Bloodroot: A Medicinal Plant

Skin Cancer
Posted by Jane (Escondido, CA) on 10/11/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Cansema cured 5 skin cancers. my friend told me it cured her melanoma on her leg and so I tried it after two surgeons failed to get rid of mine. Good thing mine wasn't melanoma or I would have been dead! Anyway after 10 days, all cancer came out and it worked 100%. My doctor is very pleased and wishes she could sell it, but it's not FDA approved because it's a simple herb that the pharmaceuticals can't make any money off of. It's sad that there are cures that people go to jail for all in the name of greed. I use cansema from and they are great!

Posted by Elizabeth (Las Vegas Nevada) on 01/12/2016

How do I make this tonic for cancer? Does someone have the exact recipe?

Skin Cancer
Posted by Jane (SR, CA) on 05/02/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I used dried bloodroot, pounded into a fine powder and mixed with a little DMSO to cure skin cancer carcinoma. I developed a 'thing' that at first I thought was a zit that wouldn't go away on my face.... I kinda ignored it for 2 months, until I had to admit the possibility that after 30 years in the Arizona sun, I had skin cancer. Having no health insurance, I researched it online, and ran across the bloodroot paste. I decided to try my own concoction of raw, dried bloodroot, pounded into a fine powder, and mixed with DMSO into a paste. Killed the cancer in the spot on my face in a few days- unfortunately, I let it go long enough, the scar is taking a while to heal, because it had progressed pretty quickly before I took action. Last week, a suspicious spot began forming on my hand- I mixed up my bloodroot/DMSO paste, put it on, covered it with a band-aid; the first day, not much, but the second day, after a fresh application, I began feeling a deep down, creepy crawly itch, and when I took the band-aid off the next day, it was nuked! Bloodroot works, but needs a booster to really get it delivered into the skin- just mixed with water, oil or whatever is a very slow process.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Gean (Salina, KS) on 12/22/2008

Is bloodroot the same as black salve? Thank you very much.

EC: Bloodroot is a common ingredient in black salves.

Ted's Feedback
Posted by Rob (San Antonio, Texas USA) on 11/15/2010

Hello Tom, I have the HPV virus and am wanting to know more about what you know on the Bloodroot tincture, as family members can use it too. How can I get in contact with you?

Sincerely, Rob

Ted's Feedback
Posted by Jessaka (Tahlequah, Ok) on 12/27/2012

Years ago I got a piece of bloodroot from a health food store. I ground it up and mixed it with water and used it as a paste on a blemish I had on my arm, a brown spot. I then taped it so it would stay. Three days later the brown spot was gone. I have since bought bloodroot, even in the powder form, but it doesn't work. Does anyone know why? Is not all bloodroot the same?

Ted's Feedback
Posted by Angela (New Castle, Indiana) on 07/04/2014

I didn't start the bloodroot, it grows wild in my woods. I harvested too much last yr however so my harvest was minimal this yr. It starts easily when u replant the tuber type root but I've no idea how quickly it grows and it requires the right soil and shade which is why its so valuable. I read that bloodroots potentcy is dependent on the altitude in which its grown, fascinating! Someone has the bulbs for sale on eBay right now, 25 of them for $15 but I'd def ask the size of the bulbs prior to purchasing. If there's enuf u could make us own tincture as I did.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Bridget (NY) on 09/25/2022

I am looking for the specific protocol that people have used to heal rectal cancer with BS suppositories. Please reply here. Thank you!

EC: Hi Bridget,

Please clarify if you are referring to bloodroot salve or baking soda.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Bridget (USA) on 09/27/2022

I am looking for the protocol for black salve/bloodroot suppositories for a rectal cancer tumor. There was a post from 2011 by Earnest but no elaboration on how he healed himself of cancer using the suppositories.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by M in MD (Md) on 09/27/2022

Check out Alpha Omega Labs they have numerous natural products for cancer and many testimonies. Also, they have a phone number you can call and speak to someone. Good luck!

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Bridget (NY) on 09/28/2022

Yes, I called and emailed Omega. They no longer sell suppositories and were not very helpful. Will try to find testimonies. Thank you

Chest Tumors
Posted by RebeccA (Lancashire uk) on 12/08/2021

Could you please tell us your recipe? Did it have zinc chloride in?

Chest Tumors
Posted by ZOYA (IA) on 04/13/2022

How big was your biggest tumor?

Where to Buy
Posted by Kerry (Red Deer County, Alberta, Canada ) on 07/08/2022

Want to buy some cancer cream to take a sarcoidosis off my horse - please tell me where I can order it from

Bloodroot Usage
Posted by Ssmith (Highland Plateau Middle Tn) on 06/10/2017

Thank you Lynn ...I enjoy learning all I can...I want to live.

Application Tips
Posted by Wydo (Ca) on 07/22/2015

Hi, has anyone tried taking bloodroot powder internally? I have been taking tincture internally but it is hard to take it to places, so I would like it to be more portable. How much would you put in a capsule? Thanks

Application Tips
Posted by Lil (Florida) on 11/14/2017

I read the ingredient you used. Would you please state the measurements for each. Or do you mix equal amounts each then mix together.

Breast Cancer
Posted by Carol (Wyoming) on 08/11/2016

Breast to lymph to clavicle bone. Lumpectomy was successful with 3 lymphs. Now have a dirty and growing lymph node and lesion in the clavicle bone. Need strategy. we have used b/s successfully over last decade. But never for bone or lymph node.

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Andy (Monterey, Ca) on 02/17/2015

Black Salve (Blood root) can be obtained through: Perfect Balance 775 560 7015

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Nika (Peters) on 07/16/2018

Hello, I found your site & was so happy about it, till I tried to activate the products pages. Does it exist anymore or is it deactivated?

Thank you, Nika

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Darrell (QLD) on 07/03/2022

I know this is an old post but some people may still be looking, bloodroot/black salve and capsules are still available in Australia.

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Geo (Fairview, NC) on 02/05/2023

Hi Darrell, do you have a link to a website for the Australian company?

Posted by Sc (Tucson, Az) on 11/30/2014

Hi. Googling for recipe, found your site, but not the referenced recipe with bloodroot, galangal, sheep sorrel & red clover. Thanks!

Skin Cancer
Posted by Andrea L (Glendale, Ca) on 10/26/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I experienced no pain with my bloodroot treatment on my arm (2 different eschers, no pain). There was a teeny bit of itching day 2, but that went away :)

Posted by Prioris (Fl, US) on 09/20/2014

I bought some just in case. Haven't needed it or used it. What is the shelf life of the black salve. it would seem to be pretty long.

Reading the back label as I remember, there was something painful or uncomfortable about putting it on. How was it for you?

How long did it take to heal the basal cell problem?

Posted by Cheryl (Nevada) on 08/01/2017

Do you ever put more black salve inside the crater?

Posted by Morganism (Southwest) on 09/02/2017

Don't ever do that. Pain is intense. One application only, then wait. If it doesn't "crater" then it is prob benign.

Don't ever apply on thin skin, you need at least a centimeter of flesh underneath, or the "crater" won't work, and the effect can flatten out and liquify large areas.

Never on face, ears, nose, back of hands/feet.

Posted by Ro (Queensland) on 11/26/2021

Hello Josef, l wonder if you are still in the NT, l am in Qld, nearly finished my second 100 capsule bottle of the root, but my diagnosis is now an aggressive Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma around the Bladder area, (Female) l wonder how you went, as the guy l get my caps off says he has not had - 'personally have not heard of a lymphoma case that was cured with bloodroot' -' s l am very curious of course, thanks Ro

Lung Cancer
Posted by K (Alpharetta, Ga ) on 03/09/2014

Hi. I'm new to bloodroot, and have gotten salve from a reputable place, as far as I can tell? It seems really weak compared to some of y'all's stories, though. My mom has stage 4 lung cancer and a small spot on her liver. She's done a lot of chemo and radiation and has now joined the alternative med train! SOS, please, if you know of a quick bloodroot salve. She has limited time to live. This salve we got says roll 1/8 teaspoon into a ball and swallow. The cancer will come out later, in a weak spot. We aren't to apply it to the lung area... But we need a pretty quick healing. Thank you.

Lung Cancer
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 03/11/2014

K: Eating cooked conventionally grown food creates conditions called fermentation and acidosis. Cells are not able to survive. Their components mutate into cancer. Taking folk medicine does not remedy this. Eating the best food the right way does. Search raw food for cancer videos for the best complete food program.

Indian Mud
Posted by Sue (Gerber, Ca) on 12/08/2013

My husband has a mass in his colon. I'm looking for Indian Mud tablets. Do you know where I can get them? I understand that Billy Parker, southern CA, used to make them, but I can't find him. Does anyone have any info. on him? Thank you.

Side Effects
Posted by Lovescats (Phoenix, Az, Usa) on 08/22/2012
0 out of 5 stars

My daughter is taking black salve tablets for polyps in her colon. She has experienced nausea and sweating after taking one tablet that lasts about 30 minutes. She has said if she lays down, she's fine and the feeling does go away. Is this normal? She had tried taking one on an empty stomach, and has noticed it doesn't upset her stomach. I have read in many places that you need to take them on a full stomach, but since she doesn't feel sick on an empty stomach, can she continue taking them without eating? The black salve tablets she uses does not have the zinc cholride, will this black salve work as well as the ones that do have the zinc?

Would the 28 day run protocol be enough since she only has polyps, or should she do the working on a problem protocol? I understand you work your way up to taking four tablets a day, I'm not sure if you need to take a break like you do on the 28 day run or if you stay on the tabs straight through. Also, how long do you stay on the tabs when doing the working on a problem? The instructions she received are not very clear.

Posted by E- (Any Town, Usa) on 07/07/2012

I have had a lipoma on my arm on the inner side of th elbow where the arm bends. The lipoma is about 1 1/2" by 1" and I have had it for a few years and was afraid to remove surgically avoiding the major sugery factor. It is a sign that the body is not getting rid of "waste" and since my Dr only prescribes Levoxyl. 25 and does nothing else I am using oils like Cypress to help cleanse the liver. I eat a diet that includes vegetables and healthy foods like olive oil. My question is: Is Blood root safe to try on the lipoma. I understand I need to leave on for 12 hrs and How many times do I need to apply it. I have read reports online that the pain is unbearable and incapacitating. Is it true that the pain is incapacitating?

Please advise. Thank you.

Posted by Maisie's Mom (NJ) on 06/10/2012

Okay, after reading all these posts, questions, testimonials, warnings, etc. , would it not just be workable or effective to use just pure bloodroot extract/tincture (liquid) either by itself or with some form of delivery (dmso) or suspension (glycerin or vit. E) only? Because it would seem to me that the zinc chloride in the formulation is the culprit. I am trying to use it for cosmetic purposes (moles, plentiful, but none cancerous). Maisie's Mom

Skin Cancer
Posted by Jane (Manchester, Uk) on 11/13/2011

Hello, I have recently had a superficial BCC excised from my neck but still sometimes feel the tingling and itching that I felt before it was excised. The excised BCC was tested and the area found to be clear at all margins. Do you think it would be a good idea to cover the 3 inch scar with black salve or would this be too drastic? Would I be better to use the Best on Earth bodywash for a few months instead? I have both and have tested the salve on a small mole on my leg. Sure enough an eschar dropped out and I have a healing crater. I am just wary of having a big hole in the back of my neck, a very awkward place for me to see!

Skin Cancer
Posted by Lily (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) on 11/15/2011

Hi Jane, try putting the black salve on part of the scar, maybe 1/2 inch to see what happens, then continue for the rest of the scar in 1/2 inch increments after each section has been tested or healed. You may need somebody to do this for you, but it only takes a few minutes and then cover it with a bandaid for the 12-24 hours and see what happens. Hope this helps. Lily.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Bridget (NY) on 09/17/2022

Hi I would like to know more about he used it for the cancer.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Bridget (USA) on 10/01/2022

How did you use bloodroot suppositories to heal rectal cancer? I have made my own suppositories but not sure of protocol and what to expect. Thank you

Posted by Drsteph (Edgewater, Md) on 07/13/2010

Go to tumorx website (I think it's It's a product sold internally and externally with a manual for proper dosing of bloodroot along with mega doses of enzymes to help with 'clean' up internally. I'm also a natural practitioner and have personally used externally and internally on myself with no ill effects. . . Pulled a bad fungal infection around my ankle right out within a few days.

Posted by James (Ca.) on 05/22/2016

I have prostate cancer to hip, PSA 500, am looking for ideas besides chemo and radiation.

Thanks, James

Application Tips
Posted by Jen (Sydney, Australia) on 09/19/2010

Hello Gail, Would you be able to tell me where I might purchase the bloodroot paste. I really do need it asap for my sister in law. I appreciate very much your time and help with this. Kind Regards, Jen

Application Tips
Posted by Donnebonn (Orlando ) on 08/14/2021 2 posts

Would you please share the recipe? Need to get the amount or percentages of each ingredient. Thanks

Application Tips
Posted by Ramji (Amsterdam) on 07/07/2020

Hello Gail,

What about using bloodroot on an ulcerated breast tumor?

Broken through the skin and quite large although right underneath the skin/superficial.. I have bloodroot tincture, I am reluctant to use the black salve since the skin is already open.

Thanks anyone with advice/suggestions!

Application Tips
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 07/08/2020

Total body detox, aloe vera gel, spirulina, crucifer veggies (wasabi is great, easy, fast), sulfur/sulfur veggies, iodine/kelp, vitamins C, D, E, lysine, NAC, molybdenum... No dairy, chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, birthcontrol pills. Clean up the diet.

That would be a good start.

I would also cut an aloe vera leaf piece big enough to cover the tumor ares, cut it open and tape it over the area with the gel side toward the tumor.

Maybe consider applying Lugol's iodine to the area followed by DMSO before applying the aloe leaf.

There's always cannabis, too.

You might try an activated charcoal poultice over it, too. Especially since it's right under the skin.

Here's the link for the remedies page that can tell you more:

Bloodroot and Children
Posted by Pam (Ca, Us) on 01/24/2010

Ted, what is the bloodroot dosege for a seven yr old child. i've read on this site that 5-10 drops, but is this the same for a child with a tumor. Also is it best for it to be applied on the tumor instead of internally?

Bloodroot and Children
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 02/01/2010 383 posts

In an adult dose, the dose I listed is a very low dose for an adult. The dose can be higher even for an adult. The limiting factor behind bloodroot tincture use is too much induces vomiting or emetic, which is what is traditionally used. Therefore if a person can take it just below that level and as frequent, this is usually the best dose. Therefore a beginning child dose is often starting at 2 drops and the frequency of dose can be 5 or more times a day. The bloodroot tincture can be applied on and also taken internally for the tumor.

Posted by Merryanne (Orange City, Florida, USA) on 10/29/2009 119 posts

To Nycole, Can you give us more information about the salve,, the mix ratio of the two ingredients, the proces of taking care of the patient, It is very interesting and I would like to try it on some moles and skin spots. Thank you for this information, you can email at merryanne1947 at yahoo dot com
thank you

Posted by Lis (Ny, Ny, Usa) on 10/23/2010

This website I feel has the best recipe for black (bloodroot) salve. Many of the other recipes included fillers like tar and clay.

RECIPE 25% Galangal root powder (3 tablespoons) 25% Bloodroot powder (3 tablespoons) 50% Zinc Chloride (6 tablespoons)


*If making your own, it may be hard buying small amounts of each ingredient and zinc chloride may be very difficult to obtain(its also very corrosive).


If you scroll through this website, you'll find some posters talking about commercial black salves and which are legit and which are not. There are some recipes here but the link above I feel is more superior.

Posted by Lis (Ny, Ny, Usa) on 10/23/2010

Black Salve recipe & warnings:

Personally, I would rather investigate EC posts and the net and find a good commercial one, unless you're experienced in handling corrosive chemicals and can afford to buy the bulk items. But if worst came to worst, I would try internal/external bloodroot alone or attempt this recipe if I could and a good commercial option became unavailable.

Posted by Jay (My Juliet, Tn) on 11/17/2015

Can bloodroot be used on stage 4 prostate cancer if it's in bladder, hip & back bone?

Black Salve Sources
Posted by Nicole (Ohio) on 06/30/2016

Lydia would you mind getting in contact with me. Taking the same formula and have a question.

Actinic Keratosis
Posted by Ric (Tempe, Arizona) on 03/02/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I live in Arizona and have exposed my skin to the sun for many years before I got smart and started using sun screen. I get actinic keritosis on my arms and have used blood root paste or sauve for years with great results. You just have to use it sparingly.One lesion at a time! Sure it can be sore and itchy for a few days but I sure like not paying the determatologist!

RIC Arizona

Posted by Elise (Tarn) on 10/26/2022

Hello, I used some black salve when I was in Arizona. It removed 2 moles on my face with no scaring at all. I'd like to buy some. Do you know where I can get it?


Posted by Leona (Colorado Springs, Colorado) on 04/25/2010

I don't have any remidies to share about, just wanted to say it's nice to hear there's possibilties of some relief from shingles, outside the medicine the doctor can perscribe that cost 365.00 a perscription.

It surfaced on my right buttock about 11yrs.ago. and has surfaced on the other side then occ. up my back near the backbone. Being a single Mom, with no insurance. It's been painful. If you've heard of anything you can as in something around the house PLZZZZ post it.

Thank You, Leona

EC: Many more home remedies for shingles here:

Posted by Denise Ward (Vermont USA) on 09/10/2022 23 posts

I have not had shingles myself but I read about colloidal silver and it has been said many times that it works quickly to heal shingles.

Posted by Donna (Washington, DC) on 05/09/2008
1 out of 5 stars


I used the bloodroot salve almost three weeks ago. I only used a little bit on four small moles, probably the size of a pin head and covered the area with a bandaid. The next morning I had redenss and swelling under my eyes and scabs where the moles were. It looked like I was in a fight! I called the company and was very frustrated. The guy told me that the reaction was normal, and that it would heal. Within the next two days the scab came off of one which is healed, but light in color. On the left side of my face was the bigger mole. It was a little bigger than a pin head, but once the mole fell off the area was bigger.That area has also healed, but is white in color with some darkness around the circled area. Once again I contacted the company and the guy stated that the skin would repigment over time. The problem that I am experiencing now is on my left cheek where I removed three small moles. My excema has flared up, which is making my skin look terrible. I am trying to be patient with this process but it is very frustating. I would not advise using the cream on your face.

Posted by Alex (London, United Kingdom) on 04/15/2008
1 out of 5 stars


I tried bloodroot bought off ebay last autum (2007) I do like herbal alternate remedies and was quite excited when reading about bloodroot. Looking at my moles for years (and being vain) I rejoiced at the possibility of having them vanish in an easy and scarless fashion (as proclaimed) Got a bit carried away though and decided to eradicate all about 30-40 off them on front and back of torso at once. Thought if they do take a few weeks to heal and might be unseemly in the mean time (plus I won't be able to use the sunbed to avoid pigment scarring) it would be better to do them all at once, rather than one after the other (which would have taken month and month...) The result was major discomfort - after 2-3 applications my body seemed to turn into a sea of skin irritation and itching!!! It really did drive me up the wall and since there was no position in which I could lie painless and itchfree (forget Paracetamol - won't help a bit), I did not realy sleep for 2 weeks.

Now for the benefit of the procedure. Some moles fell off pretty soon (especially the more raised ones) and have vanished hence. Mostly though - especially the smaller ones were still there when the scabs came off and I still have slight reddening around them. For the bigger flat ones - one fell off (with about 5mm of underneath skin tissue leaving a 8mm itching crater in the skin - took about another 10 days to close up and the result is a reddish smoth round scar as big as the mole there used to be. Several other bigger moles did prevail as well and are now suspiciouse looking, i.e. they are now multicoloured and less regular shaped. It does also seem a bit as if I have a few more tiny moles in vicinity to where treated mole on my abdomen. (cannot swear on that though). The post-bloodroot look of the multicolored moles did get me worried and my GP had two biopsised. Fortunately the biopsies were benign. They will still cut them both out completly to make sure though(ergo in the end the bloodroot did help me get rid of two more big moles, by causing the NHS to pay for their excision). If someone were to ask me - don't use bloodroot for the heck of it. Make sure that the moles you treat are really draining your self worth and not just little beauty spots. Consider the options - when I had the biopsis done the process was much more 'comfortable' that the bloodroot procedure, it did not hurt, did not itch and left less scarring yet.

Gum Disease, Gingivitis
Posted by Heather (Pagosa Springs, CO) on 01/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I put Bloodroot in my herbal mouthwash. It feels wonderful on your gums. I have heard it is also good for gingivitis.

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