Bloodroot: A Medicinal Plant

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Posted by Betsy K. (Fremont, CA) on 08/01/2021

I used bloodroot paste to remove a few small moles. I got the paste on Amazon, but the seller has left Amazon, and I can't remember the name of the brand. I just that it was super expensive (maybe $30 for a thimble full).

You scratch the mole with sandpaper or a needle until it bleeds just a little. Apply the bloodroot to the mole only and tape it up. Apply again everyday for a few more days, then stop. A blister or a blood blister forms around the mole and the area turns red and irritated. Eventually, a scab forms and it drops off. You're left with a crater, but that's good, it shows the root was removed. I have no scars at all from this, though it took a month or two so for the crater to fill in and for the pinkness to turn a normal color. I used this on my face and neck and it was fine.

Side Effects
Posted by Gail M. (Pa) on 06/09/2021

I found a long time ago not to take zinc on an empty stomach as it causes nausea. This is probably the cause.

Posted by Gail M. (Pa, U.S.A.) on 06/09/2021

I spoke to a man who developed a black salve for melanomas. He was forced to flee the country. I contacted him in South America over a decade ago. I was thrilled when he answered the phone and chatted.

Chest Tumors
Posted by Charity (faithville, Us) on 05/28/2021

Comfrey: The Comforting Herb (

caution is : comfrey heals so fast you have to make sure no infection remains or it will close the skin over top of it before it can drain completely.... amazing stuff

How to Heal Bloodroot Scars
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE, TN) on 05/27/2021

Geoffrey, ORH here, and I once used Black Root but it got away from me and left a big hole. I now use Curaderm. It is slower, but leaves no scars. You may want to research. =ORH=

Actinic Keratosis
Posted by Geoffrey (PA) on 05/27/2021

Actinic Keratosis:

made a paste of bloodroot around five years ago, I had tumors in my chest, and one in my arm. I applied it on my skin where there was no tumors for close to 20 hours, and nothing happened. I put my homemade paste over my tumors and felt a tingling sensation, so I left it on and covered it with tape. It was painful by the second day, but in two weeks most of my tumors erupted slowly, the largest one, took a month and had two vessels attached, but the paste had caused them to become necrotic. To this day, I believe it saved my life. Prior to doing this, I watched many videos. I added chaparral, and a few other herbs. I would not advise anyone else to do this.

Breast Cancer
Posted by Geoffrey (PA) on 05/27/2021

I made a bloodroot paste with other herbs as shown on earthclinic and it removed four tumors from my chest. The smaller ones, if my memory is correct, took about 2 weeks, but the large one took a little over a month, this was around five years ago. The larger one had two necrotic blood vessels still attached, so I snipped them with sterile scissors. The past had apparently stopped the vessels from giving support to the tumor, but only to the vessels supporting the tumor. I believe the paste has saved my life.

Chest Tumors
Posted by Geoffrey (PA) on 05/27/2021

I made my own bloodroot paste, with other herbs mentioned on earthclinic, as I had four tumors in my chest, three were small but big enough to be easily felt, and one larger. The three smaller ones took two weeks to erupt, but the larger one took a month, and when it erupted fully while showering, it dangled as it had two necrotized blood vessels still attached, as the paste stops the angiogenesis or blood support. That tumor was deeper into my chest, and left a two inch wide opening, and was about an inch in depth into the right side of my chest. That one was painful, so I prayed a lot, and I believe God helped me. That was over five years ago. I also removed one about the size of two peas from my left arm.

When I first tested the salve I made, I put it over normal skin, for 20 hours, and nothing happened, but when placed over the tumors, I at first felt a tingling sensation. A good salve will not immediately go after normal tissue, a bad salve recipe will go after the good tissue. I honestly believe to this day, it saved my life.

How to Heal Bloodroot Scars
Posted by Geoffrey (PA) on 05/27/2021

I used the bloodroot salve, with the herbs mentioned on Earthclinic to removed tumors on my chest, one left a large opening. After research, I used organic raw coconut oil, and it healed up very nicely. There might be better recommendations, but this worked for me. I did this over five years ago.

Where to Buy
Posted by Barbara (England) on 03/08/2021

Does anybody know where I can buy the bloodroot powder only for removing skin moles? I also have some verrucas on my feet and wanted to try just the powder, not the salve, as the salve spreads and takes longer. I bought many years ago a powder and it was white and I mixed it with a little water. I emery boarded the mole and applied the paste only to the mole and it went black and fell off, only one treatment was needed and I liked that.

After I was left with a pink mark and eventually a whitish scar but looks better than the mole. If anybody can find just the pure powder please let me know. I think they took it off the net.

Application Tips
Posted by Tim (Brisbane) on 02/06/2021

I have used Black Salve for years on different parts of my body where some mysterious lesion has appeared. I dab it on directly on the lesion. It will irritate good skin so be accurate. It may take repeated applications over a few days or a week, but keep it dry, covered if necessary. Keep it away from eyes. Wash hands after using it. I have all sorts of problems trying to buy the stuff here, so will investigate mixing some up myself.

The Fda and Bloodroot
Posted by Donna (Az) on 09/07/2020


Application Tips
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 07/08/2020

Total body detox, aloe vera gel, spirulina, crucifer veggies (wasabi is great, easy, fast), sulfur/sulfur veggies, iodine/kelp, vitamins C, D, E, lysine, NAC, molybdenum... No dairy, chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, birthcontrol pills. Clean up the diet.

That would be a good start.

I would also cut an aloe vera leaf piece big enough to cover the tumor ares, cut it open and tape it over the area with the gel side toward the tumor.

Maybe consider applying Lugol's iodine to the area followed by DMSO before applying the aloe leaf.

There's always cannabis, too.

You might try an activated charcoal poultice over it, too. Especially since it's right under the skin.

Here's the link for the remedies page that can tell you more:

Breast Cancer
Posted by Orh (Ten Mile, Tn) on 07/07/2020

RAMJI, ORH here, be careful with black salve, it can eat you alive. I used it once and it got away from me.


Breast Cancer
Posted by Ramji (Amsterdam) on 07/07/2020

Hi Michele,

How are you doing now? My partner is going through the same it appears..

Would love to know how you coped and how big was the tumor?

Thanks so much!!

Application Tips
Posted by Ramji (Amsterdam) on 07/07/2020

Hello Gail,

What about using bloodroot on an ulcerated breast tumor?

Broken through the skin and quite large although right underneath the skin/superficial.. I have bloodroot tincture, I am reluctant to use the black salve since the skin is already open.

Thanks anyone with advice/suggestions!

Skin Cancer
Posted by Rachel (Ca) on 07/01/2020

What is the ratio of the herbal mixture to make this?

Odd Skin Growth
Posted by Meu (Sacramento) on 06/27/2019

I used bloodroot paste years ago on my forehead that had an area the size of a dime that just wouldn't heal. Wasn't a mole, but some odd looking skin growth, somewhat like a rash. I bought black salve paste and applied a very small amount... pinhead, very little, to the center of the area. Then I covered it with a bandaid and applied vitamin e oil to the surrounding skin. (Now I have read here that castor oil would be better so I will try that next time.) I did not apply more bloodroot in the days that followed. I took off the bandaid two days later and the area was black. 1 week later it had healed perfectly. Never had another growth in that area. Can't remember where I bought the paste but I am sure you can still find it sold online somewhere.

Posted by Deonet (WA) on 12/07/2019

I bought Generations Black Salve from a store in California before the FDA banned it because they are no more than tools of the pharmaceutical industry. I have keloid skin and scar from everything. Tested this on the tender inner arm skin where all looked good. No reaction, which is how it should be. Put it on a mole that looked wrong and WOW! It reacted. The mole died, went black. Then the area became inflamed and pussy like it should. My body pushed out the mole and some stringy things. I healed better than from surgery even though I still scarred. The stuff works and is great. Does not react to normal skin if you get it from a reputable place that only uses the bloodroot, gangalal, red clover, and sheep sorrel in it. Generations is gone now, but Best on Earth and another place still have it.

Bowen's Disease
Posted by Lizzie (United Kingdom) on 04/18/2020

I had a skin cancer right over one nipple, nearly two inches diameter. The skin kept splitting and weeping. This went on for years before I went to the doctor. She said it was Bowens Disease, a slow growing cancer. I went ahead and got some black salve from a herbalist, and he actually told me to keep putting it on every day. (!) I stopped after three weeks as the eschar had formed. It eventually came away. It was staggering to see it - like a big slug coming out of me. I have kept a picture diary. It took weeks to heal - in fact it is still healing as I write. I had to create a guard from cardboard to keep my clothes from touching it . I found if I dressed it the dressing would stick to the wound. I have been applying vitamin E oil around the edges of the wound. It is growing new skin from the outside inwards, and there is still a scab at the inside. I am curious to see if there will be any kind of nipple when it is finished. Looks like there will certainly be a shallow crater which hopefully will fill out in time. I also have a lump under the skin at the side of the same breast so once I have fully healed I plan to treat that as well. I hope the salve can go deep enough to get to the lumps.

Posted by Ida (Poplar, Mt ) on 09/17/2018

bloodroot for wart removal:

I used it for wart removal and skin tags before. It is long past expiration date - 1997.

Breast Cancer
Posted by Michele (Arizona) on 07/27/2018


I am wondering if you have any more information about treating ulcerated breast cancer with bloodroot. I've already tried to apply salve topically when there was enough clear skin on my breast to do so. I'm using Essiac tea and black salve from Kathryn from Texas's blood root paste, very mild. I'm thinking of adding bloodroot tincture to the tea. My breast is pouring fluid, it's clear, bleeds a little occasionally. I have a granddaughter who is ten and I've raised her since birth. I know God has a plan. Thank you for saying it's normal to excrete fluid. I've been looking for this information for months. Is there any other advice you have for me? Thank you.

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Nika (Peters) on 07/16/2018

Hello, I found your site & was so happy about it, till I tried to activate the products pages. Does it exist anymore or is it deactivated?

Thank you, Nika

Posted by Josef (Katherine, Australia) on 04/08/2018

My reply to Morganism Southwest on 9/3/2017.

Your post says: "Don't ever apply on thin skin, you need at least a centimeter of flesh underneath, or the "crater" won't work, and the effect can flatten out and liquify large areas. Never on face, ears, nose, back of hands/feet."

My reply:

- I have used Black Salve, Best on Earth, on my scalp on my forehead, it was very painful, I could feel the inflamed dead roots radiating away from the treatment area, there was inflammation and swelling as expected in the area, the diameter hole once scar was ejected was about the size of a cigarette butt. I had no problem with wound getting larger in good tissue, I have treated many lesions or whatever on my face, especially my temple, my most outstanding treatment was not long after I started, I was going deaf in my right ear, the ear canal was closing up over a couple of months, I treated a very small dry mark on my temple with the Salve, just overnight, it reracted very painfully over 5 days or more, I was comfortable with this as I had already built my confidence with the salve, the pain was inside the temple, seemed deep, I also had a noticeable black eye from the treatment, an area about 1/2" was affected by the salve, this took about 2 weeks to come out, the site where the wound was is hardly noticeable, now comes the good part! Within 2 or 3 weeks of the treatment, my closed up ear canal was open, fully, and I could once again hear, I tremble at the thought that there was a massive growth inside my head, I have treated 5 or 6 in the vicinity of my temple, also 3 below my eye, and 3 on my nose, they all worked and healed successfully, my nose however looks like a moonscape, but now not red and swollen like I was a wino! I feel that I would not be here if I went to the doctor, a healthy diet, plenty of restful sleep and exercise, give up the unhealthy hoodlike processed crap!

BTW, I lost a family member to stomach cancer 2 months ago, he put his faith in his practitioner, 10 rounds of chemo over a few months, was diagnosed as clear of cancer just before christmas, went for follow up visit 2 weeks later after being allowed to go home, was then diagnosed as having cancer spread through his body, they wanted to put him on further rounds of chemo, wanted to try new drugs, he passed away riddled with cancer, I feel that Chemo was the main cause of his death as his immune system was destroyed, no coming back from that.

I am on a course of Black Salve Bloodroot caps, have been through 1 bottle, had a break for several days, have now began a final treatment, I suspected to have growths inside at specific spots, had shadows on one of my kidneys, a lump under the right rib cage and something in my throat, these seem to be reacting, throat seems ok now, lump in right side not as noticeable, no idea on kidney but am confident.

Another affect is that I can feel the sides of other areas to treat when I am laying in bed focussing, I feel a tingling sensation, I put it down to the capsules irritating the growths, where I treat are hardly noticeable, I just go by the sensation, and I have not been wrong yet.

I feel that these growths are from using Glyphosate for years since it was released on the market, I am a nurseryman, I took some precautions, wore Nitrile gloves, but living in the tropics, I would perspire, it would run into my face so I would wipe it away from my face with the back of the gloves, these would have had Glyphosate on them....

Posted by Elizabeth (Gering, Ne) on 03/02/2018

Can you tell me which internal bloodroot pills you used for clearing if cervical cancer?

Bloodroot Usage
Posted by Dw (Oregon) on 01/07/2018

Audrey, I'm not sure but there is an herbal company here in Oregon called Herb Pharm. They offer education from herbalists there, so maybe that's where Lynn got her info? Just a guess.... I get my Bloodroot tincture from them.

Posted by Charlett (Queensland) on 01/03/2018

I used black salve on my shingles on the back of my neck and it started reacting immediately. The salve went in deep so it's taking a longer time to come out than usual. 7 days so far. I had 39 deb temperatures and threw up. The salve has gone after something either cancer or the virus so I just let it go it's thing. I have tried salve on all types of skin issues but it never takes off if the lesion is not cancer or a viral infection. But whether or not it was a good idea to use it on shingles I am not sure yet. I'm going out to buy high potency 25% olive leaf extract today and I've heard eating licorice helps. I'll say how the salve goes later because it's still in there right now.

Breast Cancer
Posted by Beamer (Brisbane, Australia) on 12/14/2017

@Diane Florida - normally for cancer on the skin, a person uses the black salve or bloodroot salve. I can't speak from experience for using it in capsules. What I can tell you is that when the bloodroot is working, the area oozes and looks really horrible and eventually the body pushes out the cancer.

Application Tips
Posted by Lil (Florida) on 11/14/2017

I read the ingredient you used. Would you please state the measurements for each. Or do you mix equal amounts each then mix together.

Plantar Wart
Posted by Suzanne (Az) on 11/05/2017

How do you heal the hole that is left and how long does it take do you leave it covered or uncovered you put something on it?

Posted by Davod (Pensacola, Fl ) on 09/24/2017

For cancer on the skin I'd recommend applying the blood root directly on it. For deep sores, I needed to take 2 Dilantin pain killers to sleep for 2 days..

I treated several spots on my arm, wrist and scalp. A few I had to treat again.. but the pain is less each time.

If you are in Florida, they Florida Medical Marijuana now offers a lotion that dissolves cancer in 30 days a MD told me. I have used this an oral drops for all the spots I treated, and some lingering one.. I suspect there a different problems with some of the scalp sore than just cancer... Bacteria probably.

Application Tips
Posted by M J (Pasadena Ca ) on 09/24/2017

i inadvertently took some internally, yikes.

I mistakenly thought I was buying burdock root (never purchase without your reading glasses) and thought that's very odd it's red. I never noticed it being red. I brewed a nice strong cup as I like burdock root tea, Well ONE gulp was so strong it felt like a chemical burn on my lips. I could not get rid of that horrid taste and I felt nauseous. Nest morning my arm pits smelled of sulphur! A few days later it burned slightly going out as it did going in. I went to the herb store and we realized my mistake.

So I do not recommend taking it internally!

After reading about it I will apply the tea externally to the eczema areas.

Actinic Keratosis
Posted by Greg (Ozark) on 09/23/2017

I bought a small bottle of it 8 years ago when I discovered a sore on my arm that wouldn't go away, I applied some to it, my arm swelled a bit in the area, I only applied it once, overnight as the instructions indicated, it acted as a poultice, it drew the cancer out as it killed it, I still have a small scar, it never came back, since then that little 50 dollar bottle is still working, I use it on brown patches that have shown up on my skin over the years, it's still working, it burns a little, then it itches, which is a sign of healing, the company I bought it from said it had a 5 year shelf life, 8 years later I'm still using it, you only need a very small amount, keep it in a dark cool place, I keep it in my dresser drawer, I love the stuff, I tried turning my sister on to it before she had a doctor remove some dark spots that were growing from her hands, she sent me a picture of the scar the surgery left on her hands, the doctor cut it out, I showed her a picture of where my brown spot on my hand was, no cutting no digging the cancer out, no scar, oh, and the money I saved was awesome, I highly recommend the salve.

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 09/06/2017

Dianne, the salve might have already pulled it out! Stop applying it for a few days or more until you find a doctor that knows.

Posted by Dianne (Florida) on 09/05/2017

Hi Gwen from Orlando. What kind if Dr used the salve on you. TCM Dr? I'm not sure what that stands for. My husband currently is self treating with a capsule that has bloodroot in it & we have tried to find a Dr that know something about this. His tumor on his face is now hugh & bleeding. It is the cancer coming out but as of yet has not formed an escar. I'm concerned that if this comes out completely it will start bleeding profusely. Would it be possible to get the name of your Dr? We are in the Tampa Bay Area & could come to Orlando to see the Dr.

Posted by Morganism (Southwest) on 09/02/2017

Don't ever do that. Pain is intense. One application only, then wait. If it doesn't "crater" then it is prob benign.

Don't ever apply on thin skin, you need at least a centimeter of flesh underneath, or the "crater" won't work, and the effect can flatten out and liquify large areas.

Never on face, ears, nose, back of hands/feet.

Breast Cancer
Posted by Dianne (Florida) on 08/24/2017

I would also like to know how you are doing. My husband is currently taking bloodroot capsules combined with other herbs. He had an open sore on his face that was from a cyst that the Dr shaved off. It didn't heal & the Dr biopsied it & it was cancer. They wanted to do more surgery with radiation & maybe chemo. He refused & started with the blood root capsules. The opening on his face is at least the size of a half dollar keeps bleeding, is now putruding from his face at least 1/2 inch & tonight a lot of gooey tissue came off & it is oozes blood constantly. We are not sure if this is normal. It has not formed a scab or dried up. He's been taking the capsules for a month.

Posted by Cheryl (Nevada) on 08/01/2017

Do you ever put more black salve inside the crater?

Bloodroot Usage
Posted by Audrey (Chiloquin, Oregon) on 07/17/2017

Lynn from Richland Wa. Could I please get the name and or contact info on the herbalist in s.Oregon. Thats where I am and am interested in buying local if possible. I have some spots on my skin I would like to use it on. Thanks so much, Audrey

Posted by Ron (Tenino Wa. Usa) on 06/14/2017

Canasema aka black salve. Works good on small skin cancer spots. Apply a small match head size dab, cover with Band-Aid leave overnight, if cancerous it will sting & pus up, wash the salve off, keep a band-aid on it and let it work, let it fall off naturally. It will heal from inside and fill the crater with new skin. If not cancerous it will not pus up. Have used it several times, it works I cannot see any scarring.

Bloodroot Usage
Posted by Ssmith (Highland Plateau Middle Tn) on 06/10/2017

Thank you Lynn ...I enjoy learning all I can...I want to live.

Breast Cancer
Posted by Ann (Dallas, Texas) on 04/26/2017

Hi Judy,

How are you? What was the outcome of the process and all that pain you endured? I got on and started looking around because a place on my arm is reacting big time and the pain got to about a 6 on a 10 scale last night. It scared me a bit because I usually tolerate pain well.

Lung Cancer
Posted by Agnes (Erskine) on 04/02/2017

I am currently treating my uncle with Essiac Tea and drops of bloodroot and he has lung cancer......Essiac Tea has four herbs and is known throughout Canada.....Essiac was used by John F Kennedy personal physician who was cured by Essiac Herbal Tea....researchers spoke with the original Canadians who came up with this and for stubborn cancers they added bloodroot.....hope this helps a little

The Fda and Bloodroot
Posted by Anne (The North Of Ireland) on 11/09/2016

The website you mention seems to have disappeared along with all the testimonials. What a pity. Is there a new website anywhere with testimonials?

Breast Cancer
Posted by Matronum (New York) on 10/25/2016

Well done, you are so brave and resourceful.

It hurts, but like labor you can be proud of the result afterwards.

Breast Cancer
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 08/12/2016 2064 posts

Suffering various toxicity, infection, and inflammatory conditions somewhat like yours, the three remedies I use with best effect are Heat Pad, Strong Magnet, and Zapping ---in that order.

I also sometimes use a handheld, battery operated vibrator, but any kind of Massage would work to get the blood & fluids flowing.

Dr Christopher's herbal "Red Clover Combination" is good for cleansing and is best used in combination with Detox Foot Pads or Spas.

I have a lymph gland under my left armpit that has been involved for several months and have mostly neglected it then the itching, soreness, and pain return. I slept with a 4x4 Magnet Pad directly on the area and experienced that "hurts-so-good" feeling as the toxicity is being removed. Will continue these treatment options until no sign of sick lymph.

Hope this helps you.

Breast Cancer
Posted by Carol (Wyoming) on 08/11/2016

Breast to lymph to clavicle bone. Lumpectomy was successful with 3 lymphs. Now have a dirty and growing lymph node and lesion in the clavicle bone. Need strategy. we have used b/s successfully over last decade. But never for bone or lymph node.

Black Salve Sources
Posted by Nicole (Ohio) on 06/30/2016

Lydia would you mind getting in contact with me. Taking the same formula and have a question.

Posted by James (Ca.) on 05/22/2016

I have prostate cancer to hip, PSA 500, am looking for ideas besides chemo and radiation.

Thanks, James

Posted by Idot13 (Ireland) on 05/10/2016

Did you ever try bread soda (also known as baking soda/sodium bicarbonate) as it seems to cure all sorts of external cancer. Put it on as many times as it falls off and you should notice a great change within a few weeks as it will start to dry up and keep getting smaller.

Posted by Marina (Australia) on 03/22/2016

I found this site 6 yrs. after you have written about it but I hope you will still reply.

Could you please give me detaled instructions on how your grandmother has applied black salve to moles, skin tags etc. I would appreciate step by step instructions on how to successfully remove above mentioned without scaring.

My body is producing large nb. of skin tags and moles and since I had an operation on my pancreas to cure me of Insulinoma( benign tumor), I'm wondering is this increased production result of my body expelling "nasties" from within.

I'm hoping that by applying black salve I will aid my body to get rid of disease.

Please help, Marina

Application Tips
Posted by James (Las Vegas, Nv.) on 01/18/2016

I have found from a very good source and practitioner that bloodroot and magnesium chloride mixed 50/50 depending on the condition, is a good mix, go 60/40 for stronger mix. Use gel capsules.

I had a friend who was diagnosed with pancreas cancer and had 2 weeks to live, started using the caps and lived for 6 more months and stopped taking them and died shortly after, for topical use you need bloodroot, zinc chloride, and wheat paste, mix even amounts and apply, but be careful the zinc is hot and it is used to open the skin to allow the bloodroot to do its job, cover the area and leave for 15 min. wash off and apply gold bond salve.

This treatment is for cancer treatment only. Any time this mix is used for melanoma it's called black salve.

Posted by Elizabeth (Las Vegas Nevada) on 01/12/2016

How do I make this tonic for cancer? Does someone have the exact recipe?

Posted by Gwen M. (Orlando, Fl) on 01/10/2016

I have used Cansema for years. My TCM doctor told me about it and applied it in her office ($25). She told me where to buy my own supply. My original jar is probably at least 15 years old. It is important to stir it well if it is old. I don't think it is quite as potent as when fresh. I bought another jar ($50) from the original lab that is now in Equador. I was told they are not allowed to send the full, original formula to USA clients. I suspect that is true because it is not as effective. I bought a bottle of Bloodroot Extract recently from a normal herbs store, so apparently the heat is off. I haven't tried it yet. It only seems to work when cancer is present. It reaches out and destroys any off-shoots of the cancer, some if them pin-sized. Dermatologists were recently given a "paper" saying Bloodroot doesn't work; it most certainly DOES! I treat it with great respect, treating only one site at a time. Each cancer reacts differently.

Black Salve Sources
Posted by Lydia (Ohio) on 12/23/2015

I took Two Feathers formula for 3 weeks and eradicated a tumor in my upper abdomen. I was supposed to take it for 6 weeks total but honestly it is not an easy therapy because of the extreme nausea and headaches it gave me. I am happy I took it regardless because of the obvious results. I would advise anyone who decides to take this therapy to limit their time on computers and cell phones because for whatever reason it makes the nausea so much worse. Good luck!

Posted by Jay (My Juliet, Tn) on 11/17/2015

Can bloodroot be used on stage 4 prostate cancer if it's in bladder, hip & back bone?

Black Salve Sources
Posted by Paolo (Kensington, Ca) on 11/01/2015

Beware of "Two Feathers".

It's a scam, I have experience with them. Very expensive, "secret" recipe, no guarantee and they tell you to take it internally which is to my experience a contraindication. It made me feel sick and did nothing, the sale was at a coffee shop with a nervous older man. Another strage thing is the secret 100 year old Indian recipe could not have contained bloodroot (the active agent in most black salves) because that plant doesn't grow anywhere near this western Indian tribe only in the eastern US.

Also, there are great companies like- alt in Canada and many others offering clear ingredients and reasonable prices.

I have used it for years with Great results on basal cell. I also get checked after at a Dermatologist.

Good luck in your black salve search.

Bloodroot Usage
Posted by Sandhya (Hawaii) on 10/28/2015

I have used blood root (black salve) over the years. I put it only on for 11 hours and then washed it off. Only put the salve on the top of the spot not all over. Then I keep it moist and clean letting the herb do its work. I like it because it gets the roots that other things do not. If you have the kind of skin or heritage that gets keloids..... not to worry. Use half lavender essential oil and half tea tree oil combination and put it on as it kills keloids. Raw Honey is good too after it heals. Use a scarring medication to bring down raised places as well even years later. If people do a second treatment, it is easier to do it after the first one heals......or try bloodroot pills for the whole body....Zenith.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Dhyan Sandhya (Hawaii) on 10/28/2015

I have used bloodroot many times and gone to the doctor a few times to have skin cancer diagnosed and removed. So far the only times the mistakes have been made are when the doctors misdiagnose the area and when they have cut it out saying it is all gone.....and it wasn't....more grew around it. The areas I used bloodroot to diagnosis cancer were correct and the areas that bloodroot took out the cancer stayed clear ..... no cancer even years later. Medical profession makes many more mistakes and leaves much worse scarring than bloodroot. Pain would be the same either way except they use pain products that we don't. If someone gets a keloid or raised scar this is their skin not the bloodroot fault. If someone doesn't get the directions clear on how to use bloodroot and follow it then it is not the bloodroot. If they have let the cancer grow and it is a large spot or tumor than of course it will be painful and nasty looking.... in the operation with a doctor it would be the same. Some people can handle this choice and others still is up to us. People screw up and doctors screw up.....not the bloodroot is my opinion and personal experience.

Posted by Hp (Arizona) on 10/24/2015

Are you using colloidal silver with your patients? I would. Internally.

How to Heal Bloodroot Scars
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 10/15/2015

Schreck, maybe try castor oil on the scar.

How to Heal Bloodroot Scars
Posted by Schreck (Pa) on 10/14/2015

In reply to Cary (Phoenix, Arizona) on 11/01/2007 on using saran wrap during bloodroot scar healing:

Dr. Ed Group of Global Healing Center, his dad was the co-inventor of Saran Wrap and he said it is poison. That stuff is all estrogen mimickers.

But on a positive note, I used the bloodroot in the past to get rid of facial cysts with minimal scarring.

But a couple years ago a 20 year old cold sore on my cheek started to erupt and the bloodroot took it out but left a spade shaped scar. It went after the virus but took a large area away and did not fill in as well as I had hoped. But once healed gentle massaging has minimized the scar and the pores are seeming more normal but still noticeable.

Now two years after that, a zit that did not seem normal from the start did not heal right away. I tried a bandaid with super nano-silver (one-sol) that did pull out more pus, but did not heal as the constant squeezing brought the clear liquid of a cold sore/herpes to the surface. So I tried the bloodroot again, but a very small dab. The bloodroot once again went after the virus and is about to fall out. I hope this hole heals/fills in much better this time as it is much smaller. Last time I kept the thing covered the entire time. This time I kept it uncovered after the first day and it is separating from the good tissue nicely. The previous one still had a root that did not want to release on its own.

I am not convinced that petroleum jelly (neo-sporin) is a good thing. It seems all oil based pharma is bad since petro-chemical medicines are based off of toxic sludge from the oil industry.

Black Salve Sources
Posted by Hugh Varange (Ecuador) on 10/07/2015

The best source of information about using bloodroot is at They have all the ingredients listed, what they do, and also user testimonials and instructions for use.

Bloodroot Usage
Posted by Lynn (Richland, Wa) on 09/28/2015

I used Bloodroot successfully following the instructions of a Master Herbalist (who grows and creates her own product on her S. Oregon farm) and a horrible experience following a famous Doctor who writes of using herbs, but I realized after he had no training as this woman did (life long).

I used her product and teeny dab on a mole I'd had under my right armpit. It had started changing color and shape. Her instructions were one dab ONCE and only ONCE. I was instructed to put a bandage on top of it and leave it that way for one day only. Each day, after the first day, I was to wash it many times a day (and with the reactions one would see why) with H2O2.

The BR was obviously breaking down the mole's tissue and pulling out pus and dead stuff. It was a mess. In the end when all the "reaction" was done, I was left with a huge "pit" scar, like a smooth round crater. My mother an RN told me it would fill in with new tissue (not scar tissue) and it did. All during this time I kept using H2O2.

Now I cannot find any trace nor remember exactly where this mole was. (I had no idea they had such deep roots! )

Then I tried on a teeeeeny type of a red "mole" (typical of Finnish people and all over but hard to spot).

Did not care about these but wanted to see how another person's instructions would work (Famous MD with many books out).

He used it on his dog - OUCH, poor dog, DAILY and even said the dog was crying from the pain. I did as well and the pain was unbelievable! But I kept putting it on for almost a week daily.

There was no use of H2O2 and in the end I was left with Keloid scarring almost a rough inch round. Raised, painful, itchy (later calmed down) and very obvious.

When I went back to my hometown I looked up the Master herbalist and told her about this experience. She said NEVER apply bloodroot more then ONCE a week! It is very powerful and will do its job, just needs time (a bandage on top of paste).

She said the H2O2 was to not only cleanse the pus and debris from the breakdown and death of the mole material, but to stop scarring.

I see on this forum there are many other herbs that can be used as well along with the bloodroot but my experience was with that herb and H2O2 only.

(I have a background in holistic healing therapies, studies in herbs, and many things but not all at a Master level). Background in biochemistry and chemistry of arts, health fields as well.

Application Tips
Posted by Steve (Ma) on 09/04/2015

I am currently taking a combination of bloodroot, chapparel, graviola and galangal. All 4 are believed to be anti tumor/cancer. I have recently used a salve with all these ingredients with success. 3 distinct spots in different areas at different stages of healing. I have used Castor oil, cell food, msm and comfrey to speed healing and minimize scarring. Pleased with the results I am getting.

Application Tips
Posted by Linda Majka (Ca.) on 08/26/2015

It's so potent, strong taste, it's suggested to take half the size of a pea in a capsule or piece of tissue.Some people say slippery elm is important in addition to protect stomach.It's important to get one with a good reputation of where the source comes from & check ingredients carefully.Get a professional medical opinion before & after treatment to be sure cure will be & was really effective & gone.

Application Tips
Posted by Reta (Ca, USA) on 07/23/2015

"I'm allergic to petroleum, could I use another cream or lotion? Whatever will keep the bandaid moist, right?"

I used Neosporin, it worked great. I've also read about people breaking open vitamin E capsules and using that.

Application Tips
Posted by Wydo (Ca) on 07/22/2015

Hi, has anyone tried taking bloodroot powder internally? I have been taking tincture internally but it is hard to take it to places, so I would like it to be more portable. How much would you put in a capsule? Thanks

Application Tips
Posted by Wolvesbane (Fort Smith, Arkansas) on 07/14/2015

For those individuals using Bloodroot, to minimize scars and advance healing use castor oil on all skin wounds. Castor oil speeds the healing process of skin wounds. Castor oil has also been used against skin cancers so it's a double attack when used in conjunction with Bloodroot.

I have used castor oil on skin tags and white moles to some success, and it has improved the condition of several old scars.

Yse topically, directly on wound, liberally.

You do not get the same effect taking it internally.

Breast Cancer
Posted by Inanna Lives (Middletown, Delaware) on 07/09/2015

Love and Light to you Judy as you heal. The Budwig diet may be of great assistance at this time.

Breast Cancer
Posted by Judy (Australia Qld) on 07/03/2015


I had a group of thin purple spider veins on my breast for about 2yrs and decided to use black salve, as Iv'e used it several times with excellent results on lumps and BCCs. I applied it and within 10 minutes I knew it had found something big (stinging). There were no palpable lumps or obvious cancer signs. But wow did it react, I think it stopped a death sentence. I applied 2 lots, 3 days apart, as my shower took off most of the salve, after another 2 weeks out came the cancer -a 12 cm mushroom consistency brain shaped tumor. I noticed at the base of the cavit a white thread type thing, it could have been a root to the cancer or a nerve or tendon, but I felt the salve hadn't got it all so into the raw clean empty cavity I put another lot of salve and its been 3 days now, and it has been the worst agony I have ever felt, it has been worse than labour. The pain radiates from the armpit to the sternum and the collar bone to the nipple and is unrelenting, continuous, even walking hurts as it reverberates through the breast. There is a 1-2" thick border of skin surrounding the cavity (thats now filled with black salve)is so red, hot and painful. I know this picked up an undiagnosed breast cancer and it's drawing it out from inside the breast.

Yes its painful, but it beats a mastectomy. My mother has had both her breasts removed with cancer so it is genetic.

Posted by Peter ( La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras) on 04/21/2015

Hey congrats budd, Want to know where you bought the pills, also how do you feel after taking the pills & what was the findings of test your doc did on you...

Black Salve Sources
Posted by Chris D (Albuquerque, NM) on 04/08/2015

Twofeathers is an intriguing formula that promisses a LOT but does no come w a money-back guarantee and is extremely expensive. I decided not to try it for that reason. I think I was checking out their liquid for internal use... anyone has tried it?

Skin Cancer
Posted by Sam (Miami, FL) on 04/08/2015

Google eggplant for skin cancer.

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Tim ( on 04/07/2015

We have been producing black and bloodroot salves for many years, please feel free to visit or call us to ask questions... we look forward to working with anyone with a need. With a few exceptions we ship product worldwide.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Ken (N.S.W. Australia) on 04/07/2015

Black Salve / Cancema / Blood root paste......

I made my own salve and have used it successfully for many years, removing dozens of BCC's from my face, arms, and upper body. You do have to be careful with it on big skin lesions and it is best if you treat them in sections. However, I found that some of the lesions were very stubborn and required re-application of the salve every month or so , until I started taking Cayenne Pepper, 1 X 00 capsule before food every day. The effect was another minor miracle. I would say that the addition of CP has reduced the prevalence and severity of the skin cancer so far by at least 90%. As CP is said to be an absolute cure all for gut and circulatory problems I guess there is a direct link between the health of your gut and your outer covering......Could this be a reason why skin cancer is on the increase ? Maybe our digestive system is becoming weaker due to the food we intake and this in turn becomes visible with severe skin problems such as skin cancer.

Posted by Jacky (Canada) on 03/31/2015

I am inquiring for a friend if black salve bloodroot capsules can be taken internally as she is going through chemotherapy for lung cancer. Thanks for the help, Jacky

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Andy (Monterey, Ca) on 02/17/2015

Black Salve (Blood root) can be obtained through: Perfect Balance 775 560 7015

Where to Buy: Australia
Posted by Rob (Newcastle, Nsw Australia) on 02/15/2015

Hi all, I would be most appreciative if someone could advise me of a supplier of Bloodroot/Black Salve. Thanks to the TGA here in Aus, I am finding it impossible to source a supplier. Thanks in advance.

Posted by Bill (Winnsboro, Texas) on 01/21/2015

I have used black salve for years on myself (melanoma included) and supervising others and I can say that it works. I stopped counting at 50 cures without one failure.

I used to get it from Holly Bacon of Sparks, Nevada. I don't what happened to her after the feds closed her down because she had the audacity to keep saying that it cures cancer. I now get black salve from Best On Earth Products. BTW - zinc chloride is used to make the penetration faster only.