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Posted by U Taylor (Jacksonville, Ar) on 01/17/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to respond to Kevel from Marysvill, Washington regarding apple cider vinegar (ACV). First of all, I am not a professional health provider, but I did want to relay my own experiences so far, using ACV, and hopefully add some suggestions. The first thing I would recommend is to see a doctor for all of your symptoms. That being said, here are my own experiences, which some are similar to your own. I have been diagnosed with acid reflux and have been taking the "purple pill" for years!! Like you, I searched the internet for more natural solutions to my many illnesses. I also have adult onset asthma, chronic sinusitis, hives, allergies, mild acne, and high blood pressure.... But I am also a lot older than you, so hopefully you won't have to go through what I did! Not to mention the tremendous money I have spent for all of these meds over the years... I could have bought a small country!! Anyway, in my search, I found several websites that basically said the same things about apple cider vinegar, which was that it has been used for centuries, starting with Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician, who was considered to be the father of western medicine, who not only advocated ACV, but used it himself!

And so with all of the knowledge that I gained in my investigation of ACV, along with a LOT of testimonials, especially here at EC, I decided to try it! I am so glad I did! I have been taking ACV now for going on 7 weeks and it has "quieted" my system! I find I have so many benefits.... Some I hadn't expected! I no longer need "the purple pill" because I don't suffer from the symptoms of acid reflux; I am weening myself off of all my medication... Just to see if all I need is apple cider vinegar... But I still have my meds on stand by... Just in case! My mild acne has totally gone away; my blood pressure has stabilized; my sinus are just as clear without sinus meds... AND without the side effects! I also don't have upset stomach, and my appetite has subsided a LOT!!! Other side benefits is that I'm losing weight and I sleep a little more soundly at night! I don't know what kind of ACV you're using, but make sure that it unpasturized, raw and organic with "The Mother", which is the enzyme that settles at the bottom of the bottle, and part of the normal production process with natural apple cider vinegar. That's where all the "good stuff" is. Each time you use it, make sure to shake the bottle very well before using. For a while, there was a company that is pretty popular for making this type of apple cider vinegar (ACV), but now another familiar company that is known for making vinegar of all kinds, (found in grocery stores) has just introduced their own version with "The Mother", and it's just as good! I take about 3 tablespoons with 3 tablespoons of raw honey (the raw honey needs also be organic, and also has a lot of health benefits! ), mix that together well, then add 8-12 ounces of purified drinking water. I add ice, then sip through a straw, (otherwise, the ACV eats at your tooth enamel over time). I do this twice a day... Like clockwork. I am so pleased with my results, and I hope you will continue to take it! I hope it works as well for you as it has for me!! God Bless you in your quest!!

Posted by Marti (Sedalia, Mo) on 10/10/2012
5 out of 5 stars

This is in response to comments made by mike of casper, wyoming. Your mixture of Apple Cider Vinegar and baking soda worked instantly for me! I have suffered from gerd for a long time due to a side effect from a med. I was put on ranitidine and then graduated to prilosec for this new horror. I have been trying desperately to find a natural way to control gerd. I don't want to take a medication to counteract another's side effects. So.. I found this site and read your comment yesterday and I simply do not know how to thank you! This horrible gerd has vanished!

Posted by Angeli (Manassas, Va) on 08/16/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I too have been helped by using the Apple Cider Vinegar. The acid reflux is so bad that I have heartburn that feels like a rubber band across my chest pulling in both directions and it hurts to laugh, cough or twist and bend. When I take the apple cider vinegar this goes away. I use the below combination

1 cup heated water

2 TBLS unfiltered ACV

2 TBLS Raw natural unfiltered honey

Not only does it help with my stomach, the acid reflux it is also helping me with my hair and skin and boy am I full of energy. Hate to brag too much they may raise the price of this natural product that God made and the goverment may try to alter it by adding all kinds of junk to it. Can't beat the benefits. One way to stay healthy and not depend on this new healthcare insurance that the government is pushing.

Posted by Taz (Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa) on 04/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have had such bad bouts of reflux. When I had my gallbladder removed it improved. But this have gotten stressful medication prices have hit the ceiling never mind to mention the side effects. Out of desperation I googled a natural remedy. I used normal vinegar and it worked. So I know that the apple cider vinegar is going to be even more effective. Thank you!!!

Posted by Gary (Palm Desert, Ca) on 02/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

About 12 years ago, I read that taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and a teaspoon of honey in an 8 oz glass of water twice a day would help lower cholesterol... I don't know if that helped... but what I do know is that my heartburn and what I later found out was called gerd disappeared.

I could be having a severe attack of heartburn and take a teaspoon ACV in a half glass of water and it will immediately disappear.

If I take a teapsoon in an 8 oz or even smaller glass once or twice a day, I almost never experience either heartburn or gerd. I've recommended this to several friends, it has worked for most of them!

Posted by Shaina (Bloomington, In) on 04/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

ACV help acid reflux because your body needs more stomach acid. The body may also need more digestable foods. The combination between a poor diet (may be a personal dietary situation, or processed conventional food including pasturized dairy products) that is had to digest and the body not having the resources it needs to produce the stomach acid to fully digest this food. Without enough acid to digest, indigestion (not digesting) occurs and results in burning of the esophagus.

Inhibiting stomach acid production with an antacid may halt the burning but will surely increase the digestion problems, probably resulting in constipation or other digestive upset. Would seem better to tackle the source of the issue than to compound stressors, through to each his own. Vitamin C also helps this greatly.

Posted by Mike (Casper, Wy ) on 08/15/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had very bad Gerd conditions. Occasionally I could not even digest my food for days. I would have night sweats and general flu like feelings. I was prescribed pills from the doctor, and also tried the over the counter pills, all with varying results of success depending upon the severity of my condition. I had all the fun tests done on my digestive system with no real issues found, except Barrett's esophageal which the acid burning my throat caused. I determined to resolve the problem, and read many articles about diet. For me it was coffee, smoking, and stress which caused my worst break outs (in hindsight). Alcohol could also trigger an outbreak. Not overloading my body with coffee all day and drinking in the evening accompanied with smoking throughout, alone made a big difference. But while I was making these changes in diet I found information on how pills might not be that great for someone either, and I found Ted's recipe. Perhaps I should say I found the ACV treatment first, which didn't do anything for me, but then I added the Baking Soda, and what a difference! I threw the pills away and have never been back since! I began taking it 2-3 times a day, and after a week I was doing it only occasionally. Now I take it only as needed, maybe once or twice a month, though it wouldn't hurt if I did it more regularly. My most serious gerd symptoms are gone and now I only get occasional heartburn when that diet I spoke about earlier gets a little heavy on the bad stuff. But just one or two treatments in a day have me back on track. Make no mistake, for the worst conditions, you must modify your diet. I cut the coffee, stopped smoking (for awhile), and limit my alcohol consumption (though it's worse or as bad as coffee to me). After making difficult changes I was able to return to normal enjoyments in moderation. All things in moderation is something which must be observed for the best recovery. My mix is slightly different than Ted's by accident. I was confused about the water so I only used enough to slightly dilute the mixture, about 2-3 ounces of water (an easy amount to take in one or two gulps). A minute later I let out a big burp and I feel instant relief everywhere. If I do not feel better or burp I give it about 30 minutes and I do it again. I've never had to do it a third time, and once the symptoms are gone I don't do it again until they return. Usually I will be back in moderation mode and it isn't necessary until my next slip up. Also, I only use 1/4 to 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda to two teaspoons of ACV, so a lot of baking soda is not necessary, as has been mentioned. This is not a temporary daily fix like antacids, the effects seem to last days. Recently I was with friends for a weekend. It was early evening when we started drinking and my reflux began hammering me more than I had seen in a long time. I took this remedy and resumed to the festivities (hoping it would undo the damage that had already started and allow me to continue what I had started) and with only 1 dose I was fine all that weekend through the all "fun". I am posting this because my friends made alot of fun for me for this recipe. I explained that I did not know how it works, but I have tried alot of things and it just works. And works it does! Apparently, it can even stop reflux dead in its tracks when moderation isn't optional! My friends aren't convinced (likely far from it), but if you suffer, try this, it works, and it cost maybe 5 bucks for a 6 month supply. It has been about 2 years since I first read and begun this cure, thank you Ted! I try to pass it along to those who will listen.

Posted by Ted (Bennnington, Vermont) on 02/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I also have suffered from acid reflux for about a year. Took acid-dissolving tablets which only temporarily alleviated the symptoms. Discovered ACV on this site and after taking two doses (2 tsp. of ACV in 8 oz. of water) in one day, I felt better for the next five days than I had for months. Problem totally gone.

While looking for information about ACV, I discovered at least one site that purported to pop the ACV balloon by declaring ACV has no medicinal or health-giving properties, etc. Amusing to see that the site's sponsors were all pharmaceutical and health care-insurance companies. Gee, how about that! As if those folks would tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

Posted by Porky (Metro, Gab) on 01/14/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Try taking the ACV with honey (I think 1 tbspn or 1 tsp?) IN 2 tbspn of ACV or 2 tsp and a HUGE glass of H20. This will help lessen the raw stomach feeling or sick feeling with ACV and acid reflux. Won't eliminate it, but eventually you won't need the honey anymore. This helped me I am late 20's and have acid reflux. The ACV DID help SO much, and with energy. I only knew of _____s prior to this well written article. It costs a bit, so I haven't used in a LONG time, but a hair forumn made me realize that ACV is made by more people than _____. I will try the over the counter as long as it is not pasturized since on this forumn someone said that takes away a lot of the good properties.

Much love and blessings and I hope this helps everyone!

Posted by Judy (Pardes Hanna, Israel) on 09/21/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I started using stronger and stronger medicines for acid reflux and wanted to try something else. Looking in your site, I got some apple cider vinegar. I take less than a teaspoonful in a large glass of water, twice a day, and have stopped using any medicine. Thank you so much.

Posted by Debbie (Waverly, United States) on 09/03/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Apple Cider Vinegar has been a miracle for my mother. She has been suffering terribly from acid reflux and it was so bad the other night she felt like she could not breath. She has tried every medication over the counter and prescription and nothing has worked. She was desperate, so I thought I would look up some natural cures and found this site. I called her right away and told her about the apple cider vinegar. She tried it right away and she could not believe it. She said immediatley her throat felt better and she slept all night for the first time in weeks. She took it agian today and said she still feels great. She said she has not even taken a pill today. She used 8oz of water and a Tb. Apple cider Vinegar and a pinch of baking soda. Thanks for this site. Its a life saver. Debbie

Posted by Keith (Nacogdoches, Tx. USA) on 07/17/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is the best. Lived on all the prescriptions and over the counter drugs. They relieved but they did not cure. ACV does. It's not just good for acid reflux but for other things in your body. Every Morning 1 tble spoon ACV plus 1 package of emerg C in 8oz. of pure water, been acid reflux free 2 years and counting.

Posted by Rick Anderson
5 out of 5 stars

I'm overweight and often have acid reflux problems. A high-protein/low carb diet definitely works for me in alleviating this acid.... but when I'm bad (eating too late at night or eating too much pastry) I have found that a small glass of apple cider vinegar and water, gulped down, momentarily makes the burning in my esophagus worse--- but then seems to completely get rid of the acid condition. I've tried this several times and each time the results were the same. Rolaids work by neutralizing acid; does vinegar really work by adding more? I don't know, but it does work! One more anecdote: I told someone at my job about it, and she said her grandmother used to swear by it, too: a swig of vinegar helped acid indigestion. She also told me that in the "old days" people would swig some vinegar to see if they had strep throat-- if it burned like hell when it hit the back of the throat, they had it! I would imagine that the acid in the vinegar helped treat the strep, too.

Posted by Jessica (Escondido, CA)
5 out of 5 stars

just read your web site. I have had acid reflux for over a year, and I have refused to take meditation, just using Altoids to try to help it and Milk of Magnesia, but still it didn't go away. I began taking vinegar and honey twice a day for the last two days, and now food doesn't burn when it goes down, and the pain is gone.

Posted by BettyLou
5 out of 5 stars

My husband and I have been using apple cider vinegar for a long time and we swear by it. My husband has been on every thing for his acid reflux problem and nothing works but this vinegar.