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Multiple Cures
Posted by Chris (Singapore) on 10/03/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Hi, I was pretty open to trying coconut oil being a lover of all things coconutty from young. I started taking 3 tablespoons of this oil daily and applying this oil on my face. I can report the following benefits so far: very good bowel movements (not that I had bad ones before but there is a definite improvement), more restful sleep and my complexion is certainly looking and feeling softer. I didn't think I'd describe it such but it really feels that way. [Would like to see some weight loss off me... There's been about 3 pounds shed... So, we'll see]. This has only been for a month since I started using (consuming and applying externally) it.

Recently, I've started having this itchy scalp which has so called 'degenerated' into dry flakiness as well! I've tried every anti-dandruff shampoo there is available - the bottles line my shelf in the bathroom, believe me! - yet I'm still scratching my itchy flaky head like mad! Anyhow, last night, I've decided that I'll massage coconut oil to my scalp each night and shampoo my hair in the morning daily and see how it goes... Today's the first day after a coconut oil hair treatment and the itching is less intense. At least I got by today's work without having to scratch my head silly behind closed doors!!!

Watch this space, folks... and to all you consumers of coconut oil, I hope you're enjoying a better quality of life now...

Time to give my head that coconut-oil massage now... :)

Multiple Cures
Posted by Amy (West New York, U.S.) on 06/22/2007
4 out of 5 stars

Virgin coconut oil gives my husband diarrhea, it doesn't seem to do a whole lot for me in terms of weight loss, but it has helped my 2 y.o. daughter's immune system. I think VCO only helps with a balanced diet. My husband's diet is a typical Western diet, which is mostly starches, process/refined foods, preservatives and little fruit/greens. I eat plenty of fruits & veggies, but I did not give up the sweets/white flour, so VCO didn't help me lose any weight, even after months of taking it (1-2 Tbs. a day over toast or in oatmeal). My daughter, whom I now suspect is sensitive to gluten, has asthmatic tendencies and I was feeding her too much whole grains. I limited her whole grains, added VCO almond butter olive oil into her diet and she has not needed her nebulizer and her colds do not last 2-3 weeks. VCO HELPS, but it is not a miracle cure. Nothing is. Also, it is an oil, so I don't understand why anyone would put it in a cup of tea?!!?