Bloodroot: A Medicinal Plant

Posted by Mary (Ada, OK) on 04/28/2007
4 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Well I have mixed feelings about Bloodroot.

Yes, I have seen it remove "so called tumors". I have used it to remove moles, etc, and it did a great job. People told me that it would not react if there was nothing cancerous, but this is not true. It did in fact burn skin which I put it on as an experient. I had this "white head" gland under the skin on my face. I hated it because ever so often it would fill up with a white waxy goo. I wanted to see if I could take that gland out with some bloodroot so I put some on, covered it with a bandaid and within 24 hours, my whole face was swollen, eyes swollen nearly shut. It scared me and was very painful. A few days later a hugh tumor like thing came out, but it was shaped exactly the same shape as where I had put the bloodroot which let me know that it was burning ALL the skin I had put it on and then causing a scab, which some people may be mistakingly calling tumors.

Could these hunks of flesh simply be scar tissue from the deep skin burns that bloodroot causes? Well it took out the gland which came loose with the scab, but I mashed aound on the scab that came out, and there was no "tumor", just dead burned skin with an oil gland in the enter. So if there was no skin cancer there to begin with, then why did it burn my skin?

Now I had something like a third degree burn on my face that has left a huge scar on my face. It's a raised scar called a keloid, and the pigment is gone too, so if my skin tans, I have this huge white spot on my face. So here's what I say about bloodroot. It may work in some cases, but unless you want a huge scar, think twice about using it, and never use it on your face unless you don't care being called "scarface" for the rest of your life. Aren't there some bonified scientists out there who want to do some testing on this powerful herb??

I mean, come on, where's their sense of adventure? There may not be any money in it, but I've seen people spend small fortunes on less exciting experiments. Someone definately needs to test out this POWERFUL herb and see what it's vices and virtues are, because as I say IT'S A POWERFUL herb.

PS: I used it on a cancerous tumor on an elderly cat, and it took the tumor off, but she was dead within a month. Seems like the cancer seems to spread within her quicker. I wonder if it was because I disturbed it with the bloodroot, and didn't get it all. I'll never know. It was worth a try as I didn't have enough money for vet surgery, but she died anyway.

So I don't know about this drug. In my opinion much more studying needs to be done. I'm sure Bloodroot is great for certain things, and I certainly don't want to be overly skeptical, but... just so little is known about how to actually harness it's powers. I want it to be the miracle that cancer victims all hope for, but we just don't know for sure yet and well....just proceed with caution. Even natural things can kill if you don't know the correct way to use them.