Bloodroot: A Medicinal Plant


Posted by Sc (Tucson, Az) on 11/30/2014

Hi. Googling for recipe, found your site, but not the referenced recipe with bloodroot, galangal, sheep sorrel & red clover. Thanks!

Posted by David (Excelsior Springs, Mo) on 09/18/2014

hey there, I have used the old can - x as you described. Sheep sorrel, red clover, galangal and bloodroot, ... need to make my own now... don't quite know what % of each to use. Can I get some help....

blessings, david


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Posted by Charlett (Queensland) on 01/03/2018

I used black salve on my shingles on the back of my neck and it started reacting immediately. The salve went in deep so it's taking a longer time to come out than usual. 7 days so far. I had 39 deb temperatures and threw up. The salve has gone after something either cancer or the virus so I just let it go it's thing. I have tried salve on all types of skin issues but it never takes off if the lesion is not cancer or a viral infection. But whether or not it was a good idea to use it on shingles I am not sure yet. I'm going out to buy high potency 25% olive leaf extract today and I've heard eating licorice helps. I'll say how the salve goes later because it's still in there right now.

Posted by Kate (Nevada City, CA USA) on 10/16/2008

I have used black salve successfully on many different skin lesions, as well as moles. Two years ago I had an initial, very painful outbreak of shingles on my chest. After several days of suffering I decided to try black salve on the blisters. At first it hurt like heck, but it hurt anyway. By the next day the pain and itching were gone. It took a long time to heal completely, and a couple more spots appeared in the area along the way (which I treated also), but the pain was gone and it eventually healed nicely. I still have scars, but no more problems since.

I haven't seen any other postings for using it on shingles, so I thought someone might find it helpful.

Replied by Leona
(Colorado Springs, Colorado)

I don't have any remidies to share about, just wanted to say it's nice to hear there's possibilties of some relief from shingles, outside the medicine the doctor can perscribe that cost 365.00 a perscription.

It surfaced on my right buttock about 11yrs.ago. and has surfaced on the other side then occ. up my back near the backbone. Being a single Mom, with no insurance. It's been painful. If you've heard of anything you can as in something around the house PLZZZZ post it.

Thank You, Leona

EC: Many more home remedies for shingles here:

Replied by Denise Ward
(Vermont USA)
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I have not had shingles myself but I read about colloidal silver and it has been said many times that it works quickly to heal shingles.

Side Effects

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Posted by Lovescats (Phoenix, Az, Usa) on 08/22/2012

My daughter is taking black salve tablets for polyps in her colon. She has experienced nausea and sweating after taking one tablet that lasts about 30 minutes. She has said if she lays down, she's fine and the feeling does go away. Is this normal? She had tried taking one on an empty stomach, and has noticed it doesn't upset her stomach. I have read in many places that you need to take them on a full stomach, but since she doesn't feel sick on an empty stomach, can she continue taking them without eating? The black salve tablets she uses does not have the zinc cholride, will this black salve work as well as the ones that do have the zinc?

Would the 28 day run protocol be enough since she only has polyps, or should she do the working on a problem protocol? I understand you work your way up to taking four tablets a day, I'm not sure if you need to take a break like you do on the 28 day run or if you stay on the tabs straight through. Also, how long do you stay on the tabs when doing the working on a problem? The instructions she received are not very clear.

Replied by Gail M.

I found a long time ago not to take zinc on an empty stomach as it causes nausea. This is probably the cause.

Skin Cancer

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Posted by Andrea L (Glendale, Ca) on 10/26/2014

I experienced no pain with my bloodroot treatment on my arm (2 different eschers, no pain). There was a teeny bit of itching day 2, but that went away :)

Skin Cancer
Posted by Jane (Manchester, Uk) on 11/13/2011

Hello, I have recently had a superficial BCC excised from my neck but still sometimes feel the tingling and itching that I felt before it was excised. The excised BCC was tested and the area found to be clear at all margins. Do you think it would be a good idea to cover the 3 inch scar with black salve or would this be too drastic? Would I be better to use the Best on Earth bodywash for a few months instead? I have both and have tested the salve on a small mole on my leg. Sure enough an eschar dropped out and I have a healing crater. I am just wary of having a big hole in the back of my neck, a very awkward place for me to see!

Replied by Lily
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Hi Jane, try putting the black salve on part of the scar, maybe 1/2 inch to see what happens, then continue for the rest of the scar in 1/2 inch increments after each section has been tested or healed. You may need somebody to do this for you, but it only takes a few minutes and then cover it with a bandaid for the 12-24 hours and see what happens. Hope this helps. Lily.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Paul (Bremerton, Washington) on 03/27/2008

I have successfully used cancemas black salve to remove melanomas and basal cell skin cancers over a 6 yr period.

Greg canton was distroyed by the fda.They will use all the might of the federal government to distroy anyone that threatens the drug/medical money making machine in this and other countries. This medical insurance scam is run to control every aspect of american society and now is threatening to distroy it. Do we really need to have most of the treatments and drugs that are foisted upon us by out wonderfully trained physicians?I had a relative die last yr at the old age of 21 because of our wonderful medicine.


He was diagnosed as depressed, given antidepressants for 3 yrs and when his heart was effected had two stents put in at 20 and died of a heart attack at 21.

Side effects of most of these drugs are countered by more drugs with more side effects.Sounds like a drug sellers dream.What is the difference between a drug dealer on the street and your doctor?

One makes you feel better and you know it might kill you before you start taking it and you will have to pay for it out of pockit.The other makes you feel worse and you don't know that it is going to kill you before you start taking it but most of it is covered by insurance.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Judy (Grand Prairie, TX) on 10/14/2007

I have been reading all of the comments on the stages of the cancer being removed. Bloodroot sounds quite a bit like a medicine my dermotologist gave me called Efudex. He said it was radiation treatment. My BCC went through the exact same stages as what Bloodroot users are describing, except, I don't recall the initial pain.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Michele (Fayetteville, NC) on 09/14/2007

I understand you only apply salve one time and after the cancer dries up and falls out you should be done unless you see more cancer.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Brenda (Stuart, Florida) on 09/01/2007

I started to notice that I was getting clear or reddish bumps on my face, in particular on either side of my nose...also that I had a dry patch on the tip of my nose that would come and go. I had some skin cancers removed many years ago and have lived a life in the sun but have no health insurance, was basically not dealing with these new spots until a friend told me about black salve and gave me a small amount to try...I tried it on many places on my face and only one reacted at first but in a terrible, painful burned and swelled' and turned into the ugly mess that so many others have experienced...I kept putting aloe(from a plant, not a bottle) and pure Vitamin E oil on the scab and when it fell off I had no scar.

I have now been using it all over my body and in particular all around the nose area, where the root seems concentrated...I have even used it inside my nose, tho all information says not to put it in the mucus membranes. One thing I do that no one has mentioned...when I am healing a spot and the black piece comes out. I immediately clean out the hole with peroxide and put more salve into the hole it left...some holes have continued to discharge as many as 10 applications...the discharged tumors are progressively lighter in color until finally no more comes from the spot..the hole closes beautifully and as I use Vitamin E oil on the scabs and all around the hole and in the hole, I never scar...and I have taken a LOT of this off my face. It seems to grow like a plant throughout the skin once it gets a hold and I have a lot of it but my body is cooperating with me, we are a team in the fight for our life. I also changed my diet to complete alkaline, stopped meat and all alcohol, eat raw foods as much as possibe. I would like a source of the internal tonic if anyone knows one.In general I would say that this is not for the faint hearted but it is an amazing experience to watch your body expel these cancers and heal itself. But you have to help it by doing everything possible for your immune system.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Susan (South Texas, USA) on 06/14/2007


I have been using bloodroot products for approximately 5 years now. I have spent my most of my life in the sun at beaches and am paying dearly for it now in the way of skin cancer and I know that is my fault not the medical communities. I had been going to dermatoligists faithfully since the early 90's when I noticed what I believed to be precancerous plaques on various spots on my face. Doc's consistently said "no" when I requested biopsies. Mind you every year I went for a check up, I also have many moles.

In 2002 I began to really worry and 6 months before the actually diagnosis of BCC he was still telling me not to worry. So turns out tha ALL of the spots I was pointing out to them were BCC and I had Moh's surgery on my nose and lip, the other 4 spots were removed totally in the office. The result is a horrible scar that looks like I was attacked with a knife, I guess I actually was in a manor of speaking. It has taken time to get used to it, but everytime someone stares I know they are wondering "what the hell happened to her". I believe the plastic surgeon could have done a better job, but that is another story. On a recheck the dermatologist said that there were 2 additional ones and both biopsied positive for BCC. More Moh's surgery was suggested.

This time I decided that I would search for alternatives. I probably got the last container of Cansema from altcancer before they arrested that poor guy. I used the product as directed and sure enough, both sites reacted as described. When using it I also have a "control" area with no blemishes, moles, etc., that I also put the salve and these areas have never reacted. I have used various formulas, all have worked. I have treated myself 10 times on spots that gave me concern due to a change in a mole, scaley spots, etc. I know the first 2 were cancerous and suspect the additional ones that I treated without biopsy were cancerous but will never truely know.

Each and every time I was treating a spot, my body reacted with extreme pain, fever, edema and swelling at the site. I had to treat one spot on my face 2x but all the spots on my face healed with very minimal scarring. I treated various spots on my arms and hands. I also had some reffered pain when treating certain spots.

But my reason for wanting to caution everyone about the potency and seriousness of treating unknown spots is this. Last year I was treating a mole on my back that was itching and had some changes in appearance. Years before this I had noticed a growing lump in the general vicinity of this mole. This "lump" had grown in the years since discovery, but I had asked doctors about it and they said, do nothing, it is a lipoma. It grew to approx. 5 x 1 " and was like a sausage under the skin. I was concerned about it but figured that it was a lipoma because I have other lumps in other places and had some of them removed. Not really thinking about this "lump" I put the salve on the mole above it and YOWZA, the "lump" reacted violently, and came to the surface, I was incapacitated for 2 months, was in regular contact with the makers of the salve I was using. I was ill to say the least. The pain was intolerable. I had to use pain meds that I had on hand.

My family wanted me to go to the doctor, but what could they do? If it was cancer there was no way I was going to let them interrupt the process and I had to assume that it was. I was in mental and physical torment for 60 days. To top it off our daughter was getting married and I had to put it together. I was taking enzymes, AHCC, many other supplements. So this huge sausage shaped tumor came out, just as the small ones did. Gross is too small of a word to describe it. It left a significant scar on my back and is still healing to this day. To add to this, several months later my brother was diagnosed with a rare benign growth that was IN his spinal cord. It was a 7" long and sausage shaped and he had it was successfully removed.

When I was researching it, there is also a form of this growth that when it is outside the spinal cord it is normally a very agressive cancer, but I will never know. Several months ago I treated a spot on my forehead and ankle. The spot on the forhead was small and came out within a week. The one on the leg developed into a quarter size reaction area and it would not heal. After alot of trepidation I went to a dermatologist who cauterized the wound. At first glance he said that it looked like a brown reculse spider bite but when I told him how it got there he didn't have much to say and said that I shouldn't use the product. What else could he say? I don't know what happened with the one on my ankle, but it made me very ill also. I have done alot of reading on black salves and other cancer salves and they have a pretty deep history.

Like many I just wish there could be some scientific studies done to see exactly what type of tissue it reacts with. I have read small mention of these type products reacting with tissue infected with fungi, virus and bacteria. I am not really concerned about convincing the established medical community. After the 2 very serious reactions I had, I am more cautious in using it. There is a book called "Cancer Salves" that had led me to a better understanding about cancers in general, but what she says is true...approach these salves with alot of respect and research. NEVER smear an area with the salves just to see if something is there. There seems to be a network that I could never connect to that probably has more help and info on the use of these, but could never find a practitioner in Texas. They all seem to be on the west coast. If there are any homeopaths, ND, etc., in my area I could never find one.

Well that is my story on cancer salves. I believe they work, but I also believe that there is more to them and it would be nice if I could get some answers on the reactions that occured on my leg and back. Be totally informed before you use the salves, come to your decision to use it by your research, not on someone elses. And have potent pain meds available. You don't want to get half way into treating one of these and decide you can't take the pain. Good Luck.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Amanda (Salt Lake City, UT) on 06/07/2007


A note of caution on bloodroot salves--

They will effectively remove skin cancers, moles, etc; but I wish I'd consulted a Naturopath or other expert before trying it myself.

I used a black Cansema-type salve on some red scaly spots on my hand and arm that were worrying me. Be aware before applying it that it HURTS and burns like crazy when it comes into contact with bad/damaged skin.

If you have a number of spots you want to treat, start with the smallest one, rather than doing them all at the same time like I did, which was a big mistake. By the next day, brown scabs had formed, and I applied more of the paste. More pain, of course.

A few days later, the scabs started to loosen, and oozed lots of pus-like fluid and debris. It is important not to pick at the scabs or try to pull them out (difficult, if you're an impatient, anxious type of person like me), even though it will itch like crazy and be really inflamed. Eventually, the scabs fell off, but I couldn't tell if the paste had gotten all of the bad cells.

Now, the spots where I had applied the paste seem to have healed strangely, and I have several ugly scars that crack and peel, and I don't know what to do about them. So, bloodroot is effective, but if you want to try it, you should talk to an ND or someone who knows about it first.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Anna (PD, USA) on 04/25/2007

I ordered the blood root paste, and put it on a place on my husband's back that had been there for years and would not get well or go away, we started on a weekend with coating the entire place which was the size of a quarter.

He had instant pain, he hurt the entire night, could not sleep, (which it said if it had pain it was cancer), so after that weekend we did a smaller area, we did as follows, we would clean the area with hydrogen peroxide, then we would alternate one day with bacitration, one day with blood root, it took a little longer to get rid of the place this way but it kept the inflamation down and pain.

It took about three and half months of doing this and the thing got well and disappeared, can't even tell where it had been, i wish I had taken pictures, because before it got better it got a lot worse, worse than the pictures I had seen that other people had taken, which helped because I knew what to look for,

The stuff works great, but you have to have a little patience and wait on it to do its job. it did not take much of that stuff to take care of the area. Thanks for your site.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Cindy (Houston, Texas) on 04/18/2007

Right now, I am in the process of using a black salve (bloodroot paste) to treat a spot on my arm. From what I understand from the website of the company that sold it to me, it is working just as it should. I used this product on a similar spot on one of my legs about two years ago and it did the same way and healed completely. Although I did not have these spots diagnosed by a doctor, I believe they are cancerous. (My family has had many cases of skin cancer,including melanoma.) I know of several people who have also used this black salve with great success. I would recommend it to anyone. Hey, try it and if it doesn't seem to work, get to a doctor! Cindy

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