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Coconut Oil for Nail Fungus

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Posted by KT (Irvine, California, USA) on 04/12/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Coconut Oil is a miracle when it comes to SPEEDY cures. Keep this organic oil in your pantry at all times. It not only gets me rid of fungus within days (less than a week) but also got me rid of harsh toenail horizontal ridges and I could see the difference the very nexttt dayyy, a 60% visible reduction in those ridges, all gone within a week! I was totally bowled over. Applying coconut oil to my toenails was a total guesswork since I read that it's an antibacterial & antifungal agent when it comes to colon-cleansing. So I thought why not try it on toenails. Make this your # 1 choice for nail fungus, you'd be pleasantly surprised.

Replied by Vali
5 out of 5 stars

This is very true, I am just applying coconut oil for only three days now but the improvement is so unbelievable. Thanks to all the info I've from the net.

Coconut Oil
Posted by Michael (Elizabeth, NJ) on 12/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

For the last 4 tears or so I have had a fungus on both big toes. The nail becomes thick and discolored with rough edges. Not an attractive sight. I have been using coconut oil now for about 9 months and can honestly say it has made a difference in the appearance of my toenails. One of the many properties of CO is antifungal. I can"t say enough about this tropical oil. I eat at least 3 Tbls a day I have more energy, have lost weight, no change in my cholesterol and love its taste. Try it and you will never go back to the other veggie oils.

Replied by Cindy
(Texas, US)
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How do you take your coconut oil? How long did it take to see a difference in fungus and weight?

Replied by Jeanann
(West Lafayette, Indiana)

How do I use coconut oil? Fry and salute any and everything in it, put a huge heaping tablespoon of it in smoothies and also in my coffee. My fave result has been memory improvement. I can hardly believe the things I am remembering. Good thing I've had a pleasant life! LOL! Had no idea that it was good for toenail fungus so hello toes! Here comes the CO!

Coconut Oil
Posted by Annabelle (Victoria, Australia) on 08/17/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I had toenail fungus for 5yrs. started using virgin coconut oil applied topically with amazing results. Used loceryl lacquer for 3yrs did not get rid of it. Used some oxygenated melaluca cream which helped & may have cured it but smelled so bad it really wasn't practical. I read about coconut oil on internet & gave it a go, i didn't think it would seriously work. I massaged it into top of nail & all around it & made sure it was under toenail which was easy as it is liquid (hardens in cold weather but melts on contact with skin). Now 1 big toenail totally cured, other toenail is almost gone but it was much worse and was first to be infected. Absolutely amazing and i don't even apply it everyday!!! Doesn't smell. I rub it into all my other toenails (hoping this will prevent them from getting it in them). I bought a brand from my local health food shop and made sure it was 100% virgin and this one was cold pressed-don't know if that means anything but i'm sure other brands would work, I am just thrilled with results and grateful that i gave it a go

Coconut Oil
Posted by Annabelle (USA)
5 out of 5 stars

I just wrote some feedback and I just wanted to add after reading others that i just wanted to share this information in the hope that it may help others, my toenails were all white underneath and not attached to nail bed anymore I could cut them down to almost nothing and people would always say, 'What's happened to your nails??!! - so embarrassing, especially as i used to have really nice toenails and always wear strappy shoes or thongs. My results have been amazing and especially considering i did not apply it every day it still worked. I was not prepared to risk taking drugs that could damage my liver even though my doctor was quite willing to give me a prescription for it, she then told me to use loceryl ($100 a bottle in australia) and it didn't work. I wanted a natural remedy if possible so used coconut oil, i had nothing to lose, it wasn't expensive and was readily available at the health food shop. I have also read to not wear nail polish which i used to wear religiously, obviously a big no no. Also i believe i caught it off a girlfriend as i found out after i got it she had had it for years but i never noticed- she wore polish too- but i used to borrow socks and shoes and stuff - don't borrow anyone's socks or shoes and don't let them wear yours either not worth it!

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