Bloodroot: A Medicinal Plant

Chest Tumors
Posted by Geoffrey (PA) on 05/27/2021
5 out of 5 stars

I made my own bloodroot paste, with other herbs mentioned on earthclinic, as I had four tumors in my chest, three were small but big enough to be easily felt, and one larger. The three smaller ones took two weeks to erupt, but the larger one took a month, and when it erupted fully while showering, it dangled as it had two necrotized blood vessels still attached, as the paste stops the angiogenesis or blood support. That tumor was deeper into my chest, and left a two inch wide opening, and was about an inch in depth into the right side of my chest. That one was painful, so I prayed a lot, and I believe God helped me. That was over five years ago. I also removed one about the size of two peas from my left arm.

When I first tested the salve I made, I put it over normal skin, for 20 hours, and nothing happened, but when placed over the tumors, I at first felt a tingling sensation. A good salve will not immediately go after normal tissue, a bad salve recipe will go after the good tissue. I honestly believe to this day, it saved my life.