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Skin Cancer

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Posted by Eric (Manvel, Texas) on 03/29/2007

One danger of using bloodroot paste on skin lesions (apart from risks of severe scarring) is that the user has no way of knowing if a tumor has been completely removed. As a pathologist, I know that malignant tumors often spread well beyond what's visible to the naked eye. Incomplete removal with bloodroot could result in extensive tumor spread or metastasis (a PubMed literature search (available online) turns up a number of cases where this has happened).

The aftermath of home use of bloodroot could be extensive surgery, plastic surgery repair and treatment for metastatic cancer. Physicians would prefer not to pursue these costly options, but to take care of the problem right away with simple procedures so that patients do not suffer unnecessarily. Please reconsider your endorsement of bloodroot products, as they are dangerous and ineffective.

Replied by Arrow
(Mackay, Idaho)

Cansema will draw out any cancer that is below the surface and not visible... Something the sugical knife cannot do. Some people who extract melanoma report long dangling roots on the tumor when it falls out. A surgeon would end up cutting those roots and setting the person up for metatastic cancer. Because those roots a a real possibility that cannot be seen with the eye, surgeons are required to biopsy all around the tissues adjacent to the tumor. Often they have to go in again and remove more. Cansema can remove the roots all at once. It is important not to knock or dislodge the tumor prematurely during the cancsema or bloodroot removal process.

The times when the use of bloodroot products goes bad, like when people lose their noses, is when the cancer has permeated the whole nose. Even in conventional medicine the removal of the nose would be required when biopsy after biopsy reveals the cancer to be so deep rooted.

Seriously, extensive surgery, plastic surgery repair and treatment for metastatic cancer is often the result of conventional cancer treatment.

Replied by Mary
(Regina, Saskechewan, Canada)

Hi: where do u buy cansema? Thanks, Mary

Replied by Ken
(N.S.W. Australia)

Black Salve / Cancema / Blood root paste......

I made my own salve and have used it successfully for many years, removing dozens of BCC's from my face, arms, and upper body. You do have to be careful with it on big skin lesions and it is best if you treat them in sections. However, I found that some of the lesions were very stubborn and required re-application of the salve every month or so , until I started taking Cayenne Pepper, 1 X 00 capsule before food every day. The effect was another minor miracle. I would say that the addition of CP has reduced the prevalence and severity of the skin cancer so far by at least 90%. As CP is said to be an absolute cure all for gut and circulatory problems I guess there is a direct link between the health of your gut and your outer covering......Could this be a reason why skin cancer is on the increase ? Maybe our digestive system is becoming weaker due to the food we intake and this in turn becomes visible with severe skin problems such as skin cancer.


How much CP do you take?

Replied by Sam
(Miami, FL)

Google eggplant for skin cancer.

Replied by Dhyan Sandhya

I have used bloodroot many times and gone to the doctor a few times to have skin cancer diagnosed and removed. So far the only times the mistakes have been made are when the doctors misdiagnose the area and when they have cut it out saying it is all gone.....and it wasn't....more grew around it. The areas I used bloodroot to diagnosis cancer were correct and the areas that bloodroot took out the cancer stayed clear ..... no cancer even years later. Medical profession makes many more mistakes and leaves much worse scarring than bloodroot. Pain would be the same either way except they use pain products that we don't. If someone gets a keloid or raised scar this is their skin not the bloodroot fault. If someone doesn't get the directions clear on how to use bloodroot and follow it then it is not the bloodroot. If they have let the cancer grow and it is a large spot or tumor than of course it will be painful and nasty looking.... in the operation with a doctor it would be the same. Some people can handle this choice and others still is up to us. People screw up and doctors screw up.....not the bloodroot is my opinion and personal experience.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Wally (Sonoma, CA) on 03/07/2007

Cansema for Cancer: It seems to work almost every time, I have used it about 6 times, my friends have used it, and it takes it away, it dries it up like an infection. My 80 yr. old mother used it on her temple for a rapid growing basil cell,I say this because she had one on the other side of her head and had it operated on 3 times. The last time being successfully, after making a big hole in her head and having to patch it with a piece of her breast. You see there are all those stories.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Ally (Montreal, Canada) on 02/25/2007

The problem with bloodroot is that no research was done on it. I think you should check this out, it might make you change your mind about using this "miraculous cure":

Replied by Susan

EC: Yes, looking at these photos would scare anyone from using bloodroot! That is exactly what these articles on Quackwatch set out to do -- scare the pants off of people who might be thinking about using traditional herbs. Too bad the (clearly biased) author didn't show a few photos of people using bloodroot who have successfully healed their cancer and skin tumors. These success stories and photographs of the healing process number in the thousands. The photos on that quackwatch page represent your worst case scenario. Why don't they post similar articles when popular medications have nightmarish side effects? Mmmm hmmmmm. They only go after the natural cures and therapies which are neither patentable nor profitable.

Replied by Chandi
(Fairbanks, Alaska)

I just wanted to respond to the person who posted the link for I had a look at those pictures, and the people in the before pictures do not look like the same people posted in the after picture -- Not because of what happened to their face due to whatever it was they did, but because the actual hair and facial features such as eyes, eyebrow shape, chin shape, lip shape, etc do not match up. You don't suppose it's possible that maybe, just maybe those photos might not be of the same person, do you?? Gasp! Of course not, quackwatch would -never- intentionally mislead people to believe they say with falsefied photos! (Note the extreme sarcasm with which this is written.) In any case, I am currently using bloodroot paste that I bought off of eBay on a mole on my arm. I will gladly report back when it's gone through the entire process and let you know how it worked for me.

Replied by Bob
(Toronto, Canada)

Strephen Barett owns quack site and he has been involved in several lawsuits and he has direct ties with the FDA where he was forced to admit in a trial that he makes money from the FDA for defaming natural cures.
The most damning testimony before the jury, under the intense cross-examination by Negrete, was that Barrett had filed similar defamation lawsuits against almost 40 people across the country within the past few years and had not won one single one at trial. During the course of his examination, Barrett also had to concede his ties to the AMA, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Skin Cancer
Posted by Shirl (Lakewood, CO) on 02/19/2007

We learned about blood root, also call Black Salve, through my sister-in-law several years ago. I can't even begin to tell you how pleased my husband is with the results. He's very fair skinned and has always worked outside; now in his late 50's skin cancers were becoming an ongoing, painful, and expensive problem. He had several skin cancers removed by his doctor and all of them left large, painful scars. The black salve removes the cancer completely and, even though it leaves a large hole initially, in our experience this fills in very quickly and leaves almost no visible scar. He has used this on moles everywhere, face, arms, back, neck and the results have always been the same -- the cancer is completely removed. What I find the most amazing about the salve is that if the area is not cancerous then there will be no reaction to the salve. It's hard to find the real stuff, but worth the search!

Replied by Jane
(Fitzgerald, Georgia)

Shril from Lakewood, Colo, wrote regarding her husband using bloodroot paste on skin cancers from the sun. Can I find out where she purchased her bloodroot as I do not want to be ripped off and want product that actually works. Thanks for responding. Jane

Skin Cancer
Posted by Francis (Detroit, MI) on 02/18/2007

I just used bloodroot paste for the 2nd time. The first was on my forearm, this most recent time (last week) on my face at the jaw line. I had a very small "molish thing" appear about 8 months ago that didn't feel right. I put the bloodroot paste on for 2 nights in a row last Monday. It did its thing and amazingly, healed completely by day 6 (much faster than my forearm, which took 2 weeks to heal). There is some pink skin in that area now, but the mole is no longer there. I don't even need to cover it up with makeup! I experienced a shooting pain in the area of the application on day 2 through day 3, then nothing. I would trust this stuff more than the dermatologists. I have a friend who has had about 4 surgeries to remove cancerous growths. Before the latest surgery that she had several weeks ago, the surgeon had been telling her for the last year (every time she went for a checkup) that it wasn't melanoma and not to worry, she didn't need it removed. She insisted that he biopsy it nonetheless last month and yep, it turned out to be melanoma. So even the best doctors aren't always right. She's thinking about using bloodroot paste now. In my case, I plan to use bloodroot as a tester on all moles on my body since it is an amazing indicator of cell malignancy.

Skin Cancer
Posted by David (Lake City, FL) on 01/13/2007

I have successfully removed 5 cancers off my body over the past 2 years. It works and two were very painful but think of the alternative.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Penny (Oregon) on 12/16/2006

Our doctor used it on my husband's nose... He had been to a dermatologist, found out this spot was cancer, and instead of letting the dermatologist cut it out, he went to our naturopathic doctor The doctor put a very tiny amount of concentrated bloodroot on the spot, about the size of a pin head, no more. Then slapped a Band-Aid on it... Two days later the spot is black, it ate ALL THE CANCER away, and left a big hole... The hole eventually closed in... Be careful with this stuff it is very potent, but it does work.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Mike (USA) on 12/05/2006

I tried Cansema #100 from The Original Cream Company. It healed two spots of skin cancer on my head and I also removed a funny growing mole on my left side. This has been 2 years or more ago and nothing has returned. The salve came as a kit it took about 2 minutes to make. Their website had a lot a information and a great FAQ section. I have talked with them by phone and they have always been helpful when I had a question. I believe you will find them a wonderful company to work with.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Tom (USA) on 11/29/2006

I used bloodroot on my forehead and nose. Cure is the wrong word but it definitely removed basal cell carcinomas VERY effectively.. Definitely as well as in office surgery from dermatologist. I have been fighting actinic Keratosis and basal cell skin cancers going on 20 years. The first 10 years were in the hands of Traditional Medical Doctors and the practices and medicines they can "Legally" prescribe. The last 10 have been with alternative tactics and with every bit as good of results or better than the knife or the creams and products offered by Dermatologist.

It is sad that the FDA has become as big a problem as the problems it was designed to stop. There is no doubt 99% of the people that work for the FDA have good intentions, unfortunately the system is broken and many of them are in denial that it is. It is their job we are talking about.

It is my belief that they have gone too far in stopping companies that sell bloodroot from allowing unsolicited testimonials from being posted on the web because it might give people the idea that this stuff actually works...

It works.. I know.. I am a very experienced and satisfied user and it it frustrates me to no end to think they are denying "we the people" of the right to that information. If you are interested in seeing pictures of my bloodroot treatment (warning kind of gross and graphic) go to

Skin Cancer
Posted by Betty (Van Buren, AR) on 11/27/2006

Bloodroot, puccoon, growell, distilled water and trace minerals... Father was cured off liver Cancer 20 years ago I was cured 10 mo. ago with non curable small cell carsona cancer. The place where we got the herbs was closed by FDA in Jan.

Replied by Amber
(Mesa, Az/usa)

I am looking for a black salve with bloodroot, puccoon, gromwell, distilled water, and trace minerals. Can anyone help me?

Replied by Rachel

What is the ratio of the herbal mixture to make this?

Skin Cancer
Posted by Jane (Escondido, CA) on 10/11/2006

Cansema cured 5 skin cancers. my friend told me it cured her melanoma on her leg and so I tried it after two surgeons failed to get rid of mine. Good thing mine wasn't melanoma or I would have been dead! Anyway after 10 days, all cancer came out and it worked 100%. My doctor is very pleased and wishes she could sell it, but it's not FDA approved because it's a simple herb that the pharmaceuticals can't make any money off of. It's sad that there are cures that people go to jail for all in the name of greed. I use cansema from and they are great!

Skin Cancer
Posted by Jane (SR, CA) on 05/02/2006

I used dried bloodroot, pounded into a fine powder and mixed with a little DMSO to cure skin cancer carcinoma. I developed a 'thing' that at first I thought was a zit that wouldn't go away on my face.... I kinda ignored it for 2 months, until I had to admit the possibility that after 30 years in the Arizona sun, I had skin cancer. Having no health insurance, I researched it online, and ran across the bloodroot paste. I decided to try my own concoction of raw, dried bloodroot, pounded into a fine powder, and mixed with DMSO into a paste. Killed the cancer in the spot on my face in a few days- unfortunately, I let it go long enough, the scar is taking a while to heal, because it had progressed pretty quickly before I took action. Last week, a suspicious spot began forming on my hand- I mixed up my bloodroot/DMSO paste, put it on, covered it with a band-aid; the first day, not much, but the second day, after a fresh application, I began feeling a deep down, creepy crawly itch, and when I took the band-aid off the next day, it was nuked! Bloodroot works, but needs a booster to really get it delivered into the skin- just mixed with water, oil or whatever is a very slow process.

Replied by Scott
(Liberty, TN USA)

On this page

The acronim DMSO is used and it annoys me to no end the use of acronims assuming all readers know what it is.
Can some tell me what DMSO is?
Lets spell this stuff out here so we all can understand these posts.

Replied by Jay
(Altoona, Florida)

To Scott: If you'll go to "" and type in any word or acronym you can think of you will find an answer. Give it a try and see what happens.

Replied by Gean
(Salina, KS)

Is bloodroot the same as black salve? Thank you very much.

EC: Bloodroot is a common ingredient in black salves.

Skin Cancer
Posted by John (Atlanta, GA) on 03/30/2006

I healed 2 skin tags with bloodroot paste. Around Thanksgiving of '05, I noticed a small skin tag on my cheek, and it began to grow in size. I also discovered another one growing in my scalp near my temple. By Christmas, they both had grown and discolored, one the size of a pea and another the size and height of a dime. Not having medical insurance or much $, I decided to try a bloodroot remedy I read about in a book. After searching online, I purchased a small container of Bla-Cansema Black Salve on Ebay. I applied a thin coat on the pea-sized skin tag following the directions. They did say that I should feel a slight stinging/burning sensation. I became a bit skeptical when I felt nothing from the treatment; but decided to leave the dried coating on the skin tag for few days.

I went about my life forgetting about the bloodroot paste on my cheek until a scab that had formed over the skin tag began to peel off. So I removed it; to my great surprise the most of it was gone! After a second application, the whole skin tag disappeared leaving just a slight discoloration. I next applied an application to the skin tag under my scalp. This one was even easier; it disappeared with one treatment. It has now been over a month, and there is no sign of these skin tags on my face and scalp. This paste cost me little over $40; simple applications with no associated discomfort, side effects or pain. I see why doctors and pharmaceutical companies are worried.

Skin Tags

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Posted by Victoria (Rumson, NJ) on 07/26/2009

Blood Root helped elminated skin tags

I have an Bloodroot Extract that has a dry herb strength of 1.4 other ingredients are 55% grape alchol and filtered water.

I have applied the extract directly to skin tags via a Q-tip and also make a tinture out of this to take internally. I use 1 quart warm water with 15 drops of the extract.

My skin tags have both falling off and shrunk - I have been using externally for about a year.

I also noticed that when I started drinking lemon water, they seemed to shrink even more. They used to "sprout" out, now the remaining ones are much closer to the skin.

I haven't been particularly agressive with the treatment, but it certain does work. With this extract, there really is no topical skin burning, however the tags that have fallen off did get swollen and itchy before they "let go".

As to the internal, I can say when I sip the tinture tea, you do get kind of physical "buzz" from it - it must be working!

Skin Tags
Posted by Gina (Lakewood, CO) on 10/12/2007

I make a bloodroot salve that is great on skin tags if you catch them when they first pop up. As far as getting rid of older ones, I'm not so sure. It may work, but the friend who is trying it has been at it awhile with no noticable difference.

Replied by Linda

Does anyone have an idea of the ingredients of the salve Gina made in 2007? I have dried bloodroot but don't want to make it too potent. Hoping to use it with olive oil. And do you think she used zinc chloride? and if so how much?

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