Bloodroot: A Medicinal Plant

Posted by Lee (Australia) on 09/18/2014

Has anyone tried or have any comments to make on black salve (cansema) with regard to cancer? has anyone used it to treat cancer? has it worked?

Posted by Timh (KY) on 11/13/2014 2073 posts

As for adding Zinc for topical administration, you might do well by adding a pinch to a small container of Cod Liver Oil as these two work together.

An old time skin remedy I like very much and which contains Zinc is "Porters Salve".

Posted by Dianne (Florida) on 09/05/2017

Hi Gwen from Orlando. What kind if Dr used the salve on you. TCM Dr? I'm not sure what that stands for. My husband currently is self treating with a capsule that has bloodroot in it & we have tried to find a Dr that know something about this. His tumor on his face is now hugh & bleeding. It is the cancer coming out but as of yet has not formed an escar. I'm concerned that if this comes out completely it will start bleeding profusely. Would it be possible to get the name of your Dr? We are in the Tampa Bay Area & could come to Orlando to see the Dr.

Side Effects
Posted by Gail M. (Pa) on 06/09/2021

I found a long time ago not to take zinc on an empty stomach as it causes nausea. This is probably the cause.

Posted by Bw (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 06/29/2012

Alpha Omega labs relocated to Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Posted by Hp (Arizona) on 10/24/2015

Are you using colloidal silver with your patients? I would. Internally.

Application Tips
Posted by Jinxed (Granada Hills, California, Usa) on 06/26/2012

I'm allergic to petroleum, could I use another cream or lotion? Whatever will keep the bandaid moist, right?

Application Tips
Posted by Reta (Ca, USA) on 07/23/2015

"I'm allergic to petroleum, could I use another cream or lotion? Whatever will keep the bandaid moist, right?"

I used Neosporin, it worked great. I've also read about people breaking open vitamin E capsules and using that.

Posted by Marina (Australia) on 03/22/2016

I found this site 6 yrs. after you have written about it but I hope you will still reply.

Could you please give me detaled instructions on how your grandmother has applied black salve to moles, skin tags etc. I would appreciate step by step instructions on how to successfully remove above mentioned without scaring.

My body is producing large nb. of skin tags and moles and since I had an operation on my pancreas to cure me of Insulinoma( benign tumor), I'm wondering is this increased production result of my body expelling "nasties" from within.

I'm hoping that by applying black salve I will aid my body to get rid of disease.

Please help, Marina

Posted by Janice (Coloma, Mi) on 10/30/2009

I think we would all like that information.

Skin Tags
Posted by Victoria (Rumson, NJ) on 07/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Blood Root helped elminated skin tags

I have an Bloodroot Extract that has a dry herb strength of 1.4 other ingredients are 55% grape alchol and filtered water.

I have applied the extract directly to skin tags via a Q-tip and also make a tinture out of this to take internally. I use 1 quart warm water with 15 drops of the extract.

My skin tags have both falling off and shrunk - I have been using externally for about a year.

I also noticed that when I started drinking lemon water, they seemed to shrink even more. They used to "sprout" out, now the remaining ones are much closer to the skin.

I haven't been particularly agressive with the treatment, but it certain does work. With this extract, there really is no topical skin burning, however the tags that have fallen off did get swollen and itchy before they "let go".

As to the internal, I can say when I sip the tinture tea, you do get kind of physical "buzz" from it - it must be working!

Black Salve Sources
Posted by Feathers (Reno, Nevada) on 07/12/2009


WWW.HEALINGFORMULA.NET OR CALL US AT (001)775 324 4889 [email protected]

Black Salve Sources
Posted by Debbie (NA, CA) on 02/04/2008

You can still buy it at: !! But it comes in 2 parts and you have to mix it yourself. Very helpful also. I don't think I read this source here, but I didn't read every single post either. Just in case:

My husband did try it on a rather large skin tag. It was difficult to cover w/bandaid. It got really gross also but one day it turned BLACK!! and eventually fell off. I guess the tag was too large (about 1/2 inch long???) so he had to do it again. Both time it definitely was painful. But it now is just a little bump but always pink. I don't think he wants to try it anymore. He cut off another one that was smaller and that was the easier way to go.

Black Salve Sources
Posted by Amcken3 (Wyoming, US) on 06/23/2014

Re: Black Salve: Thank you! I think I will try this!

Black Salve Sources
Posted by Hugh Varange (Ecuador) on 10/07/2015

The best source of information about using bloodroot is at They have all the ingredients listed, what they do, and also user testimonials and instructions for use.

Multiple Cures Reported
Posted by Eve (Cocoa Beach, Fl) on 11/06/2009 3 posts

Monica, I know your source won't tell you what the ingredients are in the blood root formula that you take internally, but can they tell you whether there is 'zinc chloride' in the formula?... and could you please tell me 'how much' you take internally daily?

Posted by Carolyn (Bay City, MI USA) on 11/18/2008
1 out of 5 stars


I used bloodroot paste on a mole on my stomach. This is what I learned: It is very powerful. Be sure to put it ONLY on the spot you want gone. That's what I did at first, but when it got all white around it, I put more paste all over that too! I mistakenly thought that it was trying to reattach. Over and over for about 4 days. Not a good idea. Now I realize I should have been careful to put it only on the spot itself. The resulting area would most likely have been much smaller.

It developed into a big sore. Was swollen and red and hurt like heck! BUT each day the redness and soreness lessened, so I wasn't too worried about it. I used antibiotic cream with a pain killer on bandaid and kept it covered. It was rather interesting watching the process, even though pretty gross. Then the center of the thing got sorta rubbery and began to loosen around the edges. Now that hurt, but I realized that it was getting ready to fall out. When it came out, it left a pretty deep looking hole about the size of a quarter. All in all this process took about 2 weeks, but the crater that it left is filling in nicely.

At no time did it seem to be infected, all fluid was clear, and I could see improvement each day.

I will be much more careful should I decide to use it again.

Posted by Gail M. (Pa, U.S.A.) on 06/09/2021

I spoke to a man who developed a black salve for melanomas. He was forced to flee the country. I contacted him in South America over a decade ago. I was thrilled when he answered the phone and chatted.

Posted by Drstephchaney (Edgewater, Md) on 07/13/2010

I've used the salve successfully on a psoriatic (fungal) infection and it worked very well. I used a product that also had dmso in it which helps get it delivered deep into the tissues. It will hurt for a few days, so do small areas at a time if you don't tolerate pain very well.

Posted by Paul (Madera, CA) on 01/13/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: Bloodroot Paste. Used it to test it on a small mole that I have had all of my life before my wife used it on a suspicious looking mole on her back. Her "suspicious" mole fell off and healed considerably faster than my mole! Cansema worked very well. It was painful for me, not overly so, just noticeable. Her experience was mild. If you understand the process Cansema is an outstanding remedy. But to use it ignorantly would be unadvisable. Just one of many natural remedies that big pharma cannot profit from. It is impossible to patent natural cures. Therefore, a mainstream cure to cancer has become a money-making machine for the "gods" of this world. Who else would you take your clothes off for just because you are told to do so? Sheeple are to be sheared so become informed and share with your friends, family and neighbors.

Scarring With Bloodroot
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 10/15/2015

Schreck, maybe try castor oil on the scar.

Posted by Cheryl (Pensacola, Florida) on 10/18/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I used bloodroot paste on a large mole on the back of my neck. It took several weeks because of the size, but it worked wonderfully. I got the idea from my brother in-law who has used it repeatedly on several facial moles. He has had no problems.

Indian Mud
Posted by Karine (Tucson, Arizona) on 10/30/2009

I am responding to Jim from Arizona's request on where to purchase "Indian Mud" Here is the information: Page link: (Indian Mud is at the bottom of the page)

They also sell various strengths of blood root and black salves .. Every item explains in detail about the strength of their products. Hope this information will help. I used Indian Mud on my Actinic keratosis on my face and had great results.

Indian Mud
Posted by Th (Magnolia, Usa) on 11/17/2011

Indian Mud is available from

They were the suggested replacement source for compin and compex once the Nyes Corp. closed the doors.

Posted by Danielle (Las Vegas, Nevada) on 10/10/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I have been using bloodroot to remove moles for a few months now and have found it to be a miracle! I am worried that the FDA may try to crackdown on this and other herbal remedies and would like to suggest to you and all readers that this upcoming elections year we have a chance to vote for someone who would stop this from happening. His name is Ron Paul and is a doctor but has publicly stated and written columns about how the FDA has no right to stop us from using these herbs. That's all thanks!

Skin Cancer
Posted by Michele (Fayetteville, NC) on 09/14/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I understand you only apply salve one time and after the cancer dries up and falls out you should be done unless you see more cancer.

Posted by Chandi (Fairbanks, Alaska) on 08/06/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Hey, I said I'd write back after I finished using the bloodroot paste on a mole on my arm, so here I am! I am mostly pleased with the results. The reason I say mostly is because I seem to have missed a tiny bit of the mole when I was applying the paste, and am left with a tiny speck of mole, about the size of a pen-tip. But the part of the mole that did get covered is completely gone. I had applied a fresh bit of paste to the mole after every daily shower (because the medical tape got wet and uncomfortable, mostly) for a week. A white ring developed around the mole (the part that I had missed didn't get the ring). The surrounding skin was red and felt itchy, rather uncomfortable. At the end of the week, I left the bandage off while in the shower, and when the water hit it the scab that had formed in the center of the ring, it just fell off. I was left with a hole in the skin, not very deep, and it didn't hurt at all. After that, I applied Neosporin and a bandage, kept it changed every day for another week, and after that I stopped applying anything to it at all, not even a bandage. Now it's all healed up,the skin is smooth and there's only a pink mark, and the little speck of mole that I missed. I plan to use the paste again to get rid of the speck.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Amanda (Salt Lake City, UT) on 06/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

A note of caution on bloodroot salves--

They will effectively remove skin cancers, moles, etc; but I wish I'd consulted a Naturopath or other expert before trying it myself.

I used a black Cansema-type salve on some red scaly spots on my hand and arm that were worrying me. Be aware before applying it that it HURTS and burns like crazy when it comes into contact with bad/damaged skin.

If you have a number of spots you want to treat, start with the smallest one, rather than doing them all at the same time like I did, which was a big mistake. By the next day, brown scabs had formed, and I applied more of the paste. More pain, of course.

A few days later, the scabs started to loosen, and oozed lots of pus-like fluid and debris. It is important not to pick at the scabs or try to pull them out (difficult, if you're an impatient, anxious type of person like me), even though it will itch like crazy and be really inflamed. Eventually, the scabs fell off, but I couldn't tell if the paste had gotten all of the bad cells.

Now, the spots where I had applied the paste seem to have healed strangely, and I have several ugly scars that crack and peel, and I don't know what to do about them. So, bloodroot is effective, but if you want to try it, you should talk to an ND or someone who knows about it first.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Sam (Miami, FL) on 04/08/2015

Google eggplant for skin cancer.

Throat Tumor
Posted by Josephine (Bent, New Mexico USA) on 03/19/2009

Hello, my name is Josephine, my husband was diagnosed yesterday with a malignant throat tumor and 2 small spots on his lymph nodes in his throat, we have four weeks before he starts radiation and I am looking for help in bloodroot alternatives, which product and what amounts should be used etc. My husband wants to go for it, with bloodroot, so I am frantically seeking information and quidance. Thanks

Skin Cancer
Posted by Wally (Sonoma, CA) on 03/07/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Cansema for Cancer: It seems to work almost every time, I have used it about 6 times, my friends have used it, and it takes it away, it dries it up like an infection. My 80 yr. old mother used it on her temple for a rapid growing basil cell,I say this because she had one on the other side of her head and had it operated on 3 times. The last time being successfully, after making a big hole in her head and having to patch it with a piece of her breast. You see there are all those stories.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Jane (Fitzgerald, Georgia) on 02/08/2010

Shril from Lakewood, Colo, wrote regarding her husband using bloodroot paste on skin cancers from the sun. Can I find out where she purchased her bloodroot as I do not want to be ripped off and want product that actually works. Thanks for responding. Jane

Skin Cancer
Posted by Francis (Detroit, MI) on 02/18/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I just used bloodroot paste for the 2nd time. The first was on my forearm, this most recent time (last week) on my face at the jaw line. I had a very small "molish thing" appear about 8 months ago that didn't feel right. I put the bloodroot paste on for 2 nights in a row last Monday. It did its thing and amazingly, healed completely by day 6 (much faster than my forearm, which took 2 weeks to heal). There is some pink skin in that area now, but the mole is no longer there. I don't even need to cover it up with makeup! I experienced a shooting pain in the area of the application on day 2 through day 3, then nothing. I would trust this stuff more than the dermatologists. I have a friend who has had about 4 surgeries to remove cancerous growths. Before the latest surgery that she had several weeks ago, the surgeon had been telling her for the last year (every time she went for a checkup) that it wasn't melanoma and not to worry, she didn't need it removed. She insisted that he biopsy it nonetheless last month and yep, it turned out to be melanoma. So even the best doctors aren't always right. She's thinking about using bloodroot paste now. In my case, I plan to use bloodroot as a tester on all moles on my body since it is an amazing indicator of cell malignancy.

Posted by Katherine (New Market, VA) on 02/01/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the Bloodroot Paste - I have many moles and I am very anti-doctor. I have been cursed with these moles since I was young. I read about Bloodroot & decided to give it a try. Well I started on one (to get a feel for the length of time & what to expect) I began at the beginning of Jan 2007 and on Jan 31,2007 that first mole just fell off!No bleeding -- nothing- it just simply fell off-WOW!! It is Feb 1ST &I am starting on #2 mole.. I did experience a small about of discomfort on the last day.. before it fell off- so I opted to do one at a time (some of mine are quite large) I am VERY pleased with the results!! And by the way-- this morning the spot where that first mole was.. is barely noticeable..

Skin Cancer
Posted by David (Lake City, FL) on 01/13/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have successfully removed 5 cancers off my body over the past 2 years. It works and two were very painful but think of the alternative.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Betty (Van Buren, AR) on 11/27/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Bloodroot, puccoon, growell, distilled water and trace minerals... Father was cured off liver Cancer 20 years ago I was cured 10 mo. ago with non curable small cell carsona cancer. The place where we got the herbs was closed by FDA in Jan.

Skin Cancer
Posted by Amber (Mesa, Az/usa) on 01/04/2012

I am looking for a black salve with bloodroot, puccoon, gromwell, distilled water, and trace minerals. Can anyone help me?

Skin Cancer
Posted by Rachel (Ca) on 07/01/2020

What is the ratio of the herbal mixture to make this?

1... 2 3 4 5 6 7