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Yeast Infections

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Posted by Meg (Edison, Nj, USA) on 09/02/2009


ACV has a lot of benefits but one thing that ladies have to be careful about is Yeast infection. I am 29 and never got Yeast infection in life and now got twice in 2 months as I started ACV. But then I read that its because I wasn't using Organic one but just the regular store brand. I have the Organic one now but I am too afraid to try it as I cannot deal with Yeast Infection misery again. I thought I will inform the girls about this to be extra careful when using ACV...thanks!

Replied by Alib
(Swansea, Wales, Uk)

From what I understand, yeast infections can be an issue if you are still eating processed carbs and sugars in any quantity. As yeasts need sugars to feed on, removing those from your diet would help to prevent yeast infections whether you are taking vinegar or not. All carbs will turn to some kind of sugar in the body, which is why most, if not all, Anti-Candida diets remove them. Those who have removed sugars and carbs from their diet are less likely to have problems with the vinegar - especially when some time has passed and all the residual sugars have cleared from the system. It is also possible that those who have issues with yeast infections when taking vinegar, may actually be pre-diabetic and have issues with carbohydrate metabolism anyway, in which case following a low-carb regime would benefit them.

The quantity of processed carbs and refined sugars that are consumed in the Western diet is damaging everyone to a greater or lesser degree. Above all we need nutrition - and the carbs and sugars rob the body of valuable nutrition during their processing whilst giving little or nothing in return. They look good, they taste good, but they are worthless to the body.

Replied by Steve

For yeast infection check out coconut oil... you need to read all about coconut oil anyway

Yeast Infections
Posted by Susan (KY)

I am a little embaressed to write about this problem but felt I needed too. I have had a yeast infection for months caused initially by taking antibiotics. After being to my doctor twice and her giving me 2 different prescriptions (neither worked) I came across this website. I had heard that vinegar had helped women with this problem before but I was skeptical. Being desperate to try anything I used 2 TBS ACV in a glass of distilled water and drank it 2 times a day. At night I just used 2 TBS in a little water. IT WORKED. Thank you to the people who have had success and were willing to put it on this website!

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Replied by Nazir
(Lahore, Punjab Pakistan)

Hi every one I have thyroid disease- hyperthyroid. I want to use apple cider vinegar. If anyone can tell me, is there any difference between apple cider vinegar and organic apple cider vinegar because in my culture it is only one kind of Apple Cider Vinegar- not organic. Thanks plz help me.

Replied by Liz
(Boston, Massachusetts)

The non-organic ACV should work just as well for you. In fact, in my case, the non-organic ACV worked better for me than the organic brand did.