Bloodroot: A Medicinal Plant


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Posted by Monica (Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA) on 02/08/2009

Blood Root Salve which I am buying from someone who will not tell me who she buys from nor will she tell me the exact ingredients. My husband died of cancer which first started as small spots on his penis. He heard about blood root and bought the salve but it was so painful that he could not stand using it and went in the conventional methods.

I noticed some very weird spots all over my face and tried some of his salve. It attacked the spots and took almost half my lip off in the process, which has grown back totally. I found more spots on my back and it is removing them with silver dollar size black scabs, raised about half an inch of the skin. I am convinced that since the skin grows back with no scar, that this salve also stimulates the adult stem cells and gets them to repair the damaged areas. I have terrible arthritis and two hip replacements. I am putting this, diluted with vaseline on and around my knee joints and the pain seems to be going away. I think it might be rebuilding my knee. I also had a head injury which knocked out my short term memory. I am gaining full brain function back. I am also taking a small amount of this internally. A friend of mine started using it to cure headaches and he noticed that his brain was unusually sharp when attempting to do extremely difficult tasks.

My husband and I and our dog set up a machine shop in the cellar of an old cow killing plant, where the hides had been cured. I figure he, I, and also the dog, got cancer after hanging out there for three years and breathing the dust etc. My dog has some kind of cancer in her breathing tubes, I am giving her bloodroot also. I can see small pieces of cancer coming out of my body in my shits. Also from the dog. I am convinced if my husband had been able to withstand the pain and just used the bloodroot salve both externally and internally he would still be alive.

I would like to obtain a recipe to make the salve which can also be ingested and I would like to start growing bloodroot, and all the other plants which go into making it. I would like to make it available at a more reasonable price to whoever needs it. If anyone knows a good way to make it please let me know.

Replied by Elise

Hello, I used some black salve when I was in Arizona. It removed 2 moles on my face with no scaring at all. I'd like to buy some. Do you know where I can get it?


M in M

Elise, Alpha Omega labs has cansema black salve. I've used it many times with no problems. I've read you can make your own, but haven't done that. Google them.

Posted by Kat (Drummond, Montana) on 10/20/2008

I just learned of black salve from a friend of mine who used it on a growth on her breast that looked like it had spider veins coming from it when xrayed. In 6 months time, when they re-xrayed that growth it was completely gone! I have psoriosis and am wondering if anyone has any info on me maybe trying this black salve on it

Replied by Drstephchaney
(Edgewater, Md)

I've used the salve successfully on a psoriatic (fungal) infection and it worked very well. I used a product that also had dmso in it which helps get it delivered deep into the tissues. It will hurt for a few days, so do small areas at a time if you don't tolerate pain very well.

Posted by A (Cypress, CA) on 08/06/2007

My husband's father was diagnosed with lymph node cancer and was given two months to die. They first wanted to cut out the cancer and then do radiation. He was a devout christian and he prayed and felt he was directed to use blood root paste topically and I think pills too. He followed a specific nutrition plan to boost his natural killer cells along with it and within six months there was no sign of cancer in the pet scan or mri or cat scan at all. None. I had a history of cervical cancer with two bouts undergoing laser surgery and I took two bottles of the stuff and noticed heavy menstual cycles with seemingly black materials. I returned to the doctors for a schedule for surgery and they told me that there was no sign of the growth. I have been fine for a year now. Later I checked the net on bloodroot and found the fda banned it's use in toothpaste and for cancer; personally it appears that USA is heavily influenced by poilitian money and pharmeceutical money for the products it releases to the public, not off their medicinal merit.

Replied by Elizabeth
(Gering, Ne)

Can you tell me which internal bloodroot pills you used for clearing if cervical cancer?

Posted by Mary (Ada, OK) on 04/28/2007

Better But With Side Effects

Well I have mixed feelings about Bloodroot.

Yes, I have seen it remove "so called tumors". I have used it to remove moles, etc, and it did a great job. People told me that it would not react if there was nothing cancerous, but this is not true. It did in fact burn skin which I put it on as an experient. I had this "white head" gland under the skin on my face. I hated it because ever so often it would fill up with a white waxy goo. I wanted to see if I could take that gland out with some bloodroot so I put some on, covered it with a bandaid and within 24 hours, my whole face was swollen, eyes swollen nearly shut. It scared me and was very painful. A few days later a hugh tumor like thing came out, but it was shaped exactly the same shape as where I had put the bloodroot which let me know that it was burning ALL the skin I had put it on and then causing a scab, which some people may be mistakingly calling tumors.

Could these hunks of flesh simply be scar tissue from the deep skin burns that bloodroot causes? Well it took out the gland which came loose with the scab, but I mashed aound on the scab that came out, and there was no "tumor", just dead burned skin with an oil gland in the enter. So if there was no skin cancer there to begin with, then why did it burn my skin?

Now I had something like a third degree burn on my face that has left a huge scar on my face. It's a raised scar called a keloid, and the pigment is gone too, so if my skin tans, I have this huge white spot on my face. So here's what I say about bloodroot. It may work in some cases, but unless you want a huge scar, think twice about using it, and never use it on your face unless you don't care being called "scarface" for the rest of your life. Aren't there some bonified scientists out there who want to do some testing on this powerful herb??

I mean, come on, where's their sense of adventure? There may not be any money in it, but I've seen people spend small fortunes on less exciting experiments. Someone definately needs to test out this POWERFUL herb and see what it's vices and virtues are, because as I say IT'S A POWERFUL herb.

PS: I used it on a cancerous tumor on an elderly cat, and it took the tumor off, but she was dead within a month. Seems like the cancer seems to spread within her quicker. I wonder if it was because I disturbed it with the bloodroot, and didn't get it all. I'll never know. It was worth a try as I didn't have enough money for vet surgery, but she died anyway.

So I don't know about this drug. In my opinion much more studying needs to be done. I'm sure Bloodroot is great for certain things, and I certainly don't want to be overly skeptical, but... just so little is known about how to actually harness it's powers. I want it to be the miracle that cancer victims all hope for, but we just don't know for sure yet and well....just proceed with caution. Even natural things can kill if you don't know the correct way to use them.

Posted by Mary (Girard, PA) on 05/04/2006

Black Salve and "Tonic" from yahoo group "blacksalveandpetswithcancer" for a lump. I had a cancerous tonsil removed, but still had an almond-sized lump under my jaw. The lump seems gone. You can see photos at: The tonic has chapparal, graviola, neem and andrographis. I recommend looking at the yahoo group posts and files for more information. Most in the group felt Essiac tea was not as effective as the Tonic. In fact, Essiac tea sometimes enlarged the tumors. I was to have 40 rounds of chemo/radiation; but the salve worked in 20 days and I believe the entire tumor was removed. I will continue drinking the Tonic.

Replied by Elizabeth
(Las Vegas Nevada)

How do I make this tonic for cancer? Does someone have the exact recipe?

Chest Tumors

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Posted by Geoffrey (PA) on 05/27/2021

I made my own bloodroot paste, with other herbs mentioned on earthclinic, as I had four tumors in my chest, three were small but big enough to be easily felt, and one larger. The three smaller ones took two weeks to erupt, but the larger one took a month, and when it erupted fully while showering, it dangled as it had two necrotized blood vessels still attached, as the paste stops the angiogenesis or blood support. That tumor was deeper into my chest, and left a two inch wide opening, and was about an inch in depth into the right side of my chest. That one was painful, so I prayed a lot, and I believe God helped me. That was over five years ago. I also removed one about the size of two peas from my left arm.

When I first tested the salve I made, I put it over normal skin, for 20 hours, and nothing happened, but when placed over the tumors, I at first felt a tingling sensation. A good salve will not immediately go after normal tissue, a bad salve recipe will go after the good tissue. I honestly believe to this day, it saved my life.

Replied by Charity
(faithville, Us)

Comfrey: The Comforting Herb (

caution is : comfrey heals so fast you have to make sure no infection remains or it will close the skin over top of it before it can drain completely.... amazing stuff

Replied by RebeccA
(Lancashire uk)

Could you please tell us your recipe? Did it have zinc chloride in?

Replied by ZOYA

How big was your biggest tumor?

Discoid Lupus: Warning, Pigment Removed

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Posted by Eve (Atlanta, Ga) on 04/26/2007

I have been studying about Discoid Lupus for some time now. I have had pre-cancer spots removed but was subsequentially diagnosed with Discoid. I used Blood Root oil on several places on my chest not knowing if it was pre-cancer or discoid and to my surprise the lesions went away after about three weeks. The only problem with this treatment is that it removed the pigment from those areas and are now white and it is impossible to cover them. I am presently using the same treatment for the lesions on my face hoping for the same result knowing that I will lose pigment but that is better than the red, raised, scaly lesion.

Replied by Polly
(Nashville, Tn)

Hi Eve, I read you message one Earth Clinic about using Blood root for Discoid Lupus. I know you wrote this back in 2007. I too have discoid lupus and was considering to use blood root. You mentioned that the blood root worked but it also removed the pigment of your skin. Since then has the pigment returned & are you truly satisfied with the results of using blood root? I would really appreciate hearing more on how it helped you.
Thanks for the article.

Replied by Evie

Oh my goodness I cannot believe I have stumbled across this after so many years. Yes it did remove the lesion but here is what I have learned since then. I also developed lesions on my face one on my left cheek and one from an old injury so every drop of sun exposure inflammed them. I didn't want to use blood root on my face so I had lived with them for years until now. I don't believe I have Discoid Lupus anymore as I am symptom free. I inadvertantly cured myself I guess. Two years ago I decided to get healthy. I completly changed the way I eat and I gave up all my vices (except coffee). First I went on a full body cleanse for a month. Then I juiced Beets and every good veggie I could find roots done separetly from fruits and about thee months later I began to notice some clear changes in my lesions. Having been so careful about sun exposure it seemed that I could tolerate some sun so I stopped using sun screen all together. I am an avid outdoors person so this is significant in itself. Then before I knew it aside from feeling healthy again I noticed that the lesions were gone, and I mean gone as in I can now with some care be out doors without the horrible lesions. I have gone on to begin my own small apothacary. I grow certain plants for their medincinal values and make my own tinctures and salves. I hope that you get this soon. I believe that you and I should talk real time. I have become somewhat of a healer, it just came through researching my own illnesses and learning about naturapathic treatments and then helping those around me. So there you have it. Hope to hear from you soon. I have so many questions and suggestions for you. First thing I would ask you to do is do not give Discoid any power by worrying so much about it. Just get active in doing an over all cleanse I can give you the cleanse name I used if you wish. Believe in your own ability to heal yourself and begin each day with that intent.

(South Carolina)

Diagnosed with discoid lupus, been reading and researching everything I come across, I would like to correspond with Evie if she sees this message. I notice that cold water and ice packs help my skin a lot.. with the high temps this year it has really been a struggle. I am considering using Essiac tea as a cleanse; however, if there is a better option, I would love to learn if it.

Replied by Moana
(New Zealand)

Hi Eve, I was diagnosed as having discoid lupus more than ten years ago. the raised scaly patch of red and white on my right cheek, right eyebrow above and below and now my ears which I'm suspecting could well be actinic keratosis. we live in a small town, with very little faith in the doctors and most people are into natural remedies. Today I happened upon a chinese practioner, I now have bloodroot around the edges of my cheek. I was fearful of what if... but what could be worse after all these years, so pleased I happened upon your blog. gives me a bit of reassurance. if you can help in greater detail id be more than thankful in being rid of discoid. at the moment my cheek is burn ing and feels like it has swelled in places on my lesion. not sure if that's a normal reaction. the bloodroot has been spread around the edges of the discoid on my unaffected skin and covered in bandaids. please advise on further treatment or proper use. email: moanab2009(at)hotmail(dot)com

Replied by Karla
(Kansas, US)

in reference to evie of Atlanta, ga., re: discoid lupus. what does evie use for full body cleanse, does blood root oil help with hyperpigmentation that follows the inflammatory process and what type of diet helped keep the symptoms of discoid lupus controlled? thank you.

Gum Disease, Gingivitis

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Posted by Heather (Pagosa Springs, CO) on 01/28/2008

I put Bloodroot in my herbal mouthwash. It feels wonderful on your gums. I have heard it is also good for gingivitis.


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Posted by Steeve (Montreal, Quebec) on 10/14/2006

Hi, I just wanted to tell people about taking Blood root. I am HIV and I am not taking any treatment for the moment. My state was stable although I was feeling tired all the time and had swollen glands in the back of my neck and behind the ears. I had tried a few natural remedies to try and cope with the virus, but they all seemed so inefficient. Then a friend told me about Bloodroot and how it is used to locally treat some kind of cancers... I said why not... and I ordered the pills, which were hard to find! Every website said that internal use of bloodroot is toxic and dangerous... But I tried anyway, and I took 450mg 3 times a day (and I'm still taking it), it's been 3 weeks since I started and i don't regret it!!! The lymph nodes have almost disappeared, I gained some weight on my body and face. The bags under my eyes are gone! And i have so much energy now! It's crazy...! I told my doctor about it and he said he'll do a blood test to see if I have a toxicity level in my blood. I'll post you the results.

Replied by Deryle
(Evansville, In)

Any new solutions for HIV symptoms would be wonderful information. I would like to be informed of your success or failure using the bloodroot. Thanks... Deryle

Replied by Sheila
(Cork, Ireland)

I have just returned from Abadiania, Brasilia, where John of God with the help of God, heals people from all ailments, including hiv. He performs some physical operations but most are spiritual operations.

I interviewed many people, some of whom were given only months to live by their doctors, they are now fully recovered and return to Abadiania every year to say thank you.

Replied by Anthony
(Miami, Fl., Usa)

I went to see John of God and found many people leaving the area as myself very disillusioned. He rules every aspect of life in that town. Stupid things like only flat sheets on the beds in the hotels, no air conditioning, no tv. In his church area it's worse, no talking most places, buy tons of his water, buy all his passion fruit powders at $1.00 a pill, buy 6 months supplies. It's a money scheming hypnotically controlled cult. He was once a doctor who got kicked out, cause he wouldn't follow rules. Dr. Arrigo was the original healer with the rusty kitchen knife but he was, mysteriously murdered! And this phony took his place...

Replied by Peter
(La Ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras)

Hey congrats budd, Want to know where you bought the pills, also how do you feel after taking the pills & what was the findings of test your doc did on you...

How to Heal Bloodroot Scars

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Posted by Schreck (Pa) on 10/14/2015

In reply to Cary (Phoenix, Arizona) on 11/01/2007 on using saran wrap during bloodroot scar healing:

Dr. Ed Group of Global Healing Center, his dad was the co-inventor of Saran Wrap and he said it is poison. That stuff is all estrogen mimickers.

But on a positive note, I used the bloodroot in the past to get rid of facial cysts with minimal scarring.

But a couple years ago a 20 year old cold sore on my cheek started to erupt and the bloodroot took it out but left a spade shaped scar. It went after the virus but took a large area away and did not fill in as well as I had hoped. But once healed gentle massaging has minimized the scar and the pores are seeming more normal but still noticeable.

Now two years after that, a zit that did not seem normal from the start did not heal right away. I tried a bandaid with super nano-silver (one-sol) that did pull out more pus, but did not heal as the constant squeezing brought the clear liquid of a cold sore/herpes to the surface. So I tried the bloodroot again, but a very small dab. The bloodroot once again went after the virus and is about to fall out. I hope this hole heals/fills in much better this time as it is much smaller. Last time I kept the thing covered the entire time. This time I kept it uncovered after the first day and it is separating from the good tissue nicely. The previous one still had a root that did not want to release on its own.

I am not convinced that petroleum jelly (neo-sporin) is a good thing. It seems all oil based pharma is bad since petro-chemical medicines are based off of toxic sludge from the oil industry.

How to Heal Bloodroot Scars
Posted by Cary (Phoenix, Arizona) on 11/01/2007

I have never used bloodroot, however I have read that it can cause scars. Scars such as burn scars are treated by continually keeping the skin moist. Extreme moisture' should allow all of the capillaries to grow back to gather fully, thus preventing scar tissue. The point I am making is that if it works for preventing scars for burn victims than it should prevent most other scaring. Keep in mind that what ever you use, it must contain antibacterial properties. Failure to do so my allow the area to become infected with bacteria and other nasty fungus, etc Neosporin and burn creams such as 1% silver sulfadiazine cream are two product that work well. It would also be beneficial if you can cover the area with a thin plastic wrap. Here in the USA we call it saran wrap. Its' the same thing they put over a new tattoo. Then a bandage, gauze or ace bandage will hold it in place. DO NOT let a scab form or else it will prevent the capillaries from forming new healthy skin. The scab is what causes the scaring in the first place. I have found that it is ok to let the bandaged area dry out a few hours a day. If the skin starts to harden, that's ok. It should soften up once again after you reapply the ointment and bandage.

Ps. If you have pre existing scar tissue you can use the same method, however it take much linger once the scar has already had time to form. God bless...

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Schreck, maybe try castor oil on the scar.

Replied by Geoffrey

I used the bloodroot salve, with the herbs mentioned on Earthclinic to removed tumors on my chest, one left a large opening. After research, I used organic raw coconut oil, and it healed up very nicely. There might be better recommendations, but this worked for me. I did this over five years ago.


Geoffrey, ORH here, and I once used Black Root but it got away from me and left a big hole. I now use Curaderm. It is slower, but leaves no scars. You may want to research. =ORH=

How to Make Bloodroot

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Posted by Jeff (Wichita, Kansas) on 08/24/2007

This is regarding Bloodroot. I have made and have used a blood root past also know as black salve. A doctor that I have worked with now uses this almost exclusively to treat warts. I have never seen it not work. Here is the recipe:

1/2 cup powdered Blood Root (Sanguinaria Canadensis)
1/2 cup Zinc Chloride, crystals or liquid
1/2 cup common white flour
1 1/2 cup warm water
100ml Chaparral extract or 100gm of powdered Chaparral (Larrea mexicana)

Pre-mix all but the water, thoroughly, before adding to the water. Using a stainless steel double boiler. Put in water, then stir in the other ingredients. Stir in well using a wooden spoon. Cook for thirty minutes over boiling water, stirring constantly. Application is much the same as cansema. Apply a thin layer (2-3mm) of the paste over the affected area and cover for 24 hours. Then remove the covering but do not disturb the lesion at all, do not attempt to pull the cancer out at any time, it should fall out in 10 days or so. Some people with sensitive skin put Vaseline or antibiotic ointment around the cancer so that the paste does not irritate the skin.

Replied by wendi
(ensenada mexico)

Does anyone know where can I purchase zinc chloride?

EC: Amazon has a few listings.

Human Papillomavirus

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Posted by Mcalzada (Encino, Ca, Usa ) on 09/01/2010

Hello Ted. Can you tell me what your suggestion is for using bloodroot to clear HPV from ones' system? Appreciate any advice on dosage, frequency, etc.

Indian Mud

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Posted by Sue (Gerber, Ca) on 12/08/2013

My husband has a mass in his colon. I'm looking for Indian Mud tablets. Do you know where I can get them? I understand that Billy Parker, southern CA, used to make them, but I can't find him. Does anyone have any info. on him? Thank you.

Indian Mud
Posted by George (Camp Verde, Arizona) on 10/16/2007

After using Indian mud from the Nyes corp., for years with great success, I find now that the FDA has stopped them from making it or selling it, butt out big brother!

EC: Indian Mud is another term for Bloodroot.]

Replied by Jim
(Mesa, Arizona)

How can I buy some indian mud here in Arizona?

Replied by Karine
(Tucson, Arizona)

I am responding to Jim from Arizona's request on where to purchase "Indian Mud" Here is the information: Page link: (Indian Mud is at the bottom of the page)

They also sell various strengths of blood root and black salves .. Every item explains in detail about the strength of their products. Hope this information will help. I used Indian Mud on my Actinic keratosis on my face and had great results.

Replied by Th
(Magnolia, Usa)

Indian Mud is available from

They were the suggested replacement source for compin and compex once the Nyes Corp. closed the doors.

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