not sure would you please send me an email with his name, phone or City/Town some time? Thank you so much. Very much appreciated.

Best Wishes, Roo

Replied by Faddy

Yes, I have a question :) do you take mms and eat or do food particles react with the mms?? Specially when I'm doing the drops 8-10 times a day?

Replied by Brent

MMS has never burned my skin, or anything else. It's oxygen. It oxidizes. That's it. Whoever says it burns their skin, maybe the have a skin infection? I don't know.

But I have cured my fibromyalgia with MMS! Yes, CURED IT! I'm not a medical doctor so I can say it.

My mother completely erradicated her allergies and hayfever after 40 years of trouble. Completely GONE. Yippee! Thank you Jim Humble very much.

Replied by Rob

Allergies and Asthma in fact all Lung Issue's are protocol 1000. PROTOCOL 1000 is basically taking 3 drops of activated MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) in water each hour, for 8 hours a day, for 3 weeks. However many people cannot start taking that many drops and should start with only two or even one drop an hour. This is determined by how sick they are to begin with.

If one is feeling very sick then start with one drop an hour or even a half a drop an hour, but then begin taking more if you feel that you can.

The rule is, if you feel that the drops are making you feel worse, take less ... and if they're not making you feel worse then take a little bit more the next hour, but never more than 3 drops an hour.

Posted by Olga (Nutley, New Jersey, Usa) on 11/22/2009

Hi, did anybody try MMS to treat allergies? I've been using MMS as a spray on my skin for a week now, but I have a severe reaction. My skin gets irritated and is burning very badly. I'm using 20 drop solution in 2 oz. spray bottle.
So I'm wondering, if anybody has treated allergies with MMS and if anybody has experienced a similar reaction like mine.

Very grateful for response.


Replied by Nnh
(Boa, Uk)

I used MMS when I had allergies. Do not spray, just take them as per their instruction, mixed with juices or water. It helped me to detox but I also used other detox products such as raw vege/ fruit juices, raw vege and stay away from suger and processed food. Tap water is really bad. Find a better quality water. I hope it helps. I have now cleared allergies totally.

Replied by Sal
(Redondo Beach, Ca. Usa)

MMS is sodium hypo chloride, 2.85 mg in the human body, primarily in the cerbro spinal fluid.It may be injected into the blood . Bleach is sodium hypo chlorite, cannot be injected, poison.

MMS is not particularly good for allergies because allergies are a reaction to undigested food proteins that have hit the histamine producing mast cells in a cell membrane. Most allergenic people are hypo chlorhydric. Improving digestion is most important.

Digestive enzymes with HCL work better for allergies in most people.

Be Well

Replied by Steve
(Sebring, Florida Usa)


Actually, MMS is Sodium Chlorite. When activated with an acid, it creates chlorine dioxide. Sodium Hypochlorite is common bleach. Chlorine Dioxide kills pathogens and purifies water through oxidation, like Hydrogen Peroxide. Sodium Hypochlorite disinfects through chlorination. DO NOT TAKE SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE.

Replied by Aleah

thank you for the info you shared on MMS, I found it very helpful.

Replied by Patricia

Have you read the book? It says burning of the skin means fungus or mold is present and you must first start the mold protocol as listed in the book.


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Posted by conya (jmst, ND) on 05/11/2022

My husband was on 3 heart pills and 3 pills for blood sugar. He also took Trazadone and some others per the VA and was then diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

We started MMS, plant food diet, herbs, lots of water, and vitamins. He was taken off all pills and communicated with us. We did lots of our own research. That was 7 years ago. It is worth it to research everything, the truth is out there.

Replied by Ronald

Did the MMS work for your husband and what doses? Thanks, Ron.


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Posted by Robert S. (USA) on 06/23/2022

I have arthritis in several places, both knees, back, and neck with chronic pain. I found out about MMS / CDS water and tried it, and it lowered the pain better than anything else I have used. The best site for its use is

Never mind what negative press he gets, it is just the usual medical Mafia hit pieces **clinical studies are documented on his site & standard treatment in certain countries in South America**.

You make CDS water the easy way using just a plastic sandwich bag and a glass jar & a cup warmer to speed it up to 12 - 24 hours instead of 48 hrs. Measure the amount of MMS you need per the amount of CDS you are making, put it in the sandwich bag, make sure it is sealed tight so no leakage, and put it in the glass jar filled with distilled & filtered water being careful not to break the bag *squeeze out all the air first* if using a cup heater check every so often so it does not get too hot and melt the bag usually about 8-12 hours if it gets too hot turn it off until it cools a bit then turn it on again until done. If you put room temp water, you can time it, so you can do it at bedtime and adjust in the daytime. If you have a small heating pad, you can use it, but remember to put something under the jar between it and any heater to prevent cracking. Also, place it in an enclosure to keep the heat in, I use a small cardboard box, no fuss no muss, plain and simple & it works.

Any type of heater will do & can get to 100-130-F but not melt the bag. You either have to buy the MMS solution or make it yourself & both are possible.

The dosage I use is straight out of the jar, about 1/2 tsp 1x daily in the morning on an empty stomach. I have just started to use it intranasal using just a 1oz spray bottle. I mix 1/2 oz CDS with 1/2 oz water > saline I think would be better. Likewise, I use it several times daily and no ill effects, no burning, but it does make your nose run until it clears it out of whatever is in it. Gets into the body easily due to the nose being filled with blood vessels and bypassing the GI tract.

Bleeding Gums

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Posted by Rick Macaulay (Welland, Canada) on 11/21/2023

I had two broken molars both of which were partially under the gum line which led to almost daily bleeding. It was almost 2 months before I could get to see a surgeon (my dentist wouldn't even attempt extraction) and after seeing the surgeon I had to wait 3 weeks for the appointment for the extractions.

For the months before I saw the surgeon I used 10 drops in 2 ounces of clean (non-tap) water which stopped the bleeding within minutes. After I had my consult the surgeon advised he could go ahead with the surgery as long as I didn't get an infection prior. I told him infection wasn't an issue and assured him I would be ready for my appointment, which I was. So not only did the MMS stop the bleeding, it prevented any infection (or pathogens) entering and making a home in my mouth. This MMS is a Godsend!

Bleeding Gums
Posted by Halo (Salem, Ma) on 09/04/2009

mms cured my gums, but causes gas in my friend with cancer...

mms at 10 drops with 50 drops of citric acid stopped my bleeding gums. i have a friend who is using it against cancer; shes taking it after her meals as Humble suggested, but shes suddenly getting alot of gas. anyone know why this would be? im wondering if its because this is somehow interfering with the regular absorption of her meal or if it has to do with bacteria being slayed?

Replied by Amber
(Antigua, Guatemala)

I have read that gas is a result of the bacteria, microbes, parasites etc being killed off - so I see it as a good thing that she is experienceing this. Continue at the lowest dose your friend can tolerate without causing uncomfortable symptons. With MMS you shouldnt need to suffer - just cut back on the amount of drops ingested

Replied by Bob
(Clearwater, Fl)

Jim Humble states clearly many times on his websites that MMS should not be taken with a meal, but only an hour or more before or after.

Replied by Ben
(Seneca, Sc)

MMS works best on an empty stomach, so I'd suggest to wait about 2 hours after your last meal before drinking mms, or do it first thing in the morning as I do. From my experience it takes about 15minutes for mms to reach the bloodstream (I feel like someone turned up the heat inside my body by a few degree, which lasts about 30min). So, I assume to start eating or drinking whatever you want should be ok after an hour or so. Ever since I take mms, I have not been sick whatsoever... fingers crossed :)

Replied by Amy
(Las Vegas, Nv)

From the comment that has been posted is correct. Also make sure she is not taking mms with her medications. Have her take mms with some food in your stomach. And then a hour later have her take her medication.

Replied by Rejuv
(Jhb, Gauteng)

If the protocols are to take MMS every hour but then you can only eat an hour after or before it is not practical as it would then interupt the protocol??

Replied by Neb
(Victoria, British Columbia, Canada)

I just wanted to ad that these Protocols are a guide. A person should use common sense and their own feeling as to what is working and good for them and what not. The main idea is to have MMS going through your body in some regularity so that it will be able to pick, kill and eliminate patogens on it's way. However, different people have different ways of doing things, different habbits and therefore they will have to adjust to a new addition - MMS. I believe that you know best for yourself how much and when to take MMS as long as you try to do it in some kind of regularity. Hope this helps.

Chlorine Dioxide

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn. ) on 06/02/2014


For about 30 years of my 40 years in the paper industry I enhaled ClO2 which is a solution used to bleach pulp to 90 brightness. For you old dogs from the 40's the brightest paper was less than 80. Newsprint is in the mid 70's because Hypo was the best bleach we had in those days.

ClO2 is the latest rage in killing pathogens. You know it as MMS. My question to you wormy folks. Was this good for me or bad? I now think it was good. This gas can kill you just as Chlorine can. Is life interesting or what?

=======OLE ROBERT HENRY======

Replied by Nick

If u are trying to help yourself, make your body alkaline not acidic, I am a brain cancer survivor of 38 years and going strong.

Replied by ORH

HI U OLE PATOOTS DOIN, ORH here, and I'm on a roll. As all know I have worked with ClO2 all my industry life, but never for my health. Yep, it is a bleach, but that is to distract you from what it can do for your health. In 1941 when I was in the first grade and our tablets had a brightness of about 73. When CLO2 was used in 1954, the paper brightness went to 88. With the advent of the computer most of the white fine paper mills have been shut down or converted to brown and round because all order on line and a shipper must use a box. We have just done a 180 in my lifetime and you had no clue. BROWN TO BRIGHT AND BACK TO BROWN.

I am going to give you a site about what ClO2 can do for your health. Please start at 45 minutes in the testimonials and then you will go back to the start and learn the whole story.

ATS ====ORH====


Information is not available.


It's on rumble.


Hi ORH. I just saw this post. The site you included no longer exists. :(

I do know there is a channel on Telegram called "The Universal Antidote Videos Chat." Great info and Andreas Kalcker CDS Protocols and eBook available there.

God bless. 🙏

Chronic Viral Infection

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Posted by Tea (New Zealand) on 07/18/2015

My dad came down seriously ill with a viral infection overseas and was ill there after for 2 years....hospitals in Spain, Uk and New Zealand hadn't a clue what he had - they kept thinking heart attacks and BP but wasn't..... only thing that got him back on his feet was MMS old protocol of higher doses...

Im going to try Autism protocol on my two aspergers kids as they have had mms on and off over the years.

Great for my sons respitory tract infections and croup too, just by gasing it in sleeping quarters overnight....

Replied by Lovelytree13
(Maryland, US)

I've recently read that mms drops cure all types of disease. I believe that 100%. That's why it's probably getting degraded by the FDA and off the market. Has anybody been able to purchase this product from a legit website? If so from where? Is buying the book and the DVD the only way to know how to use it correctly?

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Lovelytree --- Google Jim Humble MMS1, MMS2, CDS, CD

Namaste Om

Replied by Phyllis Adams
(Kenedy Tx)

I can't get help from the people I've tried buying from. It is understandable but I sure would like to talk to someone who uses it. Until now I've only used it for colds, flu and to prevent infections when the dog scratched me. Now I'm trying it for my RA . Don't know if I'm doing it right. Need help! Phyllis

Replied by Cathryn
(Salt Spring Island, British Columbia)

Hello Phyllis,

Where can I buy MMS in British Columbia? I'm having a hard time finding a supplier in the province. Thanks.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U OM, , , , , , , as mentioned many times, I worked in bleach pulp mills for 40 years using ClO2 and breathed the vapors every day. The gurus now tell me that I can't use this CLO2 and must use the crude way Jim Humble produces it . To that I say BS, as ClO2 is ClO2 and one ClO2 plant as exists in one pulp mill could cure the world of most of it's illnesses.

Of course that would mess up the medical industry big time , so that will never happen.

As in years past one sulfite pulp mill could produce enough vanilla to supply the world so that never happened either.

Is life grand or what? Games we play.


Clinical Trial of MMS

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 06/07/2021 446 posts

Chlorine dioxide has undergone its first clinical trial!!! FINALLY!! And against COVID!! With astonishing results!!!! WOOHOO!! Not in the US, obviously, but Kalcker talks about it. I won't include a link so anyone interested will have to duckduckgo kalcker +"clinical trial". You might have to dig a little bit to find information in English...


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Posted by Gean (Salina, Ks) on 10/15/2009

A few days ago I came down with a cold: - congested sinuses, sore throat, cough, tired. I took 6 drops of MMS, (activated with 1/2 teas. lemon juice, wait 3 min., add 1/2 cup water. Drink.) then an hour later another 6 drops. Went to bed. Next morning I was almost completely well, and about 24 hours later cold was gone.

I have found that when I don't do MMS every day but save it for when I really do get sick, I don't get nauseated and it really helps. I get more nauseated if I keep taking it day after day "whether I need it or not". I probably will start doing the 6 drops and another 6 drops an hour later on a weekly basis, since I find I feel fantastic, like it really cleansed me or something. Not more often than that though.

Posted by Paul (Tucson, AZ) on 12/15/2008

I would like to know what people think of this stuff besides myself - it cured my cold in a day and a half, it is said to kill all the bugs in your body that does not belong there.

Decaffeinating Coffee With MMS

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Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 03/20/2023 446 posts

I've confirmed the decaffing effects of MMS on my coffee. Accidentally. By drinking less than a quarter of a cup of French blend when I was out and about, without it. Holy moly! I didn't even think about the fact that I've been decaffing all of my coffee for over a month! Shot me right out of my socks! I can't believe I used to drink full-caff coffee by the potful for so many decades. I certainly couldn't do that today! It's a HORRIBLE feeling! Yikes!

Here's how I decaff my beloved Colombian coffee:

In a 250 ml wash bottle, I put 30 drops of the sodium chlorite solution and 30 drops of the citric acid solution, let it develop for a minute then fill with distilled water, put the wash bottle squirty lid - WITHOUT THE DIP TUBE - on it and stick it in the fridge.

For my coffee, I squirt it directly into the prepared coffee for a slow 3 count. Voilà!

Back when I was drinking my coffee straight, I used it to decaffeinate myself with a long squirt in a shot of water. Then tried it on my coffee and it didn't change the taste at all. I doubt my coffee is totally decaffeinated with a slow 3 count squirt as there is zero aroma of MMS, directly after, but it's definitely a lot LESS caffeinated.

If you use the dip tube, it will oxidize in pretty short order so I remove it. I have to turn it upside down to dispense it, which takes a teeny bit of practice to do it without making a mess, but the bottles, themselves, are non-reactive material whereas the dip tubes are not.